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Found 22 results

  1. Hey all, I thought I'd just check in before I head off on my next adventure. At the end of last year I booked airfares and transport to a hike I've been planning on doing in Tasmania called 'Walls of Jerusalem" . While it's been on my 'to do' list for a while it was a late night black friday sales impromptu booking and the plan was to do it as a solo 4 day hike. Then I was talking to a colleague on the last day of work before the Christmas shutdown and I found a kindred spirit who has now booked flights and transport and is doing the backpacking trip with me!
  2. I have been wanting to do a Dark Tower themed challenge FOR EVER. This series is probably my absolute favourite of all time. I’m encouraged by the movie hopefully providing a wide availability of gifs so I'm finally doing it! I won’t be following the movie plot though, I’ll be sticking with the book characters and locations. This is going to be a 3 challenge long theme, with pre-planned variations and additions each challenge. This triple-challenge is all leading up to Mr. Raxie and I’s wedding in October, and then our honeymoon in early November! The first major thi
  3. Ok, so I could very likely post this in the Adventurer's group... but I'd say as far as long term and constant goals go, I'm a warrior who likes to adventure. However, I am taking a break from my powerlifting gains for a while as I attempt to lose a few pounds and maybe climb a couple mountains. Maybe. I'll still throw in a lifting goal though. 1. Lifting while I'm working with a deficit calorie range, I can't consistently bust out clean heavy reps. For the duration of this challenge (and possibly the next one) I'll be working on building up volume. Volume... wish me luck.
  4. I'm on the final countdown to my next hike, The Great Ocean Walk (100km). In four weeks time I'll be sitting in a campsite overlooking the ocean. My hiking buddy is applying to join the police force and as would happen has her fitness test on the day that would be day two of the hike. Because Easter we can't adjust the start and end date so I first thought to just skip the first two days, but then I remembered that a lot of hiker/bloggers skipped a campsite on the first two days where the terrain is easier - so I have adjusted the booking and now we are starting with a 21km and 22km days be
  5. Well, here we are at a new challenge, and I for one am really glad because my last challenge was a complete disaster, despite having one of my better themes of all time. Sigh. So glad to be restarting. I like the slightly longer challenges so I’m going to start with zero week, which will give me a 5-week span this time. My challenge this time will be all about spending more time in the Great Outdoors, or as I’m calling it: ESCAPE OF THE ZOO HUMAN There’s a quote by Erwan LeCorre, the Movnat guy, where he talks about modern humans being comparable to animals in zoos
  6. For those looking for a good podcast for newbies and beginners to hiking and backpacking, I recommend "The First 40 Miles Hiking and Backpacking Podcast": http://www.thefirst40miles.com/ I've been listening to them since I heard them do a guest spot on the Homesteady Podcast. Good, solid advice. Cheers, John Harvey
  7. The Mission: UNLOCK DIETARY BEAST MODE. What would it be like to eat food and not worry about getting sick? What would it be like if I had a diet that contributed to a healthy weight but didn't make me sick when I eat? I aim to find out. I'm Melissa. Hi! In addition to the challenge things I am working on below, here's what I'm like. I'm a 37 year old living in the intermountain west. Things I like to do include being outside (mainly hiking, camping, backpacking, canyoneering, and rafting), reading, cooking (currently getting into fermentation and sausage making), baking, board games (word, o
  8. [Dr. Nick voice] Hi, everybody! [/Dr. Nick] I've been an NF lurker for over a year and a half and am finally joining what is surely one of the coolest communities around. I've always considered myself to be some degree of fat/pudgy, and to have man boobs more than pecs. I'd rather be strong than skinny though, and since November I've been slowly but surely working my way up to 4 days/week of working out or skiing. I'm enjoying weightlifting for the numerical progress I can track and seeing muscles pop out for the first time in years, and my 2-3 days/week of skiing lets me utilize those gains t
  9. So here we are! Finally found a few minutes to get this together. I'm slowly bringing my life to a manageable level of chaos. I've already started my first challenge, albeit a week late. And now I'm excited to have a place to maybe talk about other stuff. A warning: I tend to write novel-length emails, tell long-winded stories, and generally ramble about anything that comes to mind, and I don't think this place will be any different. But I'd love to make friends and hear from anyone who might have advice or a story of their own to share. So don't be shy! A bit about me: I grew up in Texas
  10. Hello everyone! This is my second third challenge as a Ranger, I bailed on the first second because turns out writing a doctoral dissertation is really time consuming. Now I return to resume my quest to be an awesome Viking, but with a more specific goal in mind: In January I'm going to Guatemala to backpack through the jungle! It's going to be exactly like this. Exactly. So there is no way that I am going to become Arnold, ever (not in my genetics as a lady-type person) but I'm going to need some Strength and Endurance to get through my jungle trek. Especially if I run into a Preda
  11. Does anyone have any experience or tips for coordinating weekend camping adventures? Or how to make the most of a 2 to 3 day adventure time limit? Coordinating work schedules for bf and me (and possibly our friends) is hard but we both like doing fun outdoorsy things and want to make the most of the nicer weather when we can. Specific request for Jersey rebels - what are your favorite campsites? Preferably ones that don't ban alcohol (bf's request)
  12. Good Day! For as long as I can remember I have been a gamer girl, it started with sitting on my parents living room floor playing Asteroids on my Atari. Yeah you read that right...Atari. My all time favorite series is Final Fantasy and my favorite game within the series is VII, I still own a PS2 just so I can dust it off and try to beat Ruby Weapon once in awhile. So naturally I am patterning my big quest after my favorite game! And, I need to have a little fun with this since life is all way too much "serious business" right now so I am stepping into character and writing a bit of a story.
  13. During the last challenge I built some good habits, including walking at least 20 minutes every day. I've found some good solutions for getting past hurdles which previously got in my way, such as using the Wii Walk It Out game for making indoor walking more fun than a treadmill. These were exciting major breakthroughs for me! For this challenge, I want to maintain those habits and start focusing on the next most important ones. Main Quest Backpack the Washington state portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in August of this year. It's just over 500 miles, and will take approximately 4-5 week
  14. As the weather transitions to wet and cold in this part of the world, I reorganized my efforts after having a back injury and illness. It gave me time to clarify and fine-tune my goals. Here are my goals for this challenge: Main Quest My Main Quest continues to be the same: Backpack the Washington state portion of the Pacific Crest Trail in August 2014. To fulfill this quest, I need to develop: A strong back for carrying a load: I will follow the Back Rx exercise program as outlined in the book. Strong legs for hiking up and down mountain trails: I will follow the 10,000 squats pr
  15. Ok heres were i post my goals for the next challange Ok First off Backpacking Lets start reasonable I want to go on at least one excursion with a full multi day load even if its only a one day trip to prep myself for thru hiking ie month long hikes. Part of this will be learning how to pack for a thru hike and going on day hikes at least once a week kind of like rucking. Secondly I want to keep doing at least one GoRuck Challange every 2 months to culminate in a Heavy. I might also do a light every two weeks. Thirdly I want to work on my general physical preparedness ie metcon. I wan
  16. So I haven't been camping, climbing (bouldering) or long-distance hiking in a few years and it's something I've been meaning to get back into. I plan on doing several hiking/bouldering trips before it starts snowing up here in New England, but I've decided to plan a multi-day excursion to Maine for next summer. I will keep this thread open until then with my planning processes and whatnot, but initially what I'm looking for is some feedback from anyone who has done it. I've actually never been hiking/backpacking in Maine, so I don't know what it's like exactly, but I've been all over Mass, NH,
  17. I found a really good walking stick; but that's not what this is all about. Before I get started with the story I'm going to explain why the following was a big deal for me. It may sound like a sob story at first but you'll just have to bear with me. I was born with a genetic disorder known as Marfan Syndrome. Now, if you Google this condition you're going to get a lot of pictures of very deformed individuals. I, however have a mild case of the disease in comparison to the advanced cases you are likely to see. I have multiple skeletal deformities which have caused scoliosis and hip dysfunc
  18. One of my dreams has been to start an outdoorsy lifestyle, learning survival skills and doing lots of hiking, camping, backpacking. I know that such things require equipment, and I have none. What equipment do I need for these pursuits, classified in "essential," "nice to have," and "worthless," (or arranged in a priority list format)? What attributes should I look for in this equipment, or what brands should I purchase? I'm only looking at doing weekend trips for now, with a max duration of a week when I'm on a break. The only things I know I'll need are a survival knife (well, that's a
  19. As part of accomplishing my top Big Mission on my Bucket List, climbing Pikes Peak, I would like to see if there are any other like-minded individuals out there that look up at Pikes Peak and think, "someday." Or possibly you have already conquered this particular moutain or another in the area and would like to do it again. Well I would like to formally invite anyone out there that would like to join me in this particular quest and bask in the glory and claim the bragging rights that goes along with it. I challenge my fellow Nerds to take on the famous Peak with me. I know it's not going to
  20. I'm getting a late start, but decided to do the challenge anyway (five weeks of it). Here's my starting point: Current Statistics (changes relate to the beginning of the previous challenge): WEIGHT: 232 lbs. (no change from start of last challenge) HEIGHT: 5'6" AGE: 62 years (up 1 from start of last challenge--heh!) ESTIMATED BF: 55.37% calculator, used US Navy algorithm for results (up 0.73%) RIGHT BICEP: 15.25 in. (no change) LEFT BICEP: 15.25 in. (down 0.25 in.) WAIST (at navel): 45.50 in. (down 0.25 in.) HIPS: 50.50 in. (no change) RIGHT THIGH: 27.0 in. (up 1 in.) LEFT THIGH: 27.0 in.
  21. I'm getting a late start to this particular challenge, but I was very excited to see an accountibilibuddies group focused on backpacking. However, that particular Adventurer group is full (and then some) so I thought I'd try starting a new one in the Rangers section. My ultimate fitness goal, as you can see from my sig, is to backpack the Washington state section of the PCT next year (August 2014). I backpacked for years and loved it when I was younger, but haven't been out for about 30 years now. I wanted a long-term fitness goal exciting enough to motivate me, and it's been working really
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