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  1. Hello! First off, I hope you're having a great day! To learn more about me and why I'm here check this out: My Life Story/Intro can be found here! If you like me, Here is my Battlelog! Main Quest: To weigh 155lbs (Currently about 50lbs) SMRT Quests: 1. Bike to work 3 times per week 2. Do 1 Strength training and 1 yoga class/week 3. Food Prep over the weekend for Monday-Friday (food prep on Monday August 3rd for that week due to holiday) Scoring: BIKE: A - 18+ bike rides completed B - 15 bike rides completed C - 12 bike rides completed D - 9 bike rides completed E - 6 bike rides completed F - <6 Bike Rides completed STRENGTH/FOODPREP: A - 6 completed B - 5 completed C - 4 completed D - 3 completed E - 2 completed F - <1 completed LIFE Quest: Keep the Kitchen Clean during this challenge! I don't really pick up after myself, so here's my effort! My hubby and I have a deal to clean the kitchen on specific days. We alternate days and each have 3 days of cleaning. Scoring: A - 18+ Days Cleaned B - 17 Days Cleaned C - 16 Days Cleaned D - 14 Days Cleaned E - 12 Days Cleaned F - 10 Days Cleaned My Motivation: I want to remember what it feels like to be proud of myself. To stand tall on top of a mountain and go 'Yeah - that's right, This is me!'. I also want to be as fit as I can be before I enter into the next chapter of motherhood. Kind of like prepping my body for 9 months of chaos Attribute points: I will look into this in my next challenge after I can create my character. I'm just having a hard time grasping everything - Once I figure this out I'll update it Challenges: - I have a bad knee. It is much better now but still a bad knee - I have little to no time between husband, puppy, full time job, and wedding/general photography!
  2. Where to Begin?! I Love Data! Love Love Love it. If you use Strava - you can find me here: https://www.strava.com/athletes/2536754 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: Height: 5'6" Likes: Kickboxing, boxfit, zumba, yoga, karate, swimming, biking, rollerblading, hiking, walking, doing manual labour. I Do love tracking stuff - I like numbers and results PROGRESS LOGS: My beautiful Excel Tracking Sheet! (This has my weigh ins/goals!) July 15th 2015 - Start: Weight: 203.4 Total CMs: 718 July 15th 2015 - Current: Weight: 203.4 Total CMs: 718 <> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The next 6 Week Challenge is in a few weeks - I will be tracking mini goals here until the next challenge! Goal: Weekly Weigh Ins - Monday AM (so I'm more diligent on the weekends!) Task#1: Weekly Meal Prep! - Prepare for the unexpected! I don't (okay I'm lying here....) I SHOULDN'T go into a battle against 5 other players without help! I will die if I do It happens all the time - SO Meal prep is a must! It's like withering down the opponent before delivering final blow! Task#2: Bike to work minimum 3x per week! This totals for a whopping 50km/week bike ride! Task#3: Incorporate 1 Strength workout/week and 1 Yoga workout per week. ------ My weeks will go Monday - Sunday
  3. Hello Everyone! Okay so MAYBE I can't change the game - but I sure have some competitive bones in me. I have been hovering around these grounds for a lot longer than I want to admit . - To be quite honest - I had a hard time figuring everything out - and I still am. I figured the best thing for me to do is to start with an introduction. And you'll get quite an introduction!!! I'll give you a whole cruddy story, my challenges, my obstacles, my achievements and ultimately my goals! ****** Scroll past until you see a line of stars if you don't want my whole story!******* On one fateful day in the late 1980s, a child was born.... Wait - a little early? Maybe too detailed?... okay lets jump ahead to where I actually started to care about myself! Okay - lets paint a photograph. My upbringing wasn't always about how good the food was that we ate. I never learnt that I should eat properly. The only thing that I learnt is that junk food is a treat and that I can have some once per week. I remember in high school, I used to eat a lot of chips, pop, and just over all a lot of non nutritional food. My mother was over weight and too busy putting food on our plates and my father wasn't around too much either. Food was never an important source of energy, it was something I did when I was hungry and bored. I remember a day when I decided no more junk food, no more chips, no more chocolate bars, no pop, no juice... nothing. I ate healthy-er... but still not healthy healthy, I essentially lowered sugar and salt intake a heck of a lot. This change alone, helped me get into the fittest shape I'd been my entire life. Throughout my last year of high school, I dropped from a 18 to a 12/14 and I felt great. While in high school, I did badminton, competitively swim, I would walk/roller blade/bike EVERYWHERE I wanted to go. Over all my life was active. I eventually moved to a city, moved in with my one of my brothers. Everyday I would Rollerblade 8 kilometers and I was more and more conscious of my eating habits. My brother and I were working together, buying healthy foods and as a team we were doing great. I managed to get down to a size 9. I was fit, I could do things I was amazing. I eventually started going to College. I had to drive to school as I went to school from 8am-4pm and worked 4pm-10 pm every night. Saturdays I would work 9-5 and I would party every night. My clean eating turned into eating out and over the following 8 months I gained a good amount of weight. In November of that year - My brother passed away. He was in a bicycling accident with a transport truck (http://ghostbikes.org/london/caleb-losier) . For a good 6 months after this nothing changed. I ate takeout (for the most part), I refused to look at a bike, I didn't do anything other than continue to work, school, and party (booze, and lots of it over the weekends). I had met my now husband while in college, we started dating a few months after my brother passed away and he's helped me through a lot of tough times. I made it to a record high of 230 lbs. I got the talk from my mother - 'You really need to get control of your weight before you lose control of it'. I knew I had to do something. That feeling that I had when I was fit - it was amazing. The first thing I did in the fall, was cut out all takeout. I stopped for 3 months straight I was on a 'no eating out' rule. I did extremely well and never caved. That december I had my first gall bladder attack. I was down to about 215 and in the new year I had to monitor my fat intake and cut out all drinking for fear of another gallbladder attack. On top of this, my other brother and I joined our first gym. We went to the gym 5 days a week, we were each others personal trainers and gym buddies. We discovered Run Zombies 5k training and we did incredible!. In the spring, I was driving to work one day thinking Why am I driving? My brother biked 25kms/day - surely I can do 20. This was an internal battle. Could I? Should I? I went out and bought my baby. I love it. She rides gentle and is responsive. Everything I could ever need in a bike. Once I started biking, I was hooked. Now I was biking, running, and weight lifting. By that fall I was down to 184lbs!!!(writing this I crave to be here again!) I started having some knee issues and decided to ease off a little bit. Over the winter I ended up putting back 20lbs. March I had my gallbladder taken out and I was biking and running again. I got married that fall(last fall) and after that, my knee decided to fully give up at 194lbs and I've been in physio for over 8 months now trying to nurse it back to full health!. I don't know if I'll be running again. But I will definitely use machines on cardio days that help me with cardio when I get to that point. I currently do have a gym membership, mainly for Yoga (I got my husband in on this too!). I enjoy classes as it pushes me a little bit more. My last 5 years have been spent working on understanding what I need to eat, how much I need to eat, what I need to do, and how much I need to do it - in order to become healthier. There is so much information out there. I have been working on finding stuff that I love. This makes it better for me! I have struggled with information overload and with 'some things are okay and others aren't'. I LOVE Nerd Fitness' articles and find them to be up my alley and more informative and the stupid womens health magazine ever was for me. ****************************************************************************************************** About Me: Current Weight: 204lbs BFP: Apparantly 40% Height: 5'6" Sex: Female Age: 26 Favorite Activities: Biking, Rollerblading, Hiking/Exploring, kickboxing! (with a good knee ) Job: 2! 1. Technical Support Specialist 2. Photographer (most of my time is spent on my butt!) Strengths: - Dedicated - Strong willed - Active - Confidence (I haven't mentioned how awesome I am yet have I?! ) Challenges: - I am Asthmatic. - I do not do well doing things on my own. GOALS These were the Health/Fitness goals I set for 2015 Health/Fitness: My biggest goal for this year is to 1000kms in total – tracked through Strava: Total so far: 398Walking/Running: Walk/Run 500km this year Total so far: 60kmEat more green smoothies I was doing well at the begining of the year (up until May) Overall, make better food choices I've been doing great until this summer! Even right now it's not as bad as last yearDo an event with a friend! I need to postpone this due to my knee (no relapsing!)Go Kayaking I've been canoeing, but kayaking is still happening!Bike from Cambridge to Paris and back COMPLETED !!!!My overall goal for 2015 was to become more active. I believe that I have accomplished this goal thus far. When I realized I was falling behind in my biking, I made a challenge to bike a minimum of 3 separate days a week for a month, this helped!. My goals while on Nerd Fitness/Long Term Goals. 1. I would love to see 150 (even 159) on the scale. The lowest I've ever weighed was 155 and I remember that feeling. I know that going back to the weight I was at when I was 20 may be unrealistic, but I know that it is achievable! 2. Overall, I want that feeling back. The feeling of not wanting to be anything else then I am right now. I am 'happy' with who I am, with my body. But I want to be proud. I am not proud right now. I want to be fit and I want to know my limits and push them. This is my ultimate goal 3. Fit in a size 10 shorts that I have kept! 4. MAINTAIN my weight when I have dropped. How do I expect to do all of this? 1. I will eat better. 2. Learn more about eating properly/portioning. 3. I want to exercise more - I need to start strength building again. 4. Integrate myself in this community and support others My big big goal/Reward - Once I am at 160 (or at a place where I have that amazing I'm Proud of myself feeling) and I've been there or under for 1 full year, I will be getting a tattoo. My first (And I dare say only). It's a dragonfly that I designed when my brother passed away. To me it will symbolize every single person who has helped me achieve my goals in life, and remind me that I am strong, and that I can be who ever I want to be. Thank you all for your time! I really appreciate it and I apologize (like a true Canadian!) for the super long post! Feel free to poke/prod/cheer or what ever other shenanigans(I meant awesomeness!) we do here! ***Edit Adding these photos*** Here's where I want to be again! I CAN DOOOOOO IIIITTTTT!!!!! Here's where I was at 184!!! And Here's where I pretty much am! This was in March
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