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  1. Last round I had a delicious "un-challenge" that clearly showed me how much I treasure exercise and using the muscles and joiynts of my body every day. Really, if I do too little for just a few days I don't feel good any more and that is relatively new for me, but of course totally good 3x pole training per week are going well, but not enough (?!?! when did that happen??) Spontaneous craziness had me sign up for an aerial hoop course over the next 5 weeks as well as (meaning hoop class on Wednesdays and pole class on Thursdays, plus 2x training at home on the pole) I am both super excited for it and a little terrified. But I'm sure it'll be great fun But as I do need some form of exercise every day and maybe not always full, full power I decided to tempt myself with little goodies spread out. Thanks to the game of pawns mini from last challenge I learned that if I do little snippets of something spread over the day, I can do a lot more than I would have thought and that, too, does feel realllllly good. Sooo this time I will make this "un-structure" my structure for 5 weeks and see how I go with it. Hopefully I will grow with it, gain strength, balance and flexibility with it and let it all bloom into a luscious garden of human heaven on earth In order to plant this garden I will: A, loosen the soil (+ 3 STA) do anything that gets me to loosen up from sitting or standing too much such as jumping jacks, rope skipping, trampoline, non-habitual dancing, quadrupedal movements,... aiming for 90 minutes/week and ideally doing something every day B, plant the bulbs and seeds (+ 3 CON) do things that get my hands on the ground such as headstand, handstand, cartwheels (or attempts of them), down dog, crow pose,... aiming for 20 minutes/week and ideally at least 2 min a day C, let them grow (+ 3 STR) get them to go UP by doing things like pull ups, chin ups, leg raises, push ups, sit ups, bulgarian split squats,... will count in units, 1 unit being 8 pull ups, 10 chin ups, 15 leg raises, 30 push ups, 30 sit ups or 20 bulgarian squats each leg aiming for 10 units/week and of course ideally at least one day D, let it unfold and bloom (+ 3 DEX) this means stretching, either active or passive and relaxing into the stretch totally counts as well, point here is to give time - you can't rush the unfolding of a rose bud either - so at least 1 min per pose aiming for 30 units/week and ideally at least 2 or 3 every day E, give water and rest (+ 2 WIS, + 1 CHA) inspired by other's early up challenges and enough sleep during night hours I will go for 5 days/week of bed time before 10.30 pm and rising at 6.30 am or earlier also have been generously given some colloidal gold, which seems to be quite a powerful support for all kinds of good things in the body, so I'll see if I will turn into a golden dragon then and have a spoon full every morning before breakfast plus as plants like things really fresh, clean and pure I won't have any alcohol over this challenge either Plants respond very well to kind words and attention, so my bonus will be to feed myself with nourishing questions throughout my days: If I wouldn't HAVE to do anything today, what would I love to do? (and do at least one of those things, it IS possible any day!!) How can I be happy while this is in progress/while I do this? What do I want to celebrate first/soon/today? What amazing thing could happen today that I have yet no clue about? What am I excited about today? What would I love to have happening for me right now? Apart from this, I WILL keep up better with my updating *super determined* and have already printed a spreadsheet for tracking my gardening activities (thank you SymphonicDan and Elizevdmerve!) And I WILL lurk less in the shadows of your threads and speak up more, maybe dropping some magical flower dust while I am there What else... won't do any before and after pics this time, can do it next time again, it's not all that important. I can see that I am getting slimmer and stronger so that is what counts, I am happy. Oh, yes rewards! Depending how well I do on my gardening I can unlock different stats and eventually rewards as follows: A status reward 0 - 90 min done hard as rock 91 - 180 min for very tough plants only 181 - 260 min for tough plants only 261 - 330 min for pioneers of all kinds 331 - 399 min for bountiful mixtures massage from hubby (his suggestion, so yay to that ) 400 -450 min soil of Eden another massage from hubby B 0 - 24 min done scarecrow 25 - 40 min leprechaun 41 - 55 min bulb buddy 56 - 70 min dances with earthworms 71 - 85 min master planter new yoga mat 86 - 100 min rooted in heaven barefoot shoes C 0 - 10 units witch of the waste 11 - 20 units droplets of green 21 - 30 units sprouting strength 31 - 40 units fields of growth movie night out (for assassiny inspiration) 41 - 50 units fields of gold new pole shorts and top D 0 - 34 min broomstick 35 - 59 min bud baby 60 - 94 min blooming rose 95 - 120 min wind in the willows special body lotion (something yummy, not sure yet what) 121 - 150 min bendy as ivy extra spa day with hubby E 0 - 9 days sleepy and hollow 10 - 13 days breaking dawn 14 - 17 days morning glow 18 - 21 days morning star shine chocolate pralines (because chocolate!!!) 22 - 25 days shining bright restaurant night out with hubby For accountability and extra motivation I will put my stats into my signature, so you can all see right where I am at This program is quite ambitious for me at present, but that is deliberate as firstly I had a yummy unchallenge AND a lazy, laaaaaazy two week holiday just now. Secondly some of the rewards do cost quite a bit of money and I want to feel good having "earned" them. Last and foremost, I do want to get stronger, more nimble and keep a good balance overall and if I really do all these things, chances are gooood
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