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Found 4 results

  1. Hi gang. Going to give it another try here. I hurt my back so I'm on a healthy dose of steroids right now and no lifting. Honestly should probably be on light duty at work so the next week should be interesting. Goal 1) This was supposed to be following the nifty new lifting program my new rugby s&c coach gave me. Instead for now it's going to be mobility work to loosen up the problem muscles in my back and hip. 3x per week. Once my back is happy again it will go back to lifting 3x per week. Goal 2) Follow the eating plan that goes with the new lifting program reme
  2. I really wavered on doing a challenge this time. But I'm afraid if I don't do one this time then soon it will be 2017 and I will weigh 400 pounds because I broke the only tether that reminds me I don't want to weigh 400 pounds. I've got another hectic few weeks coming up so I wanted to make this challenge as simple as possible. Goal 1) Eat 15,750 calories per week. That averages out to 2250 per day but I like to measure by the week because some days I'm hungrier than others. Goal 2) Household tasks. I will do 1 household chore per day. Every day. The only exception will be if I'm home
  3. Hello! I'm new on the forums, so I apologize thoroughly for any noobness in advance So I have a bad back injury that I've had for a couple years now (no known exact cause yet), but I really want to start getting into lifting (& strength training in general), but I'm really really afraid of hurting myself! I know good form is really the key here, but even when I do things slowly and with what appears to be good form, I still have horrible pains that make it difficult to perform the next training day Does anyone know any alternatives or maybe tips on lifting with a bad back? I've thou
  4. Hi everyone, I'm brand-spanking new (intro here) and it's great to have found NF! I want to follow in the steps of Staci as far as lose bad weight, gain good weight/bulk up. From what I've read, it seems like one of the core exercises she did to pull this off was deadlifts and squats. I'm all for pushing myself to the limit with lower-body workouts (hated these thunder thighs in high school, now I love them!!), but I hesitate to test that much weight on my lower back because of a crazy reconstructive spine surgery I had at 18. [see x-rays here] Now five of my lower vertebrae are fused toget
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