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  1. Hey everybody, so I sort of vanished last month for my previous challenge, and I feel real bad about that. My track record for successful challenges lately hasn't been great, and I'm feeling beat down. I have a ton of fatigue out of nowhere and also feel like I'm sort of 'along for the ride' in my life currently. I seem to be at the mercy of my work hours increasing out of nowhere, or recently, a snow storm. The excuses keep coming as to why I haven't been consistent with my goals but I still believe in the challenge process and so this challenge is all about getting back up cause I feel like
  2. I MADE IT! So I sort of checked out of Week 5 of the last challenge. My bad! I spent the week unusually tired, working and finishing my day later than usual, and I just felt too doggone tired to drag myself through writing for another hour -- which in itself is probably longer than I should be spending on my daily posts. I won't lie. I like the challenge format and I've definitely implemented habits and gotten things done I wouldn't have otherwise. BUT... toward the end of last challenge, it started to feel like I was sort of spinning my wheels, blocked in one wa
  3. Last challenge I rekindled my love for poledancing after the mess that was 2020 and finished my first semester of physiotherapy school. This challenge I want to deepen this connection with my chrome lover so I can finally feel strong like my true Norn self again. This will be a topic in my life until the end of August, when I will dance with my beloved bellydancing group in a probably very badass Viking themed choreo and I absoluteley want to look and feel the part. Hence: Project "Shieldmaiden". This time it will be a real CHALLENGE as well. School starts again at ful
  4. I'm working towards a back handspring (BHS). I'm doing a PPL+core+parkour+running routine. In my last challenge, I learned how to do back walkovers over a rail. In this challenge, I'll start doing macacos, with the goal of eventually turning them into a BHS. Progressions are: - land macaco on left leg (plus on a straight line) - land macaco on right leg (plus on a straight line) - stand to macaco (squat down first, then fall back/put hand down) - jump to a double hand macaco. If I can put both hands down at once, then both feet, I'll be close to a BHS. Jum
  5. I suggest you put this on your speakers while you're here Welcome to Glorantha, a heroic, mythic place of heroes and gods, where people hold allegiance to tribe, city, and cult, not to abstract alignments or ideologies. Although humanity is the dominant species, their dominance is due only to the quarrelling of the Elder Races, who still rule large parts of the world. In Glorantha, the gods and goddesses are real, and through their cults they play an important role in most major events. Would-be heroes of the age are known as adventurers, and each is tied to several of the Run
  6. Last challenge I worked on building foundational habits for my different skill categories. I was mostly successful, except for the physical skills of STR/DEX/CON - oh the shame of it all on a physical fitness forum! So yeah, this time I have to actually move, rather than just talk about how I've not moved. I'm going to be carrying these foundational habits forward for this challenge so that I can build on them. I also want to start a project. Predictably, this will be a getting-rid-of project. (A glance at the Arts/Skills section of my battle log will reveal that I have a tendency
  7. I’m finishing law school this semester—hooray! This has been a heckuva journey, made even crazier by the pandemic and going on three semesters of fully virtual learning. But I’m mostly dead done! And finishing law school can only mean one thing: the bar exam. Not looking forward to that. But, I am going to take advantage of the timing to embark on a six-month mini-epic quest, which I’m calling... The Bar and the Bellwether Not because I’ll use any actual barbells at any point. I’ve made it 33 years without picking on
  8. "Alright, now go fix it!" Orthos pushes Red1263 into a cave and after he naivagates through it for sometime, he notices strange things around him. Rocks are starting to float? He himself doesn't feel anything different so he keeps pressing onward, making note that the floating rocks are getting bigger and bigger, until he comes across a chasm. In the middle of the rocky abyss, he sees someone floating on a platform , he's moving around, almost as if he's struggling. "Hello? I was sent here to help... you?" The figure sees Red1263 and then stret
  9. What's up, nerds! Here's a little about me, and the rough challenge plan: I'm a competitive ballroom dancer, my day job is as a data and business strategy nerd for an energy company. I also teach college kids how to dance, and love spending time with my wonderful friends and/or BF in between all that stuff. I'm also a raging personal finance and econ nerd, so feel free to ask me a question and enjoy the rant that follows. It's been a rough past month or so since the new year started - a lot of excrement has hit the fan at work in terms of projects, and I got to fi
  10. Hey gang! Last challenge was full of navel gazing introspection after a mental health episode that shook me up quite a bit. My only mission then was to not self destruct, which I successed at! 🥳 But now it is time to light a fire under my ass and start taking action and try to function like a human being again. It's just that... I have misplaced my fire starter and I'm now trying to light that fire by rubbing a wet stick. 🙈 Needless to say, it's not going well. But I'm going to keep trying until I get a spark, and instead of trying to solve the problem of life, the universe and everything and
  11. So, last challenge was about moving. This challenge is about NOT moving, or rather, all the stuff that happens after the move is complete. We are in our house. All of our stuff is here. Zero week will (mostly) be about taking the time to consciously appreciate that and just be in the space. Slept here for the first night last night and it was glorious. In my own bed, in my own house--no downstairs neighbors, no one else thumping and bumping about--if anyone was making noise it was me, hubs or the cat. It is (and likely will continue to be) amazing. That said, there is P
  12. Goals: Exercise: weights on M/W/F, cardio Tu/Th/Su Languages: French during lunch on weekdays, Russian 2x per week Cosplay: Complete the wing base for Valkyrie, start making feathers. Other: Workday movement: Do stretches, crunches, or jumping jacks every hour during work. Eyes: Focus outside, far away for at least 1 minute during lunch. Writing/ Sketching: do one of these at least weekly. Stay calm: Don't kill the cat. Old stuff: workouts, language practice, and cosplay stuff continue. New stuf
  13. Why yes, there is a bit of a theme here. And a bad pun. Sorry not sorry. Last challenge was a bit rough, though it definitely could have gone worse. I think I have a pretty solid exercise routine down - I've done at least a little bit every single day this year. I would like to work on increasing that, but I don't think now is the right time to really try to do that. Instead, I am going to focus on diet this challenge. I've been working on counting calories this year. MFP says I need to eat 1300 calories/day if I want to lose 1 lbs/week. That's...not a lot.
  14. This is part 2 of my 2021 relay-challenge, where I stagger my challenges so that I achieve a major milestone every challenge . Last challenge I managed to get to 5 push ups, so it's time to go for the next shiny. With the lockdown there will be no climbing for the next month at least, so all my goals are now home bound. Well, not all goals, since my major goal this challenge is: 1) Take a 15km hike Originally, I wanted this to be 20km, but that turned out to be too ambitious. 15km is still a nice distance, and if I can do that comfortably then there's still plenty of hiking va
  15. Intro: Hazard is presently a 43 years-old, 5'9" and 219 lbs male. (That's 174 cm and 99 kg for you metric folk). Epic Quest: Conquer the muscleup on Gymnastics Rings This is how it's done, yeah? In my last NF Challenge I... Current Quests to progress me along my Epic Quest: My goals for this NF Challenge are improvement on... Basic Support Hold on Rings Full Flexhang on Rings Testing: My starting numbers are... Rings Support Hold: 25 seconds Rings Full Flexhang:
  16. Last Challenge, I said that I was going to try to figure out something to do with scheduling this time. My situation is basically this: I am a professional musician with a full-time orchestra job. At the moment, I'm being paid to stay home; but I need to a) prepare for a livestream recital I'm a part of in a little mover a month, and b) keep practicing because eventually we're going to go back to work and I need to not suck. I'm also in school part time and have a bunch of hobbies that I want to do every day (including Assassining!) So the format of my days is basically a whole bun
  17. Continuing the ongoing theme from my favorite webcomic (it ran for 20 years, the art gets better, the characters and story are good throughout) the 70 Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries. I'll be using selected Maxims to explain my goals and keep things entertaining. I don't expect to get to all of them, and may reuse some of the more applicable ones. But they all have their own wisdom. Maxim 63: The Brass knows how to do it by knowing Who can do it. I'm ready to try regular workouts again, and while I know I'll eventually want my own program, there's no reason
  18. Greetings and Salutations, friends! My name is Ryan and I go under the moniker "Wild Wolf". But, most people just call me Wolfie. I've been Rangering since 2014 on and off, seeing many highs and many lows during that time frame. I've also been apart of Nerd Fitness since 2012! Recently, I was feeling really good about my challenges until about November of last year. I was laid off from my day job which sent me into a spiral of self doubt with a sprinkle of depression. I AM the provider for my large Wolf Pack™ and when I heard the news I was being let go (along with 120 other people
  19. Or will I? Stay tuned to find out.... I have been playing a LOT of the Elder Scrolls recently. I started out with Skyrim and then when I started running out of new character ideas, I decided to go back in the franchise to Morrowind, the 3rd installment. In that game [SPOILER ALERT] you play the famed hero of prophecy, the Nerevarine. I am going to base my challenge around that, as I expect much of my time this challenge will involve this game Endurance: In the game I have found that my biggest limiting factor is endurance. I can only run
  20. Welcome! I’m the married parent of 4 kids aged 0-7. I’m ultimately an adventurer at heart, though I am experimenting with toe dips into the Rangers and Assassins this time around after 3 1/2 years. I love hiking, exploring, traveling, and other fun things with the family. Since shortly before joining Nerdfitness, my physical training is typically built around injury rehabilitation (which happens a bit more often due to autoimmune arthritis) and training to be able to travel, explore, and play with my family. I have a pretty effective Disney World training system, and try to ensure that at any
  21. Hi! I’m Ingagr and once again at respawn point (ouch!) I got back to practicing taekwondo in july 2020, started caring for my meals (again, once again) by the start of january 2021 and now I believe am ready to get back to the Rebellion. My goals for this challenge are: 1) Weight loss: 7,5 kg. To achieve this I will focus on caring about my meals, performing 2-3 NF begginers bodyweight training per week, going to bed not so late and practicing taekwondo 2-3 per week. 2) Learn/Practice Taekwondo’s 5th form: Taeguk O Jang. I will attempt to practice i
  22. Hello and welcome! This is your captain speaking! For this month i have a plan in three parts, (que drumroll for the incredibles theme, which is to play while you read this and i explain my plan Oceans 11 style) PHASE ONE: NUTRITION So last month i did a pretty decent job of sticking to my goal of sticking to my calorie goal, and that's basically my goal for this month. Stay in the calorie allotment, with variations in like when i work out. Within 100 calories. Sometimes i go a little over but i'm not kicking my butt about it. I'm aslo going to continue inte
  23. My minimal excuse for starting this challenge late is that a) my car was totalled (partner was driving a neighbour on some errands, some poor college student home for christmas misinterpreted a stop sign and rammed her parents' car into ours, everyone was OK except our car), then b) I MOVED TO A HOUSE YAYYYYY in the rental the insurance company provided, trundling boxes of stuff up and down the block over the course of about two weeks. Also c) somewhere in there we had to self-isolate while half-moved until my partner got the results back of a (negative, yay) COVID test. THUS CONCL
  24. I recently got knocked down. Tested positive for COVID, gave it to my husband and my son, and was wrongfully terminated from my job after the diagnosis. I'm exhausted from the stress and anxiety of this experience. I'm in the midst of an appeal of my termination and I'm looking for a new job. Plus, I'm still physically/mentally recovering from COVID, and taking care of my son and husband as they recover. So I got knocked down. And I've spent the last month being super stressed, and depressed, and feeling sorry for myself. Time to get back up. Fight or Flight time. Time
  25. Alright here I go, my first five weeks of 2021! Getting straight to the point, my 3 goals for this challenge are: 1. CONSISTENTLY consume 3L (96oz) of water each day. - I have already been doing this off and on. One time I had a one month streak! The goal here for me is consistency, habit, something I don't think about, I just do. - I believe getting enough water provides a natural cleanse and promotes weight loss which is something I'm also striving for. - I suffer with eczema, extremely dry skin, and inflammation and believe more water in my system may help with this - Curr
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