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Found 6 results

  1. Continuing on in my ‘the only constant is change’ theme of the past few years .... We are in Phase 4 Part 1 of lockdown where I live (maaaaaybe opening to Phase 2 next week?). Malls are open with no restrictions but kids’ play areas and entertainments being closed (mall restaurants are limited to 30% capacity) - fitting rooms are open again and kids are allowed back into the mall Cinemas are open for very limited capacity Gyms are open with restrictions Mosques are open with restrictions Restaurants are open for parties of 5 or less unless single-household - some are at 100% (new) capacity; some are still at 30% depending upon government approval (still no buffets or shisha - which is actually kind of funny: there was a move to ban shisha a couple years ago that met with huge local pushback) Offices are up to 80% capacity Water sports are back Home care services are back with testing Spas, health clubs and indoor pools are back at 30% capacity Beauty centers are open at 50% capacity General guidelines for out of the house remain at: masks everywhere, hand sanitizer everywhere, temperature and green status health app checks when entering all buildings but home, social distancing This last few weeks has seen an influx of people returning from either being stuck abroad or taking their Summer holiday at home per usual and returning for school. Schools are staggered at lots of home time + a little classroom time for limited numbers of students per day. As of yesterday, September 4, we are sticking at around 150-200 new cases daily, which is good. We shall see what happens in the next 2 weeks to a month when people that are coming back leave quarantine (which is a mix of home and hotel). There were 4 people arrested yesterday for breaking home quarantine. My routine is currently in flux again because my gym is closed due to deep cleaning because of COVID exposure. Hoping by the time challenge starts it’ll be open again. Hoping that by the time Zero Week starts it’ll be open, but that may be optimistic. My goals aren’t really updating from last cycle. Goal 1: Fuel my body in a way that brings me joy and moves me closer to my goals This is actually harder than one would think. Getting back to a regular yoga practice last cycle has me wanting more and more veggies and lighter meals. My gut disagrees with that assessment for the most part (my favorite veggies are off the table if I want a happy gut). Lighter meals are definitely possible, and I’ve already put the brakes on eating like crap during the weekends a bit. I‘my not back to my ‘all no all the time’ ways, but I’m not okaying or suggesting weekend BS either. Mostly. This Cycle I’m focusing on: Eating more veggies (that don’t kill my gut) Continuing down the less-meat path, but also less fake meat Focusing on smaller portions Not eating garbage during the weekends Making sure I have emergency food on hand that isn’t chips re-re-re conceptualizing meal times to incorporate more nutrient dense options but not necessarily going back to paleo (ie I’m not ready to give up sushi rice bowls, I just need to make sure I’m getting more actual nutrition than lotsa carbs + fat + some herbs) Not discounting fancy hippie food out of hand - I used to love making this shit, but stopped when I moved because nothing was ever available locally. There is a lot more selection nowadays. I’m also toying with the idea of going back to macro counting. I was at my healthiest and had my best relationship with food when I was eating paleo and tracking macros. (Minus gut issues. The death farts were real, but at least came without ripping pain). Since I’m not eating out anywhere near the amount I was pre-Covid this should be totally doable. I just might not like what I see. Which will also help with portioning 100%. Fitness Fingers crossed that I can get back into the studio and that the schedule they had set holds. If so, continue on with my 4x a week yoga classes and walking to and from. 1 day off a week to chill and hibernate is good. If not, I’ll sign up for more Zoom classes from the other gym - or go in person, though that would necessitate Uber trips instead of walking and I don’t know if I’m there yet. Feeding My Non-Food Needs Continue to work on a main project + busywork projects + Animal Crossing + coloring Set a deadline and actually make myself take 1 Skillshare class on something with no pressure to apply that knowledge Continue checking in with y’all mostly daily Continue on with 1 dinner a month with friends Continue taking 1 morning each week (currently Tuesdays when the dogs are at daycare) to spend some time out of the house doing something else like getting breakfast in preparation for rejoining the demands of being social, and sitting with that to see how it feels before deciding if i want to return to my social life at all. Examining what feeds me v what drains me. What anxiety is my brain being an asshole and what anxiety provides room for growth. Current projects: An exploded Ohio Star quilt for my Dad Sew House 7 Tea Dress in black cotton lawn (the shirt version, not the whole dress) Braided cable experiments with the lucet fork Knit lace experiments with quilting cotton Busywork knit shawl I don’t really even like anymore Maybe macrame that looks like lace with that quilting cotton? Finding something to do with the printed lawn cotton I bought Blackwork embroidery - probably handkerchiefs for gifts That smocking dress I have in my head if I find the right fabric and tutorial Finishing the fruit tree grove on my island (Animal Crossing) Finishing the Overlook Hotel on my island Finishing the beach resort on my island Finishing the witchy studio on my island Figuring out what to do with the area surrounding my house on my island
  2. Hello, hello, hello! Raptron here! I'm so excited we're all playing together this December. If you don't know me, I'm a gymnast and powerlifter that gets distracted by all of the shiny things like bouldering, acro yoga, pole dancing, even a dang 5k here and there. I've got a good handle on most of the things that are important to me, but still love challenges to socialize with y'all and add in a few things that I'm either slacking on or want to add into an already packed schedule. 😀 1. Balancing fun: play with hand balancing and hand balance transitions 2x per week 2. Bench accessories: lol, get swoleeee! you can't get swole if you keep skipping accessory work 3. Back handsprings: do them on the balance beam at least 1x per week 4. Be festive: seek out winter-related activities each week (holiday parties, pop-up markets, cozy drinks and christmas movies, etc.) The last goal is a softie because I'll definitely already be doing that, but it helps keep this whole thing more festive! Side goal to NOT buy more than uh... 2 new holiday dresses. They're sparkly! Or velvet! And burgundy and forest green are color faves of mineeeee. It is a difficult side goal. 😜
  3. Hi, I'm Heather Raptron. I do gymnastics, lift heavy things, wear lots of costumes, eat everything, and try to fit too many fitness activities into my life on a regular basis. I am currently in Week 10 of the Danger Method for my lifting program and my gymnastics team is gearing up for their Nationals competition in April, which I am not competing in this year because I've chosen to focus my efforts a bit differently this year. I'm also looking to diversifying my workout plan once again since I've moved into lower rep lifts, so conditioning is on the slate for this challenge. This challenge is centered around Westerberg High School royalty (both in movie and musical form): 1. Heather McNamara Splits progress photos at start and finish Standing split work 2x per week Heather McNamara, head cheerleader. I'll channel her flexibility to ascend to the top of the high school food chain. This is a repeat goal from last challenge, but this time with photos. 2. Heather Duke Meal prep in advance for all lunches per work week Meal prep in advance for at least 1 dinner per week Heather Duke, runs the yearbook, no discernible personality, but an intense social climber. Bulimia is so '87, Heather Duke. I'll be prepping healthy food for Hubstron and myself every week so that he can stay on track for his 60 Day diet reset and journey to fitness. Plus, maybe it'll keep me on track to fuel my body well! 3. Heather Chandler Climb and/or conditioning 2x per week Bonus point for hitting 2x conditioning and 1x climbing in a week's span Heather Chandler, the almighty, the mythic bitch. I'll both need to climb (socially) and maintain my fitness to keep this queen b off of the top dog slot. Unless I just find a way to slip her some Draino... 4. Veronica Continue creating weekly planner page in bujo Actually check bujo lists at home at least 3x per week Veronica, the former nobody, monocle'd frantic journaler. I can map my ascent alongside hers through my journal. Let's goooo.
  4. Slow down. Breathe. Take your time. Use discipline to make that time. While I succeeded the last challenge, I did so flying through it without a minute to reflect upon my process, my goals, my achievements. I was also never able to check in here because of how busy my days were. I can't say I was stressed, but I regret not making time to check in with the people supporting me here and my friends in real life. I also found myself falling into the old pattern again of not being able to sustain routines. Mostly because as I added building stones to my fitness, these became more and more complicated/ Then came the question of - I have a knee routine, but if my current daily challenge also includes a leg routine, do I do both? The solution then, was to sit down, break down my goals into even smaller pieces, until I could determine the single elements that were important to me, and from there, build a new challenge. I also want to make my life goals my priority over fitness, meaning that I won't add anything to my physical practice this month. I will just work on solidifying existing habits. Fitness Goal: Make fitness an integral part of my daily life to ensure better health and well-being. Goal 1: Morning routine: Wake up at 6h30 Meditate 5 Minute Mobility Drills 5 Minute Balancing Practice Intermediate Knee Routine + 1 of the following: Strength, Cardio, Yoga Do not start any daily task until scheduled. Use any leftover time for yourself. Goal 2: Evening routine: + 1 of the following: Foundation Work, Yoga Intermediate Knee Routine 30 Day Meditation Challenge Go to bed by 22h30 Goal 3: Lunch Break: +1 of the following: Walk, Foundation Work Life goal: Master self-discipline without neglecting the people I love Goal 1: Battling the Monkey Level 2 Goal 2: Do not isolate yourself Update Daily Log Check into challenge forums once a week Call home once a week Goal 3: Walk towards success Work on main project daily Apply to at least five internships and jobs Goal 4: Leisure One evening per week will be dedicated to reading only Sunday is a rest day.
  5. STARPUCK TRAINS WITH S.H.I.E.L.D Agent W: "Who is this new recruit we have here? Starpuck? What kind of name is that anyway? And just where did we find her? I mean really..." Agent C: She's got potential. She just needs someone to help her find it. Besides, she was on our recruitment list as of April. Time to get to work on this. Agent W: She was recruited months ago?? What the hell has she been doing? Who's been training her? Is she even still at the training facility? Agent C: Technically no, but you'll fetch her, bring her in and get her started and then, we'll run a fake mission and see how she handles herself on the field. Agent W: I think this is a really bad idea. Agent C: Trust me. ::TRAINING DETAILS:: Fitness Regime Bodyweight/Balance Train: 3X / WEEK STR 3 Move & Sweat!!: 3X / WEEK DEX 1, STA 2 Track food intake via Fibit/MFP CON 2 / CHA 2Life Goals Research photography classes and sign up for one before next challenge. WIS 2Swapped above with : Step out of comfort zone, body acceptance project. CHA 2Reorganize vacation pictures and move to Smugmug album. (8000+ photos!) WIS 1Make appt for that one 'you-know-what' thing and DO IT. WIS 2 Starting Stats: Weight 156.1 Chest Bicep 13.5 Waist 37 Hips 40 Thigh 26
  6. Introduction: Hi everyone, I'm Daxonichely (or simply daxon), I'm a 25 yr. old home programmer from Queretaro, Mexico, I weight 90kg (about 200lbs) and measure 180 cm (little bit under 6ft tall). I used to do sport when I was younger, but school over the years kept me out of it for so long now. Nevertheless, I run 10k's in about 1hr but I feel a little less than agile, so I would like to get my life back on the track. Main quest: Run a 10k under 53min and loose at least 5k Missions: Mission 1: Do a 4 days a week workout both running and strength. The running workout should led me to run the October 5th Queretaro's 10k under 54min (Running schedule by gipis [here] and the Begginer strength workout from NF) Evaluation: Percentage of workouts from the schedule. Strength evaluated by how many reps of the workout I do by the end (no heroes here. Should report progressive results) (4 full and well reps for A, 3 full reps for B, less than 3 well executed reps for C) Mission 2: Sleep everyday from 7-8 hours. This meaning Sleeping by 6:30 to go exercise by 7, and work from 10:00 to 20:00 tops so I sleep by 23:00 tops. Evaluation: Average time slept (AvgTS) > 7 hrs = A; AvgTS > 6 hrs = B; AvgTS < 6 hrs = C. Mission 3: Learn good working habits. This means working in non-stop, no distraction 2hrs blocs a total of 8 hrs daily taking a 2hrs time to eat. Evaluation: Average hours and daily report. Bonus points: Going to work at the library instead of the house (bike ride opportunity!).Life quest: I love photography, so I got a quite nice DSLR last Christmas. I would like to take it once a week and wander for a while looking for some good pics. I would like to have a nice personalized calendar to begin 2015. Motivation: I'm tired of my boring life. Sure I like my job, but I want to be able to answer when someone asks "What have you been doing?" something more interesting than "Just the usual...", but in order to do so, I must be prepared, physically and mentally, so this challenge is just the beginning. Getting healthier and easier at job would give me time to do other stuff too.
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