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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! This is my second challenge, my first as an assassin. I've always been interested in bodyweight exercises and parkour, but I just recently started playing Black Flag and it inspired me to design my next challenge around Assassin's Creed. This series is seriously awesome. It makes me want to improve so badly xD Anyway! I found this amazing series called "Live by the Creed" and I was inspired by the "Reach New Heights" segment. So without further ado, here's my challenge: Main Goal: Get stronger I want to have the strength for real push ups and unassisted pull ups. If I'm going to start parkour, I need to build up a strong foundation first. I need to improve my upper body strength, my lower body strength and especially my core. Mission 1: Build my strength I'll start off with a modified version of Steve's Bodyweight Brigade level 1 workout 3x a week. I've changed reverse crunches to hanging knee tucks because I think I'll have better control while doing them. I've also added towel hangs as mentioned in the "Reach New Heights" article as being able to hang on for dear life sounds like a pretty useful skill. Reward: 5 STR Mission 2: Switch it up I'm going to add in at least one weekly activity, preferably on a weekend, in addition to my regular workouts. This could include swimming, running, walking, hiking, biking, kayaking, tag, DDR, etc. The point is to stay active, interested and on my toes. Depending on the activities that dominate in the next 6 weeks, reward: combo of DEX/STA, 3 points total Mission 3: Eat to perform One of Steve's rule is to never miss two in a row, whether it be healthy meals or workouts. For my third mission, I will not eat two unhealthy meals in a row. If I miss one, the next meal becomes the most important meal of the day and it has to be healthy, period. I'm going to count skipping a meal as a missed/unhealthy meal too, for the record. The better my nutrition/hydration, the better my performance will be. Reward: 3 CON, 1 WIS Life Quest: Get organized An assassin has to be organized, and organized I am not. By the end of each week, I will have organized one of the following: my entire room, my car/workstation, my bathroom/desk at home, or 1/3 of my storage unit. I know this sounds like a huge undertaking, but trust me, it's necessary and it has to be done by the end of this challenge. Reward: 3 WIS And lastly, I'll mention that instead of weighing/measuring everything today, I'm waiting until the 1st because I have to do it then anyway. So... we'll see. I might post them.
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