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Found 7 results

  1. Sometimes we fail to see the forest for the trees....I was taking to much time looking at trees to see the obvious...huge thanks to @DarK_RaideR to pointing out that a battle log may work better for me in keeping up on here...I had one previously but it was dated and no longer fits...so this one is shiny and new! For those new to my saga, I've been here for over 3 years now (January 2, 2014) I've been a Ranger (and everything that entails) since the big restructure of 2016. I am <95% Paleo in my style of eating, because I have RA and it makes me feel better...I'm slightly addicted to 5k's, and am discovering that weight lifting can be a lot of fun if I take it slowly and don't aggravate my neck injury. I'm an accountant and work for a minor league baseball team in Florida, which is every bit as much fun as it sounds So I have a spreadsheet for tracking purposes (may look very familiar to some, )...if this works for you as well feel free to borrow my sheet (file/save copy into Google Drive I think...) and tweak it to fit your needs My overall, far reaching, want to accomplish this year, goal is to lose 40 lbs...at the very minimum I want to look good nekkid In my opinion, not anyone else! To work towards this goal I'm going to go to the gym 3x a week, or if I'm not able to do that I will do an alternate workout (such as hitting my step goal, bike ride, bodyweight workout...etc) I was aiming for 5x but that was stressing me out because I was not always able to accomplish it due to life/work commitments! I re-worked the routine I worked out with the trainer to come up with to fit into the new goal...I may also add tracking at some point to see where I'm hitting with calories if results are not forthcoming. Sleep is a struggle for me, I rarely get 7 hours a night and this makes a huge difference in my energy, not to mention my pain levels if I don't...I'm going to try and do better with this... The last one is NF related, I am tired of going weeks without checking in on here, so I'm going to make it a point to not only be on here, but post somewhere on here at least 3 times a week to keep myself accountable...I did better with my goals when I was doing that, and I enjoy supporting and encouraging others
  2. I am a middle school math teacher looking to my fitness my new career. I currently have a USAW level 1 coaching cert as well as a personal training certification from ACTION. I am currently studying to get my personal training certification from ACE so I am more hirable, as well as get my StrongFirst kettlebell certification. I have just put myself back on the autoimmune protocol as I have hypothyroidism and celiac's disease and have been run down and prone to the cold the past couple of months. Of course I have some pounds that I would like to drop, but I am more concerned with my goal of getting the kettlebell certification. If there is a fellow AIPer or KB swinger looking for an accountability partner, let me know.
  3. I'm much more of a Meg than a Hercules, but this summer is a great way to change that! I fell off the map here at Nerd Fitness when I became really ill back in March, and now I have pretty much recovered! I was recently diagnosed with lupus, and the symptoms have mostly subsided aside from a couple bad days a month. However, as of Tuesday, I will be in a high-stress teaching bootcamp of sorts, and I get my first classroom in August. I need to get back into good food and exercise to keep my body together and hopefully mitigate any return of symptoms that are induced by stress. Due to the fact I won't be paid for training this summer, I am looking for a workout plan that I can execute at home and (if I'm lucky) at a regular gym, including pool access. I am 5'1 with about 43% body fat at 157 lbs (yikes!). On Wednesday, the day after I move into the dorms, I will start the Whole30 challenge, as a wide variety of foods will be prepared for us and I don't have to worry about overhauling my non-existent pantry. That will begin to take care of the diet side of my summer challenge. I try to avoid long bouts of running due to the high impact on my knees and ankles, but I do enjoy long brisk walks and the occasional jog. I really enjoy swimming, yoga, and resistance band training. I do not care for cycling, though I will do some at the gym. Mostly, in addition to losing the body fat, I want to build muscle, so I am looking at resistance exercises and other strength training stuff. I'm pretty familiar with many exercises, but I tend to just try to do everything at once and end up with all-over fatigue. I would really appreciate some advice for building a solid weekly plan that is routine and fairly consistent with a little variety/choice. Thanks!
  4. This is my first challenge with the Druids, and second one overall. I didn't do so well towards the end of the last challenge especially what with preparing for the holiday season so my goals are similar this time around. Diet: Stick to strict autoimmune protocol diet (aip) Motivation for this: "off-roading" away from this diet causes flare up of joint pain, sleep disruption, moodiness, sickness... Well the list goes on, so really my motivation is "don't be an idiot!" Grading: all or nothing, A for complete aip adherence per day, F for 1 or more non-aip ingredient today. Reward: This kind of is it's own reward, because this forces me to be creative in the kitchen to find safe but still healthy meals and I really enjoy cooking. I guess if I really *must* have a material reward, I could treat myself to a kitchen gadget or two! Exercise: Bodyweight workout level 1 : 3x per week Beginners pilates class : 1 x per week Yoga (focus on core and spinal vinyasas) : 2 x per week. Motivation: most of the pain I have is around my back, so I want to build up my core and spine to maintain strength in this area. I did attempt running last year and built up to 2k, but then pulled my back and couldn't walk let alone run. I am hoping that building up core strength will allow me to try a running programme in the future because I really enjoyed the freedom of running around my local park early in the morning - just so peaceful. Grading: A = all 6 planned workouts in the week B = 5 C = 4 D= 3 F = less Reward: more pilates! (i always had this image of pilates being yoga's mean hardcore older brother, but it's not like that at all) I am saving up the money to join the gym so I can get to an intermediate pilates class. Life goal: Clean the clutter. Motivation: stop falling over stuff (mainly books) in my house. Reward: clutter will be sent to either a reselling company, or to local charity shops. First way the reward is a small amount of money, second way the reward is knowing that someone else will get a benefit from our old stuff. Longer term, the reason for de-cluttering is so that we have space to create a nursery as we are planning to start a family quite soon so that too will be its own reward. I'm not clear how I can grade this life goal, but I would like to "finish" at least 2 rooms in our home by the end of the challenge. So here goes my first Druids challenge..... Looking forward to following progress with your challenges too.
  5. So the last challenge I started didn't get far. After I failed in week 1, I lost heart and gave up. After following the NF academy programme I feel in a better place and ready to start a new challenge, one I might actually achieve. Goal 1 - diet Eat a strict autoimmune protocol diet for 6 weeks A = no "off-piste" meals or snacks B = 1- 14 non-aip meals C = 15 - 21 F = any more than that Goal 2 - fitness Complete the level 1 bodyweight brigade workouts A= 3 workouts each week, no excuses B = 3 workouts in 4 or more weeks C = 2 workouts each week F = any fewer workouts. No life goal this challenge.
  6. As far as AI Paleo, I am convinced is essential for me, not simply a good idea (I have a gluten sensitivity and dairy allergy in addition to allergies to various nightshades) but I am pretty freaked out about it, because I am picky and all my attempts at Paleo (prior to hearing about the AI Protocol) leave me eating mainly chicken and spinach and broccoli (I dont eat eggs and am not very fond of beef either) and I have to gorge myself to get enough protein in a day and I rarely get it (aiming for 80g per day, so not a large amount even) and Im sure it has to do with not eating the most protein dense meats...because organ meats are soooooooo not happening! I am one of those people who would eat chicken fingers and mac and cheese every day if it didnt make me physically ill and in pain...so Paleo for a five year old? I do okay with about 1/3 of the Everyday Paleo Recipes (mostly the ones for her kids...the kids cabbage slaw with chicken is one of the best) and even then I eat things Im not fond of, but they are in with other food, so its not too bad or so many things have ingredients I cant have or substitute out. So I think I'm kind of shooting myself in the foot. so I guess my question is, is Paleo even the best choice for me if I that means I eat chicken, spinach, broccoli and carrots everyday? Is it ok to just eat lower than the recommended protein? Is there another option that I am not aware of? Thank you
  7. Is anyone following/has followed the autoimmune protocol? I eat paleo as much as I can but still felt bad due to an autoimmune condition so will try the AIP as an elimination duet for the next couple of months. A lot of the products suggested, especially coconut cream, coconut oil, are not easily available in my area so I'm interested to find out any recipes or handy hints people have for this diet.
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