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  1. I've been reading on some of the meet ups and seeing how much fun everyone has been having and then I realized that there hasn't been one in maine(least not that I have seen). Well this need sto be fixed now that we mainers are FINALLY coming out of our winter slumber. So what do you say Nerds? Shall we change this injustice of leaving the Mainers out?
  2. Hey there everyone! Who is up for a challenge? We are going to do a scavenger hunt again. Just because it is fun You can find the rules and the "items" you need to collect here. You can sign up here. We start Monday February 19th Who's in?
  3. We are the doodlies And I'm sorry, but we're not recruiting at the moment. If you are or ever have been a doodlie (you know who you are), you are welcome to join. This challenge we're going to continue our quest for world domination. .How are we going to do this? I've no idea. But @LadyShello does. So, lets hear it for SHELLO!
  4. I am heading to an epic vacation in Glacier National Park starting August 11th. I've dreamed of going there for quite some time, but only within the last year has my dream transformed into blossoming reality. I was at first going to go by myself, somehow... But lucky for me, two awesome friends heard my plans and decided that they wanted to come, too! We have a camping cabin reserved for four nights, and one night we'll be sleeping in a tipi on the Blackfeet Reservation. There'll be horseback riding, whitewater rafting, kayaking, and much hiking in the mountains. I'm from Wisconsin, no mountains here, so that makes preparing somewhat difficult. In this last challenge before the trip, I want to make some improvements while I can. The stronger I can get now, the better off I'll be for the trip. Which I am so excited for, I can hardly stand it, btw... The big issue for me at the moment is I've had a flair-up of lower back pain that hasn't bothered me in nearly a year. That sucks. It means I have to take it easy for a bit, and not do the squat challenge I was hoping to do to get my legs ready for climbing. But there's still plenty that I can do, and if my back improves, the squats can still happen. In the meantime, I thought I'd test out a few weight loss 'tips' to see if they'll help me drop a little bit for V-Day. 1. 12 Hour Food Deficit - I'm testing this dieting tip that recommends a twelve hour gap between the last thing you eat at night, and the first thing you eat in the morning. Since I'm prone to snacking at night, I think that cutting myself off by 8 or 9 pm, so I can have a timely breakfast in the morning, is a good plan. 2. Drink Water - Some calculator said I should drink 140 ounces a day, based on my weight. That seems nuts to me. I'd never leave the bathroom. But more water is supposed to be beneficial. I do drink water, but I intend to drink two cups at home in the morning, two cups before each meal - breakfast, lunch and dinner - and another in the evening before bed. That should get me at least 80 ounces of water every day, which is WAY more than I currently drink. 3. Pack Food - There are lots of temptations to be had in the world, lots of bad choices to be made at any restaurant or cafeteria, and some choices that seem good but probably aren't. So I will pack my all my food for work, that's breakfast, lunch, and snacks, and will eat my own food, 95% of the time. That should give me the allowance for occasionally eating out with friends, but not much else. This is for the best, definitely. Life Goal - Write! I'm supposed to be doing Camp NaNoWriMo right now, working for 20 hours on editing a novel I wrote a few years ago in an effort to get it published. I think I've done about an hour an a half so far, so I really need to get cooking on this one, and I need to continue that after the month is over as well. Lot's to write. So my goal is to spend at least 10 minutes per day on writing/editing. This way once I get started, I'll hopefully continue and go longer than just the 10, but at least I'll get 10 a day if nothing else. This challenge will take me 28 days closer to Glacier, and when it's done, I'll have a little less than a week to go. EEK! Better get to work!
  5. Morag's The Mountain I don't know if THE MOUNTAIN holds the same significance for others as it does for me. Neil Gaiman coined the term in my mind. Joining the rebellion has been an enlightening step towards the mountain. I just yesterday realised that I am only with the rebellion for 10 short weeks. Wow. I have turned a few things around, have learned A LOT, am making real progress... and it's only been 10 weeks. Which makes me wonder: what else is possible? And with that thought I am formulating my list. It's an unfinished thing. It's going to change without notice. Things may vanish without explanation, appear without warning or change because that's what life is like: Impossibly to gauge and full of changes. Fitness Freestanding handstand Push up 5 consecutive push ups Pull up Muscle up get into crow pose June 13th 2017 hold crow pose for 10+ seconds or longer (Dance onstage) Done a staff fighting class Done a wall climbing or bouldering class Do a kayak thing with the hubby Try out aerial silks Try out parkour Run (and walk) an OCR October 8th 2016 Run (don't walk) an OCR (I didn't walk exept for the obstacles but it's hard to cross this out anyway) Travel Visit friends: Kansas Cornwall Scotland West Australia East Australia Florida Abu Dhabi Visit megalithic temples of Malta Visit Hathor Temple in Dendera, Egypt Visit Faroe Islands Visit standing stones circle in Portugal Visit Denmark Visit Japan - rural and urban Visit China Visit Atacama Desert Languages german sign language have a conversation about life without stumbling over missing vocabulary Spanish sing a spanish song, knowing what the words mean / write a poem -- not sure if I want this anymore Learn French alongside my older boy -- he shall enjoy his exchange programme 2017/2018! Danish give directions to someone who is lost / ask for directions Dutch visit friend and have a conversation in his language -- not sure if I want this anymore Learn Maltese. Visit Malta and avoid Tourism Arabic haggle over a coin belt, veil or other piece of clothing (and get a good price) Try Russian see if you want to learn it... Try Tyrkish see if you want to learn it... Try Swahili see if you want to learn it... Sanskrit (?) Give a drive by compliment in any of the languages I'm not native with. Skills Shoot a bow -- and hit my mark (and not by accident) Forge a brooch or other item of adornment Spin a ball of yarn Knit an entire garment from yarn I made myself That is not a shawl cook a delicious 3-5 course feast for guests (no instant sauce) Cooking and Nutrition - Knowledge is Power learn about coconut oil learn about almond milk make my own learn about smoothies learn about meal planning And do! learn about batch cooking And do this too. learn about liver learn about home made bacon (Ressources, other ressource) make a batch of bacon at home learn about brewing mead, Link Personal Remember people's birthdays -- I'm -slowly- getting better at this Remember and use new acquaintances' names -- I'm -slowly- getting better at this too Live a life connected to Source -- more shamanism in everyday life -- fallen a bit by the wayside... Write (and finish) a short story -- Wildwood Manor Write (and finish) a good short story Write (and finish) a novella Write (and finish) a novel Write (and finish) a screen play Be happy (and confident) with how I look naked and feel with myself Be happy (and confident) with my body and wardrobe and how I am perceived from the outside Raise my boys to be good men Find apprenticeship -- not sure at all Learn a trade -- not sure at all Professional Get Licensed - C-Licensed since May 21st 2017 - yay! Figure out what I can do and can not do with said license -- picture is clearing up some. Yoga instructor -- Ressource: expensive. long. is it worth it to me? Not sure yet. Pound instructor - hell no! maybe in the future sometime... Try out Zumba, see if I could stand doing that... if yes, get instructor thingy... No. Learn about anatomy, Legs, Shoulders, Pelvis, Ligaments, Sinews, Muscle chains and imbalances, rarara. As hinted above: this list is going to evolve as I go.
  6. There are a few reasons for writing this and posting it, the main reason is by putting it out there I am making myself accountable for what is written. I will be dividing the quests into groups based on common rpg stats, ‘cause a nerd is gonna nerd. Strength bodyweight front squat double bodyweight back squat(already more than half-way there, I squatted 110 during the last challenge) 2.5x bodyweight deadlift 1.5x bodyweight bench(this is going to take time) bodyweight press bodyweight split snatch 1.5x bodyweight c&j handstand press(still working on handstands) Constitution 10km run in <75 min(running plan is in place, this is only a matter of time) maintain 80% paleo diet to improve my bloodwork put on lean muscle mass at least 10kg(working on this right now) daily yoga and mobility because I want to be able to walk and lift when I am 100(I do this daily, sometimes more than once) walk to Mordor and back(93.87km so far) Intelligence/Wisdom Speak Japanese, German and Russian with some fluency(German and Russian are studied every day via Duolingo and I live in Japan, so use it daily) Speak 2 other languages with some fluency The reading is more geared toward this year. Read 10 history books(reading Rome and the Barbarians by Peter Heather right now) Read 10 philosophy books(finished Seneca, now reading Boethius) Read 10 economics books There are several goals that don’t really fit, mainly financial goals debt free asap, this includes the mortgage my kids graduate university debt free increase savings so that one day I can retire(this is slowly coming along) As you can see these goals run the gamut and as such do not have a completion date, as time goes on some will become closer to achievable and others will be fleshed out and more manageable with associated dates. One other reason for the posting of these goals is to allow a place for me to flesh out some personal philosophy and allow for some feedback. Some of these will be ramblings with no point while others will be nuggets that may turn into something substantial, only time will tell.
  7. Welcome back in this beautiful new year! We are doing an old fashioned Pancakes vs. Waffles challenge. Please sign in here: Sign in sheet We do not accept any new recruits this challenge, sorry! If you have been with the doodlies in the past, you're welcome to join again The challenges until now: Strength: DareDice Mental health: Affirmations/Gratitude statements Cardio: ?? Food/Water: ?? Scoresheet
  8. Welcome swolemaidens and brobarians! As you might have read in my last challenge I´ve been struggling due to some back issues, bad advices from the doctor and inner demons bringing bad habits back to being a habt. Also the semiprofessional band thing didn´t went as expected, I got also pretty disappointed by my guitar-mate. But if I wouldn´t be fighting I wouldn´t be a warrior, don´t I? That´s why I´m doing this challenge like a real King of the Iron Fist Tournament! Every round, every stage of the game fight of the struggles, improve your defense, attack your enemies and adapt to every situation. A big part of my early Nerdcareer has been Tekken 3 and the following series. I´ve been doing whole days, sometimes whole school vacations nothing else than meeting with my friend and battling him at Tekken on PS2. I don´t remember how many controllerpads I´ve destroyed in rage because my reversal came splitseconds too late and I lost the game due to that. THIS is the root of my longterm gaming tourette I guess Well, let´s start with the challenges: Round 1) Fight your demon Jin! Jin Kazama wasn´t only one of the strongest characters in Tekken 3, he was one of my favourites regarding look, background story and style overall. He was one of the guys and girls that could reversal - which could only be prevented by... He had a real bad ass demon alter ego in the later parts, but this was because of his fathers legacy. My inner demon can´t fly, shoot laser beams out of his eyes or do more badasskazamathings. So I´ll fight mine! My inner demon wants me to do gaming instead of doing adult things, my inner demon wants candy and soda instead of water and healthy food! IIFYM is becoming way to much excuse than it helps me becoming awesome. Grinding Hearthstoneladder or building my bas at 7 days to die is more comfortable than cleaning my kitchen or taking care of my desktopstuff. Clean your dishes instant or at least at the same day! Do your schedule daily (see later on)! Don´t play games until your schedule is done! 2) Don´t harm yourself Yoshimitsu! That guy had a real strange way to play and some moves of him were Harakiri-Style. Not my type of battle and especially nothing for reallife. No soda! Eat selfcooked meals every day! Bonus:Train with system and properly so you don´t get injured! Improve technique! 3) Don´t be a freaking Eddy Gordo Noob! Be King at what you do! God how much I hated this guy. Unpredictable when played by computer, sometimes even less predictable when played by a noob. He was a character that did great capoeira breakdance shit when hitting buttons randomly so every noob did it. Easy to learn, hard to master. King on the other hand was hard to play, but pure fun at crushing noobs because of his chainthrows kick reversals and because I love professional wrestling You need to invest time and passion into this and learn all his moves and throws, which one can be reversed how and how to recounter it. Stick to your schedule, adapt it and you will kill it: Don´t be a noob hitting buttons like a jerk to win your games, learn your stuff and stick to your schedule! Do your battle plan situational and start every weekend with preparing the next battle week! 4) Final Round - FIGHT! You need to train hard to reach the final round, avoid getting headbutted by a grizzly, and become the King of the Iron Fist Tournament! My routine will be my strongliftish workout with core every session and at least 2 out of 3 times cardio Go to the gym and don´t let excuses beat you! Have a nice challenge everyone, here´s a Tekken Brofist for you!
  9. This group is for the crew of the Queen Lizzie's Cutlass from the Ranger Mini Challenge.
  10. I have a fairly strong mental image of what a "treat" is. I'm sure you have a similar one. My current paradigm of a what a "treat" is does not serve my ultimate goals. The hope this challenge is to replace my mental image of a Hobbit Treat with THIS... NOT THIS... Main Quest - Be awesome (resilient and radiant), so that I can love and serve others. I've been with NF a long, long time through ups and downs. Many of you have walked with me through them, and I appreciate your support and friendship more than I can say. The Rebellion is my fellowship and I would not still be walking the path to awesome without you. I continue to struggle with healthy food choices, self love, and consistency especially when my work gets stressful (frequently); but I am slowly noticing that my mind, body, and habits are changing for the better. I am in this for the long haul, so I will continue my slow and (not always) steady progress. You are more than welcome to join me! Goals to come. Much like a Wizard, my goals arrive precisely when they mean to. ********************************************************************************************************************* Did you see the Assassin's mini? No? It's amazing. Go check it out. No seriously, go. This is exactly why I love my guild (and GLs!!!) so much. We push each other on to greatness. I was stalling on my goals, but I picked my superpowers for the mini with ease. Now my identity has become clear. I am Mystique, the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants! So, here are my goals superpowers unabashedly lifted directly from the mini... Shapeshifting = "Want to change your shape at will like Mystique? Those training their Shapeshifting skills are training their mobility and flexibility. Standard mobility training falls here, along with yoga, contortion training, and even dance. " - GMB Elements - yoga - Lindy class Regeneration = " Want to regenerate your health effortlessly like Deadpool? We all know the secret to health lies in the kitchen... Those focusing on Regeneration will focus on cooking healthful, nutritious meals for themselves (and maybe their friends and families!). If you're looking to cook more, commit to batch cooking, try new vegetables... this is your chance to do so." - veggies - batch cooking - taking lunch to work Super Intelligence = " Want to be brilliant like Mister Fantastic? Those seeking Super Intelligence will engage in a variety of mental pursuits. Maybe you're trying to meditate, or read more, or balance your budget, or even use Duolingo regularly. There are many ways to be super intelligent - choose the one relevant to YOU! " - meditation - Headspace - reading (either for work or pleasure) Bonus - Treats - rambles about my attempts to shift my mindset here - photos of ways I have treated myself - reports on the ongoing war against the sugar dragon (aka, cookies)
  11. Living in a post-apocalyptic world changes your perspective of what's really important in life and what isn't. Well, I'm sure it would. I play too many zombie games, shush. When it really comes down to the wire, we humans need but a few things to keep us going. Unfortunately, I don't much like the idea of just 'surviving' being the reason for staying alive - because what's the point in being alive if you can't enjoy it? At the same time, I don't want to waste the time I have still alive killing myself with bad habits , life choices, and company. Also, if the apocalypse ever does actually come, I want to survive it. Preferably with my friends and family around to enjoy a brand new world with. Being alive in the apocalypse - and in real life - generally combines the following things; Mastery over Food:Not starving to death in the apocalypse is a mixture of being able to cook up food off a whim and a few scraps, being able to provide food that will sustain you the longest, and knowing what to eat and what not to eat to keep yourself in peak physical condition. These conditions are also important for leading a healthy - albiet currently zombie-lacking - life. Learning new recipes, gardening, and creating a sustainable eating plan will all help this. Food Mastery Skills (Started)cooking gardening healthy eating Quests:\ one / two / three / four / five serves of vegetables a day\ one week / two weeks / one month without takeout Grow an edible garden\ strawberries / lemons / chilli / \ potatoes / tomatoes / lettuce / beans / spring onions / pumpkins / zucchini / cucumber /\ basil / mint / thyme / lavender / parsley / rosemary / \ sunflowers / Mastery over Shelter:Having somewhere to store all your things and somewhere to hole up in case things go south is always helpful when facing the brainless masses. And being able to spend lengthy amounts of time in said place without it driving you mentally insane is also a bonus. Any permanent living space would ideally also be able to function as a sole unit, providing basic amenities needed for a comfortable life. Making changes to make a home sustainable, and keeping said place clean and organised all help this. Shelter Mastery Skills (Start Early 2016)sustainable livingcompostingrenewable energycleaninghouse maintenanceputting things awayhome improvement Quests:Own a house with Mr. TeaAll food scraps go into compost which goes back into the edible garden. Grow enough vegetables to feed one / two / more peopleGrow a tea garden:\ tea bush / lemongrass / ginger / chamomile /Have chickens for eggs. Have sheep as lawnmowers & woolHave the house running off self sustaining energy. $0 energy bills, or close enough to it.Maintain a level of cleanliness without stress. No dishes left on counters or tables, things put away neatly but easily accessible. Have people around for dinner often. have an apocalypse survival bag / planbe able to climb a tree Mastery over Company:Having people you can rely on in the worst situations makes surviving that little bit less difficult, and a little bit less lonely. But if one was to ever find themselves alone, being able to keep oneself company without succumbing to damaging thoughts is a must. The act of helping people in need also contributes to a life well lived, and something I've so far left way out of my life. Making time to spend with family, friends, and even the dog, meditating, and committing acts of goodness all help with this. Company Mastery Skills (Started)friends family meditationcharity Quests:catch up with friends occasionally / once a week. catch up with extended family once / twice / three times a yearmeditate every day for \ 5 / 10 / 30 / 60+ minutes.do something nice for someone I don't knowgive someone something without expecting recompenseTrain the dog to do cool things:\ play dead / heel / backflip Mastery over Survival & Knowledge: Having all of the above us a good start, but if something ever goes wrong you need to know that you will be helpful and contribute to solving a crisis if needed. It doesn't pay to be the weak link in any survival team, especially if you are the only team member. Physically you need to have control over your body and have it able to perform certain tasks, and mentally you need to know various skills that could come in handy. Learning to move yourself, move things around you, know what things around you do, the best way to use things, and various skills that allow you to use the world around you to your advantage all help this. Survival Mastery Skills (Started) Moving Distance running Sprinting & intervals Parkour Yoga Lifting Derby Quests \ sprint 100m / 200m / 500m+ (comfortably) \ run 1km / 2km / 3km / 5km+ (comfortably) master simple parkour moves: \ Dive roll / jump obstacles / climb walls / master the handstand: \ 10secs \ 20secs \ 30secs / 1min / 2mins / 3mins + touch my forehead to my shins. (comfortably) master yoga poses such as crow/crane pose / headstand / splits / scorpion / others deadlift my own body weight / twice my bodyweight squat my own body weight / twice my bodyweight bench my own body weight / twice my bodyweight do pull ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do chin ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do push ups.\ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ handstand push ups. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ do pistol squats. \ 1 / 5 / 10 / 20+ plank for everrr. \ 1min / 2mins / 3mins / 4mins / 5mins+ Roller Derby: \ Pass Fresh Meat / Pass Min. Skills / the27in5 / 30in5 / play a bout / win a bout / Knowledge Mastery Skills (Start!) learn a new language / 2 languages / 3+ languages: \ Esperanto / French / Russian / Japanese Learn to sew your own clothes: \ socks / underwear / bras / hats / beanies / shirts / pants / tights / jumpers / jackets / corset / probably some other thingsCrochet an ugly christmas sweaterLearn to spin yarnMake something with homespun yarnLearn more about Albany Learn more about the world Write a book Write and record a Horror Radio Play Create, design, code & complete a computer game Sell something I've made Mastery over Travel: There is nothing bad about knowing about the world's many customs, food, people, beliefs. Knowing these things will help survival in unknown places, as well as make the places you know and live in all the more colourful. There are places I would like to go, so I'm starting a list! Travel To a beach with bioluminescent waves To the North / South Pole Deep under the sea To a buddhist temple To a rainforest To the snow To outer space! (one can dream, right?) Overseas Places Visited: Brunei / Cambodia / Thailand / Vietnam / Singapore Mastery of Life's Purpose I hope that by branching out my life into so many different aspects, that I can find the reason I'm keeping this body warm and moving. I also hope to find a program or something that I can work through to get myself in the right mindset and on the way. I have no idea how to even approach this. Not even kidding. Despite a mostly bubbly demeanor I can fall prey to some dark moods - I have a cycle of a few months of happiness and a few months of darkness - so I hope that by creating something to cling on to the happiness is increased and the darkness forced back and I can give myself a sense of, well, purpose. Life's Purpose Mastery (Ongoing) Quests:Find a job I like to fund my life\ media developer / waitress / short order cook / Fill life with meaningful pastimes and passions\ crochet / drawing / sewing / cooking & baking / yoga / meditation / writing / Roller Derby / To formulate all these things into the semblance of a useable routine, this is what I would like to be doing with each day that passes. I am very much of the "go where life takes you" mindset, but that doesn't mean I can't steer this wild ride. Having an idea of where I would like this to go will also help me in future challenges when I want to work on different things; I will know what time of day should work best for me. This will probably change 100 times as I work out what's best for my life at different times but that's fine. It's a working draft of a plan. That's more then I've ever had in my life ever. My Ideal Day:up with the sunrise.exercise or yoga. something physical. meditation.breakfast. something filling and satisfying. working on life passion / actual job if it's rostered.lunch time. something refreshing to get me through the rest of the day.working on whatever I didn't do in the morning.nap timemore working if I'm feeling inspired.dinner. games and relaxing. indulging myself. meditation. bed time;sleep a solid 7.5-8 hours. Epic Quest:HAVE SOMETHING WORTH LIVING FOR. Die Happy
  12. Brutal Bears Keeps it Simple Introduction Goals: Bear Form Lifting: Upper-body Lifts: 6 Lower-body Lifts: 3 Stag Form 35 miles walked/ran a week Week 1: check week 2: check week 3: check week 4: ya-something and stuff Owl Form All school done/week: 1 Yoga at least 3 times a week: Fox Form Go on at least 3 hikes/geocaching: 1 Pic coming soon
  13. We are the Doodlies of The Griddle Universe Sign up sheet next challenge Happy new year my lovely doodlies of the Griddle! 2016 Will be our year. At the end of this year we will be stronger, healthier and sexier (for as far as that is possible). We are the bestest, greatest and craziest accountability group here at Nerd Fitness! You can find the scoresheet here. The pvp thread will do for now as our Head Quarters. Next challenge I will create a separate challenge thread in stead of a pvp thread to function as our Head Quarters. Put the link to your challenge thread in the scoresheet, so we are able to find you. We are the doodlies, let me hear you roar!
  14. My goal in this challenge is to get through January with ninja-like honor. Wait... ninjas were rogue spies and assassins without honor whatsoever, weren't they? They were cool though, and kicked butt. Can't argue that. The Cloak of the Chameleon The most important thing I can do to stay healthy is eat right. To that end, I'm going to maintain my food log (which has a mysterious gap from Christmas Eve to yesterday...let's not think about it) and continue to keep my saturated fat and carbs to within reasonable daily limits: 20g and 200g, respectively. Despite my plans, I have not yet gotten my cholesterol tested since my disastrous Egg Diet results (let's not think about it). That must change, but first I need to get back to healthy eating. The Blind Sword My next priority is to maintain my running ability. I've got to average 10K/week to meet my goal. I did run 5K today after a Christmas break so I'm off to a decent start. I may have done myself a disservice though by running an (unofficial) half marathon on Christmas Eve followed by a 10K four days later. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone but me that my legs are still feeling it. The half marathon started as a simple stroll with my family which flowed into what I thought was a solo 5K but felt good and just went on and on and on. I never really tested how far I could run, so I suppose I was curious. Well, now I know why people train for such things. So my goal for January is to just get some simple miles in despite the cold weather and get back to basic running fitness. The Sleeping Phoenix Next up is arm strength. I'm gonna do 32 push ups in a row every day, starting today. This is WAY more push ups than I did in previous challenges. Why 32? Because I only work in powers of two, baby. The Ear That Sees Finally, I'm adding a stretch goal of stretching (see what I did there?) for 10 minutes following any run. I need to do something to regain some kind of flexibility, and I don't just mean not complaining when the kids want to eat at a dang Subway for the 10,000th time when I really want a plate of ninja-worthy hibachi. I used to train in karate and I miss the flexibility I once had. I doubt I could get it all back even if I did yoga full time, what with that being 20 years ago, but something is better than nothing and a little effort could go a long way So this will involve 10 minutes of my old karate stretches focusing on hamstrings, quads, and lower back. Bonus points of some kind for doing my lower back strengthening exercises. That is all.
  15. Oh hello. Cheechoe here. I'll let you nerds in on a little secret. I kiiiiind of have this thing where I forget to be awesome. I just wake up on a normal day, and go about it in a reckless manner only to find the moon has been pushed up all before I had my chance to hang it. That bastard. So this is my challenge where I remind myself everyday to be awesome. 1. Do the Awesome Things. Get back in shape by... TKD 3x/weekGym 1x/ week1 longish run 1x/ week ( 4-6miles)+2 DEX, +1 STR, +2 STA 2. Feed the Awesome. Loose weight/lean up by... Batch cook 1x/weekTrack on MFP everyday w/ one day cheat +1 WIS, +2 CON 3. Don't Forget To Be Awesome. Weekly Adulting ToDo list (Graded proportional to adulty tasks completed)Awesome Aunt Playtime 1x/week (Because my nephew's worlds are smaller than mine)Go out of my way every work day to do something helpful for someone - I get "me" time on weekends, but one selfless act (however small) that I would normally avoid+2 WIS, +2CHA 4. Avoid the Unawesome One positive self thought at the end of everyday (Stealing from SevenFootGeek)Cheat jar: $5/day for everyday I go over my MFP limit +2WIS, +1CHA I know this sounds like a lot, but I am counting on the extra energy since this is only a 4 week challenge. I can do anything in 4 weeks, right? So I challenge myself to find happiness in my accomplishments and encourage myself to actually DO what I can be capable of. LET THE AWESOMENESS BEGIN!!
  16. Hi there! No, I know that it normally is "One step at a time" but you will understand this not so brilliant pun.. This is my first try on a text like this and my first trys on thoughts like this. Normally I am the one to receive help, but I wanted to share this idea I had with you. So please look past my terrible writing and English skills, i am learning and living These are just thoughts, don't ruin your life because of some advice on the internet So now that I crashed your hopes, lets get started! Imagine taking a picture of your feet every day, to have a picture based diary, so you can remind yourself of the things that happend one day. But now, imagine your hole diary is consisting of pictures of your feet infront of the TV, in the kitchen and maybe in the shower - kind of lame, right? Looks comfortable, but boring! Days like these are necessary but not pretty interesting. Everyday is the same, you don't get things done and feel sore. But now imagine having a diary full of epic pictures, your feet in the snow, the sand, the mud, on top of a cliff, upside down while bungee jumping - your get the idea. Sounds pretty cool, right? Now that looks epic! Okay, in reality it is pretty unrealistic (and probably unhealthy) to have so extreme adventures everyday. But you understand the difference between these extremes. A lot of people (me included) think their life is missing something. That their life is not thrilling enough, that they are missing the adventures - in short they are missing awesomeness in their life.The problem is, that we wait for the perfect moment to happen or for someone coming into our life to 'wake us up' and guide us to the interesting life. The reality seems different, those times and people are most likely not there. You have to get up and take action Instead of climbing the next cliff (and probably falling down - stay safe!) I want you to think. You should start small - and work yourself up, day by day, adventure by adventure. If you are afraid now, by adventure I mean getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new, unknown and a bit scaring. On paper this sounds easy, and it can be easy in reality too! Start small. Maybe go and visit the small park near you. Or get up and explore the forest. You can take a different route to work today or explore your part of the city. Google sightseeings in your city and go there. Leave the big streets and 'get lost' while wandering. Enjoy the sunset while sitting on a bench. Take your old camera and shoot some pictures, no matter how bad they look. Try to cook something new. Try out a new sport. Just do something new, something interesting, something scary - something awesome! Do something you will be happy to remember. It does not have to be big. I think you get the idea I am not going to write to detailed about this process, Steve already did an amazing job with his guide to building habits ( http://www.nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/06/04/new-habits/ ). Now we have this awesome plan and are highly motivated. But what about next week? Or next month? This is where my idea takes action. Take a picture of your feet every time you do something interesting or something you find awesome - something on your way! Now upload it to facebook, twitter or instagram (or just save it on your pc if you want to have a private journey) and then write something about the activity! Maybe what you did, what scared you and most important what made you happy! Now you can come back and see what you already archieved and what you experienced! To motivate yourself, you need to do it as often as possible, maybe you don't want to break your chain of 10 days of beeing awesome so you just go out on the next day even if you don't want to at first and boom you experience the best adventure so far! Now you wonder "Why on earth should I take pictures of my shoes in the sunset when I could shoot the sunset itself??" - You are not wrong. Just do both! On the one hand, having the same motive in every picture makes it more recognizable. And at one point you can do a cool timelapse of your year and see the changing background You could take a selfie from the same angle too, but a lot of people (me!) don't like showing your face - but hey, do whatever pleases you most! To be honest, 100 pics of feet can be boring to people not interested in the story, but maybe they are interested in your story behind it! If you use Instagram, you can tag your pics with #onefootatatime (or is #onestepatatime better? Have to decide yet) and atleast I will check them out and be interested in your stories But lets be realistic. We are all humans, we have jobs, school, family and other things in our life that don't allow us to have hour long adventures every day. But don't get frustrated (especially in the beginning) and remember, you are doing this to have fun and to have a better life! Enjoy the way, don't do things you don't like to do! And on some days, the best we can to is to cuddle into a big pile of sheets and play Fallout for hours What are your plans for the future? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you liked this post! Any addidionally ideas ( I can add them with credits to this post) or feedback? Do you want to join? Thanks for reading! ~Gurkour
  17. Annyshay was rudely awakened by Navi in July 2015 (for more details, see her battle log). She has come a long way since she was first summoned to the Great Deku tree and swept up in an adventure far bigger than herself. So far she: listened to her fairy (start days with quiet time with God) found a sword (daily movement) bought the deku shield (mindful, level 5 meals) followed the dungeon map (GMB Elements!!!!) aimed the fairy slingshot (craving control habit) used the compass (tracking nutrition) recovered gold skulltulas (meditation, studying, and recovery) cut lots of grass (5-6 vegetables per day) watched the weird egg (posted all non-paleo food) broke some pots (rewrote my “finished a task habitâ€) listened to Kaepora Gaebora (tracked on spreadsheet) Although her body composition remains far from ideal, she has made great progress on her journey towards the Triforce of Awesome (healthy, happy, look great). Her current habits work well. She doesn’t know exactly what lies in front of her - likely new cities, new dungeons, and entirely new races of people - but she continues preparations for the epic life ahead of her. Main Quest - Improve Body Composition by Easter (3/27/2016) Hylian Shield - Eat at the Table Eat at the table. Just eat. Stop doing everything else. This is a habit I need to recultivate in order to defend against mindless munching. Cucco Wrangling - Mindfulness Mental chatter and thoughts are often like cuccos. There’s a lot of cuccos running around my mental Karkariko village. Mindfulness, writing, and other introspection skillz help me to get these suckers back into their pen where they belong. This will be a free form goal where I continue to meditate and write about keeping my headspace healthy. Goron Bracelet - Integral Strength Integral Strength will make me strong enough to throw bombs, make me the bomb... or something roughly equivalent. Anybody who has been here before knows that I am WAY EXCITED for this new program from GMB after all the success I had with Elements. Also, GMB respects the triforce. Ocarina of Time - Self Love That’s right, Zelda and Shakespeare. Calm down. I know you can handle the awesome. Here are the “songs†I’ll be practicing (at least one daily) during this challenge:zelda’s lullaby = writesun’s song = natureepona’s song = animalssaria’s song = music Kaepora Gaebora - Spreadsheet I know, Kaepora Gaebora can get a little… well, annoying, long-winded, and detailed. Still, he keeps me on the right path. Much like my trusty spreadsheet. So, I’ll try to be patient and check in with him regularly. Off we go! PS... we're starting NOW!
  18. Well I guess it is better to be late than not signing up. you can check my intro here http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/71793-doctorake-reporting-in/ Main Quest: Finish IRONMAN Madison on 9/11/2016 Life Quest: Life quest will be to get the posts set up on my deck(back yard). 20 in total. A = posts set, B = some posts but not all, C = all concrete poured, D = some concrete poured, F = nothing, no progress. Side Quest: I am going to try to lose 10 lbs in the next 5 weeks, going from 180 to 170. I feel that is a good start as my main quest. Grading: A = 10+lb, b = 8lb, C= 7 lb etc on the grading scale Side Quest: Hit all my weight training, as well as stretch every single day. A = 35/35 training, B = 34/35, C = 33/35, D 32/35, F 31/35 or less. NO EXCUSES. Side Quest: Record all food intake. I struggle with this sometimes on weekends with take out and alcohol. I want to do the best I can, that mai thai from the local place, yeah I don't know exact but can do a decent job estimating. A = all 35 days, B = 33 Days, C = 30 Days, D = 28 days, F = < 28 days. Side Quest: No more drinking unless I am out or have people over. It is not an issue interferring but the couple of glasses of wine a night here nad there are adding calories and impeding muscele growth. No way to tell based on guests. is an either pass/fail quest.
  19. Hello! First off, I hope you're having a great day! To learn more about me and why I'm here check this out: My Life Story/Intro can be found here! If you like me, Here is my Battlelog! Main Quest: To weigh 155lbs (Currently about 50lbs) SMRT Quests: 1. Bike to work 3 times per week 2. Do 1 Strength training and 1 yoga class/week 3. Food Prep over the weekend for Monday-Friday (food prep on Monday August 3rd for that week due to holiday) Scoring: BIKE: A - 18+ bike rides completed B - 15 bike rides completed C - 12 bike rides completed D - 9 bike rides completed E - 6 bike rides completed F - <6 Bike Rides completed STRENGTH/FOODPREP: A - 6 completed B - 5 completed C - 4 completed D - 3 completed E - 2 completed F - <1 completed LIFE Quest: Keep the Kitchen Clean during this challenge! I don't really pick up after myself, so here's my effort! My hubby and I have a deal to clean the kitchen on specific days. We alternate days and each have 3 days of cleaning. Scoring: A - 18+ Days Cleaned B - 17 Days Cleaned C - 16 Days Cleaned D - 14 Days Cleaned E - 12 Days Cleaned F - 10 Days Cleaned My Motivation: I want to remember what it feels like to be proud of myself. To stand tall on top of a mountain and go 'Yeah - that's right, This is me!'. I also want to be as fit as I can be before I enter into the next chapter of motherhood. Kind of like prepping my body for 9 months of chaos Attribute points: I will look into this in my next challenge after I can create my character. I'm just having a hard time grasping everything - Once I figure this out I'll update it Challenges: - I have a bad knee. It is much better now but still a bad knee - I have little to no time between husband, puppy, full time job, and wedding/general photography!
  20. Where to Begin?! I Love Data! Love Love Love it. If you use Strava - you can find me here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/2536754 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: Height: 5'6" Likes: Kickboxing, boxfit, zumba, yoga, karate, swimming, biking, rollerblading, hiking, walking, doing manual labour. I Do love tracking stuff - I like numbers and results PROGRESS LOGS: My beautiful Excel Tracking Sheet! (This has my weigh ins/goals!) July 15th 2015 - Start: Weight: 203.4 Total CMs: 718 July 15th 2015 - Current: Weight: 203.4 Total CMs: 718 <> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next 6 Week Challenge is in a few weeks - I will be tracking mini goals here until the next challenge! Goal: Weekly Weigh Ins - Monday AM (so I'm more diligent on the weekends!) Task#1: Weekly Meal Prep! - Prepare for the unexpected! I don't (okay I'm lying here....) I SHOULDN'T go into a battle against 5 other players without help! I will die if I do It happens all the time - SO Meal prep is a must! It's like withering down the opponent before delivering final blow! Task#2: Bike to work minimum 3x per week! This totals for a whopping 50km/week bike ride! Task#3: Incorporate 1 Strength workout/week and 1 Yoga workout per week. ------ My weeks will go Monday - Sunday
  21. Hello Everyone! Okay so MAYBE I can't change the game - but I sure have some competitive bones in me. I have been hovering around these grounds for a lot longer than I want to admit . - To be quite honest - I had a hard time figuring everything out - and I still am. I figured the best thing for me to do is to start with an introduction. And you'll get quite an introduction!!! I'll give you a whole cruddy story, my challenges, my obstacles, my achievements and ultimately my goals! ****** Scroll past until you see a line of stars if you don't want my whole story!******* On one fateful day in the late 1980s, a child was born.... Wait - a little early? Maybe too detailed?... okay lets jump ahead to where I actually started to care about myself! Okay - lets paint a photograph. My upbringing wasn't always about how good the food was that we ate. I never learnt that I should eat properly. The only thing that I learnt is that junk food is a treat and that I can have some once per week. I remember in high school, I used to eat a lot of chips, pop, and just over all a lot of non nutritional food. My mother was over weight and too busy putting food on our plates and my father wasn't around too much either. Food was never an important source of energy, it was something I did when I was hungry and bored. I remember a day when I decided no more junk food, no more chips, no more chocolate bars, no pop, no juice... nothing. I ate healthy-er... but still not healthy healthy, I essentially lowered sugar and salt intake a heck of a lot. This change alone, helped me get into the fittest shape I'd been my entire life. Throughout my last year of high school, I dropped from a 18 to a 12/14 and I felt great. While in high school, I did badminton, competitively swim, I would walk/roller blade/bike EVERYWHERE I wanted to go. Over all my life was active. I eventually moved to a city, moved in with my one of my brothers. Everyday I would Rollerblade 8 kilometers and I was more and more conscious of my eating habits. My brother and I were working together, buying healthy foods and as a team we were doing great. I managed to get down to a size 9. I was fit, I could do things I was amazing. I eventually started going to College. I had to drive to school as I went to school from 8am-4pm and worked 4pm-10 pm every night. Saturdays I would work 9-5 and I would party every night. My clean eating turned into eating out and over the following 8 months I gained a good amount of weight. In November of that year - My brother passed away. He was in a bicycling accident with a transport truck (http://ghostbikes.org/london/caleb-losier) . For a good 6 months after this nothing changed. I ate takeout (for the most part), I refused to look at a bike, I didn't do anything other than continue to work, school, and party (booze, and lots of it over the weekends). I had met my now husband while in college, we started dating a few months after my brother passed away and he's helped me through a lot of tough times. I made it to a record high of 230 lbs. I got the talk from my mother - 'You really need to get control of your weight before you lose control of it'. I knew I had to do something. That feeling that I had when I was fit - it was amazing. The first thing I did in the fall, was cut out all takeout. I stopped for 3 months straight I was on a 'no eating out' rule. I did extremely well and never caved. That december I had my first gall bladder attack. I was down to about 215 and in the new year I had to monitor my fat intake and cut out all drinking for fear of another gallbladder attack. On top of this, my other brother and I joined our first gym. We went to the gym 5 days a week, we were each others personal trainers and gym buddies. We discovered Run Zombies 5k training and we did incredible!. In the spring, I was driving to work one day thinking Why am I driving? My brother biked 25kms/day - surely I can do 20. This was an internal battle. Could I? Should I? I went out and bought my baby. I love it. She rides gentle and is responsive. Everything I could ever need in a bike. Once I started biking, I was hooked. Now I was biking, running, and weight lifting. By that fall I was down to 184lbs!!!(writing this I crave to be here again!) I started having some knee issues and decided to ease off a little bit. Over the winter I ended up putting back 20lbs. March I had my gallbladder taken out and I was biking and running again. I got married that fall(last fall) and after that, my knee decided to fully give up at 194lbs and I've been in physio for over 8 months now trying to nurse it back to full health!. I don't know if I'll be running again. But I will definitely use machines on cardio days that help me with cardio when I get to that point. I currently do have a gym membership, mainly for Yoga (I got my husband in on this too!). I enjoy classes as it pushes me a little bit more. My last 5 years have been spent working on understanding what I need to eat, how much I need to eat, what I need to do, and how much I need to do it - in order to become healthier. There is so much information out there. I have been working on finding stuff that I love. This makes it better for me! I have struggled with information overload and with 'some things are okay and others aren't'. I LOVE Nerd Fitness' articles and find them to be up my alley and more informative and the stupid womens health magazine ever was for me. ****************************************************************************************************** About Me: Current Weight: 204lbs BFP: Apparantly 40% Height: 5'6" Sex: Female Age: 26 Favorite Activities: Biking, Rollerblading, Hiking/Exploring, kickboxing! (with a good knee ) Job: 2! 1. Technical Support Specialist 2. Photographer (most of my time is spent on my butt!) Strengths: - Dedicated - Strong willed - Active - Confidence (I haven't mentioned how awesome I am yet have I?! ) Challenges: - I am Asthmatic. - I do not do well doing things on my own. GOALS These were the Health/Fitness goals I set for 2015 Health/Fitness: My biggest goal for this year is to 1000kms in total – tracked through Strava: Total so far: 398Walking/Running: Walk/Run 500km this year Total so far: 60kmEat more green smoothies I was doing well at the begining of the year (up until May) Overall, make better food choices I've been doing great until this summer! Even right now it's not as bad as last yearDo an event with a friend! I need to postpone this due to my knee (no relapsing!)Go Kayaking I've been canoeing, but kayaking is still happening!Bike from Cambridge to Paris and back COMPLETED !!!!My overall goal for 2015 was to become more active. I believe that I have accomplished this goal thus far. When I realized I was falling behind in my biking, I made a challenge to bike a minimum of 3 separate days a week for a month, this helped!. My goals while on Nerd Fitness/Long Term Goals. 1. I would love to see 150 (even 159) on the scale. The lowest I've ever weighed was 155 and I remember that feeling. I know that going back to the weight I was at when I was 20 may be unrealistic, but I know that it is achievable! 2. Overall, I want that feeling back. The feeling of not wanting to be anything else then I am right now. I am 'happy' with who I am, with my body. But I want to be proud. I am not proud right now. I want to be fit and I want to know my limits and push them. This is my ultimate goal 3. Fit in a size 10 shorts that I have kept! 4. MAINTAIN my weight when I have dropped. How do I expect to do all of this? 1. I will eat better. 2. Learn more about eating properly/portioning. 3. I want to exercise more - I need to start strength building again. 4. Integrate myself in this community and support others My big big goal/Reward - Once I am at 160 (or at a place where I have that amazing I'm Proud of myself feeling) and I've been there or under for 1 full year, I will be getting a tattoo. My first (And I dare say only). It's a dragonfly that I designed when my brother passed away. To me it will symbolize every single person who has helped me achieve my goals in life, and remind me that I am strong, and that I can be who ever I want to be. Thank you all for your time! I really appreciate it and I apologize (like a true Canadian!) for the super long post! Feel free to poke/prod/cheer or what ever other shenanigans(I meant awesomeness!) we do here! ***Edit Adding these photos*** Here's where I want to be again! I CAN DOOOOOO IIIITTTTT!!!!! Here's where I was at 184!!! And Here's where I pretty much am! This was in March
  22. WHAT IS UP YOU PIGS IN HUMAN CLOTH- I mean MY NERD FITNESS PEEPS!!! GUESS WHO'S BACK!!! ALREADY!!! Man! Already new challenge forums?! You guys don't mess around! But enough bitching and SHIT! let's get this party started! As some of you may know, I'm BlackTezca, a generally loud, gif addicted, game addicted, movie addicted, etc-addicted big old NERD, who decided to join up here and revamp my health a bit with the help of YOU GUYS!! Just in case you forgot (like I'll let you), you'll also remember me from such topics like From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and my latest hit BlackTezcas' 2nd Trial: An Artsy, Geeky Amazon Must be Strong and with no Back Pain! All of these topics are to lead to one thing...my one main quest... My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman is here to stay...) Despite some burnout on my last challenge, and a ski trip that I was not super careful with my vegetables on, I managed to push through and Ace it! I will admit, I am a little lost in this challenge...because..uhmm...I haven't put much thought into my quests... But have no fear! I understand that while challenges are meant to push us, they are also meant to be modified and evolve as life changes! So I do have some side quests planned out, especially one that is meant to finally, finally push me to find a Martial Art studio to sign up and participate! So expect some edits as I figure things out, but without further ado...HERE ARE MY QUESTS!!! Side Quest 1:Once a week, do a SUPER EPIC WORKOUT! Details: FitnessBlender has what they call '1000 Calorie workouts'. They don't burn 1000 calories for me generally, so I call them EPIC workouts since they contain at least 25 minutes of cardio (mostly HIIT and something else fast paced), a shorter ab/core component, and strength training and conditioning as well. The shortest one (the one I linked) is 64 minutes...the rest go more than 80 minutes. Well chumps...I'm gonna kick this quest in the ass!!! Contingencies: There shouldn't be any contingencies! I should be able to fit in this workout, especially over the weekend. Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated. Grading: A for 5 to 6 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 3 Str 2 Sta ) B for 3 to 4 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 2 Str 1 Sta ) C for 2 SUPER EPIC WORKOUTS ( 2 Str ) F for all else Side Quest 2: Try out a martial art once a week until one is found by the end of this challenge. If one is found before the end of the challenge, do this martial art class at least once a week. Details: Well...I'm kinda in the monks...and I've been eyeing that Krav Maga gym for a little while now. So I'm gonna check it out and hope it's reasonable in price as well as fun and practical to learn! If not, then I'll keep looking and I'll use this challenge to do so! Contingencies: $$$ is the only contingency my friends. I gave myself a B for the grade if I don't find a class by the end of this challenge, because I'm not gonna ding myself much over monetary concerns with several other things coming up during the summer. So hopefully I find something reasonable! Tracking: I'll be tracking the workout from the class using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updating this thread with the classes I tried. Grading: A for 6 classes attended/tried, Martial Art chosen ( 3 Dex 1 Wis) B for 5 classes tried/ No Martial Art chosen ( 2 Dex 1 Wis) C for 4 classes tried No Martial Art chosen ( 2 Dex ) F for all else Life Quest: (Thank you StillSkies)- Once a week, post a photo or link to at least item to add to a spring/summer wardrobe. Details: I need some cuter clothes that fit me for spring. I have plenty of winter stuff and flannel and all, but nothing cute and adorable for spring. This will force me to get some ideas. Note that I will count shopping trips for this (including if I find something at the Spring Flea event coming up next week) so yay! Contingencies: Other than money, nothing really. This should be easy and I'm pretty thrifty with clothes. Tracking: This thread only. I have a pinterest account, but I only use it really to browse. Grading: A for 5 to 6 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 2 Cha 1 Wis) B for 3 to 4 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 2 Cha ) C for 1 to 2 shopping weeks of cuteness ( 1 Cha ) F for all else Art Quest: REQUEST TIME!!! Have five requests from NerdFitness friends and draw (sketch, full painting, etc) that request! Details: I decided to take requests for this challenge! For those of you who have watched my threads as well as the accountability thread, you have some idea of my preferred subjects and capability. So send me a request (if I have questions I will PM you)! The first five (well four, starsapart requested something from me before ) who post their request in this very thread will have an art done for them, in that order! Fang and Vanille for starsapart Sailor Mars being badass (either Senshi or Miko) for shaarawy Guyver 3 for Strickland5 Anna from Frozen for stillskies Grey Jedi for KishiSo send some of those requests in people!! Contingencies: Hopefully I won't be burnt out. I'm only doing four quests this time, and no life quest, because the last time I had five with the art quest, I got really stressed out trying to finish art and keep track of things. My hope is that my making a smaller challenge this time, I can avoid burn out. If not, then I apologize for the art I make for you all being terrible Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I'll use those for tracking and on a weekly basis...like a weekly update or something, I'll post art on this thread. Grading: A for 5 requests drawn ( 2 Wis + 1 Cha ) B for 4 requests drawn ( 2 Wis ) C for 3 requests drawn ( 1 Wis ) F for all else All right so since this was JUST posted after I finished my last challenge, I'm just gonna copy and past my starting measurements from yesterday's post: Starting Measurements: Date: 04/02/2015 @ 9am Weight: 133.6 ***Body Fat***: 25.1 Waist: 23.5 Waist @ Navel: 25.5 Hips: 35.5 Neck: 12 Chest: 33 Left Bicep: 10.5 Right Thigh: 16.5 Wrist: 6 Forearm: 9 Yup, I'm ahead a game with this . All right so other than the third side quest I'm thinking about, this is turning out to be a decent challenge! Not to much with tracking things everyday (though I probably will to keep ya'll up to dates on workouts and good stuff), but still, I'm hoping that this will be a bit less stressful than last one and hopefully fruitful with the martial arts as well! We'll see . I'm optimistic. Let's do this rebels! Let's make sure to DON'T LOSE OUR WAY!!!!!!!
  23. WHAT'S UP MY NERDFITNESS PEEPS!!! BLACKTEZCA IS BACK AND ROCKING OUT WITH THE MONKS!! Man already the new forums are up! Awesome! Let's do this! I'm BlackTezca, you may remember from such topics as From Lurker to (Newb) Rebel!, BlackTezca's Daily Battle Towards Feline Greatness, and my personal favorite BlackTezca's 1st Trial: Become an Artsy, Geeky Amazon. I'm continuing on my journey towards geeky, otaku, Amazon awesomeness and for this challenge (and the next since I plan ahead), I'll be with my martial art loving peeps. There won't be a whole lot of martials arts for this challenge, but you know what? So to reiterate my main quest: My Main Quest is to be as POWERFUL and BATTLE READY as Wonder Woman Not the theme for this challenge but I love the shit out of this image I did relatively well for my first challenge despite some minor setbacks, so my confidence (*cough* maybe arrogance *cough*) is super high! I originally planned on jumping straight into finding a studio and learning Krav Maga, but considering my trip (which cost me some major $$$$$$$$$$) and StillSkies 2nd challenge getting me interested in opening my mind to other martial arts, I'm pushing that off a little bit. Just a little bit; I still use kick boxing workouts for a bit of my cardio (especially combined with HIIT) and my Art quest is gonna be pretty fun . Now enough stalling! TIME TO REVEAL MY SIDE QUESTS!!! Side Quest 1: During my workouts, focus on upper body strength training for at least 20 minutes, at least 3 days a week. Details: I have strong legs, and despite my complaints about my back, I don't think my core is anything to laugh out. But I have laughably weak arms and I want to be strong all over. I have my dumbbells, I have my Fitness Blender, time to put more focus on my upper body and strengthen what I consider to be my weakest area Contingencies: I do downhill ski. The ski season is almost over. I have one more, longish, ski trip planned and downhill skiing does not really use your arms (unless you fall. Then your arms are most useful). I will try to get my upper body workouts done during the time before and after I return from my trip. Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated. Grading: A for 3+ days a week ( 3 Str 1Sta ) B for mostly 2 days a week ( 3 Str ) C for mostly 3 days a week ( 2 Sta ) F for all else Side Quest 2: During my workouts, focus on core and lower back strength and flexibility for at least 20 minutes, at least 2 days a week. Details: I have mild scoliosis and I'm a code monkey. My job consists of programming hunched over at a screen and let me tell you that does WONDERS for my back health. I really need to work on this because over my last trip, walking a block or two started to really cause me pain and I don't like feeling like I'm 70 years old while still in my twenties (Actually, a relative in his 70s did not feel any back pain so boo to me). Contingencies: None because if my back hurts, even on my ski trip, I will be stretching the living shit out of it until it STOPS. Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated. Grading: A for 2+ days a week ( 3 Dex 1Str ) B for mostly 1 day a week ( 2 Dex ) F for all else Side Quest 3: Eat vegetables with every meal, 6 days a week. Details: ARRGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Noooo don't make me do this nooooooooo!!!!!! Okay...*deep breath*. It's not like I dislike vegetables, I just find them...hard to...put on my mind when it comes to food. Especially on the weekends. I don't buy them, I don't think about them all the time unless they are in my face or a little voice (or many voices, depending who follows this) remind me. So...I'm gonna...eat...vegetables in some recognizable form, preferably not covered in yummy yummy cheese (oh my Chicken Pepper Philly how I love you). Wish me luck guys. Contingencies: None really. I shall eat vegetables (not corn, nor a potato, nor a sweet potato *cry*) every meal, maybe even push myself to snacking on them*twitch*. Tracking: I'll be tracking using MyFitnessPal ( username BlackTezca ) and this lovely thread will be updated (I hate you all) Grading: A for 6+ days a week ( 2 Con ) B for mostly 4 to 5 days a week ( 1 Con ) C for mostly 2 to 3 days a week ( .5 Con ) F for all else Life Quest: Pay down one credit card completely and lower the debt on the other credit card. Details: Like most people, I gots some debt I need to take care of. I'm not gonna pay that all down, but with the tax refund coming in, and my vacation over, I'm gonna need to focus on paying off my cards a little more than I have been. Contingencies: None. Tracking: I'll track this weekly here of course for my summaries and I'll be watching my credit card accounts. Grading: A for One card completely paid off and the other managed ( 2 Wis ) B for One card completely paid off, nothing down on the other ( 1 Wis ) F for all else Art Quest: Research at least 5 different martial arts and draw something (sketch, full painting, etc) representing each one. Details: I have been really touched by the comments my art has gotten here and the encouragement and support is super awesome. Some of you had hoped that I would continue it and this is my answer: Art Quests are here to stay. For every challenge I do, there will be an art quest. For this challenge, since I am with the monks and since I am holding off on a studio membership, I will research a martial art and not only will I do a short summary, I will also have an artwork attached to that summary. This will be fun cause it means drawing other characters, testing out new poses, etc. This will hopefully be done on a weekly basis. Contingencies: Ski trip, but surely I can post a decent sketch or make it black and white if I must . Tracking: I have an art Tumblr and I also have a DeviantArt (WATCH ME FOR ACCOUNTABILITY). I'll use those for tracking and on a weekly basis...like a weekly update or something, I'll post art on this thread. Grading: A for 5 martial art images and research ( 2 Wis + 1 Cha ) B for 4 martial art images and research ( 2 Wis ) C for 3 martial art images and research ( 1 Wis ) F for all else OMG THAT IS FIVE QUESTS! A little intense it seems but surely if anyone I can do it...I CAN! Starting Measurements: Date: 02/19/2015 @ 6 am Weight: 137.4 ***Body Fat***: 25.48 Waist: 24 Waist @ Navel: 26 Hips: 37 Neck: 12.5 Chest: 33 Left Bicep: 11 Right Thigh: 17.5 Wrist: 6 Forearm: 9 Yeah, I measured myself already. God I'm excited! I've been getting really happy and upbeat doing these. I'm gonna rock this out...LET'S GET THIS AWESOMENESS ON THE ROAD!!! REBELS! ROCK OUT!!!
  24. Bekah's 2015 Challenge #1 The backstory with these goals is here and here to save time and space. The short story is I am going to have 4 year long goals based on developing consistency in the things that are important to me in my everyday life. Then hopefully I will have a strong foundation to move forward and accomplish badassery on a much larger scale for 2016. I guess this makes for a rather boring challenge updating, but if you know me, you know that this is more like a diary of sorts than a challenge thread, so anything is bound to happen. Feel free to stick around for the ride 2015 Goals Wake-up time/Bedtime 251/365 (number of days to be done/days of the year) Morning Yoga 251/365 Cooking Dinner 275/365 ​Morning/Evening Routine 275/365 I will be keeping track of my challenge goals via my marker board in my bedroom and my mini planner in my purse and posting here (hopefully I will be consistent in that as well).
  25. Hi all and a happy new year to you! I've had some ups and downs with my challenges so far, high point being an epic point scoring system for challenge three, low being failing for most of the end of challenge four. But I'm back and ready to get back on it, woo yeah! So, my life goal is to reduce my body fat percentage and to be less flabby in general. Goals for this year include getting below 11 stone (currently 11 stone 11lbs, lowest ever is 11-2), and being able to do a chin up. Since 1st Jan I've started each day doing 20 press ups and 10 reverse chin ups (AKA drop down as slow as possible), and am hoping to keep this going FOREVER. Aaaaanyway... Goals for this challenge: 1) Stay within calories as set by MFP for losing 1lb a week, lightly active and adding exercise calories. I'm allowed four non-counting days over the six weeks. 2) Walking as with my last challenge, I have four lots of mile walks in a normal daily commute and have to do at least 15 out of the possible 20 per week to pass this part of the challenge. For weeks I'm not working a full week I'll have to do at least three quarters of the possible walks. 3) Cardio; I have to do two lots of at least 45 minutes a week, which will probably be zumba on a Tuesday and running at the weekend. Other things I will do: Pilfered from Deftona I'm going to try to improve my skincare regime, by using diluted apple cider vinegar as a cleanser twice a day; using the calm.com app I want to meditate at least five times a week; and to generally explore London more.
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