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Found 25 results

  1. Hi all, I'm a young kid (22) and literally my life has turned for the worst and I need help mentally. About 2 months ago in feb I injured my lower back deadlifting with poor form. Went to the doctors and I don't have any herniations or slipped disc thankfully. It's just a muscle strain but a stubborn one at that. In the beginning I was okay knowing that It would heal but now as time has gone and with slow progress I'm literally in the ruts feeling like it will never heal. Its been 2 and bit months now and it's still hasn't fully healed. I haven't returned to the gym because
  2. What's up guys. I've been using Nerd Fitness for awhile but I just got on the forums. I had a question about bent over dumbbell rows. So I started working out again, I have a gym membership now and 3 times a week I've been going in and doing this sites "Beginner Workout." I've had to do it exercise by exercise in sets rather than as circuits cause I wait for first a bench to open up (for my 3 sets of rows) then for the Smith's to open up (I do 4 sets of incline assisted pushups cause I'm pretty bad at real ones atm). My ultimate goal at the moment is to be able to do 1 pullup which is definite
  3. After sleeping off the last one, it's time to get back to work. I will once again be at sea for the vast majority of the challenge, and certain dreaded pastimes simply cannot be avoided any more. I didn't do much running last time – successfully avoiding the treadmill entirely. As enjoyable as that may have been, I don't want to give my body any ideas. So to remind him who's his daddy, I've come up with this... Run 60 miles minimum, preferably not all at once. Use the treadmill, dammit! If I can do more, all the better. And yes, there will still be mountains. Push, Pu
  4. I'm not new to the site per se, but in a sense I am, in that 1-I am in the process of my first 6-week challenge that I am going to see all the way through - even though I am certainly getting challenges thrown at me. Aren't we all though!? 2-I still have a ton to learn about this site, so I feel like its my first time on it, sometimes when I browse through. I've been struggling with my weight for years - about 15-ish. I am tired of it and this is my last try. Not because I plan to quit when/if this time doesn't work, but because this time will work. I was suffering through a plateau over
  5. Hey! Just wondering what would be a good exercise to broaden my shoulders and also give my back a good workout at the same time. Some background info (I guess lol): Female, 150cm, 43-44kg. Thanks!
  6. I've always been a very tiny girl (5 feet, 88 lbs) and for as long as I can remember very weak. I'm 21 now and I've just recently started going to the gym in hopes of getting stronger and bigger but mostly just stronger, thankfully I have noticed a difference in my body from when I first started but as I continue going to the gym i'm not sure if i'm seeing any more results. I think it may have something to do with my exercise routine, I do a split routine for all my major muscle groups but I don't really switch up the exercises. For example, whatever exercises I do for leg day, I would just re
  7. Well, I have a story here. I'm at a trampoline park, and some 4 year old kid, who is by no stretch of the imagination being chaperoned jumps a hair in front of me. well, i have 2 options, jump backwards or jump through her. Now i'm no ghost, so i go backwards, land on the small of my back on a metal bar. and my doctor can't see me for WEEKS. well i'm just starting recovery, and my muscle relaxants double my appetite, so long story short, i haven't worked out in ages, still really can't and gained 10 pounds from eating. square 1 i suppose. Let's rush it.
  8. Blaze

    Blaze - Reborn

    The good news from last challenge: My second year doing the Fight For Air stair climb, I beat my previous time by 5 minutes and 1 second. The bad news from last challenge: Going on vacation threw me off considerably, and then I had a back spasm two days after the stair climb that finished the job and derailed my challenge completely. For this challenge I need to simplify, make smart goals, and get a win under my belt. I really need a win. And since I'm starting over with my stats, because I completely lost track and have had such sucky times lately and have no idea how many challenges
  9. Hi everyone! My lower back is bruised, I'm 99% sure it's because of an intensive plank workout I did yesterday (pushing my arms forwards as much as possible) which made me work that area quite intensively, I did 4 sets of 30 seconds with 1 minute breaks between sets. This morning my back was hurting, when I looked in the mirror I had dark bruises all the way down my lower back on both sides. I found this quite worrying, so I have a few questions: -Is this normal? I assume that it just means I worked too intensively which I'm not too worried about since it's the first time it's happened i
  10. So I was gone for a while. Like forevers. Sad day(s) So here's the low-down on my disappearance, my reappearance, and everything in between. This isn't so much a new six week challenge thread, being a wee bit late for that, as it is a getting-back-to-things-and-also-updates-thread. There will be some bad, but hopefully more good! So I ended my last challenge (waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in May) on a note that I will describe as "meh". Meh. I was going through some life changes that involved a lady-friend (yay!) that started to mess with my routine as a single person. I didn't know quit
  11. I signed up in July..then kinda disappeared… But I am back!! So I am basically starting new, since I was so new when I dropped off…. So I am back and going to start over and start my quests again and stay with it!!
  12. Help! I've only been active on NF for a week or two. I started working out again in early June and been successful so far. But now I have pulled a muscle in my back. Oddly, and hopefully fortunately, it isn't my lower back that I hurt, but up by my rib cage. I tried to 'walk it off' and do more stretching but it got worse. I ended up going to a doctor today. I insist on not letting this hold me back so I am going to continue to walk and focus on my eating until I can give it my all again. I'd like to continue some of my strength training. I've been doing the Angry Birds workout so
  13. I would love some advice. I have two injuries that are making my life (and workouts) a misery. 1. A year ago during a marathon I ended the race with terrible knee pain (but I PR'ed, so worth it?). I took a month off of running and a month later when I tried to do a fun-run relay race, I could barely go further than a mile or two without being in incredible pain. I took more time off then some more then some more and so on (hooray for living overseas where you can't find a reliable doctor to help you out, right?) trying to get my knee to heal itself. This was my 3rd marathon and while I h
  14. I'm back, sort of. I miss the challenge. I've been watching via WildRoss...but, I have not been able to do much of anything, because of more surgeries, moving, and blah blah blah(cue Charlie Brown's teacher voice here) It's time. The time is NOW. I have lost 25 pounds since Jan 1, and I only have about 100 to go. I have lost much muscle strength, but that can be regained! The time that I have wasted eating wrong and not exercising, to the degree that I could have at whatever time and place I was at, cannot be regained. But I can say right now, right here, NO MORE! I will not be 100% paleo to
  15. I'm a student invested in school and i'm also a bartender AND belly-dancer! I want to lose a bodyfat and toned my stomach, back and legs. Yoga & Meditation daily - 25 minutes every other day at least, as well as studying meditation before bed 1 point every time for 38 days= 16-17 A+, 12-15 B, 10-12 C, <10 F​​​ Squats- I want to do this DAILY- even though I don't go to the gym every day. 1 point every time a set is accomplished= 38, A+, 30-38 B, 25-30 C, 20-25 D, 20< F Running- I might change this one up, as I find running on the treadmill hard on my ankles. The only other
  16. So I started an hourly pushup club with my team at my office where we each do a set on the hours. Even if you can only do one, the important thing is to get up out of your desk, do what you can, then go back to work with a (hopefully) clearer mind. I was hoping to find an exercise that we can do to work our backs on off days. The only caveat is that being in an open office, we can't simply hang a pull up bar (and most of us wouldn't be able to do a pull up anyway). I was hoping to find something similar to pushups, that requires no equipment and can be done solo. Thoughts?
  17. I filmed myself doing some back squats so I could check my form. Overall, I think it's pretty good except that I round a bit in my back as I drop below parallel in the squat. Also I could make less of a 'pain face' in the later sets. Any feedback is welcome <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Z_qzfEKELIA" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  18. So as many of you know, I've been trying to get to my first pull-up. It's been a long and arduous journey. Despite working on them pretty hard, I feel like I'm not much closer than I was before I started hammering them. I'm no expert, but I'm wondering if it's because my back is weak/I'm not activating it properly. I do notice that during my pull-up attempts (and my assisted ones), my arms get smoked but my back doesn't that bad. Then, when I was doing lat pulldowns the other day, it was the same thing. I sat straight, with a slight angle backwards, and really tried to contract like I was
  19. After 4 months of working out.. This picture was taken a month and a half ago!
  20. Hello all, I started doing BJJ and the first thing I noticed, especially on the no-gi day where we started from standing, was how much my neck is getting pulled on and how much my back is working. I've been doing yoga and pull-ups for a while, as I have a rounded back that I'm trying to correct. But, I have hurt my neck once before pretty badly in the past. A real bad strain. I was wondering if any grapplers out there had tips for strengthening and protecting the neck and back? I know bridging is popular among grapplers, but I've read a lot of negative things about it, such as it over
  21. As a kickboxer through high school, I'm used to injuries getting shaken off. Strapped and pushed through at worst. So I'm at a loss as to what I'm meant to do when I can't shake a pain. I've been having tendonitis/plantar fascitis in my left foot and chronic lower back pain for about 6 months now and rest is not making it any better. The foot just threw in the towel one day while I was walking around - hadn't been jogging or anything, had just moved interstate and was on a hiatus from working out. I pulled something in my back lifting one day - jumped in too deep too quick - and it has bee
  22. Hey guys, I just joined and thought I could get a few pointers on where to go from here for my strength training. I've been working up to it for a month or so now. It's mostly bodyweight, with weights thrown in for intensity where needed. It's definintely challenging me at the moment, but there are certain areas I'm finding I'd like to target more. So here's my routine as it stands: Press-ups x20 Split Leg squats with 2x4kg weight x10 Incline Dumbell press x10 (I'm thinking of swapping this out for tricep dips, just dont have a good area to perform these in) Weighted lunges with 2x4kg weig
  23. The topic title says it all in a nutshell. I discovered NF back in June 2012, and my mission has been to get stronger and healthier since then. Thanks to all of Steve's posts, various different resources and my recently-purchased copy of The Rebel Strength Guide, I hit 19 chinups over 4 sets during yesterdays workout. That is my personal best. Thank you all for being there and for being like-minded! HUZZAH!!!
  24. Hey Guys, I'm not exactly new, more accurately I'm returning. I took a little hiatus but I'm back and ready to get into Ranger training. I have a few obstacles to overcome so I'm here looking to any advice/sage wisdom anyone can offer. A quick rundown: I'm 6' 2'' 166 lbs 21 years old I blew out my knee years ago and it never seems to have healed right. I have back problems from a combination of genetics, poor care and the knee. And all in all I'm ready to forget that and get too work. What I need help with is finding ways I can work my knees and back without over working them. I used to
  25. The topic title says it all in a nutshell. I discovered NF back in June 2012, and my mission has been to get stronger and healthier since then. Thanks to all of Steve's posts, various different resources and my recently-purchased copy of The Rebel Strength Guide, I hit 19 chinups over 4 sets during yesterdays workout. That is my personal best. Thank you all for being there and for being like-minded! HUZZAH!!!
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