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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, seriously. If you haven't seen Avengers: Infinity War and you don't like spoilers ....... move along ....
  2. So I'm building from my critical roll last challenge. It is time for the Avenger in me to Assemble! Cause I'm a bit of comic geek and hey I wanted a fun theme Quest 1 : Run like QuickSilver (Sta+3) Like Quicksilver I'm a runner first so I need to keep that going. I want to be accountable for my midweek and long runs as well as push myself to get to my sub-2 hour half marathon goal come November. Midweek runs I want to run at around 9m10s pace and/or long runs I'd like to keep under a 10 minute pace. I'm realistic about this and know I'll have a bad run or two in the mix so I'm g
  3. Here lies my workout battle log!!! "Operation Avenger" is something I started in my head about a month ago but was touch-and-go with for the first two weeks. I want to collect all the Funko Pop! Avenger bobbleheads, but can't really justify just purchasing all of them. So Operation Avenger is my reward system! Whenever I go down on the scale by five pounds (reward scale subject to change as I get more involved in strength training), I get to buy the next bobblehead! I started with Captain America, and he's proudly sitting on my desk at work. (Shut up, Steve, you know you like it up there
  4. As always, I'll be logging all of my parkour classes, rock climbing sessions, hand balancing, yoga, swimming, and all of the stuff I normally do. But, the main focus of this challenge is actually controlling my headspace, not being too much of a perfectionist, and just taking joy in all of the fun stuff that I'm doing. 1. Be mighty like Thor and the Hulk - If I ever want to be able to do large sets of pull ups or even reach a muscle up one day, I need to give my pull ups a little more care and attention. For the most part, I've been just getting my pull exercise through climbing, parko
  5. So, I’m just a little excited for the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron in a matter of weeks! As I was going back over some old 6 week challenges, I was reminded of Steve’s blog post about the Avengers from 2012. This led me to some of his other posts about becoming a superhero: How To Become A Superhero In 4 Easy StepsHow to Create Your Own Super PowerCombining my excitement about Age of Ultron with my desire to be a superhero, I shall become tenaciousglee: The Skinniest Avenger! Before I can take my place among Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, I need to hone my body and skills to be more li
  6. You blink, uncertain of your whereabouts. Waking has never been so disorienting, especially since the Serum. Normally, you jump straight out of bed with the energy of a million suns. This morning feels like a morning following 50,000 nights - and as you become aware of your body (so slowly aware... such a strange feeling) you realize your body also feels the weight of 50,000 nights. Your need for the 3S routine that comprises the morning of any active duty solider has never felt so intense - you may die if you don't get to shower, shave, and sh... well anyway, you could really use some hygiene
  7. Hi all, My name is Chris and I am new to the Nerd Fitness community. I am looking for a support team to back me up on my endeavors! First, a little bit of my story up until recently. While going to high school and being an all around teenager, I suffered from depression. This led me to drop out of high school, work crummy jobs through my twenties, gain a lot of weight, and never finish college. When my Grandma passed away when I was 13, I never realized how much it had affected me. I had gone down a path of depression. Until a few years ago I decided enough was enough. I decided to
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