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Found 5 results

  1. I've been on NF now since the end of May and have been enjoying following a workout program and actually seeing progress. Now though, I like the idea of actually using a workout program to achieve a goal I've had since I was a teenager which is to be able to dunk. Rather fortuitously, it seems that this should fit in quite well with my existing training regime (especially if I actually manage to start playing a bit more again). I will be following the basic idea from this site : http://www.stack.com/2012/06/25/dunking-program/ Unfortunately I still don't have access to a barbell so won't be able to do back squats, but by following my existing startbodyweight program, I will be able to continue with bodyweight squats, and just add in the Ankle Bounces at the start of every other workout. Realistically I will need to add about 8 inches to my vertical which is not going to happen in a single 6WC challenge, but let's just see where this gets us, or if it's even achievable. Corndogs, Jackie! Corndogs, for all these people! (Main Quest ) Gain 20kg over 18 months, build some actual muscle and get fit enough to complete 1 hour of aerobic exercise without dying. Look Jackie, people can't just go flying into the air like that ! Aim to increase my Jump height with a goal to eventually be able to dunk ! : +1 DEX per inch increase ( ... in jumping - get your minds out of the gutter ...) Get up and run, Coach! - Continue Cardio Days + 2 STA Aim to run or complete some form of cardio or conditioning workout on 'rest' days. I need to keep my motivation up on this, now we've not got any runs coming up. Jackie's teammates doing just an awful job of stabilizing his spine off the court. This recent email from NF spoke to me as it promises increased mobility and reduced back pain so I've signed up. http://jonathanmead.com/squat Complete 30 Day Squat Challenge + 2 CON, + 2 STA I wish you were still a washing machine ! (Life Quest) Mustn't forget to still look after my domestic responsibilities - Aim to build Storage/Seat under Bay window : + 1 WIS, +1 CHA
  2. ok ok, here I am up for a new challenge, my first one as a ranger, so hello Rangers. I'm coming from the assasins because during this challenge I want to continue with my weight loss goal as well as improve my stamina (that's new for me) so I've been told this is a god place for that. Right now I'm playing in a basketball tournament at work and i want to get back to my best basketball shape ever which was 10 years ago. I want to dunk the ball again. the last week of the challenge is going to be very tricky, it is my honeymoon, but I will try to include my honeymoon into the challenge, we are going to playa del carmen and we will be walking and walking and walking, dancing, climbing, swiming scuba diving and also eating (yikes), that all-inclusive deal is going to be my best friend and my worst enemy but I'm up for it. this is me going into the challenge: Height: 6'2" weight: 191 lbs BF%: 17% these are my goals: MAIN QUEST: the same as always, become a viking, having less than 15% BF and being strong as hell and i already drink beer so I got that going for me which is nice. Also sometime next year i want to hike humphrey's peak. GOALS: - drop my BF% to 16% - increase my pullups from 6 to 8 - squat and spinning (dunking and stamina) - Diet, maintain my Paleo diet with the ocasional milk and yogurt. I'm currently lifting weights but this time it is not going to be a challenge, I'll add more reps to my sets but no more weight, only if I feel like it I will add more weight. currently: Squat: 190 lbs bench: 150 lbs deadlift: 150 lbs Thanks Rangers
  3. Good monring everybody I used to play basketball in high school and we were pretty good, I used to be able to dunk the ball in my best years. now it is been a long time since my last dribble. being 6'2" takes me very close to a dunk, but I'm still short for a very little. does anybody know about a quick workout to improve my jump height, I think I need 2 or 4 more inches. Thanks Fabian R.
  4. Hi all, My dad came to the United States in 1982 as a graduate student from India. The first thing he ever watched on American television was Moses Malone, Julius Erving, and the Philadelphia 76ers defeat Larry Bird's Celtics in the NBA Playoffs. My dad was studying at Syracuse, became a huge basketball fan, and basketball has been in my blood ever since. I've never dreamt of hitting a home run, I don't want to run marathons or triathlons, I don't care about having six-pack abs. I just want to dunk. A little about myself: - 25 year-old male - 5'7", 176 lbs - Body fat hovers between 18-22%. I go through periods of unhealthy habits (I live in New York City, so going out drinking several nights in a row can lead to less sleep, unhealthy late night meals). Trying to cut down (not eliminate) drinking to going out maybe once a week, and perhaps having a glass of wine or two if I'm on a date or meeting a friend during the week. - Exercise: I have been doing stronglifts 5x5 for several months. I'm not a cult believer or anything, but it's easy to follow and measure progress. I don't measure max, but my 5x5 stats are as follows (just trying to make sure people have an accurate idea of where I am at) in lbs Squat: 215 5x5 Deadlift: 245 1x5 Bench: 135 5x5 Shoulder press: 95 5x5 Bent over row: 95 5x5 Power clean: 95 5x5 (though I feel like I can do more, I just want to get really consistent with my form, which feels like an area I can improve in). I can about 8-9 chinups, or three sets of four if I rest in between. So I feel like I'm in decent shape, but obviously have an ambitious goal, especially given my height. Any advice or experiences from people who have worked either with vertical jump improvement or other performance improvement (almost typed enhancement and realized that means something else) would be greatly appreciated. Here are some of the questions I've been asking, but maybe these are the wrong questions and I could change those as well: - How much do olympic lifts really help with explosiveness? There have been mixed studies on this. Does anyone have experience using them to improve vertical jump/sprinting/other athletic performance? - My thinking has been to prioritize being able to squat 1.5x my weight on 5x5 before moving on to plyometrics. Am I thinking about this the right way? Instead of 1.5x bodyweight at 5 sets of 5, should I be focused on just getting my max to that level? - Besides the obvious (meat, veggies, fruits, etc), are there dietary tweaks that can unlock more of this muscle explosion? - If I eliminate beer (of which I consume 6-7 in a week) and only drink wine, whiskey, and tequila and those sparingly (3-4 glasses of wine a week, maybe 1-2 glasses of whiskey on the weekends), will that be enough? Do I need to cut alcohol out completely? - I'm quite inflexible as well and have started taking yoga. Is there any type of yoga in particular that may help me on my quest to dunk? - Anything else I should be thinking about? Thanks guys. I like this blog quite a bit and am excited to make my first post!
  5. Back in Black! Actually, I am wearing black today so that works out perfectly! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet for now just to get my goals down and mentally prepare for the next 6-weeks! Enjoy! Goal #1-Stick to the program! This is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve been following me at all. I have workout ADD and jump from one program to the next cuz it’s either to time consuming or I get bored. But I have found a NICE program with this “Minimalist Muscle†from the one and only, Pat Flynn! I have altered the program a little bit to fit my schedule but still have the same components of the program. I started this past Monday, the 2nd and will continue it for at least these 6-weeks. Possible points: +2 to STR, +1 to CHA (CHA for the ability to stay focused on 1 training program, lol) Goal #2-Get in Basketball shape A group of my friends and I will be starting a competitive rec league Jul 13th. Now, I say get in basketball shape cuz it’s TOTALLY different than just being in shape. Guess I’m back on the sprints J haha. My main focus is getting my dribbling skills back and the ability to drive to the basket. My jump shot is pretty much on point right now so I just need to stay consistent with shooting the ball. I need to practice my dribbling skills at least 3x a week and should be on the court at least 2x a week for suicide sprints and other basketball conditioning drills. These two can coincide with one another. Possible points: +3 to STA, +1 to DEX Goal #3- Counting sheep…time to SLEEP, dammit! Self-explanatory, again. I didn’t do too hot with this goal last time so I wanna bring it back for a 2nd go-round. But this time, I will be getting my 8+ hours a week-at least Sunday through Friday since I work during the week and try to workout in the early AM to spend time with Heather and the Pups. Possible points: +4 to CON Goal #4- Re-New Re-New is the marriages program that Heather and I started at our church. It’s a 16-week course and our 1st closed group meeting with our new leaders was last night!! We had been going for over a month doing open groups and all that. I have looked forward to going every week and we had to originally wait for leaders to come available and last night started our 16-week journey to a better marriage! I am so unbelievably stoked for this goal! SO, it’s very simple. Go each Wednesday night, do the required reading and “homework†and let God take care of the rest. Possible points: +4 to WIS So, there we have it ladies and gents! Ready to rock and roll as usual! Wolf
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