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Found 9 results

  1. Hello visitor. For those who don't know me, mandatory background info: Here are my goals this challenge. I'm doing a bare minimum because I've just been "done/tired" with everything lately. My mental health is not quite up there, so I take it easy for a bit. #1 No Snacking - No snacking on weekdays - A snack is anything not part of a meal (max 3 meals a day) - Fruit and nuts are not counted - A deep fried cafeteria snack is still a snack, even if it's eaten with lunch #2 Intermittent Fasting - Every day for at least
  2. Hello Scouts! I thought I give this guild a try My name is Siferiax, or Sif, or Siffy, or... be creative! I'm a female and 30 years old. I have a boyfriend and two cats. I'm working within the limitations of autism & hypermobility (the moment flexibility SUCKS) I love road cycling and spinning. I also love walking. I unfortunately have quite a road cycling trauma I have to get over at the start of every season. I made a false start with a walking goal last year. The idea was to walk every single weekend for the entire year. Hyper
  3. Well 2017 has been a nice year, but also a struggle. I've done two challenges since getting back on NF and I'm ready to start the new year strong!! I wish to use these few days before January 1st to set a baseline for my goals this challenge. So here are my goals: #1 Intermittent fasting I don't know what my baseline is at the moment, hence my statement above. I also don't know for how many hours to aim. It's gonna be between 14-16 hours probably. I wish to focus on eating 3 meals and no snacks regardless. Some sweets here and there on occasion so I don't falter. If I go 14 hour
  4. Second challenge since returning to NF! Last challenge went quite well (if you happen to know my challenge track record XD) I have some goals I wish to work on... far too many! I wish to deal with some things related to autism as well. Hopefully I will manage! Going to be a real challenge though. I gave my goals a priority :3 hopefully that helps! Goals Diet #1 Don't buy snacks to and from work #2 Only eat planned breakfast - Try to not eat lunch as extra breakfast. Lunch = 12:30 - Experiment with drinking water instead #3 D
  5. I see the need for such a thread...being that there are at least 2 of us here in Nerd Fitness Forum Land, and I suspect a much larger percentage of undiagnosed individuals exist among the anti-social, introverted nerd population. The internet has been a great blessing for many of us who are extremely isolated in our everyday "real" lives, but even here we can and do feel alone among those who understand the unwritten rules and "common sense" that is foreign to us. We welcome questions, concerns, comments and conversation, but be aware that if you find something offensive, this is OUR space a
  6. So my little man has high functioning autism (Asperger's), and I figured I'd share some of what helps us... Here is a link to the Google Doc for the levels system we use: clickity clack This is a cool thing I was taught, where kids have certain priviledges they earn based on certain behaviors - with the ability to not only be brought down a level (very similar to 1 2 3 time out), but that there is a very concrete way to earn those priviledges back. Another thing that I have found that helps is martial arts - he is in tae kwon do, and his teacher focuses on self discipline and participation.
  7. Fitness, Finance, Food, Friends, Family & Fun in 2014 This year's goals I consider this a work in progress and I will edit and change as necessary. Fitness Continue with NF challenges Waist down to 28" Get rid of tummy fat Maintain a size 6 Be bikini ready for June Take swim lessons Finance Read - I will teach you to be Rich and Rich Dad, Poor Dad Proceed from there Friends Through the years friends moved away or just lost touch Even when I can go out I have no one to go out with. I need to expand my circle of friends! Make 3 new friends and do something fun with them. Family - Im
  8. Has anyone read the book, Grain Brain? I found it interesting the link between high-carb diets, diabetes and other brain diseases. The same plaque that develops from high-carb diets (a mis-folding of the protein chain) is the same type of plaque that builds up in the brain and causes Alzheimer's Disease. I found it thought provoking that the inflammation from gluten contributes to autism and ADHD. I was very appreciative of the author citing his research and play to read some of those studies that most intrigue me.
  9. Yahoo news has another story that claims a link between autism and vaccines. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/autism-epidemic-linked-epidemic-vaccine-100000000.html AUTISM IS NOT CAUSED BY VACCINES!!! It is genetic in nature. How do I know this? Because my entire bleep bleep family is on the spectrum. And you know what, even if vaccines do somehow trigger something having to do with autism, who the hell cares? I would rather a safe autistic kid than a kid who is dead from, oh let's say whooping cough, or polio, or any other myriad of diseases that used to kill our children at high numbers.
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