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  1. I'll try to lean into the roleplaying part of making a challenge and see if this gives me some extra motivation. I'm on my personal fitness journey for a while and have always done a little, but could never really get into it. I'm dreaming of my first pull up, but it's a long way to go to get there. So here's the story: Hey fellow rebels, I'm Agent Toracorbat. I've been on desk duty the past couple of years, but I've been asked to go on field missions soon. Of course, I said yes, but now I have to level up some skills to succeed. For the missions I'll need good endurance, hiking long trails in nature or commute under the radar in citys. Plus the missions lead me to (partly) french speaking countries. To blend in, I'll have to learn french. As you see, there's a lot to do. My goals for the next five weeks are: 1) Workout at least two times a week, but no more than four times a week 2) Spend two times a week, but no more than five times a week on focus training (like meditation) 3) Do 1 french learning exercise (no matter how small) every day It's my first challenge in a long time, which means part of this training will be to improve my training grounds.
  2. Hi, I've had a search but there doesn't seem to be a thread dedicated to the Batcave quest. (Point me in the right direction if I'm wrong please.) So this is what I've done: Changes 1. Made up a kit bag for gym cardio, it'll get loaded into the van so I can go straight there after work and can't use the 'Can't be arsed now that I'm home' excuse. 2. Cleaned out the fridge, freezer and cupboards of bad food. 3. One week out of four I go 'on-call' (so no beer and can't really go out at night) so I will use that week to cook freezable, healthy food to use for the next three weeks. Barriers 1. I've removed the Hungry House and Just Eat Apps from my phone and also added the websites to a blocker extension on Chrome. (I order pizza when drunk...) 2. Stop going to the pub on the way home from work for a 'cheeky pint'. Even if I just pop in for one beer it messes up my head and I'll feel like having another when I get back home. 3. I'm going to cancel the home delivery beer service I use. While I like beer and have no intention of getting on the waggon it really is a little too much temptation to have bottles of lovely craft ale sitting in the fridge or under the stairs. I also homebrew occasionally so it might also mean that I'll start getting more inventive with that! So that's my ideas. In a months time, I'm going to have to think of a new Change and a new Barrier to keep the quest going. What have you done?
  3. Keep It Simple Stupid I had my challenge prepared but looking it over it felt like too much to do. So its back to K.I.S.S. Goal 1: Fitness MWF Bodyweight Workout Bodyweight Squat 8-10 Reps Push-Up Variation 8-10 reps Pull/Chin-ups 5-8 reps Plank hold for 15 seconds 3-5 Rounds, 30 seconds rest between rounds TTS/S Running Tuesday: 3,3 km Thursday: 3,9 km Saturday/Sunday: 5 km Monday-Sunday #5 Minute Flow Goal 2: Diet Clean up my fridge and cabinets and fill my fridge with 1 healthy snack (fruit, paleo snack) and add 1 after 2 weeks Cook something new every Saturday Goal 3: Level Up My Life Meditate Daily for 5 minutes with headspace. Clean everyday with Pomodoro (5 minutes are all the same, cleaning dishes and wiping down tables the 15 minute is below) Monday: Vacuum Tuesday: Clean Toilet Wednesday: Clean Bathroom + Wash clothes & hang them Thursday: Vacuum Friday: Clean Toilet + Clean up clothes Saturday: Clean Bathroom Sunday: Vacuum + Mop the floor Monday: continue Goal 3.5 Work on my Batcave - Put all my old clothes in bags and send them to Salvation Army - Clean up my workout/wash/rubbish room - Buy a Yoga mat - Buy a few Resistance Bands - Sell my old Guitars - Put my bed sheets in my clothes closet & the laundry basket in the washroom closet - Re-organize Kitchenware Going back to KISS, perhaps ill add some kind of Skill when the challenge really starts but for now i'm keeping it simple. Summer Break & Prep Week will be mostly focused on my Batcave goals Since were talking about K.I.S.S
  4. Hello All, I am VERY new here...and I've already run into some difficulty. I just joined the Academy and I am trying to think of ways to customize my Batcave...I have a gym bag ready to go in the car, and water bottles in the fridge instead of soda. I have a book on my nightstand (so I will read more and not watch tv late into the night...) I think one of my biggest issues is Fast Food...If I am hungry when I am out and about, I tend to stop at a drive thru. I buy healthy groceries! Even been sticking to Paleo at least half the time, for the last several months, but then I ruin everything by getting fast food! Any suggestions on how to make it more difficult for me to indulge in this oh-so-destructive behavior? Thanks in advance : )
  5. Hey, y’all! I’m back for some more challenge fun and excitement! Nutrition Quest #1: FOOD LOG The problem: I realized as I was setting this challenge up and going through the nutrition modules that there’s a BIG part of me that just does. not. want. to. adjust my diet or measure or track or anything. It’s not that I love junk food so much, it’s that I love food so much. Like, real food. Eating is a seriously big part of what I consider the best part of life! I like to eat EVERYTHING! I really cannot get into restrictions on, like, a philosophical level. I also have a serious block against weight loss goals. I have always been a love-me-for-me kind of person, no matter how i look, and the idea of trying to change it just doesn’t sit right with me. (Somehow exercise doesn’t trigger this cantankerousness). I revisited my big why and I think I’m just going to have to do a LOT of thinking and soul searching to find a way to make improving my diet feel right. I know I want to have better energy and health and changing my body composition will help that. I do eat a fair amount of junky food and I just… I don’t know. I have two Traakis inside, one that wants to treat my body like a temple and one that believes my body IS a temple, no matter how I treat it. (Still, latter Traaki, isn’t it possible to treat a temple like a temple?) The quest: When I logged my food last time (pre-respawn), I found it really helpful (though socially awkward). I used YouFood so I just had to take a picture of my food, not try to sort out any calories or anything like that. So I'm going to track everything I eat or drink during the quest using YouFood (username: traaki). If any of you are on there, please let me know and I will add you as a buddy. Nutrition Quest #2: FREGGIES AS SNACKS I was really hoping to have a new food quest after finishing the Nutrition module & also reading the GMB nutrition guide. Instead I have a lot of what I just wrote up there—angst and indecision. Having veggies with lunch has been a really great practice. Last week I needed a snack in the late afternoon and ended up with bagel chips and seafood salad…wah wah. So my second nutrition quest is to have healthy snacks available every day at work (Veggies and fruit, with smaller amounts of olives, almonds, pistachios, cheese, hummus). I don’t HAVE to have a snack at work but each day I will pass this quest if I have something healthy available as an option. Workout Quest #1: 3 BWW PER WEEK We’ve been here before, but we’re doing it again: three bodyweight workouts per week. I think I’m through the “new job chaos” danger zone, but I’m not through the “holiday chaos” danger zone so we’re going to keep it here until it feels totally normal. I got this done last week and felt like a super hero. I ran around the house singing the Rocky theme song when I was done. Workout Quest #2: WORKOUT MODULE Time to read the workouts module! I want to check in here on NF at least twice a week to try to keep up momentum on this non-daily quest (I really struggle with those but not every quest can be daily…) Lifestyle Quest: Publish blog posts I want to publish 2 blog posts this month. I normally have a goal of publishing 4 blog posts but that rarely happens. So maybe aiming at 2 will be better. As with the workout module quest, I really don’t do as well with non-daily quests so I will be checking in on this at least twice a week. Mindset Quest: Batcave! This month I want to take care of a few Batcave improvements: Get bike fixed and ride at least part of way to/from work at least once Call bike shop & make appointment Drop off bike Pick up bike Plan one commute Do commute Install pull-up bar Buy a scale Set an alarm at 9 pm to alert me to the need to start prepping for bed Set up a reminder to check in here on NF Set up YouFood app for tracking [More may come soon--need to review my respawn notes] Alright, this one seems kind of gargantuan but I think I can do it. I don't want to have an ever increasing number of challenges--I think this may be the maximum number of individual quests I'm willing to do (given that I have a bunch of maintenance stuff I track on the daily as well). Onward! To glory!
  6. I need to work on balance. In more ways than one. My personal physical ability to balance is something I enjoy working on. I even still do balance drills while I stand in line at the pharmacy and my boss just commented on the fact that I was on one foot almost the entire time I taught our active shooter class.(that was an accident) Working on my physical balance is something I already know I enjoy, so that will help me stick to it. This also fits in nicely with my hand stand goals. I also need to work on life and mental balance. I tend to gravitate towards being an all or nothing type person, especially when I'm cranky. If I can't clean the WHOLE closet right now, why bother? If I can't kayak the WHOLE day, why even go to the marina? (you know, the one that is less than a mile from my house, I have keys to, and can use theirs for free if I don't want to haul mine. I really have no excuse.) If I can't eat the WHOLE pan of brownies, why are they in my house? The really annoying thing is when I'm like that, I get nothing done, and that puts me in a worse mood, which only contributes to the all or nothingness. I had gotten better, I thought, but I realized that has been part of my problem lately. The attitude, not the brownies. I haven't had a brownie in forever. Which makes me sad. I should fix that, but when with my family, so that I only get 1. In order to prevent my all or nothing attitude from ruining my days and keeping my house screwed up, I'm going to make some rules for my evenings. 20 minutes of cleaning/organizing non-daily things- this means not laundry, not dishes, but overall unpacking, set up my house kind of stuff, it doesn't matter what room, but I am going to actually set a timer and work for 20 minutes 20 minutes of daily, normal chore type stuff- so like sweeping, dishes, laundry, wiping off the stove, etc. Eventually, I'll be done with the first one. Then once every week or two do an organization upkeep of 15-20 minutes. I also realized that I need to plan my workouts better. This sounds like a total no brainer, but I need to plan them with fun things in mind and taking my work schedule into consideration. Instead of being annoyed that I can't go kayak when I'm on call, I need to schedule my month so that I go kayaking on a day I'm not on call. The on call system here is very different than my old park, so it still bothers me that I can't LEAVE MY HOUSE while I'm on call. Not even if I'm still in the park. At Mount Magazine, we just couldn't leave the park, but we had a 24/7 front desk. Here, they close at 5 and the phone is forwarded to our house. I'm working on changing it here. I requested and received a park cell phone; that should help. It has better service than MY phone. I have my slackline. It's still in the box it came in. I've come close to opening it, but haven't.I did make it to the two trees I was going to use, once. I did watch the included DVD. I need to set it up and use it. I need to schedule those days, too. I'm also considering enlisting my dad and grandpa in helping me come up with way to set up my line semi permanently in the backyard, I think. Though my house is extremely visible to park guests, so I need to think on that some more. I do think we need a low balance beam near the playground though. Anyway, I have lots of thoughts on the playground area but that is not for here. I also need to remember to do what I love. Creating things makes me feel productive like nothing else I do. Whether it's weaving, building, sewing, or whatever, I enjoy creating something. I need to set more time aside to do that. I may make it part of my mandated time, but I think that once I start getting back to it, I'll do it more frequently without the set time. I have some ideas, but I'm not sure yet how exactly I want to set up these goals to make them SMART. I'm going to think on that some tonight. After my 40 mandated minutes and my workout. If the cell phone fairy is kind, I'll add that tonight at home. I'm going to stick with the same goal categories for a few challenges. I have been all over the place, and haven't done well. Lose Weight 1. Stick to my academy workouts, 2x a week, and handstand stuff for at least 5 minutes every day that I am home. By the end of the challenge, I'd like to be able to complete 1A all the way through. I can only do 2 rounds of it right now, with less than 10 knee pushups. 1B isn't really a problem. 2. Log my food in mfp. Don't be over 1450 calories a day. Don't be under 1200. Eat back 1/4 of what I burn. At least. When I can't log it in mfp because of service, write it down, count it, and add it later. Don't miss logging more than 1 meal a week. Balance & Feats 3. Do the foot & wrist mobility mini yoga sessions 2x per week and do full yoga at least 1x per week. (&Handstand 5 minutes a day.) 4. Slackline, 1x per week Keeping Me Sane 5. Stick to my 20 organizing/20 cleaning every day that I am home all day. 6. Dedicate 20 minutes a day to either reading or creating something. Zero Week: 29 Oct 16- Batcave is good to go! My house is stressing me out. When I go to do something relaxing, i feel guilty because I should work on my house. I'm tired and want to relax cause I've been working. I have had to leave lots for training (and ok, I ran away last week to camp, but it was actually work related. I was researching disc golf courses because we will hopefully get one. That's my story anyway.), and I just never finished moving in. Part of the problem is the size of my house. It's not tiny, but the size is distributed differently. My old house had a HUGE kitchen and living room but smaller bedrooms. My new house has a smaller living room and really limited kitchen. In my old house, the kitchen was the center of everything. I made soap, baked, dyed yarn, all sorts of things in the kitchen, and did lots in the dining room that was technically still the kitchen. Here, I just stopped unpacking because I haven't figured out how to organize and put stuff and I'm tired of getting rid of things I like! I love my porch though. It goes all the way across the front of the house and is screened in. But right now, it has boxes of kitchen stuff sitting on it. And things I need to throw away, and you get the idea. Basically, I'm going to improve my batcave. I'm going to get my kitchen in line, my porch taken care, and then turn the extra room into a workout/relax space.
  7. So, I'm going to keep this simple, for the time being. I quit my job. It was terrible and toxic for me, and since quitting, even with nothing lined up, I've had endless amounts of people comment oh how much happier I am. Clearly this was the correct life choice. So, since I don't have a job right now, I need to settle into a routine where I will have one soon. This means I need to set up a system, and more importantly, a place to do the hunt that won't kill my drive. Mainly because the last two times I did a job hunt I never had a desk or space to hunker down. I need to change that this time, I think. So, this challenge is less a bunch of discrete challenges, and more a massive list of adulting to help facilitate getting a new job. Also, I am going on vacation from the 6th to the 13th, and if my recruiter has his way I may actually have a job before I go on vacation. With my last day at my job being the 5th, I've had a crazy couple of weeks. So this entire challenge may up and change before it even begins. EDIT - I'm now making two challenges. "Unemployed RP" and "Employed RP" Challenge Lists. The Batcave/life theme still will apply to both, but with slight variances. Unemployed RP Challenge: As it is currently looking more and more likely I'll be employed sooner rather than later.... This isn't getting hidden behind a spoiler. Employed RP Challenge: Adulting Tasks (in order of PRIORITY): Do Taxes Figure out Health Insurance Get car oil changed Get car inspected Clean car out Clean Bedroom Sort and remove clothing that is over a size Large Organize Board game cabinet Use Google Calendar to track my new schedule of work, aikido, and workouts. Figure out optimal schedule. For Workouts: Aim for 4 Aikido Classes, and one Non-aikido workout (lifting or NP or yoga or Ruck). Ideally six aikido classes and two non-aikido workouts (NP and Lifting). Begin inventorying my library. Create Google Sheets logging at least one book a day (Title, author, publication date, genre) Read 3 books before the end of the challenge. So, this looks the more likely challenge at this point. Adult tasks are prioritized based on health and transportation. A nice clean bedroom before my job starts would be nice, as would the sorting out of clothing that's too large for me now. Board games need to get organized, as right now they are just tossed in a messy pile, so that's a bonus. A lot of the potential new jobs are in the Cambridge area, which means either crazy traffic or using the T to get to work, both of which are going to take time getting used to. Plus side is working in that area is that even at rush hour (4-6PM), it seems to have only taken me about 10 minutes to get to the dojo. WIN! So I should be able to squeeze my usual class schedule in, but who knows. I just know Tuesday is required for me. My reading has been lighter as of late, and I'm on an upswing overall. Which means I've been reading and adding books to my library pretty regularly, in both physical and ebook formats. I don't have too many books, but I probably have at least 200 or so hunkered down in my bedroom. I've never inventoried them, and I know I have books I haven't read. One of those eternal "Been meaning to get to that" piles. So I figure this helps me ID those books, as well as just figure out what I want to read next. And yea, just wanted to add more reading to my list because I could. I have my current book I'm reading (Casino Royale!), and then I'll probably read "The Long Utopia," and after that I'm not sure. Depends on my mood, I think. We shall see. But for now, this sounds like a plan.
  8. I have been having trouble with the Customize Your Batcave quest. It seems easy, but I have a small home and put into place most of the suggestions before I had even heard of Nerd Fitness. I am looking for suggestions that maybe out of the normal as I am working toward a full life level up. Maybe ways to help making cleaning easier and messes more difficult to make... does something like that even exist??? ANY ideas would be great - looking for that kick start. If there is a board that already talks about this (I can't seem to find one) I would love to hear about that as well! This is also the time where I wish I had gone to Hogwarts - although I would have probably never have mastered cleaning spells either... or be rich enough for a (well treated) house elf. Support S.P.E.W.!
  9. Hello assassins ADVENTURERS! edit: I left last challenge thinking assassin, but I'm a travel loving, geocaching fool who LOVES an adventure! "Adventurous" is one of my primary personality traits....so here I am! This is my second challenge, and with the first I learned some lessons about small steps and planning around life. I definitely bit off more than I could chew! I named this challenge "change", because nearly every aspect of my life is in flux, and I am embracing it! In the last few months I... Got officially "unmarried" Spent the majority of 3 months traveling (mostly for work), which meant 100% restaurant meals, long hours, flights and time changes. Sold the house and moved belongings to parents place 2,000 miles away Committed to lifestyle changes, like joining the NF academy and completing my first challenge here! Changes during this challenge: Moving to Germany exactly half way through challenge...which means....I HAVE A KITCHEN (and 4 flights of stairs to my front door, and a great opportunity to put my life back together away from all the negative influences in my past life) Same job, but different role with more responsibility Giving up car, committing to walking/biking/trains (I LOVE walking and am so excited to be able to walk to work again! I also love my new bike, and the Munich trains are superb) Needless to say, I'm excited about nearly all of these changes/opportunities...not exactly "I WIN" but who can resist Xena? What did I actually win? Survived with style, and set up for success this year! Definitely Winning in my book!! The last challenge wasn't my best performance, but I made it through lot of life change and major challenges at work with flying colors (if not much downward movement on the scale after my initial wins). Considering that a lot of people, including my boss, were expecting breakdown and I remains my cheerful productive self, I'll call that a win! I know exactly why the scale didn't budge though (it budged up a bit...back near my starting weight): Had a blast, drank and ate way too much. Most of my coworkers were also stressed out, which led to a few nights out till dawn. Some of my travel was to Ireland, where I caught a couple parties and the famed "12 pubs of Christmas", and then back to Boston for my own going away parties and a "Santa pub crawl". Believe it or not, I'd never done a pub crawl in my life and then 2 in a little over a week! Back to health and wellness though. After a 2000 mile drive (filled with fast food...) I arrived at my parents house on Christmas Eve, and started skiing and eating clean the next day. Now that I'm moving to a nice apartment in Germany rather than hotels all over the place, I'm looking forward to some stability and the ability to cook healthy food for myself, have kettle bells around, and not be jetlagged all the time! I've also been on a little shopping spree to outfit my new batcave! Kettlebells and blood Keto meter and Primal books and magnetic bike trainer and bio-impedance digital scale and...oh my! On to GOALS! 1. You are what you measure. Track: Food (not necessarily calories),Water,Workouts,Steps,MeasurementsTBD how to track...FitBit and MFP...though MFP gets kind of judgy about high fat intakes and doesn't show net carbs vs "carbs" well to me. 2. Train like a Beast: Kettlebell circuit 3x a week 3. Infiltrate society...Study German Study German for 10 minutes per day in preparation for intensive classes in February Bonus Level: Build a Bat cave and Start Primal 21 day challenge
  10. These next few weeks, my goal is just to try and work on keeping as healthy a diet as possible. Currently, my house is going through a kitchen remodel and we are being provided food by members in my community. So, there isn't much control over what is given to us. I will track my portions and focus on only eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I've slipped into snacking more often, so I am going to focus this time on limiting the times I eat to when I am actually hungry and not because I am bored or anxious. Also, in a few weeks I am moving across the country, so at that point, I will focus on building my batcave to be as helpful as it can be. For these next 6 weeks I will be living in three houses, so this is a time for me to step up my game and start new healthier habits. With all of the transitions coming, I am tabling leveling up my exercises until I can establish a routine in my new place. There is too much crazy right now to add anything new. Here's to big life changes! Woot!
  11. Ok, so the last few months have been interesting. First off there was CampNF. Seriously some of the best fun I have ever had. I'm going next year, don't care how it happens. Work decided I was needed to go share my awesomeness and train another facility for 4 weeks. This was at the same time as camp and a family wedding I was participating in. HOLY BUSY BATMAN. That was a lot of flights and packing/unpacking and just generally no time for being at home. I'm happy to be home, I'm happy to be back on my normal schedule, and I'm super excited to start a new challenge. Bring it on. I just celebrated my 30th birthday. This did NOT get me down. In fact I think I feel better now than when I was 25. I know I am happier! In fact I might be annoyingly happy right now, people are noticing my sunny outlook. Life is good! As far as what I am challenging myself with, I am still working out the details. I want to make this challenge about new habits. I am still sticking to my no sugar in my coffee habit from a previous challenge. Going about 8 months on that one and still going strong. I know I can make changes if I just work them out in baby steps. I want to tackle the habit of taking my vitamins every day. Krill oil makes my joints happy and I need to make it a daily thing. I drink plenty of water in the summer when it's hot, but now that its cooling down, I am going to have to be more mindful. I am excited about getting my batcave into working order. I will think about what I want to change and how I can track those changes and make them a part of the challenge. No more sitting at my desk in front of the comp. The filing I am putting off needs to be done and that file box must come off my desk...I hate the clutter. I am annoyed with my current gym and the price and the people and the equipment and the group of stay at home moms that invades at the same time I like to go and stand around and are obnoxious and talk about their kids while they lift tiny weights and do excessive cardio and are just generally in everyone's way. All in all, we need to see other people. There are two new Crossfit operations that have opened in the last 6 months both within a ridiculously easy distance. I would love to get back into Crossfit. I will be trying them out and seeing which is the best fit for my schedule and personality. The only thing about my gym I will miss is the badass guy who comes in all quiet, lifts like a beast and then does pull ups with a 50lb plate hanging from his waist. That man is my hero. I would high five him, but I fear it would break his concentration. The high five is implied! I will work out the details on these goals and see what specs I can include over the next few days. A detailed update and outline of my challenge will follow. EXCITED!!
  12. Main Quest – Become Resilient People have accused me of becoming “consistent†over the last challenge. Sadly, this remains a struggle for me. Over the last few years, I’ve learned what works to keep me happy and healthy. Far too often, I wander astray because I “deserve some time off†or want to pursue some shiny new method or goal. Time to develop persistence and focus like Batman. Time to bounce back from setbacks even stronger and wiser. Time to become resilient. (BTW, grading = >90% - A 75-89% - B 50-74% - C <49% - F) 1) The Training is Nothing! The Will is Everything! The Will to Act! [+5 STA] Doucard is right. The will to act is how I will continue my daily training, including: - pray and read the Bible - prepare food - play outside (walk, BWW three times per week) - post on NF - pause (meditate) - plan for tomorrow This is the big goal for this challenge - consistent will to develop a healthy, happy Batperson. 2) Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up. [+3 DEX] Because sometimes falling is the only way forward, at least 3 times per week, I will develop the following skills… - chin/pull up negatives - bailing from handstands - parkour rolls 3) I synthesized an antidote. [+3 CON] I will counteract fear toxin (candy, junk food, baked stuff, work cafeteria “foodâ€, and other forms of emotional eating) with new antidotes. Some ideas (feel free to suggest more)… - drink tea - walk - listen to a song on my iPod - meditate - find a joke on the internet - animal pictures - read inspiring quotes - five deep breaths Side Quest – I am the Night! [+2 CHA] For the last 2/3rds of the challenge, I’m going to be working a super wonky schedule – 16 hour overnight shifts every other night. I have enough trouble shifting my schedule, but this looks to be playing sleep on expert difficulty. Here’s my plan to maximize the sleep that I can get, but expect adjustments - while on days sleep 9pm-6am - while on nights sleep – 9am-3pm - nap sometime between 1-4am or sleep later on non-working days - yellow glasses - magnesium? Life Quest – Build the Batcave [+2 WIS] My house and laptop are crammed to bursting with too much stuff. I will spend at least 15 minutes per day to declutter, organize, clean, or otherwise improve my physical and digital batcave.
  13. So I would like to start out by apologizing to those who kept trying to check up on me last challenge after I went AWOL. Thanks for the comments and support despite my absence. The whole transition to the new job and doing some house projects at home got me out of a rhythm for working out and posting. It has been a month at the new job now and I am loving everything about it! Much shorter drive from home, better working conditions (aka I get to get away from my desk for the majority of the day), benefits are awesome and I could go on but I will spare you. Not sure what was holding me back from moving away from the old job but definitely glad I made the change. At home I have been working on building my "bat cave" and have made a lot of progress. I would say right now it is about 90% done. Basically I built some shelves in the basement and it opened up a ton of space down there for exercising. It looks 100x better down there and I am excited to start using it for working out regularly. So with that I think it is time to get into this challenge! 7.2 - "The Redo" So I am not going to give myself any credit for last challenge. I am going to count it as taking it completely off. So this will be my attempt at a redo, but I will be switching things up a bit. To get everyone up to speed, this weekend was my Warrior Dash race and I had a blast doing it! I did it with my friend and we just had the best time we have had in a while. We ended up doing the course 2x and getting extremely muddy, but it was worth it. I am going to do it again next year and want to include my wife also! I know she will have fun even if she doesn't think so now. It was not nearly as difficult as I was expecting but infinitely more fun. This coming weekend (8/2) is our end of the season softball tournament. I was thinking the next challenge was going to start next week but here it is already! Fitness- 1) Do gymnastic ring workout 3x per week (+2 DEX +3 STR) So while I out this last challenge, I made the discovery that gymnastic rings are a wonderful workout. I have been watching this season of American Ninja warrior and seen a lot of people using them in their audition videos. So I was reading a little about them and then Steve posted about using them for his workout and becoming "Antifragile". Well then I started reading more and more and decided that I could actually try them with some stuff I have around the house! Well almost. The handles I have are not quite the same as rings but they are close and allow me to do the movements. There are plans to get an actual set soon hopefully. That aside, I did a basic workout on them and had a blast! So this challenge I wanted to include them for upper body work. 1) Do Body Weight workout 3x per week (+2 DEX +3 STR) After finding this workout from tenaciousglee, I have decided to switch things up. I will come back to the rings for sure, but for now I will stick with the body weight stuff. It does make sense in terms of building up my strength before using the rings as they do require a lot of strength moves. 2) Speed workout 3x per week (+1 DEX +3 STA) I have a bunch of speed workouts I can do: ladder drills, jump rope, dot drills, speed runs, etc. These will mainly focus on the lower body since rings will be focusing on the upper body. Life- 3) Get my numbers in check (+2 CON +2 CHA) As part of my new job and health insurance, they want me to get tested to get a baseline on my level of health and to "help" me be healthier. In order to get the most out of my insurance I either have to have numbers that are in the range they are looking for or if not, then make an "effort" to get them better. The big concern for me is cholesterol. It has always been high for me but I am going to give it a good run at controlling it with diet and exercise. So grading on this will depend on how many numbers are in the green out of the 4 they check (BMI, LDL, Total Cholesterol, Fasting Blood Sugar) 4) Finish the "Bat Cave" (+2 WIS) Like I said before it is mostly complete but there are still a few odds and ends to clean up. I would like to get it finished by the end of the challenge and that is possible to do. Main things left are: Finish taking out the garbage Clean up desk Wire TV Reinforce tool bench Reposition pull-up bar
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