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  1. MAIN QUEST:Enjoy Every Day of 2015 CURRENT QUESTS:Get strong!do 1x5 pull upsdo 1x5 pistol squatsdo 1x10 push ups 7/05/2015do 3x10 push ups 10/05/2015do 5x10 push upsdo a freestanding handstand for 5 secondsKeep up daily maintenance of house cleaning---------------------------------------------------------------------- MID-CHALLENGE MINI HABIT MINI CHALLENGE! Goals: Continue mobility daily Continue 3-day Bodyweight routine + Basic tidy up of the house - alternate surface cleaning and doing the dishes, add in something else on days off from work. + 30 minutes of yoga on the weekend sometime - single session + Do 2 hours of drawing in the week. (20ish minutes daily) TEAGARDEN'S TENTH REBEL CHALLENGE! Quest 1 - Continue bodyweight & mobility routine (M/W/F) I've created a workout that's almost working for me. xD Progress for my inverted rows was moving very slowly compared to improvements in the hollow body holds and push ups, and I was having trouble progressing forward with pistol squats, because I was having trouble finding a better progression to move to. Doing more reps of weaker exercises is working, but it is slow, and I don't feel like I'm pushing as hard anymore. So this challenge I'm going for 5 sets of reps to failure of a harder exercise then what I've been doing. 3x10 Incline Push Ups --> 5x(toFailure) standard push ups. Tried this this morning, I could do 4 real push ups in a set!3x(toFailure) horizontal inverted rows --> 5x(toFailure) Horizontal rows. Going for less reps, better ROM.3x10 Chair Pistol Squats --> 5x(toFailure) Pole-Assisted Pistol Squats. I need to get my body into the proper position, and use my legs more for this variation. 1 minute Hollow body holds, knees bent --> 1 minute Hollow Body hold, legs (almost) straight, arms up Quest 2 - One 30 minute Yoga & Meditation session on the weekend This is part of my life enjoyment mission. I shouldn't need permission, or to remind myself, to take some time to unwind my body and mind after a crazy week at work. No set plans for what I'm going to do, just going to do what my body wants. Any division of the half hour of yoga / meditation is acceptable here. xD Quest 3 - Daily cleaning Cleaning my house was probably the most turmoil-laced part of my challenge last time. It's just about building the habit. It was mostly me overthinking the difficulty of the task I was meant to be doing... and then putting it off and making it even more overwhelming. I still did it all though! This challenge I'm delving deeper into tidying up the darker corners of the house, and trying to maintain a steady level of cleanliness day-to-day. Alternating between doing the dishes and doing a surface clean of the flat surfaces every day, bathroom and the floors get attention once a week. I've also taken out the ideas relevant to my house from this checklist and am going to complete them. Quest 4 - Write 100 words or draw in sketchbook for 20 minutes every dayWords Written: 3150Minutes Spent drawing: 1570 (26.2 hours) I've been enjoying both writing and drawing as mental exercises and should do more.
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