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  1. Will be checking in here at least once a week, and possibly daily. Long term goal - daily fitness and healthy eating are habitual, like breathing. Result of this habit are endless with the obvious being weight loss and healthy weigh maintenance, able to wear clothes that do not pinch and bind and I feel GREAT. I have energy and positive outlook on life as a result of making these changes. Short term goal - lose 5+ lbs by 7/6, more would be better, but I know I need to start with small obtainable milestones to be successful. How will I achieve this short term goal that will effectively push to the long term goal: recording my work outs (here) and food intake (here and on myfitness pal). I like the idea of weekly picture too to track physical changes. Even though weight loss is a goal, I know that i do better monitoring progress with clothes versus a flippin scale. Plan for this week (6/24 - 7/1): restart my Couch to 5K program, using this at least 3 times during this week. Non-running days will be my body weight work out days. I had made it to week 8 of the C25K program at the begining of the year, but fell off after I messed up a knee doing a bootcamp workout on the beach. Since then I have been really favoring the leg and got lazy. So, when you fall - you get back up and keep going and yesterday I did just that - restarted the program at week one, day 1. I was anxious, but after the warm up I felt good, knee felt good and I got through 2.45 miles in 25:14. Not setting any PRs (yet), but I completed the session with ease. For those that do not know, C25K is an interval training program that starts with a long walk warm up, and then short jogs for about a minute. Over time the walks whittle down and run intervals increase. Near the final weeks you are running for 25 and 30 minute intervals. I never thought I could run for more than 10 mins, but I cleared the 30 minute event and I will again. I do have a 5k in Augs, so this is a good training time. I ended the day with some ab work and lots of good stretching - knee is doing fine. Food yesterday: Breakfast: Choc. Shakeology, almond milk, 1/2 a banana and 1 tsp natural pb. Snack: peach Lunch: Big ASS salad with grilled chicken, light champagne vinegrette Snack: for lack of anything else - about 10 pita chips. just needed crunchy Dinner: Grilled flat iron steak, more salad. Snack: pre dinner - about 5 baby carrots guilty pleasure - glass of organic cabernet, and I spilt half of it on my keyboard while I was WoWing...(karma)
  2. This is my first challenge. This princess spent too much time in the pub and the kitchen and became a little soft. My lack of discipline has been holding me back physically AND mentally and now that there is an heir to the Wonderpants throne, I have to set an example as well as be fit enough to keep up with him. Today I have managed to keep my caffeine intake more than usual and actually drink WATER. I've been dehydrated for as long as I can remember. I'm at my 6th glass of water today and if I can do 2 more by dinnertime, I get my reward of Cherry Coke Zero. Cutting sugar out of my diet caused me physical and mental depression that lasted about a week. I had no idea how much I had a sweet tooth and how hard it would be to keep it at bay. Diet pop isn't the greatest but it's the closest to dessert I can have, besides the one grapefruit I will allow myself after dinner. So far today: 1 lamb and mint sausage link, 1/4c red kidney beans, 3 tbsp coleslaw (homemade with my own homemade mayo. no dairy or shelf stabilizers) About 1/2c pulled pork with 1 cup kidney beans and a few tbsp bbq sauce. Finished the leftover coleslaw. (this entire meal was leftovers. I'm all about finishing the leftovers) 3 small slices of fig salami and 2 carrots. I've had 2 cups of coffee with less than 1 tbsp heavy cream in each cup My dinner plan is Thai-Style Chicken soup with a side of edamame. I've started cooking with coconut oil and will be using this in place of the veggie oil that the recipe asks for. Activity: According to my Fitbit I have walked 8320 steps since 8:30am. I've taken 18 flights of stairs and walked 3.31mi. I did the KB exercises today. 3 sets of 35. I'm still only at 10lbs but getting there slowly. For work, I am on my feet most of the day. I have been doing chores around the house all day long and took my son out for about 30 minutes of walking. I expect to meet my daily goal of 10,000 steps by bedtime once this break is over and I go back to my regular tasks. There will also be a few more flights of stairs since I'm not done with the laundry and the machines are downstairs. I would have walked longer but this extra water intake makes my bladder so full and I had to come home and pee after 30 minutes. I plan on setting aside at least 30 minutes of Paper Mario Sticker Star before bedtime so I can relax yet keep my brain a bit active.
  3. Right, well, I finally joined the forums and started a battle log! My name is crimsonrain95, and I hope you'll welcome me into your amazing community. I'm certainly excited about joining I've been 98% paleo for just over two months to date, and I haven't regretted my decision. I already notice the amount of food that I eat is decreasing and I feel much more energised throughout each day. Even on those rare occasions that I cave and have a flapjack or a donut, my stomach feels so horrible afterwards that its much easier for me to resist temptation these days. In terms of exercise, I started off with the Beginner's Body Weight Workout and a form of Interval Training, which I alternate for six days a week, with a seventh day of rest (amen). Every week I try to adjust my workouts by making them tougher on my body. If I don't feel like a blob of jelly by the end of a strength training session, I know that its time to increase the difficulty! My current workouts, which I tend to start around 9pm, are as follows: Strength Training (Mon, Wed, Fri): 5 min Warm-Up (usually jogging on the spot with high-knees, bum-flicks etc.) Dynamic Stretches 20 x Squats w/1kg dumbbells 5 x Press-ups, 5 x Knee Press-Ups 20 x Walking Lunges w/1kg dumbbells 10 x Bent-Over Rows w/9kg weight 20 sec Plank 35 Jumping Jacks I'll normally repeat this for three sets, with a 60 sec rest between sets but minimal rest between exercises (5 sec to grab some water). 5 min Cool-Down w/ Stretches Interval Training (Tue, Thu, Sat): This is done on the elliptical trainer at my gym. 5 min Warm-Up at lvl 5 resistance, 86 rpm 30 sec at lvl 7 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 8 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 9 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 10 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 11 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 12 resistance, 140rpm 1 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86rpm 30 sec at lvl 13 resistance, 140rpm 2 min 30 at lvl 5 resistance, 86pm This adds up to 20 mins in the gym, and after a five minute easy bike ride back home, I'll stretch out. My short-term goal, and the reason why I made these changes in the first place, is to drop from dress size 14 to 10 (UK) in time for my school's equivalent of a prom at the end of the year (28th June). Might seem slightly ambitious, and in the end I won't throw a tantrum if I don't quite make it. All I really want is to look better in a ball gown than I would have done if I sat on my butt and ate cake all the way up until the prom. My long-term goal is to shift from an adventurer to an assassin, with particular emphasis on the parkour training. I've been fascinated with parkour for a couple of years now, but never felt that I was fit enough to attempt anything safely. The fact that I also live in the country was also a bit of an obstacle. However, with any luck I will be moving to a city this coming October, and will be provided with a whole new playground to get my teeth stuck into, as well as the multitude of free time I have been promised as a first-year Uni student. As of right now however, I am concentrating on the run up to my exams (first one in two days, eep!) while not letting my diet go down the toilet. I'll try to post on the days of my workouts, though I've decided to disrupt my normal routine by not exercising on nights before an exam so I can concentrate. Thanks for taking the time to read!
  4. I'll be logging my efforts here, for all the rebels to see, should they so desire. This starts today. This morning, at 0900, I did a cycling class at my local gym. I don't particularly like the class environment, but I'm working on getting a friend to the freeweights and this is my concession. That said, I'm certain the class leader is trying to kill me on that fake bike. Today's workout: 38 minutes of medium impact spin, with various sprints and hills. I'll be feeling it in the morning. We didn't make it to the gym in time for weight work, but there's always Friday.
  5. Oh hey, Nerd Fitness. I'm Shelby, and this is my first post. Do people introduce themselves on these things? Idunno... Okay, I will. Well, I'm 5'10, 180 pounds (as of today) and I'm somewhat athletic. I play volleyball and I swim, I love sports but I'm horrible at them. I play them anyways. I'm pretty much a nerd. 4.65 GPA in the hizzy. Headed to college next year (eeeeppp!) and ready to make some lifelong healthy habits for myself. I'm a Christian, and I'm not trying to make anyone else become a Christian... But this is my thread so I'll write what I want God speaks against unhealthy living in the Bible (Proverbs 23:20, Philippians 3:19, etc.) because my body is a Temple. Not a trashcan. So, this has become one of my paradigms. My body is His, not mine, so I aim to respect it. Steve tells us to come up with some goals, so here are some goals I'm setting for myself! Diet Goals: Paleo all the way bruhtha. Exercise Goals: Lift 3 times a weekRun a mile on off days (Except for Sunday.) Non-fitness-or-health-related Goals: Read the Bible every day Lots of stuff. Yeah, it's sort of intimidating, but the only thing scarier than changing is always staying the same. "If your goals don't scare you, they are not big enough." -Ellen Johnson Sirleaf So yeah! Starting tomorrow (and I mean it this time... you have no idea how tired I am of telling myself that) and every day after that, I will work to be better than I was the day before. Comment, post, blah, blah, blah. I'd love to hear from my fellow Rebels :] Later guys!
  6. Day One: Wednesday, March 13, 2013 Technically, this isn't Day One at NerdFitness for me. That was last Sunday. But this is close enough. DIET: Instead of recording everything I eat (because I'll forget and it's a pain in the ***) I'm going to record whenever I break Paleo. Since I'm still easing into it, I'm going to allow myself three meals to eat basically what I want every week, and I won't freak over minor lapses. For now. Dinner: Baked potato. That may or may not be Paleo, I'm not really sure. Snacks: I had one cracker at Mock Trial practice. Totally not worth it. EXERCISE: I'm still sore from doing the Angry Birds workout yesterday, so I didn't do much today. Note for tomorrow: I REALLY need to stretch. Slow Kicks: Note: I'm having a lot more trouble doing these with the right leg than the left leg. That's a goal right there--to have them both be the same strength. Hook-Round-Side: 2 x 10, both legs Snap: 2 x 10, both legs SLEEP: I'm recording this too because sleep really helps with losing weight. Or at least, sleep deprivation increases chances of obesity. So spake my Psych class. Time in bed: 11:50 pm Time to wake up tomorrow: 6 am
  7. Whoop for the Battle Log!! This is going along with my challenge as a Warrior. 4/15 Squat:115 lb x 5 140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5140 lb x 5150 lb x 5 Did a 150 just to see how it felt to squat my bodyweight, it was awesome. OHP:45 lb x 555 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 570 lb x 5 That last set was a good push. Deadlift:85 lb x 5105 lb x 5105 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5115 lb x 5 I was supposed to just do 105, but the guy spotting me encouraged me to go harder and I loved it! My goals were: Squat:140, OHP: 70, Deadlift: 105I accomplished: Squat 150, OHP 70, Deadlift 115 Excellent first day!
  8. Starting today we'll see how frequently I will be able to update this. I'm hoping for daily input so that I will be able to remember everything that I put in and did to my body each day. I have no idea about the calories I am eating, especially since I am in college and mostly eat in the dining hall. Start!
  9. Current weight: 240 lbs Lifting: 135 lbs squats 1x10, 1x5 lunges each leg, 1x10. Some mucle ache the next day but not bad. Will up the weight tomorrow. Press progression: 32.5 lbs each arm, variable incline bench - start flat, do 2 sets of 10, raise the incline, repeat until it's all the way up. Single arm rows: between sets of bench 1x10 each arm, same weight Dead lifts: 105, 3x10 Cleans: 95, 3x10
  10. Well, here's what I didi today: Bench 115lbs @10reps LegPress 225 @10reps Cross Curls (not sure thats what they're called): 25lbs @10reps Bent Rows 40lbs @10reps Overhead Tri thingamabobs 35lbs @10reps 1 minute plank (last 30 seconds add to taps) 25 Russian Twists, Repeat circuit three times. I was tuckered out on those bent rows. For a while I was at 40lbs and didn't have issues, but now I feel like maybe I should take it back to 35lbs or stop at 8 reps as my last two aren't the best form. Thoughts?? It may be time to bump up the cross curls to 30lbs, I won't make 10 out of the box with those, but may shoot for 8reps? Probably should attempt more weight on the bench now. I'm using a machine because I don't have a workout partner so it may be harder without once I find one. Also ready to go up on leg press to probably 235 or so... Will add to taps to the full minute of planks next time. Leaving russian twists as is... and MY GOD do I want Taco Bell right now!!! But I'm eating chicken....*sigh*
  11. Hi everyone. I've dusted off my cloak and I'm ready to start! After spending new year's on the beach (Family there, so lucky ) I'm back home and today I started with my challenge: For the challenge I have to go to the gym 3 times a week and I have 3 routines I follow when I go there. I don't have them with me now but when I go back to the gym I'll bring a copy and edit this post. Starting Condition 106 Kg (It's probably a little bit less because I've been doing the paleo diet nonstop since 11/20 but I don't have a scale. If I get to one I'll edit the post.)180 Cm Tall ( I know you don't use metric but this is mainly for me so...) I'll appreciate if you have any toughs or ideas (criticism is also allowed and if it is constructive is also welcome) Thanks!!
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