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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings nerds! Healthy mama here... My real name is Kelly and I'm 27 years old newlywed and new mama to 7 week old Brianna Lyn and a step mama to 6 year old Lilly May. Lets go a little further back, I've always struggled with my body image, I have terrible self esteem and my best friend yells at me a lot because of it. She's actually floating around here as PrincessHeather. (Hi Bestie!). My husband also doesn't get my self esteem issues all I can say is it's a daily struggle that I try to overcome everyday. I love Mexican food and vegetables and dislike meat. A lot. There is no ethical issue
  2. Hello! I'm a mum to two little ones- a toddler and an almost 1 year old! It's too soon to completely lose all of the baby weight (at least 20 more lbs!) by the end of the challenge, but I want to get a boost of motivation. My topic is kind of a joke...but really....I don't want Baby Big Boy to turn 2 (in 2016) and for me to still have some of the baby weight! I have been working out for about two months or so, but want to be more consistent- and I need to work on being more active throughout the day. And then there's that major sweet tooth! I cook pretty healthily (if i may say so...!) but m
  3. I'm stoked to be joining the Assassins for my second challenge! From my last challenge, to keep my eye on the Main Quest: Last challenge, I lost approximately 7 pounds (177 to 170). My goal is to get to 150, which is a good weight that allows me to build strength and burn fat, and then fine-tune body comp from there. I'd estimate maybe two more challenges after this one to get there. I definitely improved my strength and flexibility - yesterday, I redpointed an outdoor climb I started last challenge, so that was very exciting. So, this challenge, my main quest will be the same, but m
  4. Hey fellow Rangers, Posting this right now. Goals to come tomorrow. I'm working overtime tonight, so not much time to post. SO PUMPED FOR THIS NEW CHALLENGE!!
  5. Here is my abbreviated story: Mildly overweight my whole life - Got married - Got pregnant - BAM! Officially Fat (162lbs - 207lbs) My husband and I want to start trying again in September, so I'm trying to lose as much body fat/weight as I can by that point. GOALS!! 1. SLEEP! My husband and I just joined a gym. We will be getting up "early" to go (aka a reasonable time according to the rest of the world). For that to happen I need to go to sleep at a reasonable time. Goal: In bed, asleep by 11pm Sunday - Thursday nights. Exception: Wednesday nights that I work (Every other week) (
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