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Found 11 results

  1. Welcome to the Assassin Fellowship of the Ring ...Also known as the Challenge #43 Assassin Mini Challenge! Now, I hear we have a piece of fancy jewelry to deliver to Mordor... what say you, nerds? Ready to have an adventure? I'm a wizard. I can mix canons if I like. If you're ready, then grab your walking shoes and listen up! How It Works: This mini is open to all who wish to participate, with a few restrictions: All Assassins are eligible to participate and earn stats, as always. Recruits MAY NOT participate. Please come back next time, after you have completed your first full
  2. THE ONLY WAY IS UP Congratulations, intrepid Assassins! We've made it to Mordor. Now the only remaining obstacle is this little hill here..... and we don't have wings, alas. But with our friends to help us, surely we can scale this mountain and deliver this ring to its demise at last. HOW TO PLAY: I mix my fandoms as I please~ You've guessed it - to climb this mountain, we will be doing mountain climbers. One rep = both legs.The one exception to the above is if you have an injury that means you cannot do mountain climbers safely. If this is your situation, please PM starsapa
  3. IT'S JUST A LITTLE NARROW... We're nearly to Mordor now! Only a few obstacles stand in out path..... such as this lovely bit of scenery. Oh, and this harmless-looking creature: Easy as pie, right? Get through the tunnels, defeat the giant spider... we'll be at Mount Doom in time for second breakfast. HOW TO PLAY: First, getting through the tunnels. They're narrow in some places... to get through, each team will have to collectively do 1,000 bear crawls. 1 rep = moving BOTH legs and BOTH arms (2 "steps").RACE BONUS IN PLAY! Hobbits are good at fitting in tight spaces, so e
  4. YOU AND WHAT ARMY? Time to get back on the road! Of course, there's something between us and our destination. Rather a lot of somethings... Between the Assassin Fellowship and an orc army, anyone with half a brain would bet on the Fellowship, right? HOW TO PLAY: For this mini, we'll be fighting orcs with swords and bows! To perform a lunging sword or ax strike, do a jumping lunge. To draw your bow or crossbow and loose an arrow or bolt, do a pull-up.For purposes of this challenge, you may count any pull-up progression variant that is suitably challenging for you. Honor
  5. EVEN HEROES NEED TO RELAX All this traveling sure is wearying. Fortunately, the Mines of Moria are now behind us, and we've got some very fine hosts caring for us while we recover from too many push-ups our hard-won battle. Before we continue on our journey, it's time to decompress and regain our energy. You must know by now what this means that it's time for... Wait. No. That's not it. Actually, it's time for some some yoga. Competitive yoga, because we are Assassins. HOW TO PLAY: For this mini, we will be completing yoga videos. Here is the list of selected video
  6. IT'S DANGEROUS TO GO ALONE! Our initial hike behind us, it is time to enter the Mines of Moria. Lovely this time of year, certainly - time for a pleasant stroll, because nothing dangerous could possibly ever hap- -pen. Or not. It seems we're not alone down here! Well, you know what this means......... TIME TO FIGHT! HOW TO PLAY: For this mini, we'll be fighting Balrog! There will be two exercises available: one for attacking and one for dodging. To attack Balrog, do a push-up. To dodge a blow, do a squat.For purposes of this challenge, you may count any squat or p
  7. SIMPLY DOING THE IMPOSSIBLE! Clearly, he doesn't know us very well. We Assassins "simply" do the impossible every single day. This week, though, our quest is deceptively easy. How does one get to Mordor? By walking, of course. Shhhhh..... we don't logic here. HOW TO PLAY: It doesn't get much simpler than this: walk and track your distance.For purposes of this challenge, you may count ONLY walking. No running, jogging, biking, swimming, rowing, flying....... etc.The one exception is if you have a lower body injury that means you cannot walk safely. If this is your situation
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