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Found 5 results

  1. Because I might as well be proactive about it? Hand balancing goals: Handstand: get used to shifting weight between hands (pirouette bails), get a more vertical line facing towards from the wall (engaging shoulders, core strength). And stop looking at the floor, it's not that interesting. Geeze. Headstand: coordinate lowering head and walking forward/raising hips at the same time (pike push ups), "float" both legs to elbows together. Crow: uh, be able to do it for more than a few seconds? Queda de rins: on the right- continue progressions such as entering from standing (QdR push up) or from esquiva (lunge). On the left- just get better without jacking it up again (PT!) Actual challenge stuff: Balance *Skill-work- at least 1 session/week. Not just kick-ups for funsies (though those are good too) but mindful practice! *Before any hand balancing practice (at home or in class) I must have done my PT and a good solid wrist warmup. This means getting PT in early!! Adapt *Each week write out plans, challenges, speedbumps, etc to be more prepared- (Ties in directly with food planning, but is important elsewhere) Macro *Track calories (for data pool) *Track protein (100g goal) *Track water Flexy *Sun Salutations, preferably first thing in the morning *Stretch after workout/class *Yoga- at least 1 session/week
  2. Writer's block is making the writing of this challenge hard, so here's the barebones of it: Stuff that's going to just happen (or not) on its own: Class! - Capoeira training 2-3+ times/week Bodyweight training (primarily upper body and abs, at the gym) - 1-2 times/week Zombies, Run! - 1-2 times/week DareBee Combat HIIT program - 2-3 times/week (spreading it out like this makes it last ~10 weeks, and I get some HIIT in without wanting to punch someth- wait. YAY PUNCHING THINGS!) DareBee Daily Dare - Daily, because it's fun! (Part of a PVP!) Stuff that is really hard to keep up on so I'm going to be tracking it like a mofo: Body: *PT - Daily *Stretching - Daily/as needed (specifically after class, running, and BWW) *Sun Salutations - Daily, first thing in the morning *Yoga - At least once per week. This should not be as hard as it seems to be. Food: *TRACK calories - Daily *At least 100g protein - Daily *At least 8 cups H20 - Daily. By no means do I expect a perfect score. That would be laughable. But, depending on the category, would be happy with a score of 4-6. The food ones are going to be hella hard. Foreseeable challenges: In a week my work shift changes to 8-5. Going in a whole hour earlier in the morning than I'm used to means I have to get up a whole hour earlier too. Today I set my alarm for 6am, saw it was still dark out, and said 'eff that'. Tomorrow I hope to do better Funny that soon my sun salutations are going to be before the sun. =_=
  3. This is going to be a good year. I can tell, because 2015 was a very good year for me; because I started taking control instead of just letting life happen around me. 2016 will be more of that, so it can only get more better This month I will be focusing my quests on motivation. A reminder of why I am doing these things, without the pressure to reach a goal right away, or the disappointment if that doesn't happen. Some are shorter term (goals that are possible to achieve in the 4 weeks), others are a little more ambiguous, long-term, or I have no idea how long they'll take. I guess... It's good to keep the goal in mind but still be sure to enjoy the journey! So without further ado... B is for Bend Stretch after class/conditioning/etc Dedicated yoga minimum 2x/week -> Ulterior motive: Bridge (general improvement, "no cheat" bridge) -> Ulterior motive: Start splits progressions A is for Atlas Ranger sub-job: Animal Affinity Take Atlas for a good walk 5days/week (Weather permitting, but don't be a wimp) -> Ulterior motive: Train 2 new commands M is for Move In addition to capoeira classes, work on conditioning and BWW Minimum 3 BWW/conditioning sessions/week (Conditioning can be short 7.5-15 minute sessions, but only if given enough gusto) -> Ulterior motive: 5+ reps of GOOD standard push ups in one set -> Ulterior motive: 1 pull up (unassisted) -> Ulterior motive: Bananeira/handstand away from the wall -> Ulterior motive: Queda de Rins (lift both feet off the ground) F is for Food Paleo-ish. Get it right Track food intake. 1 cheat day/week -> Ulterior motive: Get in the habit of thinking about and cooking 1 meal/week (scrambled eggs or post-workout slab of chicken do not count) -> Ulterior motive: Lose at least 4lb Stats:
  4. Fellow rebels lend me your ears! I'm seeking some crazy, tough as nails, try-anything-once type individuals to conquer the warrior dash with me on Saturday June 14th or Sunday June 15th in Minooka IL .that gives us just over 2 months to train for this event, and a perfect goal to train for the next 6 week challenge. If i can get at least 5 more people to sign up with me we can have a slight discount on registration ( to be evenly dispersed among participants using the honor system) I would hope that we could all perhaps acquire nerd fitness gear, and run this thing representing all of our friends here. I know I'm new to the rebellion, but I believe this would be a great opportunity. So come on all you assassins, rangers, scouts, monks, druids, warriors, adventurers, level oners (like me) and anyone else I may have forgotten! This is a call to arms! Are you with me!?!?
  5. Main Quest: Lose 15 pounds of body fat. Prepare myself for capoeira this summer. Play basketball twice a week. Become a 40 percent shooter. Pre-hab wrists, shoulders and hips for capoeira: improve flexibility range of motion and strength in those areas. Perform left right imbalance analysis, and start corrective prehabbing in those areas (weeks five and six). Improve muscular endurance, find baseline for pushups, bodyweight squats, kettle bell swings at 25 and 50 pounds, rows. then work to improve them. Monday Wednesday Friday: 1. Wrist mobility routine. ido portal squat routine. ido's shoulder routine. mornings. 2. Track conditioning. aka speed walking. 7.5 minutes out, 7.5 minutes back, each session go farther out than the session before. 3. Beginner bodyweight workout with the addition of over unders, minus the planks and with the replacement of lunges by kettlebell swings. Tuesday Thursday Saturday 1. Wrist mobility routine. ido's squat routine, and shoulder routine. 2. play capoeira, ginga, play around with capoeira movements, work toward a back bridge and a hand stand and queda de rins. but not too much, keep it light and have fun. 3. Thursday, go to the park, work on your shot and ball handling. 4. Saturday play pick up. Chuch.
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