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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, I live on an island in the south Pacific, Rangiroa. The island is only 3.000 people and so there are only basic shops and no really any gym or collective classes. Is it possible to learn a martial art at home? I am thinking maybe if there are some good online lesson, kind of the Nerd Fitness Yoga, or other possibilities Should I start by cleaning the car and painting the wall? Thanks
  2. I'm a professional calligrapher and artist, but it's always been traditional mind you. And there are not that many calls for traditional artists anymore, unless they make fame on social media. My work also has completely stopped this year and many of my friends who have been doing this work for years, have had the same problem as well. Most of them have turned to digital designing to put food on the table though. Now, I don't need this work to survive. My husband makes enough to provide. But I'm not satisfied with just staying at home and being a mother. I really want to work and sell my artwork! Justin (my husband) surprised me with a Intuos tablet and I have to say that I am enjoying it! I use Krita to drawing and paint because I can't afford to pay for photoshop yet. But the program is becoming my favorite due to the big support from other artists. And they offer custom brushes free to download so it makes it easier for me to customize everything to my liking. My problem right now is, what should I do for digital art? I'm still learning but I want to do something that brings in money, even it is small. My plan was to make some cute designs to sell on Red Bubble but that's all I can think of....
  3. Intro: I depend on exercise for good mental health. I learned this a couple of years ago and developed quite a healthy lifestyle, in which I've been thriving. I made exercise an absolute priority for some time, but life changes, and I'm facing a bigger challenge now -- graduating form Law school (last year!) -- and I had to channel time & money resources into that goal. So I had to give up my gym membership and my instructor, and with it went my gym routine, which guaranteed the discipline to attend workouts. I have a gym at home, in the apartment building I live in, which I share with other residents. It's good enough and I can work out there, I have. But doing it on your own... it's so damn hard, isn't it? So I struggled with the planning a little but now I found a plan which I'm confident I can follow. I found three spots in my schedule in which I can hit the gym: Tuesday evening, Friday afternoon and Sunday whichever time (I'm yet to find to right moment to workout then, but I will set one). Twice for strength and once for conditioning. Goal: Workout three times a week, at the previously set times. Reward: For each week I get the goal right, I get to post a gif of someone doing a victory dance . No more goals? No. I have too much going on to make goals out of everything. Each week, something has to give and usually does. The whole point here is making sure it's not my workout, lest I can't keep the sanity to carry on this madness of a life which is graduating Law school away from home.
  4. I'm all alone again. No instructors. For the past semester I had been working out at this awesome gym with this great PE instructor and for once I was getting results! It was expensive as fuck, but I have never been so strong, safe & pain-free. But a new semester arises and things changed a lot. I'm really, really broke, like, really broke. (For a change, huh?!) I gave up working to finish Law school (this is my last year and I have a shitload of things to attend to so I can get my degree). I have to pass the "bar" (local license examination) and turn in my senior thesis. Also, I'm preparing for a very competitive public post (attorney for the State). On top of that, I thought it'd be a good idea to take up German too. (May I just say... NERD!) So there you are. I have no time to go to the gym and very little money to find solutions with. Thankfully, there's a gym in my condo, fairly well equiped, the only two major things I feel are missing are safety bars on the squat rack, which have served me more than once, and a bar where I could hang from for pullups and stuff. And the PE instructor of course. (I miss him so much...) With losing my instructor and my gym routine, I have just kinda let things... slide... and I'm currently some six weeks without regular exercise (I have randomly hit the condo gym, no routine tho). I'm going fucking crazy. As in crazy crazy. Craze ass bitch. Touring crazy town. Looney tunes. Bananas. Just last Saturday I had a panic attack sitting in my living room alone trying to watch a movie. I feel depressed and anxious and losing control of shit. I feel like crying and lose my appetite. I have intrusive thoughts and can't focus on work. Working out's my goddam zoloft and I know that. Have known it for some time. Overcame fucking addiction with it. Yet I let it slide. Shouldn't have let it slide. So goddam hard to do it by yourself. So I came back to NFR, maybe the community can help me keep the routine going. We shall see how it goes.
  5. Hi to all Druids, I am fairly new to yoga, I am taking a class once or twice a week for the past month or so. I was a car accident awhile back and while the doctor and chiropractor have cleared me I have an extremely tight lower back. I was wondering if you knew of any particular poses I could use to create a morning routine for myself. Btw sun salutations is my favorite combination right now.
  6. I was told about this by a friend here on NF, and wanted to share it with more like minded folks, just in case you weren't aware. It is an online yoga program that has 16 different courses based on interest and level of proficiency (over 200 different classes total), and you get rewards and can "level up" like Nerd Fitness and there is social sharing with other members. So it seems like its a Yoga version of Steve's Academy to some degree. It is the highest funded Yoga Kickstarter ever, and it's only been live for about a week! I'm really excited about it and thought y'all may be too So check it out!! My Yoga Pro
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