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Found 6 results

  1. Early in June I started doing to Atkins diet. I wasn't 100%, but I was eating a lot better than previously (read: loves bread, potatoes, and pasta). Negative results. Around mid-September I switched to Paleo. With the exception of 4 off days and salad dressing, I've been 100%. Since I started eating healthy in June, I've gained about twenty pounds - and not just water weight or something; I've seen the gain around my middle. Over the past five years or so, I've been watching my weight slowly creep up thirty pounds; then, in four and a half months, I shoot up twenty! What am I doing wrong? I s
  2. Hi! Several questions, but first background. I am 5'0", female, 18, and about 45 pounds overweight. 1. Half my family is doing Atkins ( the other half doesn't need to lose weight, which makes it really hard ), but I'm having a really hard time doing it because I can't seem to keep my carb count down. I'm eating the right foods, but I keep eating too many vegetables (cauliflower, brussel sprouts, green beans, etc), and I'm never sure if I'm using too much salad dressing (I like French and Caesar). Is there something I can do to make this easier, or is it something I just need to deal with?
  3. I know you have to eat a surplus of quality calories to build muscle, but can those calories be drawn from the fat around my middle? Can I be eating to lose weight, while still doing push ups and training for a 5K? Also, I was doing Atkins for fat loss, but I'm thinking of switching to Paleo because if I mis-eat one day on Atkins I have to start over, but not so for Paleo. (Is this correct?) Also because I can eat fruit in Paleo. ;-) My question in two part: 1) can I eat dairy in Paleo and still lose weight? Will it slow weight loss? and 2) why is dairy not Paleo?
  4. Hi all, My family recently decided to go on the Atkins diet, and I was wondering how this compares to Paleo. I've always loved fruit and potatoes and having to leave that out is hitting me the hardest, so does anybody know of any comparisons done or anything? Does one have a significant advantage over the other? Could I mix them (I love dairy too)? Which one gives me the fastest and best results? If you can, please include a source for your information (personal experience included). Thank you so much!!
  5. Here are some of my thoughts on weight loss. By full disclosure I have lost 35+ pounds twice doing Weight Watchers and 22+ pounds twice on two separate fasts. So, you’re trying to lose weight? Well, I have the two most important things you need to know right here. No kidding. I don’t care what weight loss plan you pick; Atkins, Weight Watchers, Paleo, Primal, South Beach, Sugar Busters, or Aunt Martha’s family plan. If you don’t do these two things you will either fail or not be as successful as you could be. And I’m going to stop with the teasing and give you these two magic
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