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Found 9 results

  1. Well, nothing is more inspiring than anime, amirite? With a new season of My Hero Academia released, I figure that'll get me all hyped for a new challenge theme. So without further ado... “If you wanna stop this, then stand up! Because I’ve got one thing to say to you. Never forget who you want to become!” -Shoto Todoroki Goal #1 Train Like Deku I often feel like I got handed the controller with the game difficulty set to extreme mode. If that's the case, then Deku started his journey on Nightmare mode. “
  2. I’ve been noticing a trend in myself -- the small changes are harder than the big changes. I can go for lunchtime walks. I can make myself workout or run. It’s the little things that keep getting in my way… so this challenge will be all about treating the symptoms of a passively healthy lifestyle. Getting proper hydration. Getting a minimum amount of steps in. Staying in a net range of calories. The things that should be mindless at this point. Main Goal: Build better simple habits to improve my overall fit life to maintain or decrease my weight or measurements as a sign of personal impr
  3. The bad news is this... Been soooo long since I posted here... So much has happened... The good news is this... I joined the Academy and said F%&K it to all the haters in my head. No turning back.
  4. Well after my relatively successful last challenge I am back and moving forwards again. After a brief discussion with my Bec I have decided to focus on these next three tasks from my list of things I need to be doing to get back on track. So here they are. Goal One: Morning and Nighttime Routines From the Art of Manliness website I have read about the importance of having a routine in the morning when I first get up and one at night before going to bed. So I have written up simple instructions for my morning and bedtime routines. The plan is to stick to them everyday. I think Constitution an
  5. [Explicit] I have been a long time away from NF, and a long time putting fitness on the back burner. It's time that I stop letting my excuses pile up and hold me down. It's time to stop letting the greedy little piggy whisper in my ear. I am the wolf, so let the games begin. Rule 1) Run 3x A Week [sTA +5] Rule 2) No Booze. [CON +5] Rule 3) Update 3x A Week. [WIS +2] Rule 4) Create A Routine. [WIS +3] These chains are heavy, if I'm going get them off it's going to happen one link at a time.
  6. Current Quest: (PART ONE) 1/5 - 1/23 - Come Back from the Dead MAIN QUEST: Back to Basics :: Don't Suck I've been AWOL for about 3 months... Sigh. I'm lucky that my reason for being AWOL is that I got VERY involved in the play I was doing, made a bunch of new friends, and subsequently did a lot of this: Time to recommit and get ready to rock! Ultimate Quest: Survive the Zombie Apocalypse NECESSARY SKILLS: I will be focusing on... STR: Fend off zombies with brawn STA: Outrun hordes for long distances DEX: Be agile and quick enough to cover rugged, varied terrain effortlessly
  7. Moving right along, footloose and fancy free Alright, so for the viewers just turning in.... I'm PrincessHeather and I'm one of the Warrior guild leaders. I was once a severe calorie restricter and cardio punisher, but I have since see the light and I try to eat a mostly clean diet (paleo/primal/WAP mix) and lift heavy things. I started with completing the New Rules of Lifting for Women program, and then as life got busy things have sort of gotten off track and I'm finally in a place to get things back on the road, so to speak. I have about 1 month to finalize all elements of my final gr
  8. PrincessHeather must BE PREPARED Main Quest: So prepare for a chance of a lifetime! I am moving to Alaska. That's not just a fun factoid but a reality, and it basically means packing up, driving across the world, and starting over someplace new. That's super exciting, but also a cause to be quite possibly the most stressed I've ever been in my life. And since I'm honestly starting to think that all my hormone issues are linked almost exclusively to stress, this is no bueno. So my big overarching goal is to KEEP THE STRESS LEVEL DOWN, and be in a good place health wise when I move, which coi
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