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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I've had a search but there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to the Batcave quest. (Point me in the right direction if I'm wrong please.) So this is what I've done: Changes 1. Made up a kit bag for gym cardio, it'll get loaded into the van so I can go straight there after work and can't use the 'Can't be arsed now that I'm home' excuse. 2. Cleaned out the fridge, freezer and cupboards of bad food. 3. One week out of four I go 'on-call' (so no beer and can't really go out at night) so I will use that week to cook f
  2. Keep It Simple Stupid I had my challenge prepared but looking it over it felt like too much to do. So its back to K.I.S.S. Goal 1: Fitness MWF Bodyweight Workout Bodyweight Squat 8-10 Reps Push-Up Variation 8-10 reps Pull/Chin-ups 5-8 reps Plank hold for 15 seconds 3-5 Rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds TTS/S Running Tuesday: 3,3 km Thursday: 3,9 km Saturday/Sunday: 5 km Monday-Sunday #5 Minute Flow Goal 2: Diet Clean up my fridge and cabinets and fill my fridge with 1 healthy s
  3. Hello All, I am VERY new here...and I've already run into some difficulty. I just joined the Academy and I am trying to think of ways to customize my Batcave...I have a gym bag ready to go in the car, and water bottles in the fridge instead of soda. I have a book on my nightstand (so I will read more and not watch tv late into the night...) I think one of my biggest issues is Fast Food...If I am hungry when I am out and about, I tend to stop at a drive thru. I buy healthy groceries! Even been sticking to Paleo at least half the time, for the last several months, but then I ruin everything
  4. Hey, y’all! I’m back for some more challenge fun and excitement! Nutrition Quest #1: FOOD LOG The problem: I realized as I was setting this challenge up and going through the nutrition modules that there’s a BIG part of me that just does. not. want. to. adjust my diet or measure or track or anything. It’s not that I love junk food so much, it’s that I love food so much. Like, real food. Eating is a seriously big part of what I consider the best part of life! I like to eat EVERYTHING! I really cannot get into restrictions on, like, a philosophical level. I also
  5. I need to work on balance. In more ways than one. My personal physical ability to balance is something I enjoy working on. I even still do balance drills while I stand in line at the pharmacy and my boss just commented on the fact that I was on one foot almost the entire time I taught our active shooter class.(that was an accident) Working on my physical balance is something I already know I enjoy, so that will help me stick to it. This also fits in nicely with my hand stand goals. I also need to work on life and mental balance. I tend to gravitate towards being an all or nothing typ
  6. So, I'm going to keep this simple, for the time being. I quit my job. It was terrible and toxic for me, and since quitting, even with nothing lined up, I've had endless amounts of people comment oh how much happier I am. Clearly this was the correct life choice. So, since I don't have a job right now, I need to settle into a routine where I will have one soon. This means I need to set up a system, and more importantly, a place to do the hunt that won't kill my drive. Mainly because the last two times I did a job hunt I never had a desk or space to hunker down. I need to c
  7. I have been having trouble with the Customize Your Batcave quest. It seems easy, but I have a small home and put into place most of the suggestions before I had even heard of Nerd Fitness. I am looking for suggestions that maybe out of the normal as I am working toward a full life level up. Maybe ways to help making cleaning easier and messes more difficult to make... does something like that even exist??? ANY ideas would be great - looking for that kick start. If there is a board that already talks about this (I can't seem to find one) I would love to hear about that as well! This is a
  8. Hello assassins ADVENTURERS! edit: I left last challenge thinking assassin, but I'm a travel loving, geocaching fool who LOVES an adventure! "Adventurous" is one of my primary personality traits....so here I am! This is my second challenge, and with the first I learned some lessons about small steps and planning around life. I definitely bit off more than I could chew! I named this challenge "change", because nearly every aspect of my life is in flux, and I am embracing it! In the last few months I... Got officially "unmarried" Spent the majority of 3 months traveling (mostly for work),
  9. These next few weeks, my goal is just to try and work on keeping as healthy a diet as possible. Currently, my house is going through a kitchen remodel and we are being provided food by members in my community. So, there isn't much control over what is given to us. I will track my portions and focus on only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I've slipped into snacking more often, so I am going to focus this time on limiting the times I eat to when I am actually hungry and not because I am bored or anxious. Also, in a few weeks I am moving across the country, so at that poi
  10. Ok, so the last few months have been interesting. First off there was CampNF. Seriously some of the best fun I have ever had. I'm going next year, don't care how it happens. Work decided I was needed to go share my awesomeness and train another facility for 4 weeks. This was at the same time as camp and a family wedding I was participating in. HOLY BUSY BATMAN. That was a lot of flights and packing/unpacking and just generally no time for being at home. I'm happy to be home, I'm happy to be back on my normal schedule, and I'm super excited to start a new challenge. Bring it on. I just cele
  11. Main Quest – Become Resilient People have accused me of becoming “consistent†over the last challenge. Sadly, this remains a struggle for me. Over the last few years, I’ve learned what works to keep me happy and healthy. Far too often, I wander astray because I “deserve some time off†or want to pursue some shiny new method or goal. Time to develop persistence and focus like Batman. Time to bounce back from setbacks even stronger and wiser. Time to become resilient. (BTW, grading = >90% - A 75-89% - B 50-74% - C <49% - F) 1) The Training is
  12. So I would like to start out by apologizing to those who kept trying to check up on me last challenge after I went AWOL. Thanks for the comments and support despite my absence. The whole transition to the new job and doing some house projects at home got me out of a rhythm for working out and posting. It has been a month at the new job now and I am loving everything about it! Much shorter drive from home, better working conditions (aka I get to get away from my desk for the majority of the day), benefits are awesome and I could go on but I will spare you. Not sure what was holding me back
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