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  1. So since I am in a much better mental state these past couple months and have moved back into my house after the ex left I figure I can now focus on the next 5 months. I have a lot of cleaning/purging to do in my house of junk as well as clothes and kitchen things. I need to buy some more furniture and set some things up here and there. My back yard is an overgrown mess and the garden is a nightmare. The garage is ummm, did a hurricane already come? So I am going to set some 5 month goals in here and refer back to them over the next couple challenges as well as challenge goals and
  2. Hey, as my gym membership comes to an end in little more than a month I'm becoming more positive that it would be best to get some stuff and start lifting heavy, at home. Now, are there any specifics I have to pay attention to? I've been looking around on internet shops and found some nice gear but I'm not really sure what to look out for. The bench of my desire is adjustable in 3 different heights, 4 different positions (making it suitable for flat bench press, incline and even decline! ) with a max loadabilty of 250kg (conside my bw at roughly 80kg and that's more than enough for some time).
  3. Hi Rebels, Restarting after a few years off forums, I've changed my username etc for a true respawn. A bit late to the party thanks to the bushfires. The smoke haze that has settled over my town has brought home how much I need and appreciate exercise for my health and wellbeing. There really is nothing like being able to do nothing fitness related to make you appreciate it. The gym has been closed and it is too hazardous outside. The gym finally reopened and I have been getting back into my fitness routine but I thought some accountability after about a month off (and being basic
  4. So I signed up for a GORUCK Heavy in January. I need to get rucking, miles on my feet as well as build muscle while losing fat. For those that do not know what this is, here is the description from the website: So with a pack loaded with a 30lb weight plus water and food/gear we will travel around 40 miles in 24 hours. All lead by a special forces Cadre. Sounds fun right. Leading up to it I have a back to back regular Challenge and Light in October, as well as two sprint triathlons in September and October. Goals for this challenge: Get worki
  5. At long, long last, my squat form looks decent, so my primary goal for this challenge will be to build it back up. Technically, I started that last week, but I had friends in town last weekend, and I knew that would have gotten in the way of getting my goals done, had I set them. I'll leave my other goals the same, but I might swap out bedtime or mobility for something more interesting if I can get my thoughts together. Goals Retain good squat form while working through a linear progression. I'll be doing this pretty aggressively, but I don't want to get sloppy. I got up to 1
  6. Recently, I've been trying to build habits of things I want to do, and I've gotten pretty good at getting to bed at time, programming multiple times a week, and doing yoga multiple times a week. I've been getting to the gym when I mean to lately, but I've been kind of stagnating. I still feel stiff sometimes, but I don't seem to be getting much better at the yoga positions I've been trying. Getting to bed on time and working on programming multiple times a week seem to be good ideas, and I'd like to keep doing those, but I think my lifting and mobility programs could use some work.
  7. Foundation Re-reinforcement Building up from my previous challenge, I continue my mission to get my shit together. Life feels out of hand, and if you're balancing this much crap on your rickshaw, you better first make sure that (1) your bike works, and (2) you can ride a bike. And so onward with life maintenance--a continuation of my previous challenge and the one before that. SLEEP - I've noticed that it's pretty hard to make a dent on one end of the sleep equation, so I'm looking to make adjustments to the other end--the wake-up. Dr. Jeffrey Durmer from Th
  8. Foundation Reinforcement In fitness, where people seem to have trouble with starting out the most is staying the course. Building a foundation is slow, boring, and unrewarding, but to achieve long-term success one must stay the course. So continuing with my previous challenge, I shall be monitoring pretty much the same goals, but with a little more intensity and virtuosity. AIR - breathe and meditate. I'm coughing-up the $13 for a month of Headspace (mostly because I like the structure). Maybe throw a nauli practice in once a week, because if Rickson does it
  9. This is going to be mostly the same as last time. I'm getting a late start, but on Monday, I was shopping for fitness-related stuff, so I'll allow it. Tuesday was just drinking. Don't worry about it. Goals Lifting: Last time, I had lifting goals that, while perfectly plausible, were sufficiently optimistic to be thwarted the first time my program was slightly disrupted, which happened almost immediately. I will be more conservative this time. I intend to accomplish at least 2 of the following: Squat 300x5x5 with good bar path. Long-time readers will note that I was al
  10. I've got my girlfriend into lifting, and she loves the basic approach of Bench Press, Barbell Squat, and Deadlift. She wants to lose weight and get stronger. The problem we are seeing is that even with rigidly proper form, she experiences severe knee pain after only a few reps of her Squats. Even without weight, her knees start to give her problems. My question is what kind of alternative exercises or possibly rehabilitative movements I can suggest to her to still work similar muscle groups and hopefully get her squatting properly. Fitness Goals Exercise Preference
  11. My third kid is due this week... another girl! I've been reading Nerd Fitness for a couple years. I'm still in my twenties, and as a dad I know that if I don't battle for my fitness now, it'll be a much more difficult uphill battle if I start later on in my 30s or 40s. I've got a pair of dumbbells, a barbell, and a swimming pool. Anybody else out there been in a similar situation and has seen success? I'm looking for like a group of fitness pin pals. I'm new to the boards, so you should know the nerdiest thing about me is probably my ocarina. I bought it earlier this y
  12. Epic Quest :- Run a Marathon. This has been a goal of mine for a while now, a couple of years ago I was on track for this after completing 5 half marathons during the year, so I signed up for a full marathon, then suffered a stress fracture to my shin and have had injuries/niggles ever since. I will run a marathon though, and all of my challenges will contribute towards that goal in some way. 1. Get Strong:- I've never had much strength, always had a weak grip, never done any lifting at the gym. I've started the Stronglifts 5x5 program this week. So 3 times per week follo
  13. By the end of last challenge, I had started not to slack off so much on my job search and interview prep, but I really want to light a fire under this thing, so I need to stop getting distracted. To that end, I don't have a running goal this challenge, and my other goals are pretty tame. Goals Lift 3 times a week; keep going with 5x5 on heavy days. My higher-volume workouts take a while, but I am hoping they will show results. This basically takes up all of my Monday evening, so I will have to be diligent about making good use of the rest of my time. I will also have to be di
  14. This is a photo of a small barbell I took at my school's (teeny and basic) gym today, but it doesn't have its weight marked on it so I was wondering if anyone could maybe guess how much it weighs from the photo or tell me what kind of barbell it is from looking at it and how much that kind of barbell weighs? If anyone can help that would be so helpful!
  15. My theme for this challenge is to scale mountains in my area. I will be ramping up all my goals into bigger, weekly quests. 1. The Fortress (Strength) Lift 3-4 times a week Ideally I would be aiming for 4, but I am leaving some flexibility as I am just starting with a new fitness coach. He probably will want me lifting at least 3 times a week. 2. Mount Baker (Nutrition) Record everything I eat Have at least 1 ideal meal a day Nutrition is staying a daily as my exception to weekly quests, so I am doubling up the steps to increase the challenge.
  16. New Challenge! So I skipped the last challenge due to busyness and laziness. Since the IRONMAN New Orleans 70.3 I have been eating like Kirby from Nintendo and just inhaling everything. I need to get back on track starting this week, especially since Eagleman 70.3 is Sunday. I did PR my 5k last Monday with a 7:21 mile pace which as very nice since I had not PR'd for 6 years, and I beat it by about 1:30. The training is paying off! I have finally managed some good time management with training and life and I would like to invest some time into my hobbies. So I will be po
  17. I just joined NF at the start of the previous 4 week challenge. Now that my renegade initiation is complete I'm going to try things out over here in the Warriors guild. I have a preference for barbell training and you people own the most barbells. I don't have a vast amount of experience with self-improvement so I'll be taking all the free advice that's offered. So far the one I've enjoyed the most was from SpecialSundae; ice cream for breakfast. I have very much enjoyed that tip. Being new to the world of picking things up I am trying to settle on a program that is both fun and efficien
  18. This is a neat section. It looks like a nice parrallel to the 4-week challenge areas. Today is a week shy of a full month on Ice Cream Fitness (with mods because I don't listen so well). Initially this was a 5x5 program, about 2 weeks ago after browsing a Greyskull subreddit I started using AMRAP for final worksets. I also added Chin Ups and Pull Ups later on because I'll be damned if a workout doesn't feel complete unless I do one or the other. Note: Warm up sets not listed. For the newbs in the crowd (like me): EVERY PROGRAM ASSUMES YOU ARE DOING WARM UP SETS, I wish that was something clea
  19. This time the focus will be on building good habits as it is the foundation for my change. I will keep this simple, but not to easy. Goals Cleaned up eating / LCHF, paleo - minimize intake of sugar and starches (every day during this challenge)Drink water - drink recommended amount of water (every day during this challenge)Exercise - outdoors or at the gym (3x week during this challenge)Why? This is to (1) get back on track (weight, BF% etc) and (2) build habits for more challenging goals (e.g. strength goals etc). Good luck to all Rangers out there!
  20. I made an effort to start tracking my progress at my gym for the weights I lift, but I have a problem: How much to the dang bars weigh? One odd-ball is labelled as 20Kg, but the 3 other (apparently unlabelled) barbells are different. Barbell type 1: I assume most of the barbells are the same weight (around maybe slightly heavier than the 20Kg?)Most of the barbells have round stoppers (whatever holds the weights out from the center of the bar) and seem to be about the same weight.Seems to live on the bench press (no one moves that bar around like the others)Barbell type 2: hexagonal stoppe
  21. Hi.... silly question..... When you're adding up the weight you're lifting (say, in a deadlift), do you count the bar? For example, does the below photo equal 20lbs, or approximately 65lbs (depending on the weight of the bar)? I'm trying to figure out how much to start with and aim for, but I need to know how to count first! I slapped a couple 25lb "thingers" on the bar last week and deadlifted that NP....
  22. So the Bye Weeks Challenge have made me realise something. Six weeks is too big a period of time for me to deal with in one go. It's like when I used to be at uni and would be given a huge assignment months in advance, I would do sod all for months and then live in the library for the last couple of weeks up until the deadline. Two weeks however is a much more manageable chunk. I feel like I can 'make a special effort for two weeks' in a way that sounds mentally exhausting to commit to for six weeks. Also with the usual six week format if I fuck up in the first couple of weeks I then fee
  23. Here is 225. https://youtu.be/QB-a-PIKqFc
  24. Ooooooh man. My first 6 week challenge. I'm like a puppy that is all excited because of the stick and throw the stick and oops I peed myself. All the options in the world of fitness are open to me. I could base jump, rock climb, cross-fit, do earth push-downs, and even... run? Nah, I think I'll just lift heavy things. Main quest: Improve my working set in all four of the powerlifting exercises that I do by 30%. That's right, I want to be lifting one-third more weight than what I'm lifting now. So here's how the numbers break down right now: Deadlift: 315lbs Benchpress: 225l
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