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  1. It is time to return to a challenge that always seems to fill me with the energy and motivation to stay active. It is an epic one, but it is less about completing all of the things and more about staying present with the essence of each challenge goal. Basic Challenge: Connect With Environment: The Na'vi are deeply connected to the natural world around them and they take care of it. When completing each of these challenges, engage all of your senses and stay mindful of the impact nature has on your body and your spirit. At least 30 total minut
  2. Hello Nerds, annyshay here! Back again for another challenge. I'm not going to make too many tweaks to things at the moment because they're honestly going really well. I want to maintain my momentum. For those that don't know me, I'm a thirty-something single lady that who lives with an orange tabby named Dragon in the Northeastern US. I've been a member of the Nerd Fitness forums for many years. Along the way, I met my health coach, Amy Clover, who has been helping me move past dieting and performance health based on external metrics to focus more on the way that I want to feel a
  3. Bringing back another past challenge that I created three years ago; I think it may actually be my favorite and possibly one of the most impactful. It's hefty, and I likely won't be able to do all the things, but regardless I recall feeling very free and in tune with my natural self during this challenge. I have made some modifications to fit my more current life (i.e. I can't spend more time with my grandpa because he passed away), current abilities, and current goals, but the essence of the challenge will remain the same. Connect With Environment: The Na'vi are d
  4. INTRO 'Olo, you lot! Welcome to my quiet little corner. I am Haniya (pronounced Hun-nee-yah) a Nerdy, Sporty, DND[currently watching Critical Role]loving, Comic book enthusiast with a penchant for arts, Video games, Books, Disney movies, music and Mystery Murder shows [Stranger Things, Sherlock, Killing Eve, The Umbrella Academy and Elementary anyone?] also Neil Gaimann because good omens is a fantastic show and is worth fangirling about. Today I have entered as a ranger to challenge myself. Hopefully, my experiment will help me build my habits and my body. I feel like my
  5. As some of you recall, a little more than two years ago (wow, it doesn't seem that long ago) I created a challenge inspired by the James Cameron movie Avatar. This morning, I took my dogs on a barefoot walk in the morning rain and decided it was time to reboot this challenge. I'm going to modify it to include some of my recent goals and exclude goals that are either no longer relevant (can't visit grandfather b/c he passed away) or have become habits and no longer need to be considered "goals" (such as early wakeup). But I am keeping the same theme structure with a strong focus on primal fitne
  6. Water... Earth... Fire... Air. Long ago, AThousandWords lived in good health and fitness. Then everything changed when a new baby arrived. Only good eating habits and occasional exercise could have saved her waistline. But when her world needed these habits the most, they vanished. A an entire year passed and she discovered new motivation: an awesome Avatar themed challenge. But although her gif skills are great, she still has a lot to learn before she's ready to call herself healthy again. But I believe... AThousandWords can save the world. Hi, I'm Yvonne
  7. Hello, Annyshay Here! Last challenge I learned something about myself... I am SO MUCH STRONGER than I have given myself credit for, and I can TRUST MYSELF. Let's get right down to business shall we? This challenge, we're going to get to know the Earth with Toph. Quests! Barefoot - spend time every day in nature barefoot Twinkle Toes - movement breaks (dancing encouraged) Melon Lord - tell stories, play games Dig Down - ongoing recovery wor
  8. For any newbies, welcome! I'm Annyshay (Shannon IRL), and I've been wandering around in the rebellion for quite some time now. For all my allies, welcome back! I'm never exactly sure where I fit... assassin, ranger, adventurer, druid. Lately, I've had a lot of life events that have brought me back to examine my identity. And like any millennial worth her salt, I took a bunch of online quizzes... Unfortunately... Your results were not clear. Tell me about it, quiz... wait a minute. I know what this means. I'm the friggen...
  9. Hello again, all! I'm back for another air-installment to try to build awesome habits. Last time around, my challenge was simple, but I still bit off more than I could chew. My new job, an online course (just finished up!) a surprise Whole30 with coworkers and some other challenges really threw wrenches into my system. Not great! I'd like to do this challenge again (even though I did alright last time!) to really solidify these habits and build on them. I'll also be emphasizing daily morning rituals. When you're taking care of an Air Temple, you've got to start the day off rig
  10. For those unfamiliar, Iroh as a character from the show Avatar the Last Airbender. He was a wise peaceful man, whose past as a general was full of victories and skill. I personally thought he was a great thing to aspire to, so I will take those first steps in this challenge. My challenge is broken down into three manageable parts each one focused on a different aspect; body, mind, spirit. Since training one without the other leads to imbalances and weakness, I want them all to get better. The Body: Enjoy what is good, as often as possible. Reason: One of the major parts of Iro
  11. First, some mood music: This challenge is based on the Na'vi from James Cameron's Avatar. It's an epic one, but it blends well with habits I have already developed. Connect With Environment: The Na'vi are deeply connected to the natural world around them and they take care of it. When completing each of these challenges, engage all of your senses and stay mindful of the impact nature has on your body and your spirit. At least 30 minutes outdoors/day in a natural setting Go barefoot at least 30 minutes/day; wear minimalist shoes when necessar
  12. Annyshay... Wake up... Annyshay, the chosen one... I am Rauru, one of the ancient sages who built the Temple of Time to protect the entrance to the Sacred Realm... This is the Chamber of Sages, inside the Temple of Light... The Temple of Light, situated in the very center of the Sacred Realm, is the last stronghold against the Ganondorf's evil forces.
  13. Annyshay stumbles into her home and lets her pack fall heavily to the ground. Dragon greets her with his usual warmth and demands to be fed. Once Dragon's needs are attended to, Annyshay sheds her cloak and boots. She sinks into her well-worn chair and reaches for the scroll emblazoned with "For the Rebellion!" She sighs as some scenes from the last few weeks flash in front of her eyes - political unrest, friends consumed by despair, and harsh words that cannot be unsaid. The flashes of memory threaten to fill her mind with regret and worry, but Dragon jumps onto her lap and tries to insert hi
  14. Oh hai guys. I am back. I sort of took off into the abyss and made like an invisible person. Contain yourself. I know this return thrills you. @Ceasefire came back this go, so I am, too. I am going to try at least. I have another half marathon in October, so here we go with training again. Four simple goals: Earth: Earth is a grounding force. I need to keep my core and cardio training up, so once a week I will complete a 30 minute Les Mills BodyCombat track to further my half marathon training. I will also lift heavy things with Les Mi
  15. Hello Assassins, I'm back!!! Well, actually... I'm in Uganda... But I think I've emerged from my recent rage stress spiral. Also, my internet access is surprisingly good (except apparently, I'm unable to post gifs.... Grrrrrr)? So, it's time to resume my badassery... And who better to learn from than the Dragon of the West? Uncle Iroh and his wisdom will be my guide! Main Quest - Resilient and Radiant "No! Zuko! You must never give into despair. Allow yourself to slip down that road and you surrender to your lowest instincts. In the darkest times, hope is something you
  16. Brutal Bears Defeats the Nerd Super Villains Introduction: Goal-To Defeat the Evil Nerd Spirits Out Lift the BRO Lift at least 4 times a week. Week 1: 5 Week 2: 5 Week 3: 3 Week 4: 0 Out Run the Impostor Walk/Run 30 miles a week Week 1: 42.4 Week 2: 36.3 Week 3: 44.7 Week 4: 19.2 Out Think the Alpha-Nerd Keep up with daily French studies and twice a week private lessons (an X for each complete week) XXX Sugar Kill The Youth
  17. Ack, new challenge started and I haven't set mine up yet! D: I'll make this spiffy later I guess. QUEST: Eat a balanced vegetarian diet, get a decent amount of exercise, do yoga, and generally focus on keeping a clear mind and becoming integrated. Goal 1: Vegetarianism If you've watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, you'll know that airbenders are vegetarians. So, uh... me too. :} To achieve this, I'm going to order produce from the local community centre, watch vegan/vegetarian YouTube videos for inspiration, and occasionally track my nutrition to make sure I'm getting enough iron (but not
  18. Last challenge fizzled because of sick hubby, sick kiddos, and shark week. This challenge is an exercise in resilience and consistency. Most of these goals are resets from last challenge. Water As in, I don't drink enough of it. The Avatar cannot live on coffee alone (though it is delicious and wonderful and life-giving). Goal: Drink more water. I think I should be aiming for 100 ounces a day. (This is should work out to about 10 cups per day.) I tried working with my 24 oz water bottle last challenge, but I found I just didn't bring it to work often as I should have. So I am going to
  19. Three fitness quests & one life quest? Sounds like four elements to me. Theme also partially chosen because I'm binge watching Avatar in preparation to finally watch Legend of Korra. Water As in, I don't drink enough of it. The Avatar cannot live on coffee alone (though it is delicious and wonderful and life-giving). Goal: Drink more water. I think I should be aiming for 100 ounces a day. My favorite water bottle holds ~24 ounces, so I need to be drinking 4 of those plus half a glass over the course of the day. Since going from essentially no extra water outside of my coffee &
  20. Hey all my buddies! My goal this challenge is to continue pushing forward with the good habits I've developed over the last 2 months. Balance strength training with conditioning, good nutrition, and sleep. Boring and simple - but there will be lots of Korra / Avatar pictures! 1. Strength Training Continue workouts, at least 3 hours per week. Can be Stronglifts, Oly lifts, or Strongman movement training. 2. Conditioning Continue workouts, at least 3 hours per week. Can be Crossfit, jogging, rowing, or other met con. 3. Nutrition Continue hitting dem macros - average within 10% ove
  21. She gazes, eyes wide with wonder, at the shimmering apparition of a face staring back at her. It is that of a young skinny girl; ears pointed, pale of skin and with curious eyes. The strange girl's shoulders rest and an arm tentatively reaches out - but just as her fingers brush the surface of the crystal-clear water, her reflection evaporates ripple-by-ripple. An eager smile creeps its way onto her lips. This girl stands tall, eyes drifting skyward, hands crossed like wings above her own kingfisher heart. Her eyes sparkle. Her face beams; "Let the adventure begin", she whispers with a gri
  22. So this challenge I'm focusing on two elements I relate strongly to: earth and water. It's kind of unintentionally gone Avatar-style as well because Korra and Toph are my inspirations for getting back to what I was once capable of. I miss my old beast!mode self, even though I appreciate the softer, kinder side of my personality that's gotten the entirely of my attention lately. Water - Observe and Heal I need to sit back, chill, and observe and reflect on myself if I'm going to learn anything. I'm keeping a daily journal that includes bullet-point notes on what I've eaten, how I feel physica
  23. Ryuu1011 Trains with the Avatar Challenge #3: April 13- May 25, 2015 Learn to Fire Bend and Burn the Fat Away Goal One: Loose 6lbs and 2% Body Fat (+1 Con +2 Cha) Got my diet and exercise pretty dialed in at the moment now its just a matter of keeping that fire burning. Decided to put the points in charisma for this challenge because if I'm being honest this goal is really about the abs... Starting Weight: 156.8lbs ---> Goal: 150lbs Starting Body Fat %: 17.2% ---> Goal: 15% Learn to Earth Bend and Build a Rock Solid Balance Goal Two: - Hold a 15s freestanding Handstand, a 15s Tuck
  24. Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then everything changed when the fire nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements could stop them. I must master all four elements to become Avatar, to become the master of my body! I'm very excited about the progress I've been making so far and want to keep it going. My Main Goal: still working towards a US size 10 jean but ultimately surpassing this goal is in the books. Officially becoming the Avatar may take a little more than being a smaller size so I am also really focusing on building str
  25. Aang: So, Toph thinks you give pretty good advice. And great tea. Uncle Iroh: The key to both is proper aging. Hello my Monkly friends! I am back after a few challenges off! A lot has happened since then, but the big ones are as follows: I officially survived a year post big breakup, kept my weight at 180 or less (40 pound loss overall!) and turned 28. And so in honor of my favorite Avatar character, this challenge is going to be focused on cultivation of self as I grow older. Iroh is kind of a boss! He cares deeply for others, does whatever makes him happy, and devotes himself to noble purs
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