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Found 7 results

  1. First off a little about me for any newbies to my challenges. I am a 34 year old clinical psychologist from Chicago who used to be a very athletic and very flexible rock climber, dancer, and fencer. Now, I am extremely sedentary and working on losing a significant amount of weight while exploring flexibility and movement as a fat person. I have really struggled to finish challenges and to make changes in my life because of a very stressful job and the pressures of managing both my own mental illness and my wife's. I can't seem to stop trying though, and I find this community treme
  2. It's on Now Hey all this will be my first 6 week Challenge with the Assassins, I am really looking forward to working with all of you and all the mini's coming up. So, Let's get it on now!!! So a little background on what I am looking at, my life quest in the recruit forum was to attend the Command Fitness Leader (CFL) training class and the first step was to make an Excellent or Outstanding on my PFA. Well I did make Excellent so now I do qualify and have even started working as the assistant CFL, however we do not know when the next class will be...what that means is that I have o mainta
  3. I'm super tired right now, so I'll just make a really quick summary, and tomorrow I'll finish it off! MAIN QUEST - To lose weight and fit in my prom dress by April 25 SIDE QUESTS - successfully do a complete pull-up - run a 10k in under 60 minutes - do yoga everyday, even if it's just for 5 minutes - 3 strength trainings/week LIFE QUESTS - To finally paint and redecorate my hobby room Okay okay so I waas having a bath earlier today and I was thinking about how I'd take on this challenge and I got it all perfectly worked out! Here goes: Laodamaren's 6-week challenge rules 1400
  4. I was hiding in my cave while the others were enjoying the fire and dancing, laughing. Suddenly, someone dressed all in black comes towards me and hands me an enveloppe. "Wanna join?" says in curved letters the paper contained inside. When I raised my head to look at the man a second time, he was already gone. The paper was all blank except for these two words. Whether or not I wanted to join was moot, since I couldn't join based on these two words alone. Or could I? I needed to solve this mystery. Following an idea, I get closer to the fire. Some people laughed at me, a snort of sort, which
  5. I am back again, Challenge Number 3. Yep, first two were failures. First one was a spectacular crash and burn. Second one, I didn't quite make it, but am still functional ish. Challenge Number 3, the number one goal is to not be broken at the end of this challenge. This will take some doing as historically I fall apart after three to five weeks of steady PT. Goals are basic. RICE + stretch my feet to fight the planar fasciitis. This needs to happen daily. Run 3x week - end goal 8 min mile. Pushups and situps, 1 min - 40 pushups, 1 min 52 situps - do on run days. Pullups at the e
  6. Ok that may be an overstatement...but really it would be awesome. Anyway, my main quest is actually for this weekend (can I do that?). Here it is: Main Quest: Under 3 hours in olympic distance triathlon on June 14. (if that is too soon, I'm planning on signing up for another in July or August as well). How? Run 1x per week. There is a team workout on Tuesday mornings at 6am that I'd like to get to every week. However, that has not happened yet this summer. Also refer to life quest.Bike 1x per week. Biking to work is separate and does not count as bike workout. Bike workout may be
  7. Why hello there assassins. I excitedly started the challenge last week, promptly got a sinus infection, and I've been laying low ever since. I am however still on my quest to send 10lbs of padding off into the wilds with some sweet bodyweight workouts, swimming and yoga. Main quest - Lose 10 lbs 3/3 - down 1.1lbs! Goals: Complete beginner bodyweight workout 3x per week - reward 3 STR 3/3-3/8 - In calgary sorting 22,000lbs of storage units with family. No flexibility to go to the gym, but 7-9hrs a day of opening and moving boxes. Goals: Swim 2x per week - reward 2 STA 3/3-3
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