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Found 10 results

  1. Last challenge was lovely but rather wishy washy and I didn't really challenge myself. I got into a pretty good headspace though with plenty of outdoor time and mindful chill time. This challenge however is about getting shit done and taking action on some of the things that have been on my ignored epic quest list for the longest time! ||| Physical ||| I've been using my elbow injury as a poor excuse to not train much lately, even though I could've done plenty enough really. Honestly I've just been enjoying all the down time and feeling recovered
  2. Fall is fast approaching, it's getting darker and rainier and I'm slowly getting the urge to go find an nice cozy cave to hibernate in. But instead I'm going to embrace the change of season by channeling three oh so trendy Scandinavian concepts, Finnish sisu, Danish hygge and Swedish lagom. Go outside in nature, even when it's cold and rainy Be brave and keep up with morning swims for as long as possible Fight the schnooze, keep up with morning movement Don't avoid hard stuff (like potential job applications) Make my ho
  3. Ohai! Last challenge was a full on adulting challenge so now I'm swinging around 180 degrees with this un-challenge. Un-goals Climbing Just a reminder to have fun and try hard. Try all the jumpy jumps! Fun stuff Do it! Preferably daily buuut whatevs. Backbends, handstands, crow PvP. Maybe take out my slackline or hula hoop. STUFF! Go outside Already doing a great job of this, but max out the current weather, because this is Finland, and winter is coming. Ice cream diet Because an ice cream a day keeps the doctor away? Ok maybe not, but I do
  4. Ohai! I've been hiding away in the battle logs for a while, but the shiny challenge mood is infectious so I thought I'd try this again! I'm a dabbler in all things climbing or being upside down, but this challenge is mainly going to be focused on climbing as that's what I'm currently doing the most of and oddly enough it turns out I can't do everything at once. Goal 1: Mental game The past month my climbing has been appalling, my grades have plummeted and my fingers are struggling. But I *think* and really really hope it's on the upswing now? Thi
  5. Main goal - Follow the (rings) program! Last year when I was in a climbing funk KBGirl was super awesome and helped me modify GMB's Rings 1 to better suit my strengths and weaknesses, but before I got around to start it my climbing took an upswing and put the program in my underpants pile. This makes me feel a bit guilty because I really appreciate KBGirl's help, plus I really do want to play on the rings. And get beastly strong! So now's the time to actually follow a real program like a good girl, 3x/week. This is a video of me messing around on the rings which shows roughly the level
  6. I'd like to get back into the challenge thing, but goals are amorphous/nearly nonexistent at the moment. This'll get filled with something at some point, probably? A silks routine to this song must be created. If my silks gym ever opens back up again. Things: Get stronger for return to the silksPull upsToes to Bar progressions Get bendier Straddle drills (on the ground for now, in the air some magical day)Backbends Have some fun HandbalancesPartner acro stuffClimbing gym Eat better MOAR proteinFEWER junky snacksMOAR water
  7. Fit Intro: As a kid, I sucked at everything sport related and was known at my school for failing almost every time on P.E. The last couple of years I have discovered that I actually do love to push my body, but that I'm not a fan of team sports. I love dancing, yoga and strength training(free weights and body weight). My most recent victory was the 5k race that I ran in May and I hope to get a <30 min time on that soon. Nerd Life Intro: I recently graduated as a Java Developer, but still taking on extra courses like Android. Programming is computers + puzzles and therefor awesome. I love
  8. I'm a circus wannabe and dabble in contortion and get questions once in a while on how to get more flexible. But instead of hijacking random threads I thought I'd start this thread for chatting about anything related to more extreme flexibility training like splits and backbends. You know the stuff that looks cool. There was one question about how to start with backbending and a quick google search always results in this link, which I do NOT recommend. It starts at a way too advanced level, uses old fashioned training techniques and doesn't discuss alignment. Instead I'd highly recommend th
  9. Hi my lovely fellow scouts, I'm back (late as per usual) with you for a bit ! When on holiday in Cornwall, I managed to break my back - at least it felt like it - while body boarding. A wave smashed my upper body down while hurling my lower body up, resulting in a very unhealthy forced back bend. Not good. I had been training back strength (pull-ups) and back bends (bridges and all) with the assassins and that, right now, is definitely off for the time being. My GP says not to worry, but when I do push ups, pull ups, or even slight back bends, I still hurt. So I'm back with you for my
  10. Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorite stories of all time and for my first NF Challenge, I want to invoke Aang and laugh at gravity. {For those who aren't familiar: The show was originally written for kids and aired on Nickelodeon, but it was so good much of the regular audience was made up of over 18s. My local bar in Brooklyn actually packed in a huge crowd when they played the final four-episode finale. The premise of this world is that there are four main superpowers in existence, and four separate nations or groups of people: The Water Tribe, the Earth Kingdom, the Fire Nati
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