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Found 3 results

  1. Wolverine has been sent to the wrong timeline! Apparently, Wolverine has been sent back in time, more exactly to the year 2015. She knows now that 2015 is not such a fun place, since it’s been confirmed that there were no auto-drying or self-adjusting clothes nor flying skates, and instead, here is what there is: Floating anxiety Anticipating events anxiety Self-defeating thoughts Lack of energy Lack of activity, laziness Despondency Mental dizziness and confusion Low blood pressure Heavy nose bleeding Hair loss Refusing to eat Refusing to practice This doesn't look like adamantium anymore... However, Wolverine is far more clever than 3 years ago, and knows how to face these troubles: with ACTION! Behold the weekly ACTION plan! WH BYS/ICE MP BB+G VG+S 123 15 PULL PUSH/SQ/BBS ABS MUS ÍSK Y2 R R/W/DNA/AN FLOW GR SHOP It includes basic restoring activities, like WH stuff or before bed yoga; anxiety reducing activities, like varied exercice and spending time outdoors; rest moments, like reading; and nutrition, as in, keeping enough food at home and eating things that nourish. At the end of each week, a check-in will be done to see if things need to be readjusted. I’ll take Wolverine back where she belongs
  2. Since October 21, 2015 we’ll have flying cars and hoverboards, I thought a Back to the Future themed challenge would be fun. So, Great Scott my 11th challenge is now on! Main Quest To live a healthy and balanced life by exercising and trying to eat healthy. My motivation I've successfully dropped weight by counting calories so my diet will mostly be staying the same with 1200 calories per day M-F and then blow meals on the weekends. I've managed to put on some muscle in an effort to become stronger by weightlifting and I’ve discovered that I love lifting heavy things! However, since I have neck pain, for this challenge I’m going to go easy on lifting weights. I want to take a bit of a break from the more serious weight lifting I’ve done in the past in an effort to try to help my neck heal. Nothing else has worked, so maybe not lifting as much will? I’m not giving weightlifting up entirely, since I love being the tank, but I do want to not focus on poundage so much as form and function for this challenge. So I’m *gulp* joining the Scouts this time to focus on speed and endurance! Smaller Quests 1. “Run for fun? What the hell kind of fun is that?†-Saloon Old Timer #3, Back to the Future III Marty does a lot of running throughout the trilogy; from Bif and his cronies to the Libyan terrorists. I am not a runner and never aspire to be one. I’m of the mind that I don’t run unless something is chasing me (t-rex, zombies, otters). But in the case of this challenge and in an effort to be a True Hero, I am going to practice this hated exercise and try to at least not die while doing it. Run three times per week working my way up to running for at least 30 minutes by the end of this challenge. I’m starting with running 10 minutes straight during week #1, 15 minutes during week #2, 20 minutes during week #3 & #4, 25 minutes during week #5, and, hopefully, 30 full minutes during week #6. Week 1: 10 minutes Week #2: 15 minutes Week #3 & #4: 20 minutes Week #5: 25 minutes Week #6: 30 minutes Since I’m not a runner by nature, I’m going to strive to simply run the allotted time length and not a set amount of times per week. Scoring: /6 (one for each week’s achieved) Reward: +3 to STA & +3 to DEX 2. “Save the clock tower!†-Back to the Future Without the clock tower to supply the lightning and power, Marty would never have gotten back to his own time. Doc must have climbed a lot of stairs, and quickly, to get up there to fix the wire in the first movie. While I’m not climbing stairs, I am going to continue working on getting my first dead-hang pull-up. I was thrilled when I attempted a pull-up with my arms flexed at about 120 degrees so it gave me hope that one day I will be able to do one from a full dead-hang. I am going to continue working towards my first dead-hang pull-up by lifting weights. a. Rows: 45lbs → 55lbs b. Assisted Pull-ups: 25lbs → 15lbs assist Scoring: /10 days Reward: +2 to STR (+1 for each completed) 3. “Hey, Frisbee. Far out!†-Marty McFly, Back to the Future III Frisbees back in the Old West were a brand name for pies and Marty recognizes it and refers to the toy when he sees a Frisbee pie tin in the old west. I need to go back to limiting my sweet treats during the week since processed sugar is evil. So I’m going back to no sweet treats M-F. Last challenge, I tried eating more veggies but since I’m so picky when it comes to green stuff, I only had carrots and red beets. Focusing on not having junk food during the week has worked before so I’m going back to that for this challenge. However, since I’m at the beach the week of September 12-19, I’m not counting sweet treats then. Because: ICE CREAM!!! Scoring: /25 Reward: +2 to CON & +2 to CHA 4. “When this baby hits 80mph, you’re going to see some serious shit!†-Doc, Back to the Future While not explicitly stated in any of the movies, being fluent in another language is incredibly useful! And I’m sure Doc speaks several. I really enjoyed practicing Spanish a few challenges ago so I’m going back to it. I want to focus on practicing for 30 minutes per day, M-F. Scoring: /25 days Reward: +3 to WIS Let's do this!
  3. This will be my seventh challenge and in honor of that I'm looking back over my past six and pulling inspiration from them. Its a time traveling theme ... just go with it My six previous challenge have an interesting theme when you look them over. I'll leave the list under the . The theme is fairly simple ... I run, I bike, I do bootcamp/TRX, I try to limit booze, I do photography. This MIGHT have to do with my Scout philosophy. I mean really I keep doing the same ole same ole and expect to get different results ... I might be insane Well not really ... when I was marathon training - which was far more intense than any challenge I've done here - I got down to 210lbs though my muscles weren't what I wanted. So I'm hoping to land somewhere between where I am now (~235) and where I was (210) I think 220 or so would look good on me. I'm not looking to do another marathon but do want to hit that sub-2 hour half goal I was robbed of last year. Overall QUEST! Get to 220lbs with the muscles I want! You know while training for my fall half and being awesome for camp NF! Quest 1 I need to start getting miles under my feet. I'm going to shoot for 20 miles this time around. I'll allow bike miles to count though I doubt I'll do any as I just prefer running to biking. A - 20+ miles (+2 Sta, +2 Dex) B - 15 miles (+1 Sta, +2 Dex) C - 10 miles (+1 Sta, +1 Dex) F - under 10 miles Quest 2 I need to keep logging my food and adjust my intake to keep up with my activity. I'm going to borrow from shaarawy and focus on my protein intake. I'll be logging via MyFitnessPal and keep my fingers crossed. A - 90+ grams (+3 Str +1 Con) B - 80+ grams (+2 Str +1 Con) C - 70+ grams (+1 Str +1 Con) F - 69- grams Quest 3 Limit the boozing ... I keep trying and failing at this but dang if I'm not going to give it another go. Seriously booze is my enemy as I enjoy it and in a social situation I tend to have a drink or three too many. Time to summon the willpower! A - 5 drinks (+2 Sta, +2 Wis) B - 6 drinks (+2 Sta, +1 Wis) C - 7 drinks (+1 Sta, +1 Wis) F - 8+ drinks Life Quest Keep up with friends ... I'm failing at this as I'm being a bum. A - I hang out with 4 friends (+2 Wis, +2 Chr) B - I hang out with 3 friends (+1 Wis, +1 Chr) F - I hang out with less than 3 peoples
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