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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! I'm glad to be here! I started January 2, 2018, with a turnaround. Time to leave the gravity suit behind. I'm motivated, focus and engage. I would like to make some new friends during this journey and share stories. Currently dropping from 315 pounds and counting. Anyway, thanks for the replies and if you see (or read) me around, just say: HEY! Laters!
  2. Last challenge was my revival challenge so I played that one in Rebels. Now I think it is time to move on to Rangers and play a bit here =) I hope this challenge goes as successful as the last one. #1 – Workouts. I will continue doing my minimum 3 workouts + 1 yoga a week. I am added 30 day ab challenge to the mix on this one, but will only count for 28 days this challenge. I am forcing my family to do it too. #2 – Diet. I am going to continue to exclude Diet Soda. This challenge I will also be excluding Cady Bowl at work and Pizza. Slowly cleaning up my diet. #3 – Tracking. I will track daily but this time I am added tracking positives daily. Each week I will increase, so week 1 will be 1 positive a day, week 4 will be 4 positives a day. #4 – Side Goal. I have an addiction to my floor heater at work. I cook my feet. They look bad. This challenge I am getting rid of the floor heater. ~~ Life Goal. I will also have complete 2 things off my To Do List. I am excited to join the rangers this challenge! I am also starting my challenge a day early and adding a day at the end so it is an even 4 weeks. I am not using the NF character builds so I will have to come up with grading system for this challenge. Progress: Workouts - 11/12 Yoga - 3/4 Abs - 23/28 No Soda, Pizza, or Candy Bowl - 15/28 Tracking - 21/28 Positives - 50/70 Journals - 6/8 No Floor Heater - 22/28 To Do - 2/2
  3. To The World Of Nerd Fitness: When we last saw all of our heroes of the realm, they had slain the mighty Demon-King Sodamus Battered and bruised, the party collected all the loot and brought it back to the Adventurer's Tavern. Mel_Isa seemed oddly missing. Demon-King Sodamus spoke of many names... a 'Frostking', a 'Distractomo', and others. What did he mean? Where will the party go from here? Will the party be split? Will others join the ranks of the mighty group that now dub themselves: The RPG Fanatics? (Tune in and find out or join if you would like.) Hello! And welcome to the RPG Fanatics. The way this works is super simple. I'm writing a story which is in this color text, and Lycan Thom said it best when he said, There will be a weekly mini-challenge related to the story. (I can not give you points- if you would like to reserve points from your 6-week challenge to use, then go right ahead) If you're not sure how this goes, then feel free to see how others do it. Welcome, and have FUN! Let's destroy this new upcoming threat!
  4. With it being the new year, I've been very reflective and I've never stuck to anything besides nerd fitness. Within 6 months I dropped 4 pants sizes and I'm a lot stronger now. I want this to be THE YEAR. This is the year that I take everything I've learned and finally finish my weight loss quest. Main Goals: Lose 140 Pounds / Complete a Spartan Race I don't know how far I am on the weight loss since I haven't weighed myself since May, but clothes have been a good indicator that I'm going in the right direction. I don't want to get discouraged over how much left I have to lose. I'm just eating healthy and exercising and my body will take care of itself. 1) Do a whole 30. (+4 Constitution) I did a complete one back in september. I did 3/4 of another one in november. Cookie day ruined that and I gained some weight back. I'm completing this one. I started Jan 1st. 2) Sledgehammer Workout 2-3x a week. (+4 Strength) On a whole 30, I lose a lot of energy in the beginning. So when I start this, I'll be working out twice a week. Once I get my mojo back, I'll do 3 times a week. 3) Make more gym things. (+4?) i want to make 2 sandbags with handles for farmer's walks and such. I also want to make another kettelbell so I can be more balanced when I do certain exercises. 4) Read more. (+3 Wisdom) I need to think about this one a little bit. I want to read but I'm just not sure how much would be a goal/challenge.
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