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Found 6 results

  1. Welp, time for another challenge isn't it? Well then... So, I've been thinking. We all try to be good don't we? Do our best? Keep on trucking? Have good karma. All that jazz? Isn't just so stressful? Being uptight, helping little old cross the street and only to get hit over the head with cane? Realizing that the asshole next door seems to have all the fun even though they're kinda a prick? Why don't we just let loose? Be the life of the party? Take the reigns, be in control, teach someone a real lesson? Why not bring a little bit of chaos into this place? Why don't we all ta
  2. Hello fellow nerds! I figure with so many of us on these forums there must be some crafters out there. I thought it would be nice to share past, present and future projects with each other. I love seeing how creative people are! I dabble in bits and bobs as the mood takes me, I knit, sew, felt and glue things. My current project is this scarf, not so nerdy, but pretty bad ass all the same. Before I've made Pokemon and Final Fantasy felt creatures; Since then I've made zombies and other spooky creatures too. But I've recently I've made hair clips too; The bottom two are in
  3. I'm thinking about starting a small business to provide paleo families with a quick and easy way to enjoy pancakes (one of my pre-paleo favorites). The mix I make would require less than 3 ingrediants from your kitchen and less than 10 minutes to make. It's like Bisquick, but better tasting and without any of that processed junk. The recipe I use includes coconut flour, almond flour, arrowroot powder, tapioca flour, and baking soda. All of these are healthy and paleo. I know not every paleo nerd loves to bake as much as I do, so this would be a way for other people to enjoy some of their favor
  4. Tearcon

    Paleo Baking

    Right first things first - if this is the wrong place to post this I apologise, just let me know what to do with it, thank you Also I am not yet experienced at Paleo baking and far from it, I intend to become experienced when I return to university and have more time to bake with my girlfriend. When I first shifted my diet to Paleo I found that there was little advice on baking Paleo (or at least I couldn't find any) I found a fair amount of recipes but little advice or resources explaining the differences between regular baking and Paleo (and there's a LOT). So, I have gone through the
  5. Tearcon

    Paleo Baking

    Hey I'm kinda new to Paleo and loving it so far In just under two months I'm off back to uni and living with my girlfriend who loves to bake and she was wanting to know if she can use substitutions to make her baking Paleo. I have looked around the internet and found things like using Coconut flour but was wondering if anyone has experience baking Paleo friendly and has suggestions/advice Cheers everyone
  6. Note: inspired by the chunky monkey muffins from the book Paleo cravings, with my own modifications. These are amazing if you're looking for something different for breakfast! 1 cup tapioca flour (you can substitute up to 1/4 of coconut flour for this) 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 cup butter 1 1/2 tbsp honey (more or less depending on personal taste) 1 medium to large banana 1 tsp vanilla 4 eggs 3/4 bar 86 dark chocolate, chopped 1 cup walnuts Mix dry and wet ingredients separately, then combine. Add chocolate and walnuts. Put into a muffin tin and bake at 350 degrees for about
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