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  1. I've been reading on some of the meet ups and seeing how much fun everyone has been having and then I realized that there hasn't been one in maine(least not that I have seen). Well this need sto be fixed now that we mainers are FINALLY coming out of our winter slumber. So what do you say Nerds? Shall we change this injustice of leaving the Mainers out?
  2. Hey there everyone! Who is up for a challenge? We are going to do a scavenger hunt again. Just because it is fun You can find the rules and the "items" you need to collect here. You can sign up here. We start Monday February 19th Who's in?
  3. We are the doodlies And I'm sorry, but we're not recruiting at the moment. If you are or ever have been a doodlie (you know who you are), you are welcome to join. This challenge we're going to continue our quest for world domination. .How are we going to do this? I've no idea. But @LadyShello does. So, lets hear it for SHELLO!
  4. I am heading to an epic vacation in Glacier National Park starting August 11th. I've dreamed of going there for quite some time, but only within the last year has my dream transformed into blossoming reality. I was at first going to go by myself, somehow... But lucky for me, two awesome friends heard my plans and decided that they wanted to come, too! We have a camping cabin reserved for four nights, and one night we'll be sleeping in a tipi on the Blackfeet Reservation. There'll be horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and much hiking in the mountains. I'm from Wisconsin, no mo
  5. Morag's The Mountain I don't know if THE MOUNTAIN holds the same significance for others as it does for me. Neil Gaiman coined the term in my mind. Joining the rebellion has been an enlightening step towards the mountain. I just yesterday realised that I am only with the rebellion for 10 short weeks. Wow. I have turned a few things around, have learned A LOT, am making real progress... and it's only been 10 weeks. Which makes me wonder: what else is possible? And with that thought I am formulating my list. It's an unfinished thing. It's going
  6. There are a few reasons for writing this and posting it, the main reason is by putting it out there I am making myself accountable for what is written. I will be dividing the quests into groups based on common rpg stats, ‘cause a nerd is gonna nerd. Strength bodyweight front squat double bodyweight back squat(already more than half-way there, I squatted 110 during the last challenge) 2.5x bodyweight deadlift 1.5x bodyweight bench(this is going to take time) bodyweight press bodyweight split snatch 1.5x bodyweight c&j handstand press(still working on handstands)
  7. Welcome back in this beautiful new year! We are doing an old fashioned Pancakes vs. Waffles challenge. Please sign in here: Sign in sheet We do not accept any new recruits this challenge, sorry! If you have been with the doodlies in the past, you're welcome to join again The challenges until now: Strength: DareDice Mental health: Affirmations/Gratitude statements Cardio: ?? Food/Water: ?? Scoresheet
  8. Welcome swolemaidens and brobarians! As you might have read in my last challenge I´ve been struggling due to some back issues, bad advices from the doctor and inner demons bringing bad habits back to being a habt. Also the semiprofessional band thing didn´t went as expected, I got also pretty disappointed by my guitar-mate. But if I wouldn´t be fighting I wouldn´t be a warrior, don´t I? That´s why I´m doing this challenge like a real King of the Iron Fist Tournament! Every round, every stage of the game fight of the struggles, improve your defense, attack your enemies and adapt to
  9. This group is for the crew of the Queen Lizzie's Cutlass from the Ranger Mini Challenge.
  10. I have a fairly strong mental image of what a "treat" is. I'm sure you have a similar one. My current paradigm of a what a "treat" is does not serve my ultimate goals. The hope this challenge is to replace my mental image of a Hobbit Treat with THIS... NOT THIS... Main Quest - Be awesome (resilient and radiant), so that I can love and serve others. I've been with NF a long, long time through ups and downs. Many of you have walked with me through them, and I appreciate your support and friendship more than I can say. The Rebellion
  11. Living in a post-apocalyptic world changes your perspective of what's really important in life and what isn't. Well, I'm sure it would. I play too many zombie games, shush. When it really comes down to the wire, we humans need but a few things to keep us going. Unfortunately, I don't much like the idea of just 'surviving' being the reason for staying alive - because what's the point in being alive if you can't enjoy it? At the same time, I don't want to waste the time I have still alive killing myself with bad habits , life choices, and company. Also, if the apocalypse ever does actually come,
  12. Brutal Bears Keeps it Simple Introduction Goals: Bear Form Lifting: Upper-body Lifts: 6 Lower-body Lifts: 3 Stag Form 35 miles walked/ran a week Week 1: check week 2: check week 3: check week 4: ya-something and stuff Owl Form All school done/week: 1 Yoga at least 3 times a week: Fox Form Go on at least 3 hikes/geocaching: 1 Pic coming soon
  13. We are the Doodlies of The Griddle Universe Sign up sheet next challenge Happy new year my lovely doodlies of the Griddle! 2016 Will be our year. At the end of this year we will be stronger, healthier and sexier (for as far as that is possible). We are the bestest, greatest and craziest accountability group here at Nerd Fitness! You can find the scoresheet here. The pvp thread will do for now as our Head Quarters. Next challenge I will create a separate challenge thread in stead of a pvp thread to function as our Head Quarters. Put the link to your challenge thread in the scoresh
  14. My goal in this challenge is to get through January with ninja-like honor. Wait... ninjas were rogue spies and assassins without honor whatsoever, weren't they? They were cool though, and kicked butt. Can't argue that. The Cloak of the Chameleon The most important thing I can do to stay healthy is eat right. To that end, I'm going to maintain my food log (which has a mysterious gap from Christmas Eve to yesterday...let's not think about it) and continue to keep my saturated fat and carbs to within reasonable daily limits: 20g and 200g, respectively. Despite my plans, I have not ye
  15. Oh hello. Cheechoe here. I'll let you nerds in on a little secret. I kiiiiind of have this thing where I forget to be awesome. I just wake up on a normal day, and go about it in a reckless manner only to find the moon has been pushed up all before I had my chance to hang it. That bastard. So this is my challenge where I remind myself everyday to be awesome. 1. Do the Awesome Things. Get back in shape by... TKD 3x/weekGym 1x/ week1 longish run 1x/ week ( 4-6miles)+2 DEX, +1 STR, +2 STA 2. Feed the Awesome. Loose weight/lean up by... Batch cook 1x/
  16. Annyshay was rudely awakened by Navi in July 2015 (for more details, see her battle log). She has come a long way since she was first summoned to the Great Deku tree and swept up in an adventure far bigger than herself. So far she: listened to her fairy (start days with quiet time with God) found a sword (daily movement) bought the deku shield (mindful, level 5 meals) followed the dungeon map (GMB Elements!!!!) aimed the fairy slingshot (craving control habit) used the compass (tracking nutrition) recovered gold skulltulas (meditation, studying, and recovery) cut lots of grass (5-6 vegetable
  17. Well I guess it is better to be late than not signing up. you can check my intro here http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71793-doctorake-reporting-in/ Main Quest: Finish IRONMAN Madison on 9/11/2016 Life Quest: Life quest will be to get the posts set up on my deck(back yard). 20 in total. A = posts set, B = some posts but not all, C = all concrete poured, D = some concrete poured, F = nothing, no progress. Side Quest: I am going to try to lose 10 lbs in the next 5 weeks, going from 180 to 170. I feel that is a good start as my main quest. Grading: A = 10+
  18. Hello! First off, I hope you're having a great day! To learn more about me and why I'm here check this out: My Life Story/Intro can be found here! If you like me, Here is my Battlelog! Main Quest: To weigh 155lbs (Currently about 50lbs) SMRT Quests: 1. Bike to work 3 times per week 2. Do 1 Strength training and 1 yoga class/week 3. Food Prep over the weekend for Monday-Friday (food prep on Monday August 3rd for that week due to holiday) Scoring: BIKE: A - 18+ bike rides completed B - 15 bike rides completed C - 12 bike rides completed D -
  19. Where to Begin?! I Love Data! Love Love Love it. If you use Strava - you can find me here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/2536754 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: Height: 5'6" Likes: Kickboxing, boxfit, zumba, yoga, karate, swimming, biking, rollerblading, hiking, walking, doing manual labour. I Do love tracking stuff - I like numbers and results PROGRESS LOGS: My beautiful Excel Tracking Sheet! (This has my weigh ins/goals!) July 15th 2015 - Start: Weight
  20. Hello Everyone! Okay so MAYBE I can't change the game - but I sure have some competitive bones in me. I have been hovering around these grounds for a lot longer than I want to admit . - To be quite honest - I had a hard time figuring everything out - and I still am. I figured the best thing for me to do is to start with an introduction. And you'll get quite an introduction!!! I'll give you a whole cruddy story, my challenges, my obstacles, my achievements and ultimately my goals! ****** Scroll past until you see a line of stars if you don't want my whole story!******* On one fateful
  21. WHAT IS UP YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTH- I mean MY NERD FITNESS PEEPS!!! GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! ALREADY!!! Man! Already new challenge forums?! You guys don't mess around! But enough bitching and SHIT! let's get this party started! As some of you may know, I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, etc-addicted big old NERD, who decided to join up here and revamp my health a bit with the help of YOU GUYS!! Just in case you forgot (like I'll let you), you'll also remember me from such topics like From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Batt
  22. WHAT'S UP MY NERDFITNESS PEEPS!!! BLACKTEZCA IS BACK AND ROCKING OUT WITH THE MONKS!! Man already the new forums are up! Awesome! Let's do this! I'm BlackTezca, you may remember from such topics as From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and my personal favorite BlackTezca's 1st Trial: Become an Artsy, Geeky Amazon. I'm continuing on my journey towards geeky, otaku, Amazon awesomeness and for this challenge (and the next since I plan ahead), I'll be with my martial art loving peeps. There won't be a whole lot of martials arts for this challe
  23. Bekah's 2015 Challenge #1 The backstory with these goals is here and here to save time and space. The short story is I am going to have 4 year long goals based on developing consistency in the things that are important to me in my everyday life. Then hopefully I will have a strong foundation to move forward and accomplish badassery on a much larger scale for 2016. I guess this makes for a rather boring challenge updating, but if you know me, you know that this is more like a diary of sorts than a challenge thread, so anything is bound to happen. Feel free to stick around for the ride 2
  24. Hi all and a happy new year to you! I've had some ups and downs with my challenges so far, high point being an epic point scoring system for challenge three, low being failing for most of the end of challenge four. But I'm back and ready to get back on it, woo yeah! So, my life goal is to reduce my body fat percentage and to be less flabby in general. Goals for this year include getting below 11 stone (currently 11 stone 11lbs, lowest ever is 11-2), and being able to do a chin up. Since 1st Jan I've started each day doing 20 press ups and 10 reverse chin ups (AKA drop down as slow as possib
  25. Main Quest: Fit into size 7 jeans by Nov 27, 2015 I'm pretty proud of myself that I have managed to develop a consistent exercise regime over these past few months! I've noticed changes in my body and people have commented on how great I am looking. I feel stronger, happier, and more confident (WAY more confident) about myself. There IS such a thing as an Amazonian Hobbit, I am sure of it! SO! Develop excellent exercise habits and build a bunch of muscle? Check! Drop body fat so that I can actually SEE those muscles? Ummm............ I'm still in size 12 jeans, though they are loose eno
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