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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings and salutations! I am Ausleigh, and I am ready for this. I think. Sort of. I'm a type 1 diabetic and my overarching goal is to have my A1C down to 6.5 in 13 weeks at least. For many of you, this means nothing. Basically, an A1C is a measure of how close to in-range blood sugars are. Many people strive to get close to 6.0, but for right now, 6.5 is fine by me. :3 For those of you who read my original, unedited discussion starter, judgement of diabetics is a hot-button for me. I've had too many people see my pump or hear my meter and tell me, "Oh, you really should watch that. My Uncle Bobby lost his limbs because of diabetes." or "How high is that number? That seems bad." or even, "Should you really be having that scone right now?" Oh, and I'm a stress eater. Thank you, random stranger! You have just exacerbated this problem by about 100%! Excellent work. Now go away. Part of the problem is food. Actually, a LOT of the problem is food. BAD FOOD IS CHEAP and my brain tells me that it helps me to live!! Seriously, when our species was trying to survive and actually working our prehistoric asses off to get by, sugar was great! It's fuel, it helps to keep us going! Helps us to catch our meat! Helps us to run for our lives from the dinosaurs! Huzzah sugar! Now, however, I can count people who need excess sugar on one hand. I've tried to give up sugar cold turkey and all that jazz... it doesn't work. So, now, what I'm going to do is try and cook and bake yummy, low-carb options. If I have YUMMY low carb options, then there should be a natural cutting out of sugar. That and prayer. LOTS of prayer. My new mantra is "God, I can't do this. Help." SO here goes nothing! Wish me luck, and if you have any ideas for stats, please let me know! Mission 1: check blood sugar 4x a day. At least. A=4x a day, every day (42 days) Con+5, B= 4x a day almost everyday (at least 35 days) Con+4 C= 4x a day most days (at least 28 days) Con+3 D= 4x a day some days (at least 21 days) Con+1 Mission 2: exercise (dance, parkour, etc) 3-4 Times a week IF ASTHMA ALLOWS. Sub-mission: do not exercise when it is not wise. A=4x a week, every week (24 times) Str+5 B=3-4x a week, every week (at least 18) Str+4 C=3-4x a week almost every week (at least 14) Str+3 Mission 3: cook 2-3 low-carb meals a week that can be eaten as leftovers for other days. (I.E. explore good/yummy food!) A=3x a week, every week (18 meals) Wis+5 B=2-3x a week, every week (at least 15 meals) Wis+4 C= 2-3x a week, most weeks (at least 12) Wis + 2
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