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  1. I have decided at least for now to switch to a battle log since it seems that is mainly what my challenge logs have become... I have a few goals for 2015... I am gonna figure out this place and what my goals are and whatnot... anything goes here... this is a place for complete transparency
  2. Hi all, The goal of this thread is to show myself and others that just because you have a family doesn’t mean you have to be unhappy with your fitness and how your clothes fit. I have some goals for myself in 2018 and if I meet all of them I get to spend some money on myself for something I wouldnt normally spend money on. I haven’t decided quite yet so I’ll keep quiet for now, but they are awesome! Here are my goals ~ run 5 miles without stopping(not on a treadmill) ~10 body weight pull-ups ~deadlift my body weight ~have my waist 30”or under (or a four pack) ~weigh less than 160 ~ hold a handstand for 1 min (no wall) looking forward to documenting this journey.
  3. It's time. IT'S TIME. For what, you may not have asked- BUT I'LL ANSWER ANYWAY! IT'S TIME... to get strong. Powerful. Bad. Ass. Becoming a certified and recognized badass takes time and effort, of course. The first of which I have in spades. The second.. ehh. [i'm lazy] A Bit About Me: I'm a 5'9 1/2, about 145 pound 18 year old girl who is currently attending college.I'm currently taking karate at my college [going on 6 months now!] and will continue after my classes are over.My Goals For This Challenge: Taking My Medicine Daily - It looks gross and tastes gross, but damn if it doesn't do well for my mental health.Water World - Drinking exclusively water. Liquid calories are no bueno.1 Minute Horse Stance - This is mainly to strengthen my knees; I've always had joint problems, so this SHOULD help. Any other suggestions would be welcome!Current Badass Level: Kitten. I have claws but no idea how to use them- Suck. This challenge is mainly to show myself that I CAN stick with something. There aren't any fitness-specific goals, only because of my Karate classes twice a week, which don't necessitate a goal at the moment. 3 is also a nice number.
  4. My journey to becoming a curvy, strong, and flexable badass. I am currently working on : Flexibility- a full Herron with leg straight Endurance- run two miles without walking Strength- Squat: 3x10 with 75 lbs Dead lift:3x10 with 90 lbs
  5. Hello! Well this is good timing! I'm on the long, slow grind of losing those last few pounds. Have been using MFP for ages to track calories - it's taken me the best part of a year to realise my maintenance calories have a HUGE range. Had to ditch my $10 per month subscription to Daily Burn - partly out of poverty, partly because their server is an old sack of poop and I'm tired of their excuses saying the trouble's on my end when I have absolutely no trouble streaming Netflix, Hulu etc, without constant buffering... I wrote down the kettlebell routines and there are plenty of yoga vids to watch for free online. My main challenge will be self-motivation - I like working out alone, but with instruction - even if it's just a computer shouting in my ear. This time it's going to have to come from me. Main Quest: 1. Achieve 20% body fat - should equate to getting down from 129lbs to 115lbs, but will adjust as necessary. 2. Work towards running a 10K race (mid-July) in under an hour, using a training programme. Quests: Carry on counting calories on MFP and Runkeeper - eat at deficit, eat half of exercise calories back. Strength and cardio from running and kettlebells for fitness and to maintain lean muscle mass. Yoga on rest days - vinyasa, ashtanga, or something restorative if I need a break. I use Grokker and Do Yoga With Me. Adapt this routine while on a week-long walking holiday in the Lake District - use Runkeeper on walks, suspend KBs and running, carry on with Yoga. Life Quest: Learn basic computer programming skills. To cut a long story short, I'm a performer. I don't have a back-up job, and most work-from-home stuff is either marketing or telesales, which I loathe to do. I love playing games and before I was a performer had a decent tech-based job, so I'm confident this can be done! Motivation: 1. Tried lots of different workouts over the last year, from Insanity, to weight training, to dancing, kettlebells, you name it.... and built up my strength and fitness over that time. I seem to carry all my body fat on my belly and now I want to see my hard-won abs! 2. My partner recently ran a half-marathon in a ridiculous time - while I've still got my faculties I want to do something cool, and raise awareness/money for my chosen charity too. The atmosphere at his race was out of this world as well. The race I've yet to sign up to takes you around Central London, and I don't believe there's any other event like that, aside from the London Marathon. ​3. I'm going on a walking holiday to the Lake District during this challenge. I will use Runkeeper to track those long walks. If memory serves I'll be walking all day and it will be too much, not to mention annoying to The Fellowship, should I decide to do Kettlebells or Running of an evening... Ashtanga Yoga should cover it.... Stats: Height: 5' 4" Current Weight: 129.2lbs Current Body Fat: 24.3% Goal Weight: 115lbs Goal Body Fat: 20% Is that enough info? Let me know if I've missed something out!
  6. Main quest Be a strong bad ass and look killer in a bikini. Taking a challenge off has been helpful in a few ways – redefining my goals and looking at what I really want to achieve. I started here on NF just over a year ago. I was a bit disappointed to look back and think that there isn’t really anything specific that I have done in the last year that I can say “Yay! I achieved Xâ€. In the spirit of always growing, I do feel like I’m more awesome than I was a year ago, and that I’m armed with more knowledge too. I’ve definitely done some things I never would have over the past year if I didn’t participate in these challenges – especially completing my first whole30. One thing I found I’ve been lacking is specific fitness goals for myself. My post a year ago was that I want to reduce my bf%. That’s great, but I had no measure, no pictures, no big driving force. Upon (many!) chats with a good friend around here (Teros – honestly, I’m not sure how he had time to talk to anyone else, plus be the awesome guild leader that he is, with the amount of PMs we had flying back and forth! ) I’ve realized that yes, losing that fat would be awesome and make me happy, but it’s not a big driving force. When I was cheerleading in university, we would do fitness testing a couple of times a year and I loved feeling that strong, squatting my own body weight and more. My new main quest is to be a strong bad ass and look killer in a bikini. The strong bad ass is because I need to set specific goals to hit that will motivate and drive me. Right now, it’s the end goal of a pull-up. This is the ultimate in badassery. As far as looking killer in a bikini, this still keeps with the idea of dropping bf %, but I’ve taken photos to make it more measurable (I'm not brave enough to post them yet, but they exist, I promise). Don’t get me wrong, I look decent in a bikini, and I do go to the beach like that, but if I dropped just a little bit more body fat I would look killer I’m short, and so I know what is realistic of my body and what isn’t, so my definition of “killer†is rooted in reality. I was looking for examples of what my goal would be, but honestly, every picture I found was either some girl who was too skinny or too ripped. So I'm just gonna do me. My three goals to achieve my main quest are: 1. Whole30 – I have completed one and once I set my mind to it, it actually wasn’t that hard. It’s like going to the gym – the hardest part is deciding you’re going to do it and get your butt there. Once you’re there, you have a good workout and it was totally worth it. I haven’t been able to make myself commit again, and it’s been discouraging. For me, bad eating is a super slippery slope. It tends to be all or nothing. When I did the first one I saw major results – the overall shape of my body changed, I lost pounds, and I felt great. My boyfriend even said that I felt smaller. This one is 100% 7 days a week. Doing a whole 6 week challenge is 42 days, plus I started this on Oct 27, so technically my whole30 ends November 26. Another part of my reason for doing a whole30 is that I have psoriasis on my scalp, and I'm hoping that reforming my eating habits will help get this under control. 2. Bedtime routine – I have a few goals that I would like to roll into one, and luckily they work together. I would like to spend more time working on my flexibility, rolling with my foam roller and using my yoga tune up balls (amazing!!) and doing some meditation. Hopefully getting enough sleep too. Luckily it makes sense to do all of this at once/in combination. I might night get to EVERYTHING every night, but I want to make sure I do some of it, if nothing else a few minutes of meditation. I should be getting a book in the mail on this next week called The Role Model, which is very exciting for me, and should hopefully help keep me motivated. I would love to do this every night, but weekends might not be realistic, so I'm going to shoot for 5 days a week. 3. Rows – Here’s where my fit bad ass part comes in. I want to work on inverted rows daily as a progression to pull ups. I will do inverted rows daily, adding one rep/day with my TRX suspension trainer. I will be marking where my feet are (aka the steepness of my incline) and once I reach a certain number of reps (maybe 20?) I’ll move the mark so that it’s harder, and likely reset the number of reps down to 10. This goal is going to be 6 of 7 days a week. It's kind of like the PLP challenge (but just the one P!) so I don't see a problem doing it every day and giving myself one day off. Side/life quest – I plan to start working towards my CanFit Pro personal training certification at the beginning of December (when most of my fitness classes wrap up for the year). At that point, I want to create a timeline for getting my certification. Until I get the material though, I really can’t make a schedule for myself. Motivation is the part I always have a tough time defining. I have a passion for health and fitness and I just want to keep growing, learning and getting better, being better. I'm going to be a personal trainer to spread my love of fitness, and one day in the near future own my own fitness business and I feel it's important to practice what you preach, show people that' it's doable. I think it's important for clients to see that you're not perfect either. I will never be tall and thin, but I can rock what I have going on. It's always a journey, and different phases of our lives will require different things from our bodies and minds. Scoring: 1. Whole 30: 7/7 7/7 3/7 1/7 0/7 0/7 2. Bedtime: 5/5 4/5 4/5 1/5 1/5 0/5 3. Rows: 6/6 6/6 4/6 1/6 1/6 0/6
  7. Let me start off by saying this: I'm mostly an RPG kind of nerd. There is something awesome about staying up all night, creating a character from scratch and going on impossible adventures. That being said, I particularly love tough, powerful, ass-kicking female characters. A random train of thoughts while watching a youtube walkthrough of Tomb Raider led me to the realization that I want to become my own kind of Lara Croft. I want to be fit and ready for whatever adventure may lay ahead. I want to be able to climb, run, dodge and jump. I want to be fluent in several languages. I want to be able to defend myself and save people. I want to be a survivor. So my Main Quest is: Become as awesome as Lara Croft. In order to do so, I've chosen these Three Quests: 1) Eat simple, nourishing food: I'm going to cook as much as I can, and use basic ingredients (trying to stick to vegetables, meat, fruit and as little flour as possible). Buy meals only when I'm unable to cook, and that food must be wholesome and simple (nothing fried, greasy, or with too much flour). Avoid processed foods with additives. I will only eat complex food in social gatherings, and if so, a small amount. 2) Exercise 1 hour per day, 4 days a week: My exercises will vary day to day, I will try to find a balance between my different options. Inline skating: for lower body strength, balance and coordination. Running: because I need to be able to scape collapsing ruins. Sprinting (Tabata): *cool girls don't look at explosions* Climbing, Jumping, etc: I've found this amazingly suitable workout plan! 3) Do something badass once a week: Parkour, Yoga, Krav Maga, Archery... I'll choose depending on the availability of trainers/places to learn/schedule. (((And yes, I do think Yoga can be super challenging, specially considering the strength, balance and coordination it requires!))) My Life Quest will be: Becoming fluent in French. I'm already taking a class, but in addition to that, I'll start watching movies and series, I'll listen to music and podcasts, all in French. I'll dedicate half an hour every day to this quest. Two saving points: Midway: If I manage to successfully reach the first half of this challenge, I'll reward myself with a new haircut. Last day: If I was successful in my Quests, I'll buy myself a special Christmas gift (to be determined later!).
  8. Hey guys! Ready to do my....wow, ninth challenge. Goal #1: Commit to a strict Paleo diet. I've done this before with success, but now that I'm training even harder, I'm curious about the results I'll get when I stick to it all. The only splurge will be on my birthday. A: 100% B: 95% F: Anything lower Goal #2: Train 5x a week. I get bored easily, which means I get lazy and don't want to train the next day. So I need to keep up the habit. 5x may seem extreme but I'll have 2 days off to rest, and I'll allow more if I need it. A: 5/5 B: 4/5 F: 3/5 Goal #3: Finish pre Algebra and Arithmatics on Khan Academy. Some of you already know I hate math, and suck at it. But I don't want to be a Combat Engineer who can't do the math right then and there. A: Finish Pre-Algebra and Arithmetic B: Just a few Master Classes away F: No change Goal #4: Find a job. No luck so far, but I need to keep trying. I'm hoping to get a job at a vet's office, PetsMart, Gamestop, or a feed store. But I'm trying anyone that's hiring right now. A: Get an interview B: Send out a lot of applications F: Nothing Life Goal: Get down to a size 12. My size 14 are loose now! I'm hoping to get down to a 12, or maybe a 10 but that most likely is wishful thinking. Side Goals: Draw more Lose my butt gut Keep practicing patience Yoga Write in journal everyday Let my walls down once in a while with the guy Before/After Didn't think there was a difference till I saw the pics, now I'm happy Wanted to pimp this up but for some reason it's not letting me paste photos or even change font size. I thought it was my computer, but I'm using my grandmother's. I'm gonna ask someone what's up.
  9. Only a Few Can Call Themselves a New Year Badass! badass (bad · ass) n., pl -es 1. Someone who lives life free of any excuses they could make, no matter how legitimate those excuses may appear to be. 2. A person who doesn't say "I can't" even if everyone else is saying it. 3. A person who defines him- or herself by accomplishments, not limitations. 4. A person who realizes that there is always another way, and that almost nothing is impossible. Welcome! Do you think your Badass enough to make a transformation before the New Year arrives. After all the upcoming holidays and cold weather would make others put their goals on the shelves, because the New Year is when you make changes right? WRONG! And that's what we're all about, changes start now! We don't give excuses, and we don't take them either. As of now there are only 8 weeks till January 1st. What can you accomplish before then? Whoever joins will be part of a team, we encourage one another, help out when we're stuck, and kick each other into gear when our focus and will is wavering. Do you want to join? When you join, please write down your New Year defying goals. They don't have to be weight loss, it can be anything. After all, don't you want to start the next year already ready and able to kick 2014 in the ass? Founder: LostOne1775: Getting Ready For the Marines Members: W4DM: Amazon Training Duality: Throwin' Around Some Iron to be a better Assassin otter905: Challenge Number 5 Jack Harlekin: Challenge 3 missrebecca: Sorting out my Life Terinatum: New Groove Matt_72: Rollin with the Scouts Again but Faster Samanmoran: Will Get 10% Sexier (after all I'm married, not dead) AwkwardActive: I'm Going on an Adventure! erinlaurel: Misson-Not to Buy a Bigger Pair of Jeans DarthChronos: Strikes Back lattesugarnomore: Start to the Top Kaede: First Challenge
  10. After completely killing my last challenge I again wanted to raise the stakes and make this six week challenge more difficult. Cause that's what challenges are for! To be a killer you have to be fast, stealthy, and merciless. These are the top three things I associate with being a killer, maybe it's not what you think of, but you're not the important one here. I am. I plan on being merciless with myself, no more "I can't's" For everyone one "I can't" I will be adding 30 seconds to that current work out. Stealth means that I am light on my feet, leaving no trace of myself behind. The only thing I want to leave behind is my fat, reflexes are a huge player in stealth. The only way for me to be fast is to work on perfecting my time on the things I currently do. I shall accomplish this by *One high intensity cardio session a week. It will help me with my speed and stealth, by being quick and light on my feet. Also, balls to the wall is just healthy in general. Conditioning the heart to get used to short and hard spurts. Intervals should be 10-30 seconds of 100% effort with about 2-5 minutes of rest in between, also should be done about 8 sets. Grading 6-5 times: A 4-3 times: B 3-2 times: C 1 time: D 0 times :F (for freaking failure) [4 Str] *Two moderate cardio sessions with a little bit of strength training. This will help me to achieve the stealth I will need. The cardio sessions should be anywhere from 25-45 minutes, with a steady pace. It's not about the fat burning it's about endurance, and how long I will be able to sustain it. Grading 12-10 times: A 9-7 times: B 6-4 times: C 3-1 times: D 0 times: F (for freaking failure) [ 2 Dex, 4 Stam] Lastly, *one slow burning cardio and keeping my calorie intake no higher than 1560. Keeping something the same from the last two challenges, I think is good for me. Having something steady, it also makes me realize what I put into my body versus what I think I put into my body. This one cardio, I will probably play volleyball and count that for it since, I play for two hours once a week. Grading 40-33 days of 1580 or under: A 32-25 days of 1580 or under: B 24-17 days of 1580 or under: C 16-9 days of 1580 or under: D 8-0 days of 1580 or under: F (for freaking failure) [3 Con, 2 Wis] For my short terms life goal,I'm going to start a no "fat talk" myself. Example "Man I look like such a fat blob today." This one will be really difficult for me..I fat shame myself quite a bit.
  11. Hey guys! It's a new year and that means a new look at how I lived last year. I've decided that I want to be able to sign up for the Marines either before or on my birthday. So I only have four months to be ready. I can do this! Also I have a Super Spartan I have to get ready for that'll be starting Jan. 25, and I'll be running with another Nerd, the fabulous, Badass, and totally hardcore AWKWARDACTIVE!! And I'm really determined not to do a single freaking Burpee, or slow down AwkwardActive. Goal 1: Train 3x a week: My training goal for this challenge is: 50 FULL pushups 100 Hanging Leg Raises 2 Chin ups 50 Squats with 100# sandbag A+: Surpass at least two A: Accomplished goal F: Failed set goals Goal 2: Exercise and Stretch Concho Everyday: This should be simple enough, I'll obviously postpone this goal when I'm gone to my race. A+: Complete goal and take Concho hiking 2+x a week A: Complete Goal F: Miss two days Goal 3: Workout my Brain: This is my discipline, for me, anything mental related is hard. I have a really short attention span to certain things and tend to zone out when bored. Like Walter Mitty (awesome movie!). A+: Memorize "The Raven" by Edgar Allen Poe, something I've always wanted to do! A: Work and study everyday. F: Nothing. Goal 4: Grip Strength: If I want to achieve what I've been dreaming to do, then I need the grip of Hercules. I want to learn how to rock climb after all. A+: Hold onto the bar past a minute. A: 1 minute F: Not even a minute. Life Goal: Finish the Super Spartan. Ready to make this year the most memorable of my life!
  12. This is my first challenge and I plan to crush it( always easy to say the first day lol)! Background: I have always been active and competed at some level in sports but after high school I had more trouble staying fit because I didn't have any competitions I could really compete in now that I'm an adult(see the thread running quandary for why). On top of that I was diagnosed with a neurological problem that essentially means anything my body regulates on is own has the potential to be out of whack(for me it's been blood pressure, and heart rate along with other things) . My symptoms have become much better recently and that has allowed me to start exercising more regularly. Also, a little over two months ago my husband and I were blessed with a beautiful little boy who keeps me on my toes. I don't want having a baby be an excuse to not be fit so here I am ready to be the exception to the rule. Let's do this, Leeeeerrooooy Jennkins!!! Challenge: To start training for a spartan race in April by doing high intensity body weight and weight training( when I can get to the gym) for a minimum of 30 minutes three times a week and running once a week. GOALS: Run three miles with a minimum of six miles an hour 90 second plank 5 pull ups and chin ups unassisted Life hack: Create a budget using a cash system
  13. Welcome! My name is Alex. I'm a 25 year old test engineer. I live in the desert of AZ and love it. I'm here at NF to get motivated, stay motivated, and motivate other people. This place is very special and unique, and I can't believe I just found it. This place rocks and has really pushed me to keep going. This is me: I started taking charge of my health on July 2012, but I don't take many photos (not because of my weight, just don't) so I didn't have something to compare to when I actually started, but I was fairly steady for many years. I'm now at around 215 lbs. My motivation is my wife and newborn son. I want to look the best for my wife. And I want to live a long time and set a strong example of a man for my son. They are everything to me, and I feel I should be the best for them. And being nice and hardworking isn't enough. Plus if I'm dead, I can't do anything. Second plus, it doesn't hurt to be dead sexy, see what I did there GOALS 1). Nutrition (STR +1, CON +2, STA +1) This is the most important thing. I eat Primal 90% of the time. Why? Because it works. I care not of the mumbo jumbo about cavemen, I care about results. So far I've felt the best eating no grains and minimal cheese. My energy is better, my digestive health is better, and I don't worry too much about calories because I don't eat enough as it is. This last thing needs to change. After speaking with Donar on his thread. I will need to find my maintenance and work from there. I'm going to shoot for a 40/40/20 PRO/CHO/FAT split to do this. More details to follow. This will be a 3 week assessment and then a change towards a deficit. Thanksgiving Weekend will not count towards this challenge. Ok, this is changing a bit. Right now, there is no way in hell I could succeed at this. The baby is takes up too much of my wifes time for her to plan out and prepare meals and she's the big reason for my success. I don't mind helping with this at all, but with my always changing schedule it's hard to plan and prepare every day. Instead I will focus on eating what I normally eat (since I'm losing weight) and track everything as best as possible. This will give me something to make better decisions with for a stricter diet. Sorry Donar! I do plan to meet a calorie goal and macros for the next challenge. The boy will be older giving mom more time to do meal prep while I work. I will hopefully start a real lift program to accompany that diet. God I miss the barbell. Grading: Track food intake except for 3 days = A Track food intake except for 6 days = B Track food intake except for 9 days = C Track food intake except for 12 days = D Track food intake except for 15 days = F 2). BBWW (STR +3, STA +2, Bonus: STR +1) I don't have time to start a real lifting program with the newborn. I really want to do Starting Strength since I love lifting weight but I can't swing that now. If I can't commit I won't do it. I will explore it some during this challenge to see if the gym nearby can work for me. So instead I will do a BBWW workout and modify as I get better at it. Right now the weak spot is push ups. I will likely add to it as well. I am starting at least two sets, MWF. I will list the work out for each day. Grading: 18 WO = A 15 WO = B 12 WO = C 9 WO = D 7 WO = F A point will be shifted from Nutrition to BBWW if I can complete full sets of push ups. If not the point will remain with the Nutrition category. 3). Running (STA +2, DEX +2, BONUS: STA +1) I have my first 5k race on Dec 8th. It is the Hot Chocolate Run in Phoenix. Supposed to be fun. During the last challenge I completed my C25K program, and the baby was born right before I was going to do a full 5k run. I have since completed one at a 11:30 pace (slower than I was running before baby boy arrived). This goal is about continuing running to keep conditioning and get faster. How will I do this? At least one long run (5k) and one "other" run. This last run will likely be some interval training to increase speed. Or a shorter run (2 miles) while trying to run faster. I will confer with the running folks if this is acceptable way to pick up my pace. Your thoughts? Grading: 12 Runs = A 10 Runs = B 8 Runs = C 6 Runs = D 4 Runs = F A point will be shifted from the life goal into the running goal if I can improve my 5k pace to under 10:30 min/mile. Otherwise it will stay in the life goal. LIFE GOAL). Ace the Class! (WIS +1, CON +1) This is a continuation of my previous challenge. I need to boost my GPA in my Master's Program. I have a 2.7 GPA (stupid B-) and my other transfer credit classes don't count towards it. So I need at least a B+ to continue in the program. After that I'm still on thin ice. Currently have a 83% in the class. I was hoping to boost it in the midterm but I got an 84%. It really sucks that despite being above average I'm still failing. This week (Nov 4th) is a bonus week and will be a try out period. WO don't count, but they will proof out the concept and see if something isn't working. Feel free to comment, suggest and ask any questions!
  14. Main quest: Get big and strong. How to get there: Eat stuff. - I need to eat the food to fuel my gains. I still don't want to track because what a pain in the ass, but I'm going to focus on eating lots of protein and good carbs. And yummy veggies. And not so much cake and ice cream and things. Lift stuff. - Continue my workout plan. Because I lurves it. But lift stuff wisely. - I'm really getting to the point where I need to be doing stretching, foam rolling, etc. So I want to do this at least 3x a week. Life side quest: Don't suck at life. So...here's my plan. -build up 12 hours of sick time at work (I think). I get 4 hrs per pay period (2 weeks). So, yeah, 12 should be doable- as long as I don't call in sick. Haha. -take my meds. Every day. This is also going to require a dr appt because I am almost out. Sigh. -spend 15 minutes a night cleaning/decluttering/doing dishes/something. This is going to be challenging but seriously. I'm an adult. I need to learn to not suck at life. Fitness side quest: Complete the exercise physiology course I signed up for on Coursera. Even though I'm totally overwhelmed by it right now. If I can't complete the course due to not having enough basic knowledge (sarcoplasmic reticulum, wtf is that?!?!) I want to get through Hank Green's biology crash course (thanx Catspaw!).
  15. I'm excited to start this 6 weeks of awesomeness. I'm in the perfect spot in my life for some leveling up - major changes and transitions going on. Quest: Become a yoga badass I have been somewhat regularly practicing yoga for several months and really enjoy it. But lately I have slacked in my practice and it makes me sad. I want to be handstanding, headstanding, warrioring yogi. Missions: 3+ yoga classes a weekExercise for at least 15 minutes everyday- running, walking, cycling, body weight exercises or yoga all countEat whole foods in line with Perfect Health Diet (mostly)Life Quest: Be PRESENT with my kids. So many times I'm reading, cleaning, checking my phone, etc. I miss their amazing faces and don't listen to them as they deserve. This quest is the most important to me. Side Quest: Sign up for 5k with friends. I have done lots of 5ks. But I haven't been running at all over the last several months and I miss it. So this quest will help me get back on the road and trails. Motivation: Oliver- my curious, intense almost-7 year old Benjamin - my happy, silly, loving 3 year old Freedom of movement, of spirit Confidence - I have it but I can always use more
  16. Quitting is not an option. One more rep. Embrace the suck. Do you hear/say these things on a regular basis? Do people act shocked and call your workouts "crazy", "insane", or other similarly awesome word? You probably belong with us. Post your loads and times to comments.
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