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  1. This month’s challenge is going to be based on the Shadowrun universe which I have always enjoyed and I just finished reading the first Shadowrun novel that was written back in 1990. I plan on stealing some ideas @Ryuu1011 used last month to allow for some missed days when life just doesn’t allow me to do what I need/want to do. The reason for this is; last month’s challenge for me was me just going through the motions and not really getting any enjoyment out of it like I had in the past. So without further ado here is this month’s challenge. Myrik Human Street Samurai HP 400/400 Essence 10/10 Myrik gets some chrome (not really) /Strength and speed equals power In the Shadows everyone is strong but to get the upper hand runners augment their own strengths with cyberware (Chrome). The cost of these augments is a weaker connection with your soul; this connection is measured in Essence. Myrik’s unique physiology allows for his soul to adapt to these augments and regain parts of his essence as long as he maintains a focus using these augments. Myrik regains .12 of his essence for every week he maintains his routine but will lose portions of the regained essence for every missed workout at a rate of .06 per missed workout or additional exercise. Muscle Replacement: Alphaware cost 2.6 Continue my normal workout routine. Normal Exercises (Pull, Push, Core and Legs) on my normal rotation every other day Wired Reflexes: Moderate Alphaware cost 4 Add HIIT and Plyometric exercises HIIT twice a week including zero week = 10 days of HIIT exercises Plyometric work twice a week = 10 days of Plyometric work Myrik avoids the docwagon Healing in the Shadowrun universe slow or expensive if you rely on docwagon. But for for a runner doing a job a quick patch up to complete the job you will need to have First Aid Kits (ranks 1-6) and Trauma Patches that prevent bleeding out. Myrik will need these tools at his disposal for running the shadows. Record Nutrition on MFP x7 per week = 32 times Stay within 100200 calories of 2200 plus workout calories x75 per week = 32 times Starting Stats will be added tomorrow morning (19APR17) Craft First aid kit: +50 hp for each full week of matching goal Trip: -10HP Bad choice Bruise: -25hp Bad Meal Fall: -100hp bad day Myrik runs the slums: The slums are where the SINless live outside of the comforts of Corporate life. The Slums are not a safe place even for a runner. Run once a week for at least 30 minute. Darebee’s Running Substitutes 1 exercises from each of the 3 categories x3 sets Out after dark: Failed to run/do alt during the week: -50hp Caught by grunge gang: Missed run/alt 2 weeks in a row -250hp Home sweet home: +5hp for each night I get 8 hours of sleep. Myrik works well with others (sometime): No runner can do a job by themselves they need a group of people they can trust or at least a few mercs they can pay to trust. Check in to Forums 5 times a week Check in with others 5 times a week Failed to vet a Merc: -10hp per day missed checking in Formed a solid team: +10hp per check in over goal BONUS: Finally make my damned throwing knife target Insulate my garage doors Clean spare room
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