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Found 4 results

  1. Almost 50 yrs old and returning to fitness with some fear of injury (suffered a fracture two years ago and a sprain last year). Would love to find someone with some fitness knowledge who wouldn't mind me tagging along. I'd like to get back into weight lifting I think, maybe some Parkour. Always down for a spin on the dance floor (80's R&B, Hip Hop, House, Dub-Step). If you're of a certain age and looking to level up, let's do this!
  2. So, who is going to Dragon Con this year? It would be really awesome to get a bunch of Rebels together to grab a light breakfast and go for a run or workout one day before the festivities are in full swing!
  3. Kicking off my 2016 trifecta with a little run through some Georgia red clay. Can't wait for March!
  4. I am Jaex, an unremarkable project attorney. Or I was until one cold day... I was out walking, sipping on a bottle of Coca-Cola, when out of nowhere came a great blizzard. I tried to find my way to safety but like most Atlantans was unable to do anything against the might of the winter storm. I was crushed under the overwhelming inch and a half of snow! It seemed all hope was lost until out of my Coca-Cola bottle materialized the Spirit of Atlanta. Appearing to me as a phoenix, it wrapped its wings around me and I felt the warmth as the Spirit of Atlanta fused with my body and soul. It
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