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  1. I've been a passive NF viewer for a while but this year I'm committing to change. I'm really good at and extremely motivated by short term goals and get a kick out of recording and tracking things - you name it...to do lists..reading lists...workouts... I've realised that short bursts of commitment are not leading me to sustainable success. I need consistency. I need to give up obsessing about perfection. I need to trust the process. I need to feed my inner librarian nerd and record and track data. So here I am. My plan is to use this thread in conjunction with any 4 week challenges I participate in and keep myself accountable. So here we go for 2019!
  2. Sunday, Sept. 16, 2018 Running distance: 4.01 KM pace: 8:07/km time: 32:32.9
  3. I'm currently 118 Kg, my current goal is to, eventually reach 100 Kg, so there's a lot of road to cover. I've never tried a Daily Log, so let's see how this goes. I'll try keep editing whenever I eat or exercise something. Currently I'm travelling for work, so the exercise may be a little more hard to achieve (need to travel every day). However food is "simpler". Exercise None Food Breakfast - Bread with butter and orange juice. - TNT so I don't sleep on the road (will change back for Coffee or Chimarrão, a local pick me up herb tea) Lunch - Lettuce - Beet - Tomatos (2 slices) - Skirt (small portion) - Beef (small portion) - Natural Sausage (small portion) Dinner - Shimeji Snacks - Salted nuts
  4. so today is my birthday and as I look in the mirror I'm happy with my self then I look down! What happened, shakinb my head I proceed to brush my teeth and wash. Then I realise nothings happened not a thing,, well that's not completely true, my mother in-law is full time resident now and my Husband has retired. But as I go down stairs I look at my body states and I'm the same size and I'm sure a worse state. Read my last Nerds Update and I look and shudder at how long I've been here and suddenly, that's it I've binned that sweet jammy toast. As walk from room to room I see Good intention books, kettle bells with dust, Gymboss on key holder, Even the Nutri Blender is mocking me... I make I seek my coffee spy a TRX on a unit I forgot I own.. Then it Clicked ( Stupid and not eurika buy anymeans but I felt, Noooooo! I must change today, otherwise next year ill be just be 40 and greyer.. Nope I'm doing something now inacturaly blended a Nutri, did a beginner's work out oh god it hurt, and I feel great____ oh yeah. Had my Birth Day meal.. burger no bun, salad and soda and lime... MY ARMOUR... My body as it stands mow Shoulder 46 / Chest 38/ Bicep 13/ Forearm 11 / Waist 38 / Thigh 23.5 / Calf 16/ MY STAMINA... my focus, determination, drive. Gearfit2 has a reminder set for Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.. 10,000 steps mim a day MY POWER .. where I eaten how I have eaten... i aim to go eat health and aim for 80% Paleo i am not a breakfast eater but will try.. will write and shame my self if im hit by the hidden traps of sweet offering at work, rest or play. Hint hint Right So i dabbled i mean i gave it a go had a few home Life. Work issues ..Blahhh you heard them and i had them.. So fare this Angell aint gonna Fly with the Belly he's got and the weak wings he has to get a foot of the ground let alone reach the sky.. 2017 Main quest. Goal Its To Loose the Tyer holding me down See the Photo Album. And Get strong Wings (Ok that my Frame).. SIDE QUEST Exercise three time a Week # SHIELD, kettle bell -- SWORD ARM, body weight exercise, BOW RANGE, flexibility, resistant bands at WORK not the lift or escerlator but stairs only. 10,000 steps walk or cycle to work. I'll add new side quests and mini as I go along Im going sensable using my Gearfit2 to monitor when im slowing down to encourage movment. Sleep and Food types..Using the Site and awsome NF.So come on the rest of my years this Fella's got a tyer to loose and wings to build
  5. Today's slice: Walk 10 min to gym Warmup - walk 5 minutes 2 Rounds of: 10 bodyweight squats 10 push-ups 10 situps Cooldown - walk 5 minutes Walk 10 min back to work It aint much, but it's a start... I have officially gone from couch to standing
  6. So... I'll "only" update once a week with an overview on how things are going. for the daily stuff Ill update my challanges. Starting point; 67,7 KG Not fit, hard to run, need to walk in between takes 40 - 45Min for 5KM Can not rock climb more then a 5A (single) Can climb 3 4+ routes in a row. I drink a lot of alcohol free beer which is as bad as beer with alcohol Goal; Climb 6A (single) Climb 5B three in a row. Weight 62 KG and hold it. Run 5km under 30 min No more Beer, soda and fake fruit jusses
  7. Journey Log: Revival of the Demonhunters The first battlelog I do will be about meditating 100 hours by the end of the year 2016. It's a bold challenge. With a little more than 120 days left for the year, I'll have to aim for 45 minutes to one hour a day. "This is insane! Why?" "Okay. How do you do this?" "What meditation technique do you use?" UPDATE [11.09.2016]: I've decided to adapt to some of the mental challenges I encountered and modify my approach. I noticed that it really drags me down not to do enough about physical fitness which also negatively affecty my meditation practice. As a result, I will add an Encore: Once I've done my meditation for the day, I may also add a workout as an encore. This will usually be stationary cycling where I want to get to a solid 21km run in a single session (Worked my way up from ~10-12km to currently 19,70 so this goal is realistic and not to far away!). As paradoxically this may sound, but adding this to my challenge actually makes things easier for me. I can stay commited to meditation knowing that I have a more rounded package of mental and physical fitness going now and the challenge feels more balanced and in sync to my long-term goals again. Journey Progress: 1,75h/100h
  8. I just joined NF and have found myself to be a warrior accepting the occasional quest as a ranger. The truth of the matter is my #1 goal for 2016 is to get pregnant and carry a healthy child full term. My goals will shift dramatically before, during, and after that process, I need a place where I can be transparent and accountable! So here it goes My Pre-Preggers Goals Lifting Nothing has helped me feel empowered as a woman like being strong. I am rebuilding my consistency, so here are my pre-preggers goals: Lift 4x a week! Get back to pre-miscarraige numbers (Current: 67k Snatch, 82k C&J, 105k Squat, 115k Dead ; Bests: 78k Snatch, 89k C&J, 115k Squat, 137k Dead) (Will track workouts and PRs here) Met-Con I need to establish a foundation of metabolic conditioning so when I am pregnant, I am able to maintain fitness. Row 2x a week CrossFit 1x a week (Will track workouts here) 5 Minutes a Day I have auxiliary goals that I am committed to spending 5 minutes a day improving. I will only commit to 4 of these kinds of goals at a time: Free standing handstand Push ups Drawing Gratitude (Will track time spent here) Weight With PCOS and Hypothyroid, weight is a huge concern. Between 2 miscarriages, I went from 63K to 71K. My doctors want me to at least get back to 65K before we can start trying to get pregnant again. I am committed to logging my food on MyFitnessPal and tracking my weight here: Supplements The number 1 goal for 2016 is still to get preggers and STAY preggers. This means I need to be good about all the things my medical team wants me to take. Prenatals B Complex Vitamin D Astaxanthinn (Will track consistency here) Mindfulness My issue? "Too many mind." I recently read the book "10% Happier" and suddenly meditation made sense for the first time in my entire life. 10 minutes of meditation a day (Will track consistency here)
  9. Long story short, I've been working to lose 120lbs. I lost 40 lbs in six months. Then my house flooded in the Houston Tax Day Flood. I gained a few lbs back because we were having to eat out nearly every meal. I also stopped walking every day because I was too tired and my dog was staying with friends. I felt I needed some more structure to get back on track so I joined the Academy. Today I walked 1.5 miles and did my first Academy Body Weight Workout Level 2. My goals right now are to walk every day this week and cut back to a single Diet Coke per day.
  10. Today marks the beginning of week 4 of my journey. Must say, this is the first time I have truly felt motivated. Its as if something clicked in my head and I found myself to be "redi" if you will. Only I would find the motivation and drive on April fools day I have been working to hone in my diet over the past few weeks. I still have some work to do to get it fully dialed in; but I am at least 60% clean/paleo at this point. Husband asked if I wanted McDs yesterday and I practically screamed "NO!" which in hindsight stuck me that I turned down the opportunity to down some french fries; may favorite food! My biggest nutrition struggle are the times that I don't feel like cooking and have exhausted my leftovers stockpile. My goal at this point is to work on decreasing my body fat percentage to around 25%. Today I am at 48.9% I know some folks focus on weight, some people want to be a certain size; to each their own. I am a mesomorph body type and have decided that it is time to embrace what I was given. I will never be a size 0 and with my rectangular shape will not have that hourglass figure that is coveted. Instead, I can be a lean, mean, weightlifting machine! And you know what?! That sounds fantastic. My current routine looks as follows: Total-body strength training - three times per week. Cardio - Steady-state 2 times per week Active Recovery - Once a week and/or as needed. Today was an active recovery day. I was still feeling sore in my chest and lats when I woke up this morning and rather than risk over-training; gave myself an extra day off from strength training. I struggle with off-days and active recovery days sometimes because I feel like I "should" be doing something more. I never thought that I would ever be disappointed about a given day being a rest day; that the prospects of lounging around on the couch in my PJs would depress me. Go figure?! Battle log: 10 minute warm-up 20 min walk 5 minute cooldown Ruff out n redi for tomorrow
  11. I competed in my first Crossfit competition in the beginning of February, and it got me hooked on competions! I will be competing in a Train to Hunt competition in July that involves shooting my bow, running with my 20# pack, and strength obstacles. I am also looking forward to a Spartan Race in May, and any other Crossfit competitions that come my way. My current goals are: 1. Attend Crossfit 5x per week. - I want those kipping pullups! - This is my year for muscle ups! 2. Run/walk 2 miles 3x per week. -Cardio needs to be built up. 3. Determine my own "Personal Palo Code" 4. Pay off debt by end of June. 5. Conquer clinical depression with diet, plenty of rest, and exercise. 6. Lose 40 lbs 7. Practice bow 1x per week A little more about me...I love animals, yoga, hiking, cooking, and adventuring. Latest adventure was spring break in Mexico and swimming with sea lions, whale sharks, and dolphins in the Sea of Cortez. I can't wait to see what the next year has in store! I plan on using my battle log to track my workouts, food log, and to document my progress.
  12. THE MAKING OF A MODERN VIKING Fitness and Philosophy for the Modern Adventurer Adventure. Fitness. Survivalism. Philosophy. Technology. This shall be my Battle Log, and though far from updated daily, I hope to check in as often as I can with commentary on my fitness endeavors, adventures, and musings.
  13. Main Quest: Build and maintain "action guy" abilities in order to be useful in emergencies and keep my man card as I grow older: Combatives/Parkour/Practical Shooting, supported by Functional Fitness. Also some Hollywood Ninja Nerd tricking for no justifiable reason. Note: bodyfat percentage is no where in this goal. Medium Term Quest 1: Monk/Druid: Blue Belt in BJJ, MACP Level 2, Taijutsu 1 Kyu per quarter, occasional MMA Sparing, 3 events per week (eventually Krav Maga level 5) Medium Term Quest 2: Ranger/Warrior: Lower Body: Tactical S&C, Upper Body-Cybergenics push/pull, 3 events per week. Medium Term Quest 3: Scout/Assassin: Tactical S&C ESD, Parkour Open Gym, 500yd Swim, 1-3 mile run, 5-12mile ruck, Taijutsu Tricking, 3 events per week. Medium Term Quest 4: Defensive Pistol: Ungraded, train at least once a quarter.
  14. Introduction: Currently I am studying and finally want to change my body and health in a permanent way. With NerdFitness and the Rebellion I feel confident for the first time to be able to do this. I am a computer nerd and tend to sit the whole day long and do stuff, sometimes important, sometimes a bunch of cat pictures . At the moment it becomes clear to me that I will only be successful in life and job if I get my body in shape and establish healthy habits. Main Goal: Loose 20kg (44lbs) till end 2016 Settings of the log: At the moment I think I will do only keep track of measurements for my first 6-week challenge. This setting may change in future, but for the moment I want to keep it simple to make it easier for me to build a habit of every day communication up here. Here we go! day 1 / 12-11-2015 Fitness: walk 60min --was feeling really motivated today done miniquest 1 day 2 / 13-11-2015 Fitness: walk 15min --used the walk as warm up for bodyweight workout beginner bodyweight workout -- completed 2 Rounds, switched to easy pushups (on knees) because the others are not in range at the moment working on miniquest 2 setup daily battlelog
  15. So in this post i will discuss my goals my main focus and what and how i will be posting here. My Longterm Goals Lose 55lbs Develop a healthy relationship with food Cook 3 healthy meals a week for at least a month Log every day and upload a log every week, this is a repeating goal Learn parkour Complete the viking run Earn my black belt (This list is still growing) Main focus At the moment my main focus is to beat my addiction to food and develop a healthy relationship with it. I will do this by logging my food, get the remaining sugars out of my body and learn a healthy way of cooking for at least 3 times a week. My posts here My posts here will consist of 2 things, 1 my week log of food and excercise. 2 any problems i encounter and how i dealt with them or a reqeust for help. This is verry short but i hope it gives you a view in my struggle.
  16. It looks like I have never done a Battle Log on here. I had recently decided to do a battle log on the Academy but it sounds like some changes are happening and I'll need to do my journaling here. No biggie. On this side would be where I would journal if I was doing a challenge so this all works out for me in the long run. I am currently working my way back through the lessons on the Academy so some of what I may blog about will be from there. I'm a week out from vacation and 2 weeks about from the Mudderella. I haven't announced it yet, not like I need to, but I've been kicking the idea around that I may bow out of obstacle course races after this year. This will be my 6th race. Don't get me wrong I've enjoyed myself but at the end of the day I'm not really a runner. Even calling what I do running is funny because its mostly walking with some running thrown in. I want to be able to scale back to daily walks and hikes with lifting as my primary form of exercise. That and my nerves. My goodness you should see how bad my anxiety can be pre-race. We'll see, no pressure. I may see the race line up of local races next year and go for it again. At the least I can say I've done it and its been fun. I certainly haven't lost weight or gotten smaller because of racing though which is why I think I might need to head in another direction for that (and my Dr. and Chiro have seemed to have hinted to me..is running what I really like and enjoy doing?). That and I keep reading articles where people have gotten hurt (3 people fell off the wall at the Warrior Dash I was at this May) and one woman went blind after a race. I'm very careful but the truth of potentially getting hurt could be a real possibility. I will leave with part of my last journal entry on the Academy which lists my big why... For me personally one of my reasons, and has been for a long time, is witnessing certain family members (even as close as my own parents) have issues because of their weight. I truly believe there comes an age where you are either going to heavily contribute to future issues as an older adult or fix it so you don't have issues. I don't want to get where my kids have to take care of me and I can still get around and have a grand old time as an active older adult. Another reason is that I truly do want to be the best version of myself I can be. It sounds cheesy and I've said it for along time but its true. I want to be proud of myself. I want my husband and kids to be proud of me too. I want to be able to wear more cute clothes and look good in them. Finally one of my biggest personal reasons is the fact that the better I take care of myself...the more consistent I am with exercise and watching my diet... the better I feel mentally. When I'm not taking good care of myself my anxiety acts up, my self esteem plummets, and frankly a lot of other areas in my life plummet also. Its not a good thing. If I could only pick one reason out of all of them this is probably the biggest one for me. When your mental stability starts to waiver it is not a good thing.
  17. Simple record of my work. No bears this time! (I mean, no bear theme. Bears are welcome). 8/1: 5k (Race for the Homeless). My cross country coach always said that there are only two race strategies: negative splits, or "Jesus, take the wheel". Started the race with the intention of the former, but realized by mile 2 that I had inadvertently chosen the latter. Still, finished in the top ten (with a decidedly unimpressive pace). 8/2: strength day press 116 4x5 bench 176 4x5 w. pullups 20 4x5 deadlift 266 2x5 No squat--knee trouble post race.
  18. Yesterday, I joined this site, made my first challenge post, and became determined to start anew. Today, I'm putting that into action. It's not even 9am and I can already cross off some of my goals for the day. At least one fruit or veggie: check. This morning I had a banana on the train, and then got an omelette with cheese, mushrooms, spinach an onions with homefries at the cafeteria. Water intake: almost done my first bottle (16 oz.) Taking the stairs at the subway station instead of escalators: check. Hoping to notice a difference in how I feel based on what I'm eating.
  19. The little halfling, exhausted after a long, hard day's work, pulls a large tome from the shelf and drops it on the table with a hefty thud. She opens to the first page, dips her quill, and begins to write... "Day one..." This log is where I will post status updates between challenges, and links to challenges as they come up. I am currently in the midst of my first challenge, So I will link that below. I will also be including info as it pertains to my Epic Quest. Epic Quest: The Epic Little Halfling on an Epic Little Quest 2015: Challenge #5: Tourennatrix continues her BAMF training Challenge #4: Tourennatrix goes around the world Challenge #3: Tourennatrix joins the Knight Sabers Challenge #2: Tourennatrix and the Ancient Relic Machines Challenge #1: Tourennatrix Enters the Tall Grass
  20. You talk about redefining my identity. I want a guarantee that I can still be myself. This new Battle Log will have a daily post of the workouts I have done. It will also be a house for my journey of self-acceptance. My main goal is to change my body composition within the next 3-6 months by 5-10%. Looking to get into the 'fitness' range of bodyfat. Height: 5'3" Weight: 135lbs Stats: TBA Before Pictures: <INSERT PICTURES HERE>
  21. Starting weight 340 as of 2/17/15. I've started tracking my weight training and watching my progress since the beginning of the month. Monday night the 23rd I hit the gym with a new found vengeance with this challenge. Last night, I got back to fencing and got comments about my footwork and motion being great. I'm attributing this to the focus on legs. Tonight, I hit the gym and look to feel even better about my deadlifts.
  22. Hey all! I'm Kate. I recently joined NF in an effort to get in some sort of shape other than round. I haven't really worked out since high school where I did ALL THE SPORTS! Once I got to college and lost that organized group activity, it's been a slow decline since. More recently, I stopped working on my feet all day at a coffee shop and got a cushy desk job. While this is good for paying off my student loans, it has not been good for my waistline and body. Despite having been relatively active in sports, I was always the fat kid. I really want to see what it would be like not to be that any more. Therefore, this is my battle log as I fight off the unhealthiness dragons so that maybe some day, I would have the ability to fight them IRL.
  23. Alright, here goes. I decided to start my battle log over. My goals have shifted, I have shifted. I have found the focus and the groove I was struggling so hard to find before and my old battle log doesn't really reflect where I am at now. I am 8 months deep into the biggest transformation and evolution of my existence. At the end of March, I set forward on an epic quest to put my life back together and transform into the best version of myself. I wanted to see how far I could get in one year. There is 19 weeks left for me to reach that one year landmark. This battle log is to document these last weeks and what I am able to achieve in that time. So here are the details as far as my body image goes: I've lost 120 lbs. I've gone from a size 24-26 (3-4XL) to a size 12-14 (L-XL). I need to lose another 50 lbs to meet my goal weight ~ 2.6 lb loss per week - somewhat wreckless but not impossible. I want to fit into a size 6-8 dress size. Fitness wise this is where I am at now. Here's my benchmark: Squat: 150 lbs Deadlift: 180 lbs Benchpress: 90 lbs Chinup: 61lbs assist Dips: 40 lbs assist Best 5K time: 29:43 Best 10K time: 62:35 Swim 2000m: 55:00 I haven't been keeping an accurate logbook of all my workouts so I'm not sure on where I am at right now for everything else. Logging is going to start tomorrow. I really want to develop my workouts and keep better data records in the coming months. I am starting whole30 tomorrow. I have been eating mostly whole30 for the last while so this should be a fairly smooth transition. These last 19 weeks of my quest are going to require some refinement and my diet has to be seriously on point. Also need to figure out a better workout plan. I've been working out fasted (with the exception of coffee+almond milk) and that's been working out quite well so far. My day to day routine right now is 45min-1hr HIIT cardio per day + 1-1.5 hours of lifting alternating days between legs/ass - chest/back - arms/shoulders. I've been doing that about 3 weeks now and it's paying off but I feel like I need a bit more direction and structure in my lifting routine. Maybe a 3-4 week alternating plan to keep variety in there. Something I'll be working on in the next few days. “A warrior does not give up what he loves, he finds the love in what he doesâ€
  24. Over the last year my partner and I have been attempting to eliminate processed foods from our diets, as well as gluten and sugar (somewhat, that's the toughest one! We both love ice cream...) We have decided that we are going to do the Whole30 challenge starting tomorrow. January 11 - February 10th. I realize that this is a bit strange since we're starting in the middle of the month but I just had surgery on Tuesday so the best way to do this seemed to be after that was done. Once I am released from by my Dr I want to start "moving frequently at a slow pace" at least 2-5 hours a week. I am basically starting at couch potato here so anything is an improvement. I have RA and nerve damage in my neck but these should not keep me from getting up off my butt and moving! I figure these are enough to get me started, I do want to work up to the beginner body weight workout (and beyond) but am trying to start realistically here... Food and exercise logs will be posted here to keep me accountable, pictures if something looks particularly yummy and I can figure out how to upload them...I have a wedding to get ready for and I want to wear my dream dress!! These are my starting stats, I did have a hysterectomy and my gallbladder removed on Tuesday so that means my tummy is likely still full of the air they pumped in it... Height 5'7"Weight 185lbsWaist 38Belly 45Chest 44.5Hips 44.5Neck 14.5
  25. My goals are primarily to lose some weight (target weight 230) and get some stamina back (run a mile without walking). To that end, I'm starting the Paleo Diet with my wife, and will be doing stretches and some basic exercises at home. This will be my battle log. Background: I'm a recently married (last year) IT guy (desk job) that loves building things (construction/renovation/gadgets), cooking (yum, calories!) and the outdoors (hiking/camping). I'm 6'6" and fairly strong, but I can't run 100 yards without huffing and puffing. Weight Issues: Before the wedding, I was 300lbs. I took a crash diet (Medifast) to lose weight for the big day and managed to get to 250lbs. I actually managed to keep that weight for about 6 months, but then things at the job got crazy and I ballooned back to my new starting weight of 294 (as of 12/30/2014). So my main goal is to get down to 230, and then figure out if I want to go lower. 64lbs... Health Issues: I've had chronic heartburn on and off for years. the longest I've been without heartburn was the 6 months when I was at a "healthy" 250lbs. I'm also always getting sick around the season change. It starts with sinus issues and goes downhill from there. I know the extra weight heavily affects all of this, so I hope it will clear up with the improvement there. Plan: Paleo (ish) diet with basic bodyweight exercises to start. Glad I found NF to help with guidance on this. Here's to the journey!
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