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  1. Right first up, yes I got through the Black Summer fires okay, so far. Wagga Wagga where I live was one of the main evacuation points for the Riverina region of NSW. The nearest fire was 47 km away and headed south east from me. It did start within 10 km from the farm I used to live on. We did cop a lot of smoke over Christmas and New Year's, one of my son's co-workers ended up in hospital due to the smoke messing up her asthma. My kids struggled to breathe, and we had P2 breathing masks available for the asthmatics. Secondly, I disappeared as Tapatalk for some reason stopped conn
  2. Hello! I am joining the assassins for the next challenge as I am focusing on body weight work. Now let me start off by saying i am a beginner. In fact, I am lower than a beginner. I had a rough pregnancy that i couldn't exercise at all during. Everything (especially my core!) has suffered. However after being diagnosed with coeliacs I am determined not to get osteoporosis so time to stress those bones and muscles! STATS Mother of 2, wife of 1 Shift working nurse 5 elevated pushups 10 lunges (5 each leg) 20 dumbell rows with 3kg 20 squats (about the only exercise i
  3. Hi all, Only just signed up 2 weeks ago and just got to the 'Build Your Dream Team' Quest, which means I have to start this Battle Log, or as I have dubbed it, the 'War Journal', Punisher style. Here is my Big Why, which I posted on the Facebook Group Page last week... ------ MY BIG “WHY” Hi everyone, just joined up. 40 year old from Brisbane, Australia. Glad to be here, finally. I was originally going to post an extensive list of ‘why’s’, something I had scribbled down over a year ago, but have never put it anywhere public. But this last weeken
  4. I am totally stealing this from another lovely Nerd (Hi Leimanu) and wandering from the usual tracking, lifting BS, that have been in my Challenges forever. This is just for fun! Still logging workouts and other warblings and generally hanging out in the Warriors.
  5. First NF Sydney meetup of 2015: Venue: Burger Project, World Square, 644 George St, Sydney Date: 19th Feb 2015 Time: 6.30pm Everyone welcome, especially those who haven't been to a meetup before. Expect laid back chat and a welcoming atmosphere Confirmed so far: @barefootdawsy @yuen @endor
  6. Who am I? I'm 24, female, living in Melbourne, Australia and studying for a BA while working part time. I've tried to get into a habit of fitness and healthy eating many times but I always seem to fall off the wagon. So right now I'm focussing on doing fewer things but doing them really well. THING ONE: LIFTING I have the old Rebel Strength workout ebook and I'm working through the Barbell Battalion, rank 1. I'm focussing on hitting my workouts every time, taking time for warming up and cooling down, and great form while lifting. That's all I'm focussing on right no
  7. G'day! A West-Aussie here, and massive metal-head (I endeavour to name each of my challenges after a metal band) and most certainly a nerd. I recently finished my Bachelor of Games Design and am looking forward to paving a career in video game development. I do love my movies (every sort) and my books (I will admit I haven't and don't read alot, but it is one of the things that I really wish I did) and table-top gaming is a big favourite of mine. I have lost about 20kg(~45lbs) over the last year, and am ultimately looking to lose that amount again over the next year, which is certainly negot
  8. This is my 14th challenge here at Nerd Fitness. You would think I'd have it all together by now and not need to continue to plan my life around every 6 week period of the year. However I know damn well that the moment I stop gamifying my life by participating in these challenges will be the moment I drop everything and revert back to the fast-food loving, couch-surfing lump of flesh I was nearly two years ago. Quick recap for those of you who haven't seen me around - I am a 24 year old human of the female variety living on the southern coast of Western Australia (that's in Australia!) wo
  9. Placeholder. Teagarden's 13th Challenge Stubborn Like a Rock Current Quests Pass Fresh Meat Beat the 27/5 Motivation Spring & summer's arrival More Strength = Better Derby More Protein = More Strength Less Sugar = More Energy to Exercise (1) Nutrition Eat my bodyweight in Protein. Or, just about. 140g a day should do the trick (0.9g*my bodyweight in lbs) Cut 1tsp of sugar out of somewhere in my life every week. Use 1 day a week to prep food to make life easier. (2) Mind Meditate. Whenever, just do it. xD Post a gratitude / reflection weekly on the past week or whatev
  10. Hi all! I'm an Aussie living in NZ and new to the forums. Ive been a NF fan for quite some time, but in finding out about the 6 week challenges have decided to dig a little deeper in the hopes that I can chat to others and stay motivated. My current goals to complete by the end of the year is to be able to do at least 1 chin up, and decrease my 10k time. So please say hi and let me know if you've got similar goals
  11. Moss

    Moss is in

    Introduction: Hi I am Moss and this is my first challenge. I weigh about 105 kg and am at about 22-25% body fat (I still haven't gotten the calipers out!). I've been steadily losing weight and getting fitter for the past 16 months but there is a long way to go. I currently run about 3-4 km twice a week with a running buddy and from December to the beginning of March I was doing weights regularly at home. I've been getting the blog updates from Nerd Fitness for a while and decided to join this six week challenge because we've just moved house and it is the best time to start forming some new h
  12. Hey, I'm 22, I live in Melbourne, Australia and I'm trying to get fit and look good naked. I want to run a marathon by the end of next year, but my short term goals are to sleep better and feel better in my skin, along with hopefully getting to a size eight jeans without muffin tops. What can I say, I like flat tummies. I'm currently moving my diet towards paleo. I had been vegetarian for 8.5 years and I found that I was letting myself eat all this unhealthy food because it was vegetarian, and not taking charge of what I ate. I ate what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I want to change that. I've
  13. Hi guys, Time for our 3rd meetup (this year) in beautiful Sydney, Australia, home of many more meetups than Melbourne ever manage Everyone is welcome to attend. Date: Tuesday 12th August Time: 6:30pm Venue: Hurricane's Grill, Darling Harbor Confirmed so far: Endor, Yuen, BarefootDawsy Witness the marvel of our very own HufflePuff Warrior @Yuen eating a whole cow and 2 sets of pork ribs! Witness the majesty of the fabled scout leader @BarefootDawsy running away from a plate of prawns in sheer terror But most of all come and enjoy some good food and the company of fell
  14. Howdy! Big metalhead here (which is where I get the inspiration for my challenge titles from \m/ ), hailing from West-'straya I am currently studying games design and looking for a career in the video game industry. Having gone from an extremely active childhood, to an extremely chillaxed adulthood, it would be a lie if I didn't say I have some weight to lose. I carry most of it in my rum-belly, which as far as I know, is one of the unhealthiest ways to carry weight. I used to play footy (AFL) and spent a little bit of time in the gym focusing on general strength. Having reached the ripe age
  15. Hi everyone, time for an overdue meetup in Sydney! It's open to anyone and I encourage you to come along and meet some fellow NF'ers, we're friendly folks Venue: Red Oak Boutique Beer Cafe, 201 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW, Australia, 2000 Date: Thursday 5th June Time: From 6:30pm Cheers Dominic Attending: @Endor @barefootdawsy @Yuen
  16. Hey everyone, I'm a new one here who was hoping to get a lot fitter and better in a good way. I'm about 5'11 and 92 kg (about 200lbs) and wanted to get healthier and fitter after not playing sport and gaining weight after starting uni. I'm pretty new to some aspects of fitness after playing football (AFL) for about 7 years and having a couple years off. I've just started doing some bodyweight circuits due to local gyms here being pretty expensive (though hoping to get signed to one some time), I've written up a small circuit that I'm doing and was hoping to get some tips for it (will post in a
  17. Time for another NF meetup in sunny Sydney! Date: Tuesday 4th March 2014 Time: 6pm drinks for 7pm dinner Venue: Belgian Bier Cafe, 135 Harrington St, The Rocks NSW 2000...looks like it rebranded, anyway this is the one: http://www.heritageb...taurant.com.au/ Attending: Dominic BarefootDawsy Yuen viciousred Suguru
  18. Hey guys, I'm 26 years old from Australia (a big shout out to all fellow Aussies on NF!) I am an avid listener of Jonathan Bailor's 'Smarter Science of Slim' podcast and heard Steve Kamb on one of the many bonus podcasts on the show and thought that I should check out NF and see what it's all about - and I like what I see, so here I am! Over the course of last year, as you could probably tell from me listening to Smarter Science of Slim, I ate (and am continuing to eat) paleo whenever I can - lost 5-8kgs just from eating right, went down 1-2 dress sizes and I feel quite good with myself -
  19. G'day folks, time for our second Sydney meetup, a time of celebration as it's the holiday season and we've only a few challenge weeks of the year left. Sadly also a time of commiseration as we will be saying a fond farewell to our very own Swedish darling, The Mad Hatter! Now Dawsey and I never drink beer but Hatter insisted so we're doing a mini pub crawl cultural tour of the oldest area of Sydney, "The Rocks". Date: Tuesday 26th November Time: 6pm Venue: The Lord Nelson pub We'll stay in here for about 45 mins then head to: Venue 2: The Argyle We'll stay here another 45 mins then head
  20. Gidday everyone (Yes we really say that sometimes). Neitzschecat here from Sydney, Australia. I am an intellectually and physically hyperexcited and curious inner city girl. I am a Ranger because there are just way too many great physical activities and I don't want to miss out on any of them! My race is Undead because I am just too cool to be human and I am probably older than everyone else here (So I might look a bit slow and dodgy but I can still clear trash and kick boss ass!). The bad side of being a ranger is that as well as all the great food I stick to most of the time, I am a su
  21. Whenever I meet new people I get nervous and start talking nonstop about myself so that after a 10 minute conversation I've usually learned nothing more than their name. So, let's try that shall we? I'm normally called Andrea and I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband, two kids, a cat and a large amount of yarn. When my daughter was six weeks old (August 2011) I joined Weight Watchers (again) and lost 18kg, 30kg in total from the day I had my baby. It took me 33 weeks, and I started working for the company as a leader almost straight away. My weight was 63kg, I weighed almost 15kg
  22. It sounds like we are on for a meetup in Sydney. This is what's been proposed, post if date/time/venue is ok and if you will attend, if we get a few confirmed we can book a table. Venue: The Australian Hotel 100 Cumberland Street The Rocks, Sydney 2000 Date: Thursday 12th September (TBC) Time: 6pm - 8pm+ (TBC) Attending: Mad Hatter BarefootDawsy Dominic TerraNik
  23. Motivation: I want to be healthy, to be able to walk around all day at conventions without having to try and find a space to sit down. I want to be damn sexy for my boyfriend. I want to feel like throwing all my clothes off and dancing around in the nude because why not? I want to be able to go to the beach in a bikini without shorts and not even think about whether people are staring at my jiggly-bits. Main quest: To fit into my graduation dress. I am determined to rock this awesome dress with an awesome bod (and dance the funky chicken without wussing out). Goals: ~ I will ride my bike t
  24. The Wheel of Time turns, and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Legend fades to myth, and even myth is long forgotten when the Age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the 21st Century by some, an Age yet to come, an Age long past, a wind rose over the Pacific Ocean. The wind was not the beginning. There are neither beginnings nor endings to the turning of the Wheel of Time. But it was a beginning. The wind swept westward, funneled into gusts through the artificial canyons of Sydney, Australia. The wind swept across roads and trees, turning south to fo
  25. Seriously guys, Intros kinda suck. I sometimes hate introducing myself, because I don't know how much information is appropriate to give the first time you meet someone. With that in mind, I think I might just stick to the facts and let you guys in on my crazy life. You guys can refer to me as B, or Beeza (either nickname is acceptable). I am 23 years old, Female, I live in Australia, and I am desperate to turn my life around. I'm a bit of a geek, with a Minecraft and Doctor Who obsession (among many things). I work in IT, which I think contributed to my weight blowout. I used to work in ret
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