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Found 6 results

  1. Hey y'all! I'm Sparkle, a 24-year-old lady in the final months of her master's degree eager to join the Nerd Fitness party. Long time lurker, first time poster, as some people would say. My class/leveling system is a trifecta of broad categories. First, there's the badass fitness stuff (Assassin class). Then there's learning creative talents and indulging my need to Make Cool Stuff (Magelet class, aka Fledgling Magic Maker). Last but not least is gaining independence and the skills needed to jump into new situations gracefully, skills like learning new languages and traveling solo (Princess cl
  2. LOADING... Hey guys, I feel like I'm currently in the "loading screen" portion of life, meaning that I'm finally getting my head in the game and my butt off the couch, but I'm not sure what the game is. This is a place of anticipation and expectancy, however. I'm finally facing my fear of commitment to myself! I've been making small changes in my life despite the fear of failure or the fear that I'll somehow be the ONE person on earth that making healthy changes doesn't work on. I have some basic goals for this challenge (which I forgot to post about LAST Sunday) and hopefully
  3. Hey everyone! My name is Bonnie and I'm a 30 year old from Kansas City, MO. I'm what most people would call a 'jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none' type who has trouble focusing on one thing until completion. And I'm here to change all that. I've been reading Nerd Fitness off and on for who-knows-how-long and I'm glad I've stumbled back across it while trying to formulate an exercise plan for myself. My roommate and I just joined a gym and have been going kind of casually (warming up, easing into things), but I'm definitely in a position where I'd like to concentrate fully. Since a young age, I
  4. Introduction: Hi, I'm SirCharlesWatson and this is technically my second challenge, but I completely failed the first one. My first challenge was in January I think. I started it and then got lost in the shuffle. This challenge however, I'm kind of doing a running start. I joined a weight loss competition that started a week after the NF challenge started so I'm going to count the rest of this challenge as a whole challenge. My wife and I are both in the weight loss competition so it's a good motivator to do it with her. We've been tracking all of our calorie intake and exercising a lot more.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm back from the dead. The new challenge guidelines are... interesting to say the least. So here's to the next six weeks. (And Wolve, I stole your goal layout. ) MAIN QUEST Get back on the path of becoming a Parkour beast. GOALS Flexibility Stretching, light yoga or beginner's body contorting every day to limber up and improve my flexibility. (No, I'm NOT having a secret affair with the Druids... okay, maybe a little.) Body Weight Training Basic body weight training and at LEAST four days a week. Endurance Running at least twice a week. Not as much as I use
  6. Hello Adventurers (or converts)! Would anybody like to join me on a quest to prepare for the Assassin's guild? I'm doing body weight workouts and will be doing extra stuff between my 4 challenge goals that will help me build the strength for parkour. We'll back each other up along the way. Post a link to your current challenge if you're interested! Welcome to the Brotherhood.
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