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  1. This is ME! (Actually, this is Rey Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion ㅋㅋㅋ) I am starting again, after a previous challenge which ended really well! For this challenge, I am focusing on AWARENESS, not perfection. (Thank you Mana for reminding me of this when I needed it!) I will likely make mistakes, get off the wagon, fall sometimes, and also DECIDE to do the wrong thing. This is all fine. All I want to focus on for this challenge is to learn to be AWARE of these things, and DECIDE to eat out if I want to, rather than eat because I am bored. Real g
  2. Heidi

    Heidi: Bloom

    Bloom My challenges are usually about measuring what I am going to do, and that’s all good.But this time I’m doing something a little different -- I’m going to report on what I do.I’m not interested in giving myself grief or being all judgey -- I’m interested in seeing what I do that is on-target, a check-in to see where I am at the habit level. I have a suspicion that it’s lots higher than I am giving myself credit for.So this time around, I am celebrating my successes. I’m looking forward to seeing how I’m doing with physical and emotional wellness, educational balance, and financial fitness
  3. Onward, ever onward. I need to sleep more than 7 hours per night. I need to stretch regularly. I need to start building my strength again. I need to express myself creatively. I'd like to try lifting. Maybe I'll even try running. I haven't gone swimming in ages, either. So: Goals Sleep more than 7 hours 7x per week Stretch 3x per week Make art 1x per week Try something new/old each week (lift, swim, sledgehammer, run (UGH), etc) Disclaimer: I'm a queer, genderqueer (they/them pronouns), poly, kinky, social justice tank. The photos I s
  4. Heidi

    Heidi: Frost

    | Frost, or Isa, the Rune of Ice Attention to small things gives us real results in large things.This is my Why, and the Tao is my Way. The Rune Isa indicates stillness and reinforcement, a great theme for me this round. I'm going with a 3x5 (+1) for this, three goals with five elements each plus one life goal. Act (daily elements) - keeping in action to sustain the healthy foundation. Improvements are bonus, a happy accident of continued use over time. Morning walk -- 20 minutes Steam room and sauna meditation -- 20 minutes
  5. 16: Returning to the root Be completely empty. Be perfectly serene. The ten thousand things arise together; in their arising is their return. Now they flower, and flowering sink homeward, returning to the root. The return to the root is peace. Peace: to accept what must be. to know what endures. In that knowledge is wisdom. Without it, ruin, disorder. To know what endures is to be openhearted, magnanimous, regal, blessed, following the Tao, the way that endures forever. The body comes to its ending, but there is nothing t
  6. I really need to learn how to insert gifs, and understand the HTML code when I copy and paste things. Also, I was pleasantly surprised how good the Assassin's Creed movie was; having expected a flop. It may have inspired me to take back up my hidden blade and regroup here. Having spent a month recovering from, and reflecting on 2016 - I'm back to take on 2017! My missions for 2017 are: Read books. Complete a Second “agent-ready” Novel. Write 100,000 words. Build Wellbeing - This is where the 4-week-challeng
  7. Hey druids! So I decided to (maybe) become a druid. I am not sure if I want to let the warrior part of me totally go Reasons for this is that: since a short time I started practicing yoga and took meditation up again. But I still want to keep going with my strength training. I feel there is a good balance in these two. That's what I need to be mindfull about this year: balance So I think it is a good idea to split this challenge up in two parts: strengthtraining and yoga And because I believe that I also need to practice my mind, and not only my body, I will t
  8. Ice Heidi’s Yuletide 2016 Challenge The Big Why Attention to small things gives us real results in large things.This is my Why, and the Tao is my Way. Objectives: What I Want A peaceful mind. I value balance in all things, but especially in my heart and mind. Peace of mind vanquishes all. A healthy body. Happy family time. A clean and orderly home. Activities: What I’m Willing to do Attitude Awareness and Adjustment: Read the Tao daily, preferably with my partner, sharing our thoughts
  9. Challenge Reflections What Went Well: 1. My challenge quest tracker helped me stay accountable and motivated to fill in those little squares! 2. Meal planning made eating healthy mindless and easy, and easy to track since it was all planned out. 3. Getting up early in the morning to run or cycle or whatever makes me feel good and I enjoy having some Me time before my day starts (especially since my evenings are usually hanging on the couch with my mom watching TV). 4. Drinking 100 oz of water a day makes me feel well and healthy. Where Things Fell Apart:
  10. I hit a breaking point last challenge. I've been pushing myself too hard and keeping myself stuck to too strict of an ideal. On top of that, my mood was taking a nosedive and I wasn't coping well with my challenge goals or with life. I backed off a lot and had to spend some time evaluating what I need for my sanity and what my goals really are. If I keep pushing too hard, I'll break. But not pushing hard enough gives me anxiety about losing ground. This challenge focuses on balancing the goals for the success of my future self and the sanity of my current self. I have alway
  11. I need to work on balance. In more ways than one. My personal physical ability to balance is something I enjoy working on. I even still do balance drills while I stand in line at the pharmacy and my boss just commented on the fact that I was on one foot almost the entire time I taught our active shooter class.(that was an accident) Working on my physical balance is something I already know I enjoy, so that will help me stick to it. This also fits in nicely with my hand stand goals. I also need to work on life and mental balance. I tend to gravitate towards being an all or nothing typ
  12. Yes I know this should have been the title for part 2.0 but whatever. JUST THOUGHT OF IT WOO and I am bored of using the exact same challenge title! This will be mostly the same set up for goals although I am thinking I will substitute the exercise goal with something else since that should not be a problem as we get closer to the show..... So, this challenge marks the entry into HOLY SHIT AAAH crunch time for the dance production I am working on. I am done wearing choreographer hat mostly BUT we have like....10+ more dances and transition scenes etc. to get done in only 6 weeks a
  13. I've realized this last challenge was an excellent exercise for me in maintaining balance soooo I am going to keep mostly the same goals for this round! NOW WITH MORE CAT GIFS!! :D!!!! Goal 1: EXERCISE Maintain exercise plan for maximum happiness but NOT into oh hey where did my life go? territory. Parameters: work out at least 3 x per week Goal 2: DOWNTIME & FRIENDS Have AT LEAST one evening off during weeknights in order to hang out with friends OR cook stuff/ downtime whatever I need, and at least one day a weekend with a
  14. I'm fairly certain that I ended up here at this respawn point, because I stumbled into a PVP area and was shanked in the back by an Imperial Operative. So while I sit here and let the medical droid tend to my wounds, let me consider how I got in this mess in the first place. I think it's important to acknowledge what went wrong without fear of being told you're just making excuses or complaining. The fact is, the situation is what it is and now that we're here it's time to dust off and get ready to move forward. So let's start where it all started getting derailed...
  15. This is my 3rd challenge since joining. I thought I was a monk at the beginning, but throughout the discussions in the first two challenges, and the mini-challenge here at the Guild, I've found my place. I used to play Ragnarok Online (across 3 servers until the last one shut down), so that tends to be my personal go-to for metaphors. I reached level 98 Assassin-Cross on 2 of those 3 servers. So here goes my 3rd challenge goals: I’ve spent 10 weeks in HiddenTemple, and now I’ve picked my class. From Novice to Thief, I’m on the journey to become an Assassin. I’m gi
  16. In the past, NF challenges have been great for me. But the last 2 years, since I had my second child, I have been neglecting myself, and the challenges didn’t work for me. Than lately, I was desperatly trying to regain my previous routines, from when I had only one kid, with no succes and much frustration. Until I realised that my general situation changed, and that probably what worked in the past wouldn’t work anymore. That maybe I had to switch things up completely and figure it out again. Since then, I have been way more relaxed about this, and let the flow of the days guide my g
  17. THE CURSE OF THE 3RD WEEK Stand against The Demonic Ferret's reign, before it is too late.... The challenge is removing the curse. This challenge, there. will. be. NO CURSE ! The 3rd week must score an "A" or at least a "B". Challenge Items: Demonic beings killed will show progress. 1. Timely SLEEP TIMES - Score (YES/NO) 2. Productive RACE VS WASTE - Score (YES/NO) for speed-productivity instead of time-wasting 3. Clear VISUALIZE - once (Mon) Short term goals, long term goals REMEMBE
  18. Hey. Psst! Yeah, you. Do you want to know a secret? Come, pull up a chair, scooch it close; let me tell you what I know. It won’t take long, because it isn’t much: LOVE IS GREATER THAN FEAR. Let me pour you some tea while you think that over, because that’s it; that’s all I know. I have spent a lifetime looking for answers, thinking I found them, watching them crumble or dissolve or simply disappear. But not love; never love. And it’s possible that the Beatles were right all along, that love really is all you need. Now, I’m not talking about the kind of love
  19. STARPUCK SEEKS HER DESTINY IN A SCAVENGER WORLD It has been just a few months since our young heroine discovered her affinity for The Force and began down that fateful path. Having been a timid girl for most of her youth, the teachings of the dark side drew her attention quite thoroughly. There was strength and determination to be found in their ways; passion, strength, power, victory... chains broken by freeing herself from that which held her back. But not all was well with such wild, uncontrolled emotions and as she learned to master those passions, she fou
  20. [Important note: I'm posting now, and may be around a little for week 1, but I'm on stay-cation this week and won't officially start challenge activities until everyone else is on week 2. I'll make up for it on the break before the next challenge... probably. ^^;] Breaking news from the Goodfellow Cluster! Early this morning employees of the Ettin Conglomerate arrived for work at asteroid mining facility H414n and were surprised to find a group of heavily armed mobile frames guarding the docks. A representative for the group claimed to be acting on the collective will of labor
  21. I dialed it waaaay back last challenge, and I did pretty well. I'm in a much better place now than I was four weeks ago. Keeping on keeping on. Rebuilding, making my life sustainable and happy. Challenge goals: Mind: be kind to myself, meditate, look after my emotions, ask for help when things are hard, share. Body: move my body, stretch, get outside, get in the pool. Work: write (fiction and cover letters), submit (manuscripts and resumes), learn (video editing software, website building). Content warning: I'm a tree-hugging queer nonbinary polyamorous
  22. Weeeeeeeeeellllllllllll I just put together this whole themed post and didn't copy it all before hitting submit and it all vanished into the ether. Way too annoyed to retype it and find all the links, so here's the short version: Last month was great, made a lot of gains in pushups, pullups, and handstands. Downside: possibly too much for my rotator cuff. Giving it a rest for a week, then easing back into it. Still, yay! Zootopia rocks. If you haven't seen it, at least listen to the main song, "Try Anything," that, I feel, sums up the NF attitude pretty well
  23. Brutal Bears Finds Balance Introduction Boss: Kuvira Health: (50/50) Brutal Bears the Lava Bender: Possible Attacks:
  24. It's that time again, time to get to work. It's been a hectic past few months for me and I'm ready for a new start. Parkour Goals: 1. Work on my balance skills by adding balancing exercises to my parkour routine. 2. Work on my vaults. I can only really do three and I would like to improve those three and then expand upon them once I've really mastered them. Those vaults being; Step, Lazy, and Speed. Strength Goals: 1. Be able to do a pull-up. I'll do this by using the NF pull-up guide. I would like
  25. Brutal Bears Survives the Zombie Apocalypse Prologue: So, I am coming over the rangers for the first time; I never thought I would be here! I have traditionally been a warrior, but life has been difficult. I work 70+ hours a week managing a drug treatment center (and my cell is the emergency line), I'm a full time college student, and I don't get much "free time". I have recently had a lot of fun jogging, because I just love to get outside and sometimes I just can't get to the gym. I think I would like to try some unconventional training, like mace training at some point; but,
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