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  1. Hi all, I have largely fallen off the wagon lately. I haven't been getting enough exercise, I've been eating rather too many sweets, and I'm wasting money on cabs more than strictly necessary. I'm not in bad shape, but I'm trending in a direction I shouldn't. Sticking to the basics this time, because I clearly need to relearn/rebuild them. Goal 1 - Do not be lazy (X/5) Walk to work unless the weather is awful or my lungs are in bad shape. Goal 2 - Limit sweets. (X/7) Do not eat anything not on my acceptable sweets list and eat those only in small portions.
  2. Long story short. Back in May, a cracked molar became abscessed, was pulled, and is now being replaced by an implant. I should do a Bionic Woman challenge for next year. But that’s meant that I’ve been losing a week here and there. Add the usual crud that goes around this time of year, and I’ve been having more “off” weeks than “on” weeks lately. However, with the infection gone and the screw firmly planted in my lower jaw, I am feeling much more energetic (funny how having a chronic infection cleared up will have that effect!), and I want to get “in” on the last challenge of
  3. Hello guys. Rhia Wolfe here. I have not been doing well with my fitness. Fitness has taken a backseat to so much of my life. I need to turn this around and remember that it needs to be a high priority on my list. i'm working with Stacy with NF Private Coaching. One of the things she told me today is what I'm going to focus on for this challenge. I know I'm a week late, but I want to return to the message boards. Miss you guys. So, what Stacy told me that seems to ring true is that yes, nutrition is more important than the working out. You can't outrun your fork and di
  4. My foundational habits have cracked and so its time for some maintenance! self-pity rant What are the basic things I know that I must do??? I have 5 basic goals. 1 – Eat paleo! 2 – BJJ and condition classes (3-4 days per week) 3 – get enough sleep (7-8 hours is best) 4 – Do stuff for myself (get outside and hike, spend time with friends) 5 – Keep supporting the family and help them to make healthy choices. I'm going to spend a bit more time considering how to reenforce good habits, find and sustain motivation
  5. This is supposed to be about focus and I ended up posting under the last challenge. The last challenge of no focus didn't go too well overall. I liked the idea of doing whatever I felt like doing but that turned out with me sitting in my chair most of the time doing nothing. After my learning experience with the last challenge, I need the focus of Bruce Lee to get on the right track! 1. Improve my Karate fundamentals For the next three months, I am not taking any formal Karate classes. I will still teach but I don't have the money to pay for clas
  6. I thought I was posting this in the current challenge forum. Ugh!
  7. January is typically seen as a month of new beginnings. For me, it's going to be a month of going back to the basics and easing back into "regular" life after a month of feasting and eating all of the things. Over the course of December, I gained ~3 kgs, 2" around my waist, and 1" around my chest. This extra weight must be lost. This month I'm doing another fitness challenge. This one is only going to last the month though. While the Push Up and Pull Up challenges had some great results, 10 weeks was a bit too long for my tastes. The New Year Fitness Challenge starts off slow with
  8. Brutal Bears Goes Retro Intro Starting Weight: Coming Soon Ending Weight: Keep it up like pinball Go on a walk or hike everyday. Simple. Something to help cut some weight Swing the Master Sword Lift 3 times a week. Assemble a Guild Connect online everyday. Build a group of support! That is it. I want to keep this as simple and back to basics as possible!
  9. Been working on keeping it basic with my strength progress for American Ninja Warrior. I put my progression video together to share for you who are struggling to reach pulling the entirety of your own weight. Before I could do a pull-up I didn't have a guide, I just adapted and overcame. Those came with a bit of consequence because it translated to more injuries than necessary along with down time. So here's my take on what to do to work up to a good pull-up:
  10. Back to Basics This challenge will not be a part of the "Becoming Ulfhedinn" series. Along the last few challenges I've deviated from my original weight loss goal... and it's been awesome. I've learned a lot, from hand balancing to survival skills. But I feel my original goal got left behind and my size reduction has lost it's momentum. One could argue that the first puonds melt away and those stubborn last pounds are the harder to get rid of, but I don't think I'm near the "last few pounds" yet. Besides, I don't have the sightiest idea of my current carb intake,
  11. Well, last challenge went swimmingly. Let's try that again. NightWatcher felt herself shaken awake. She jerked up, nearly braining herself on the overhang of the shallow cave she'd taken refuge in, and saw a young face dressed in the clothing style she remembered from the future. Her first thought was that she'd been caught and she reached for her sword, only to remember it wasn't there anymore. The man placed a hand over her mouth and held a finger to his own lips. "I'm a friend of The Doctor's, he sent me to help you. Hi!" Watcher let herself breathe again. "Hi?" She replied, her mind slow
  12. I walk away for a few weeks.... what the hell happened to my forge?!? Ohhh yeah.... kind of didn't put anything away and left things to fester Time to clean this up!!! So, I ghosted out right after the start of the last challenge, didn't have anything to contribute, left you all high and dry, and for all that I'm sorry Time to get back on track. The last month has been a considerable change for me and now it's time to get things organized, get things cleaned up, and get things better around here. Goal One: Heating Things Up In The Smelter I need to get the home fires burning hot and str
  13. I did pretty decent last challenge, but I feel like I was getting pretty shaky on always getting in my runs, on always staying under my carb count, etc. So. For this challenge, I'm reinforcing the basics of my fitness instead of adding lots of new things to try to do. (well, imma add one new thing, but one is easier to do than three!) For anybody interested, my old challenge is here: http://rebellion.nerdfitness.com/index.php?/topic/73739-lydiajaybird-shakes-it-off/ Main Quest - Lose 6 Pounds Since the challenges are shorter now, I've decided to cut my weight loss quest in half. Yes, I kno
  14. I'll probably detail this more later, but I will likely be porting over most of the point goals from the last challenge, and modifying a few. As of mid-December, I'm on blood pressure meds. Nothing to nasty (so I'm told), and will be having follow up appointments in this month to make sure there aren't side issues. The ruts in the road are habits and habitual actions (or lack thereof) that have added up to being in worse shape than I thought. Anywho - major goal #1 for this year - get off the med. Previous challenge ideas seem to be congruent with a game plan to do this, so, in no parti
  15. A surprisingly very neglected area in combat sports, since we seem to assume that you just close your hand and start punching. A hand has 27 small bones; using it to hit a skull is one of the most counter-intuitive things man has ever came up with. Here's an old video of my buddy Luis from the legendary Johnny Tocco's gym in Vegas breaking it down for us. Enjoy.
  16. Heal, Remedy, Cure, and Dispel. I am going into this six week challenge with a fresh face and a fresh start. I am removing anything that can stand in my way, and I want to maintain the motivation to achieve great things. I am starting from scratch and going back to the basics of fitness. I will be a person who pushes herself to finish her goals rather than allowing the "do it later" monsters weigh me down. I. Morning Wake-Up Call I will set my alarm to go off at 8:30 AM. I will place said alarm at a distance so that I have to get up to turn it off. Doing so will allow me to get back into
  17. Like the movie namesake, I'm starting over. All the way to the bottom. Current Motivation: Weightloss challenge at work, based on percentage lost. Had our first weigh in and I came in second with 5.1% lost in a month. The challenge ends Sept 1st, and I think I can win the long term. No more weigh ins until the end of the challenge, so we'll see, but over the long run I think I might have the advantage. The others have the most to lose, as I came in at the lightest. So how will I do this? Goals: 1. SL5x5 My training has been without a structure for the most part the last few months, d
  18. Hi again, everyone. Just in time to make a new thread, as the new challenge starts tomorrow. Strangely enough there's nowhere where I can subscribe myself that I am actually joining the challenge. I don't know how this is possible, but I wanted to join in anyway. Summary of last challenge Last challenge was so incredibly easy, compared to some previous challenges I had done, but I had to get back to the basics, because I let everything slide, I got in a depression and things simply didn't go my way. In the end my challenge became more of a blog where I could express my feelings that were gal
  19. I’m late. I wasn't going to do this challenge, but not having to be accountable is killing me. Since my last appearance I've had the most amazing summer. I have spent 6 weeks in the US, 3 of which was spent in a commune in Virginia. Working on a farm like that really challenges your body, and despite the fact that I did close to no exercise, I gained strength. Being back at my desk job is slowly wrecking my body. I can feel the impact it has really well. I’m now separated and I’m currently renting a small room in a building with 8 other people. Since watching the documentaries “Cow
  20. Alrighty, let's try this again. Last challenge ended mid-stride with busy life stuff and a slight overwhelming of the mental muscles. So, reset on challenge number 4 with different goals and a better outcome. My hand(s)! Hands have been taking a beating (also feet, calves, hip flexors and lower back, but we'll focus on one thing at a time). Silks, motorcycles and lifting weights all put varying degrees of stress on the hands/fingers and mine are telling me they need some help. Goal: Week 1: Find some kind of Happy Healthy Hands routine. Weeks 2-6: perform it 3 x week minimum. Train
  21. Hey all, So. I think this is my... 7th challenge with you guys and I've decided to join in once again but do things a bit differently. I want to see what happens when I don't focus on the 'I have to do 3 x exercise this week!'. Basically I'd like to see if my habits have become ingrained enough to last even when I don't focus on them (specifically) anymore. My main 'goals' (areas I'd like to see what'll happen) are: - Exercise (will I keep up 3 times a week on average? Will I do less, more? Who knows!) - Food (primal-ish. I've been grazing a lot more lately (possibly 'due to meds' bu
  22. SEQUENCE 1 The last few days had been a blur for the young woman. This had all started as she tried to go home from work - when suddenly the world exploded into over-exposed colors. Dirt, concrete and worse flew into the air, contrasted by the strange neon-purple sky. Not being one for sticking around during danger, she ran as hard as she could for as far she could go. Her chest burned as she cursed everything and as she felt something strike her head. She awoke to the comfort of her bed and a new text on her phone. Swallowing thickly, she made her way out of bed as stealth
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