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Found 4 results

  1. January 27th. That is the date of my circus gym's next student showcase. I've decided I'm going to perform. I have until December 30th if I decide to chicken out (not likely) so I need to really commit to getting this thing going. Choreography and costume decisions. I have some rough ideas for both, but it's time to get something more solidly in place. Costume deadline is 1/13. Endurance & Strength. The planned concept for my routine is a string of ridiculous athletic skills. I need to not pass out or fall from the apparatus while doing this. Circus endurance - Put together in-air sequences of >2 mins at least three times every open gym. General endurance - Cardio at least once/week. With the coming winter weather, this will likely often be treadmill based. Strength - Muggle workouts (1 x week lower body, 1 x week upper body 'push') Flexibility. Circus skills always look better with straight and extended limbs. My hip flexors are my current sticking point for most things, I think. Direct hip flexor work once per week and general splits things twice. (After lower body muggle workout, at end of open gym, after weekly circus class) Self care. I've always been a person who has wanted a skincare routine and have never taken the time to create one. We'll start simple: Wash, tone & moisturize face once per day, every day.
  2. Hello all! I just joined up a few days ago and will be taking part in the next 6 Week Challenge (cepopaladin heeds the call of badassery). Check my challenge post for more info. This battle log is mostly for accountability and motivation (because nothing is more motivating than a thing called a "Battle Log" ). So... here's my first entry: 2015-07-22 Running: 4.4 miles @ 9:21 / mile This is a pretty good time for me. I generally hover just under 10 minutes, but today, not sure if it was switching from podcasts to the epic beats of Fellowship of the Ring or joining the rebellion, I felt really motivated and took zero breaks (I usually rest after the big hills). *Another note, as I expected 'The Bridge of Khazad Dum' & 'Amon Hen' were the best tracks for running. 'Concerning Hobbits' really only works (for me at least) while walking. Stretching: 15 minutes after my run GMB Elements: Week 1: Day 3 Easy stuff on this program thus far, mostly movement and stretching. They seem to be just laying the foundation and providing information at this point.
  3. Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold… Last challenge, I was awaken from my coma. Now... It’s time to KICK SOME @$$!!! Ready. Main Quest: Get in shape for new hobby: ameatuer boxing. To which I will refer henceforth as: Shogun Shodown. Goals: a) Wiggle your big toe Weight loss starts with diet. Before I can move on, I need to stop and master my prey. No processed carbs. No grains. Diet will be primarily meat, egg and veggies. (occasional fruit, legume, dairy) Lenient but aware of calorie count. Once a week I will allot myself an alcohol. (you know, for science sanity). Pass/Fail per week. I need to lose 8 pounds during this challenge. (NOT water weight; flesh weight). [i nough, I nough, I nough….I shouldn’t be looking at the scale in terms of health. In this case, I need to be in a certain weight class or I will be fighting ALL THE TALL PEOPLE.] Acquire Japanese steel If you are going to defeat your enemies, you need the proper tools. I will slowly build up my arsenal this 6 weeks. Every week I defeat my assailant, I gain an attribute. Speed Agility Strength Self Control Endurance BadAssery SASSEB?? [The template I made for the last challenge really worked for me, so I wanted to stick with it this challenge. Plus, the Kill Bill format was easy to shrink to fit to the same template ] At least 6 workouts a week. This is inexcusably attainable seeing as I can get in 2-3 workouts on my days off. 6, I feel is pushing myself without asking too much. c) Training under Priest Pai Mei I will need wisdom from The Master. This is my Side Life Quest: Every week I will have one substantial update for my nursing school applications. Conference dates, app submissions, financial aid apps, etc. Pass/Fail Week 1: Copperhead Speed - This week my workouts will focus on speed. Punches, kicks, back work, runs, et all the ceteras. Week 2: GoGo Yubari Agility - focused workouts being football drills, sparring, jump rope, hand stands, cutting, suicides, BWW, assassin style workouts and the like. Week 3: Cottonmouth Strength - heavy lifts (barbell stuff), squats, push-ups, core exercises, and other warrior-like shenanigans. Week 4: Sidewinder Self Control - another pseudo-cleanse. Many smoothies and green tea will be involved. Workouts modified for intake. Also bedtimes. Week 5: California Mountain Snake Endurance - longer runs, patterns, sparring, bike rides, roller blading, scoutlike workouts and what have you. Week 6: Bill BadAsseryness - fights, fights, fights. I will try to get in as many sparring sessions as possible; TaeKwon-Do and Boxing to train for Shogun Showdown! (TBA) IFF I fail to loose my 8 pounds by the end of the 6 weeks, I will let my fellow nerds decide what my Halloween costume will be this year! .....If I succeed: I will be Beatrix Kiddo. (Hot yellow jumpsuit Beatrix, that is). Just Kiddoing: I'll probably look more like Bumblebee. :/ The journey starts now... "...And when I reach my destination, I am going to Kill Bill."
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