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  1. So excited to be starting the second challenge of 2018! I crushed 2/4 of my goals for the last challenge, and am raring to up my game this time. From the last challenge I learned that one main goal works best, and then a couple little goals to round it out. Main goal: Eat more food!! Aiming for 1700-2000 calories/day. Goal is to weigh a steady 95 lbs at the end of this challenge. Gulp! Starting weight: 93.5lbs. I need to pre-plan my food and make sure I eat throughout the day. 6/7 small meals or snacks. I think a good idea would be to plan out my meals/snacks and prep them in the morning after I do the kids lunches, since I'm in the kitchen anyway :-) As a SAHM, I'm in and out all day- so, I'm going to put alarms on my phone to remind me to eat. 2ND Goal: Continue BBWW, but up it to 2 circuits. Also add in one more posture exercise. 3RD Goal: Oil pull with coconut oil every morning for dental health. 4th Goal: Sew an Edwardian walking skirt. This year I have no excuses to not sew fun things to wear. The only person stopping me, is me. So- every challenge from now on will have a sewing aspect. I was soooo pleased with my 1795 dress from the last challenge, I had the epiphany that I can actually do this and not suck! Lol! Reward: If I complete this challenge satisfactorily, I will reward myself with a brand new Harry Potter workout tank. I really want one that says ' My Hogwarts obsession is Ridikulus!' Good luck everyone!!
  2. I need to define my goals: short-term, long-term, personal, professional, all of it. I'm drifting between things I think I should be doing and things I feel I have to do, and I'm not happy. My needs aren't being met because I don't know what they are right now. I have things I want to do but am scared to make big changes because it could mean losing my stability. THE PLAN, in order of priority: Start meditating Figure out my needs, work on my goals Work out at LEAST 2x/week I'm not going to track food/fasting or yoga. Those are fine right now. (Yay!) Disclaimer: I'm a leftist socialist queer and genderqueer (they/them pronouns) sex positive hippie who is an active member of The Resistance. Any photos I post here will be safe, but if you follow the links I cannot guarantee your continued employment if you're looking at work. :-p
  3. It's not about the fact that you stopped, but about starting again, as many times as you need to. Been thinking a lot about body image, mental health, and how exercise ties in so closely with both of those things. My story so far ... I joined Nerd Fitness and was successful in losing the 20lbs I'd wanted to lose for years. But I stopped working out nearly two years ago because my knee was hurting so much and my physiotherapist said she'd show me how to do squats properly. She never did. I went through a rough break up ~six months later and didn't have the mental health benefits of regular exercise to help me through it. I went on antidepressants (third time in my life) and worked on looking after my emotional and mental health. In the last six months I've gained back the 20lbs I lost when I joined Nerd Fitness and started working out regularly. I'm off antidepressants and am looking at exercise to help with body image and mental health, trying not to focus on the weight, but on strength and sustainability. Indefinite dieting is ridiculous, so I'm not worrying about calories but am generally trying to stick to the No S Diet (no snacks, no sweets, no seconds, except on days that begin with S). I've got the BBWW in my back pocket, and also have a sledgehammer for the Shovelglove workout. Last challenge I got myself a gym membership so I can work out during the day, since I'm often too tired to work out by the time I get home in the evening. I've got a log book to help me keep track of what I do, especially when I go to the gym. I've already mucked it up (I didn't put in the sledgehammer moves, oops) but that doesn't matter! I make it work for me. And so! Once again my plan is pretty much the same as last time, but after this long I'm happy with it. The Plan: Stretch M/W Exercise 2x per week. Any additional workouts are a bonus. I'm doing the thing again, and that feels good.
  4. I bombed most of the items last challenge, and I still think I could have done better on the one thing I passed. I sunk into a nasty sorrow during the challenge, and I still feel mostly just overwhelmed and unorganised. Like I can't pull anything together. I'm starting to see more brain fog, mental chatter, and depression - destroying these was one of my main goals so I know I'm not winning there. Science says this is probably from sugar consumption, and last challenge in spite of good meal choices I still ate a lot of sugar. I need to rely on everyone here to keep me accountable and Hymnusal can get help from her guild mates too! Hopefully I don't overwhelm everyone with food pictures this time around... Strength and Stretching with Fanzagale (my Monk toon) Return goal. Continue the BBWW 3 times a week, do one longer yoga session a week. - 75% in both categories needed for a Pass A rainbow of vegetation with Aquaineil (my Druid toon) Return goal. Follow the "Foodist Plate" suggestion with 1/2 of lunch and supper being vegetables 5 days a week. Photograph all food eaten and post on NF challenge thread. Obliterate Sugar with Zoeshen (my Demon Hunter toon) This one is going to hurt. One treat permitted a week. Otherwise: no sweetened chocolate, no cookies, no cake, no pie, no ice cream, etc. Use peppermint tea and ginger peach tea as blockers if it is just craving. Keep chewing gum on hand if it is for fidgeting. Use green tea and black teas for caffeine needs. Other suggestions of craving busters welcome! 75% streak needed to pass. Tidy spaces with Bellabarque (my Mage toon) I get overwhelmed by all of my stuff sometimes and it is worse when it is everywhere. I need to devote time at least once a week to cleaning up the spaces around me to help keep my head clear. 75% needed to pass. Bonus: Mind and Soul with Clawdiya (my Priest toon) Return goal. Meditation and Bible reading every day. No grading here, just keeping it on my hud. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I don't think I'll be waiting until the 9th to start. I guess I'll do a 5 week challenge instead starting on the 2nd.
  5. So I'm back up to the weight (or something close to it) and size that I was when I first joined Nerd Fitness and started working out. The last three years have taught me that weight and size don't really matter to me though; it's strength and flexibility I'm after. I want to be able to crush watermelons with my thighs! I want to be able to outmanoeuvre people bigger and stronger than me if we were to wrestle. I know that it took me about four months to get to a shape I was proud of the first time I did this, and I got there through calorie reduction, BBWW, and swimming. I know I can do it again. The Plan: Stretch/yoga M/W/F Gym/swim T/T To Do: Fix the brakes on my bike and do an annual tuneup Get in the pool if I'm not going to the gym Buy new gym shoes since mine went missing Find a place for the self-defence classes offered by my friend's friend to happen because wrasslin? F YEAH. Find my sledgehammer Get a pullup bar installed in the garage PARTY And because I feel like I need to say it now more than ever ... Disclaimer: I'm a queer, genderqueer (they/them pronouns), poly, kinky, social justice tank. The photos I share here will be SFW, but if you follow the link to my Instagram page, you will probably (definitely) see things that are not. Don't be a creep! Don't click through if you don't want to see! Cool? Cool.
  6. So last challenge wasn't as A+ amazing as the first, but it was still a great learning experience. I know that I'm currently struggling at the more "druidy" things so I've sent my Death Knight for a retreat in Lorlathil. She's meditating, exercising, reading, practicing her talents, and eating really green things. So while she's at that, what will I be doing to keep up with her? More Plants! Follow the "Foodist Plate" suggestion with 1/2 of lunch and supper being vegetables 5 days a week. I found out last challenge that I've been lying to myself about the number of vegetables I eat, time to fix the error. *strategy: track all days (2 meals per day) then subtract 16 from the denominator at the end of the challenge Less Process! No chocolate may be eaten that is not fair trade certified and/or organic. I've ate a lot of UFOs last challenge (Unidentified Foodlike Objects), and most of those were in the form of some kind of "chocolate". Usually really cheep, really sweet chocolate which is bad for me and bad for those working to collect the cocoa beans. This shouldn't be too hard, but if I don't make it a rule I won't walk the extra block to the organic store. Strength and Stretching! Return goal. Continue the BBWW 3 times a week, do one longer yoga session a week, Last time this didn't go super well because I wanted the yoga session to be separate from the BBWW, but I think I would have succeeded if I had allowed it to be before or after the BBWW. (One of the weeks wouldn't have been 0/1 last challenge if this had been allowed). Mind and Soul! Return goal. Meditation and Bible reading every day. Failed this one last time because of diplomatic reasons (read: husband and I need to workout how this will work without disrupting each other). Negotiations are underway Bonus: Commune with Nature Duolingo every day I noticed the Duolingo link in @fleaball's signature and was intrigued. I've set myself up with French lessons, and hope to do them every day, but this is a bonus challenge, so no sweat if it gets deferred. My Druid toon, Aquaineil, would be proud. (All of my toons are RP'ed as an exaggerated facet of my personality, Aquaineil is bubbly, silly, and a little blonde... Hymnusal doesn't need her approval )
  7. I love tea. I love to sample all the different kinds, I love to mix and match the loose-leaf teas, I love the smell, the warmth, the flavour. Tea is awesome. Tea is calming. Since I'm hoping to use the calming benefits of tea to help me this challenge, and since I have other calming elements scattered throughout this challenge then I think tea shall be my theme. Well, tea and cats. The cat gifs are addicting. >.> You cat people have won me over. Tea before Treats I may have a snack whenever I please - I just must have a cup of tea first. What do I hope this will accomplish? First: to make sure I'm not snacking when I'm actually thirsty. Second: to make myself a little more full before snacking so I will not have as much. Third: to give myself a chance to change my mind if I don't actually want the snack. And fourth: to replace the snacking habit with the superior tea one when I'm not really hungry. Grading: A = snacks had, B = intentions to eat snacks that tea mitigated, C = snacks with teas before hand, D = teas that prevented snacking; (C+D) / (A+ - I know this sounds complicated, but it should be easy enough to track with my next goal. What do Death Knights eat? I will track everything that goes in my face for the next four weeks. No judgments, no trying to change things, just information gathering. What do I hope this will accomplish? Hopefully it will inform future food goals and maybe even allow me to make food issues to things like acne, and stomach pain. If nothing else I will learn a little bit about myself. Grading: daysTracked/28 Catlike flexibility, Death Knight strength Continue the BBWW 3 times a week. Add Yoga once a week. Even 10 minutes counts, I just need to do it. I learned last challenge that I don't really enjoy running, but I did enjoy when I finished the BBWW with a short stretch yoga routine (3 mins). I would love to add more ease to my week so instead of running, let's try making one extra yoga session instead. What do I hope this will accomplish? awesomeness++, strength++, recovery++ Grading: bbwwDoneInWeek/3 - average of 4 weeks, worth 75% of grade; yogaSessionDoneInWeek/1 - average of 4 weeks, worth 25% of grade; Contemplate the Word Read scripture and meditate on a key theme or verse from the reading daily. Attempt to find a consistent time to do this, but it isn't part of the grading. What do I hope this will accomplish? Meditating on God's word should bring better clarity and draw me closer to him, mediating should help me clear my mental fog. Grading: (readingDays + mediationDays)/56 Bonus: Eat like a cat Eat a can of sardines. They've been following me around (literally in my purse), and sitting on my desk staring at me. The aversion to bones should not stop a true rebel, plus they are good for you, and ... *stares at tin of fish in fear* What do I hope this will accomplish? I break a food fear and open new doors of cooking. Grading: The fishies get nommed (pass) or they don't (fail)
  8. Following on from last time - don't mess with success! Daily Knee exercises 2X bodyweight or mobility exercises Draw something Weekly (minimum) Meditate Go for a walk Week 1 Knees: 2/4 Workouts: 1/4 Drawing: 3/4 Meditate: no Walk: no
  9. Keeping it simple theme-wise with good ol' Metallica. Get carried away with a theme? Who, me? I'm two weeks in to my Epic Travel Adventure which I've been planning for over a year, and amongst all the excitement I want to keep up some good habits. I'm doing work exchanges similar WWOOFing to pay my way, so the demands on my body will be variable. I'm aiming for a very simple challenge that won't add physical or mental strain, but instead fill in the gaps and help keep my body working well. I'll take my time anywhere Knee exercises at least 5/7 days a week. And I'll redefine anywhere Daily - at least two different resistance exercises, no matter how small. I come armed with knowledge from Steve's Beginner Bodyweight Workout, as well as some resistance bands. Leg exercises are covered in the knee exercises goal. Some ideas: Pushups Tricep pushups Band pullaparts + shoulder dislocations Glute bridge Primal squat (not really a resistance exercise, but I need to start building it up again) Only knowledge will I save Daily - sketch from what I can see. This can be anything - animals, plants, architecture, random objects. If I fill up a sketchbook before the end of the month I have a chance to leave it with a family member before I leave for Germany, so one less thing to carry or post. And the earth becomes my throne Twice a week - meditate in any style, in preparation for making this a daily habit. Off the beaten path I reign Optional - go for a walk when I have spare energy. I'm not setting a target for this because I'm about to move to a new host and I don't know how strenuous the work will be.
  10. Hiya! I am usually with the Rangers but I'm dropping in to glean some Assassin-y wisdom. This challenge I'm putting myself through boot camp. Oh no, not the kind with yelling and mud. The kind with glitter, love and self-improvement. (And maybe a little mud.) The format will be a little different to typical challenges. Basically I've set aside this month, in which I'm moving back in with my parents, to make the final preparations for my Epic Travel Adventure. This will involve WWOOFing in Australia and Germany for (hopefully) a year. I'm miles ahead of where I used to be (like a couch potato, but more of a couch turnip), but I'm still very overweight and not used to the solid 4-5 hours of physical work per day that is expected in WWOOFing. So now that the holiday hullabaloo has passed, I have two main goals: Goal #1: Create a custom no-equipment travel-proof workout (and do at least some of it daily): Barbells have been my mainstay since I got into fitness so I am a bit bamboozled by the world of bodyweight training! But I've done bits and pieces in exercise classes, and I have a month to put it together. So far I have 3 main areas of interest: 1. basic bodyweight strength exercises 2. mobility/accessory work 3. restorative work - stretching, yoga etc. to deal with the aches from the work I will be doing I'm thinking of a modular workout, with some basic bodyweight exercises (a la Steve's Beginner Body Weight Workout) and a different area of mobility work each time, but if I'm not feeling it that day, just 2 basic exercises and I'm done, to avoid slipping into the 'I'll start tomorrow' mentality. I will be hashing out the details over the first two weeks. Goal #2: Scale up the amount of time I spend being active WWOOFing usually involves a 4-5 hour workday, 5 days a week. I will scale up my active time each week from 2 hours daily to 5 hours daily, with weekends to rest or make up lost hours. This includes exercise, housework and gardening - doesn't have to be too strenuous, as long as I'm on my feet. If I pick up a little casual work while I'm there, it will likely be something active. These 'work blocks' will ideally be mostly in the morning with an early start. Week 0: 2 hour work blocks (I'll probably do more than this) Week 1: 3 hour work blocks Week 2: 3.5 hour work blocks Week 3: 4 hour work blocks Week 4: 4.5 or 5 hour work blocks Let the sparkling begin!
  11. ...like no one ever was!!! That's right, this challenge is pokémon themed. And spreadsheet fueled. And all kinds of awesome. Of course I'm doing all the things again, so I thought I'd hop back in with the Rangers to see what you guys've been up to but I've really been focusing on balance practice lately and I want to get more bodyweight stuff and gymnastics going on, so I've decided to move to the Assassins at long last. I've been slipping into their minis for the last few challenges anways I'll start a new job this month (and will also celebrate my 1 year nerdversary this saturday!) so this challenge is designed in a way that lets me adjust the difficulty easily and take a rest if I feel like I need it. I'm using week 0 to figure out the details, so expect some things to change around here (we're currently on version 2.0). But let's get started... I used to play a lot of pokémon in my teens. A lot. I started with blue, then yellow, then silver and then I kinda grew out of it... (yes, I was around when all of these came out first, I'm that old). I was never really one for trying to catch them all, nor did I have a specific type that I liked and would collect... I just tried to get the most balanced, versatile, powerful team I could. So this challenge, I will put together a team of Pokémon and train them by fighting other pokémon I come across. Each member of my team will represent a certain area that I want to improve on and each of their attacks will correspond to a certain task or activity that I want to do. These are mostly things I've done before or am currently doing, this challenge is just designed to keep me motivated and accountable. Because if I don't do these things straight away, my Pokémon will pay the price! A new wild pokémon will appear each day and will attack a member of my team (these will be scheduled, I just have to make made a plan). Fights last until one opponent is defeated, so there can be several fights going on at once. In order to not over-complicate things, the game mechanics will be fairly simple: I chose which attack my pokémon is going to use and also the level of the wild pokémon, which determines how much time it will take to defeat it: each level equals one tomato/brick (25 minutes). So if a wild Lvl 3 Pidgey appears and Charmander uses Ember, I will have to do 75 minutes of bodyweight workouts to defeat it. If I manage to do that on the same day, my Charmander defeats Pidgey and possibly gains a level (getting to lvl 2 takes one successfull fight, lvl 3 takes two fights, lvl 4 takes three fights and so on). If I don't defeat the pokémon and for example only get 60 minutes in, Pidgey attacks and damages my Charmander for the number of minutes that still remain, so 15 HP in our example. If this finishes my Charmander off, it loses a level, the Pidgey scurries off back into the tall grass where it came from and I get to try again the next day. As we all now, the number of fights in Pokémon is largely determined by your willingness to walk around in tall grass for hours on end. So whenever my daily opponent is defeated and I feel like doing a little bit extra, I will walk through tall grass and find some more pokémon to fight. Which means that this option is only available if I have completed my "enjoy the outsides" habit for the day. That suffered a bit last challenge and maybe this will motivate me to do this more often (you know, if I don't go outside, the yoga I've done in the evening might not count as a fight and I'll miss the opportunity to gain a level *gasp*). In theory, I can fight as many pokémon as I have team members at the same time, but once I decide to fight extra, I need to defeat them and they'll behave just like the regular ones. I can't change my mind if I realize I've put too much on my plate In addition to these fights, I will have other options to support my pokémon: Every day where I show perfect eating habits (no white grain, no refined sugar, three meals, one of them warm, 2 of them with veggies, more than 2l of water) I will gain a health potion that heals 50% of the chosen pokémon's health. Every day where I have a perfect habit tracker score I will gain a health potion that heals all my pokémon for 5% of their health. Every week with a perfect housekeeping score will reduce half of the remaining HP of any enemy still in fight. For everyone who hasn't followed my old challenges and who's confused about what a housekeeping or habit tracker is: lengthy explanation in the spoiler Here's a list of all attacks/ things I want to do, sorted by type. For now I've chosen one attack for each pokémon on my team. As pokémon level up and gain new attacks, I will have more options to choose from on how to beat a wild pokémon. Fire: Feel the burn. HIIT or any other type of bodyweigh training. Water: The river goes on and on and on. I'll either swim with my pokémon or cheer them on from the (dry) shore. Swimming, running, biking, skating and anything else endurance goes here. Bug: Lie on your bag and flail your legs. This will either be a leg workout I got from a friend or something along the line of Deftona's P:BA Electric: Focus your energy! Work related adulting, mainly reading for work (and taking notes!), office work for my dad's company and any other paper work that comes along. Flying: See the world from a different perspective, even if this just means being upside down Balancing work or other gymnastics. Normal: Sing, sing, sing. Singing practice for choir or lessons. There are some types missing because I couldn't match them to things I want to do or because I things I came up with weren't really important enough to me to include them here. But one type is missing because I won't use it in my team at all. It will still make an appearance, though: Poison: Whenever I eat something bad, a poisonous wild pokémon will appear and attack me. Level depends on how bad I misbehaved All my pokémon are allowed to help out and defeat it. If unsuccessfull, it will poison my team and drain 10% of their health per level each day. And of course there's badges to be won!! As my pokémon grow stronger and stronger each day, they will need a little bit of an extra challenge. So whenever I feel like it, I can attempt to take down a gym leader and own a badge. Here's what I need to do to defeat them Boulder Badge (Rock): Go bouldering (duh). Friends of mine go and I've always wanted to go along. I'll have to trim my nails for this, but I think it'll be worth it Cascade Badge (Water): Follow the river. Run 5k in under 30 minutes along the riverside. Thunder Badge (Electric): Resist the magnetic pull of my computer. Stay off the internet until noon for 10 days in a row. Rainbow Badge (Grass): Go for a hike in the nearby mountains/woods that are really famous but that I've never been to for some reason. Soul Badge (Poison): Stay away from the bad stuff. Follow my eating habits for 10 days in a row. (The normal kind, not the special one that gains me health potions.) Marsh Badge (Psychic): Let the Sky fall! Hit that high e in a concert. Volcano Badge (Fire): Get sweating. Find a HIIT workout that I can do 1 round of. Come back to it later and do 3 rounds. Earth Badge (Ground): Get close to the ground. Then get away from the ground. Do 10 push-ups in a row. I intend to keep the pokémon theme around for a while so these won't all happen this challenge. These are not set in stone yet, so if you guys have any other ideas for these, feel free to let me know. Here's where the spreadsheet magic happen. This is and old version though, I'm currently figuring out the best way to set things up and calculate most of the things automatically. I don't think I'll stick to the attacks they have at lvl 1 as I originally intended, because I'f like to have special type-corresponding attacks from the start. Way too much office work otherwise So, I think I've covered everything you need to know to understand what's happening. If you have any questions, drop me a note. For now, route 1 awaits Charmander, I choose you! Charmander attacks Pidgey with Scratch (1 hour of office work today). Charmander is defeated! Geodude gains 1 lvl! Tadaaaaa And I see a Rattata lurking around the corner, so I'll be ready for it tomorrow! (Don't be confused, I changed some things around, so this doesn't really make sense anymore )
  12. I started out a couple of years ago successfully completing my first challenge, then tried a couple of more times and never finished one again. So, here I am again, because why not try again? Ultimate Goal More strength and flexibility (not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well). Get down to under 160lbs and stay there. I've been between 165-170 for a couple of years now after starting at 180 and weight loss is part of health for me at this point. This doesn't have to be accomplished in this challenge. Diet/Fitness Yoga Yoga 3 times per week I bit the bullet and bought Nerd Fitness Yoga. Since I spent money on it, I'll actually be using it (funny how that works). I am a giant ball of stress and have been for way too long. I was venting to a friend one day who said something like "I don't really believe in all that meditation stuff, but maybe you could benefit from it." That combined with self-awareness of my anxiety kind of sealed the deal that I needed some exercise as a form of relaxation. Thank goodness for Nerd Fitness yoga. Plan is 3 full sessions per week. I used to be really flexible, but I'm bumping myself down to beginner level to start. So Water and Yin Yoga stretching sessions for this challenge. I'll adjust as needed, but I just hope to be able to get through the sessions in their entirety even at the lowest level by the end of this challenge. Beginner Bodyweight Workout BBWW 1 time per week I've started challenges in the past with a higher number of times per week and this is the part that always has me failing. I want to get stronger, but I never feel like doing this workout (partly because it means waking up early enough to warm up, work out, and shower). I'll be happy to commit to 3 sets once a week and go up in the future. I love the workout, but I set the bar too high in the past. It feels like I'm setting it really low with my grading, but making myself start at all is half the battle. Meal Prep Meal prep only 1 or 2 times per week with healthier eating. My wonderful boyfriend decided to do the Renessaince Performance cut diet, which is great, but since I've been the main food buyer and preparer in the house since I moved in, I'm stuck cooking and portioning everything. I know if it's not prepped, he's likely to give in and buy lunch or eat cereal for dinner, plus it's good for me because it's got me going back to focusing on eating veggies and protein with some healthy fats and carbs. Why would I make extra work and make something completely different for myself? I'm having some fun with the templates, but we started May 1 and I've had to go to the grocery store every night because we were so ill-prepared. I want to do a Costco run each weekend, then prep on the weekend for the whole week or at least prep most on the weekend and then small additional prep halfway through the week. It would make things easier, less time consuming, and less expensive. Plus, I want to stick to the healthier eating because it's good for me and so we're both motivated to be healthier. Life Do one thing per week that's just for me (and not tv/movies) for at least an hour per week Work is taking over my life to the point where every day is get up, get ready, drive to work, work for 10-12 hours, come home, cook, watch tv, sleep, do it all over again. Weekends are devoted to chores and time with bf/friends/family/animals. I like vegging out too much and I have interests and hobbies and potential hobbies I haven't been doing because I'm burnt out. So, I want an hour total of me-time activities that don't include a screen. There are so many options: reading, writing, crochet, piano, violin, archery, motorcycle (I still have yet to brave the roads alone). It doesn't have to be an hour all at once, but it has to be at least 15 minutes in each sitting. It sounds so simple, but it's been a struggle for me. Grading Yoga: A: 3 sessions every week and able to get through sessions in their entirety B: 3 sessions every but unable to get through sessions in their entirety C: Minimum of 2 sessions a week D: Less than 2 sessions a week F: Less than 1 session a week BBWW: A: 1 session per week with 3 sets (breaks are okay) B: 1 session per week with at least 2 sets C: 1 session per week with at least 1 set D: Part way through 1 set of 1 session per week F: Not even trying Meal Prep: A: Maximum of 2 meal prep days a week, maximum of 4 meals a week that are non-prepped (basically going out for anything including ice cream) B: Maximum of 2 meal prep days plus one mini prep day, maximum of 5 meals a week that are non-prepped C: Maximum of 3 meal prep days, maximum of 5 meals a week that are non-prepped D: Maximum of 4 meal prep days, maximum of 6 meals a week that are non-prepped F: Anything more than 4 meal prep days and 6 meals a week that are non-prepped Me-time: A: 1 hour per week, at least 15 minutes each sitting B: 1 hour per week, sittings are less than 15 minutes C: 45 minutes per week D: 30 minutes per week F: Less than 30 minutes per week Edit: Officially starting the challenge May 8, 2016. Stats: Height - 5'10" Weight - 167lbs
  13. I’m starting to look at fitness from a Warcraft perspective. Ultimately, the goal is raid progression (for me, anyway). You want to beat the newest content and be ready for the next patch. In order to be successful, you need to understand the mechanics behind your class – and how to utilize those mechanics. This is me – er, well the WoW version of me. Phedre. Baller Frost Mage who achievement hunts like there’s no tomorrow. If I weren’t a progression raider, I’d probably be in a guild that solely focuses on achievements (and yes – that is really my guild name. Pirate Hookahs xD) Starting quests to get into the end game content are usually simple. Things like establishing who you’re ultimately going in there to take down – and who’s your point of contact. Opening up the zone is easy – defeating it is another story. Now, let’s buff up and zone in! - What are mages famous (infamous) for? WATER. I’m making solid progress on the nutritional front, so let’s add to that. This challenge I’m setting a water intake goal: Ultimately I’m trying to achieve 72oz of water a day. It sounds like a lot! But, when you factor my Starbucks cup I keep at work holds 24 ounces, that’s three cups. That’s nothing. But this sets a good foundation for the next part of my quest chain. - Just like in real life and the ultimate quest for fitness and health – what you eat matters in Warcraft! Foods can provide stat buffs and it’s a no brainer. Better quality foods = better buffs = better raid results. Raiding happens only a few nights a week – so plan accordingly! Make sure you’re prepared to go into that battle with the right buff. I’m moving toward a paleo friendly diet. I felt much better when I was following a quasi-Paleo lifestyle (but keeping in dairy, because I don’t have adverse reactions to dairy). Full conversion seems a bit too daunting right now, so aim for 2 days a week (this is breakfast/lunch/dinner/plus any snacks). For this challenge, I’m making it a goal to eat clean with 2 full meals per week that are Paleo friendly. - Ahh the raid queue, bane of all progression raiders. As far as challenges go, last month I was on LFR. LFR (Looking for Raid) is sort of the training wheels of the raid encounters. You get the basics, but as you progress in difficulty, the bosses get harder. More hit points, more side effects that could threaten to wipe the entire raid if you’re not paying attention. This month - I’m moving to Normal mode and I need to ‘know the fights’ to succeed. I’m focusing on the progress I made from January’s questline (abbreviated w/late start, but good start nonetheless!). I’ve used the time off between then January quest ending & our new quest starting to solidify a routine instead of a vague ‘strength’ Mondays and ‘cardio’ Fridays. Right now, I'm cautiously optimistic that I can make my workouts work with my trainer's HIIT workouts being used the following Monday (So what I did Wednesday will be what I do this coming Monday) and then the treadmill at work has a setting for beginners that starts at like, 20 minutes. I figure that's a good place to start - and I can adjust from there as I get into better shape. - In order to be a successful raider, you need to make sure your screen isn't cluttered up with unnecessary junk, Clearing up your UI so you can keep an eye on targets, adds, or (for healers) your friendly name plates, can make a measurable difference in your performance. Need I say more? I need to clean up the clutter around me & prepare for the ‘raid’ that is my life xD – De-cluttering desk space, and finishing cleaning up my professional stuff. I've been lazy in switching jobs, so I need to consolidate my HSA/FSA accounts, drain the HSA if I can’t transfer the funds, update my financial records like my 401k, add all sorts of logins to my master file, etc. [This is the building block toward one of my epic questlines – getting all of this sorted out = time to focus on creating the budget I need for my 2020 trip to Europe and my 2017 trip to the Caribbean]
  14. TTZZAAPP!!! A PUFF OF SMOKE AND... Granny Nogg has turned herself into a little brown mouse. The first thought that enters her mouse brain is, "Cheese. .. I smell cheese!!" Lovely, golden, creamy, tangy cheese is going to help Granny Nogg gain some serious mouse muscles. That, and lifting heavy things to the Rocky theme song. Or Disco. Because Disco isn't Dead. Fitness: Do the BBWW 3x a week (Tue/Thu/Sat). Progression in squats, lunges, and dumbbell weight. Track workouts in spreadsheet. Track steps the other 4 days with my FitBit. Diet: Track my food daily with My Fitness Pal. 1600 calorie goal. Weigh and measure once per week. Track in MFP.weight:176.5underbust: 32.25waist: 32hip: 39thigh: 25Life: Keep up with work orders and don't get behind. Weekly Summaries: Week 1: Fitness: workouts 1/3 Did track in spreadsheet and tracked steps. Diet: Tracked 7/7. Went over goal twice. Weighed and measured. weight: 179.3 underbust: 32.75 waist: 31.5 hip: 38.75 thigh: 25 Life: orders still caught up. Week 2: Fitness: workouts 3/3. Did track in spreadsheet and tracked steps. Diet: tracked 7/7. Went over once. Weighed and measured. weight: 175.9 underbust: 32.5 waist: 31.25 hip: 37.25 thigh: 24.75 Life: orders still caught up. Week 3: Fitness: workouts 3/3, because I'm counting the Yard Work that gave me DOMS for 3 days. Wow. Did track in spreadsheet and tracked steps (Fitbit needs a new battery!) Diet: Tracked 6/7. Dunno what happened to Saturday's food log, I can't find it. Went over only one day, on Wednesday. I know I didn't go over on Saturday because I didn't eat much. Weighed and measured. Weight: 176.6 Underbust: 32.5 Waist: 31.2 Hip: 37.2 Thigh: 24.5 Life: orders still caught up, but I'm feeling a little bit pressured by the number of them on the board, so I need to step up my game and get more of them actually completed. sent from my tiny particle accelerator
  15. Hi all! I'm NeverThatBored, and my goal in life is basically to be really cool. I also wouldn’t mind losing the last 10-15 pounds I need to hit my goal weight. But mainly, I want to be cool. I'm moving over from the adventurers for my 6th challenge. I used a point system I used for my last challenge that allowed me to earn bonus points, which helped me get rid of the dangerous idea of cheat days. It was - dare I say it - cool? So I’m going to riff of my last challenge goals again this time. Goal 1: Food (Follow a Primalish Meal Plan) I had a cool detailed 6 week food challenge already planned, but I'm going to simplify for now and see how 4 weeks differs from 6 before I attempt it. Instead, I've made a primalish meal plan to stick to in January & February. It's pretty cool too. If I stick to it, I get 1 point per planned meal and 1 point for planned daily snacks. If I make equally healthy substitutions, I get the points too. If I eat an unhealthy snack or drink, I lose 1 point. If I eat 2 unhealthy things in a row, I lose 3 points (one for each snack, and one for the consecutive bad choices). I always end up having travel days that mess up my routine. I certainly can't stick to a meal plan then. For those days, I will aim for 1 primal meal, 1 50% meal (rice ok, pizza not ok), and 1 non-primal meal. If I turn a 50% or non-primal meal into a primal meal, I get a bonus point. The rule about 2 unhealthy things still applies to travel days. Goal 2: Move (Walk, Ruck, Run, Bodyweight Exercises) I'm combining my two usual exercise goals into one this challenge and focusing on maintaining the habits. 5 extra miles walked = 1 bonus point. 5 extra miles rucked = 1 bonus point. 1 extra run or workout = 1 bonus point. Walk 64 miles (16 miles/week) Ruck for at least 24 of those miles - increase ruck weight from 16 lbs to 20 lbs Run 6 times for any length - I'm overcoming some issues with form that have led to injury, so I'm focusing on body sensing and safety over other forms of progress. 3 bodyweight workouts per week - I do a bootcamp class on Tuesdays, and then usually a modified BBWW for the other two workoutsCurrent BBWW routine: Warmup: 3 circuits of 6 shoulder touches and 10 toe marches3 circuits of:20 squats20 pushups (working up to 20 - almost there!)20 lunges15 dumbell rows20 dips30 second 1-legged plank12 kneeling pike presses (working up to regular pike presses)30 jumping jacksCooldown: 30 second bridge, then stretching Goal 3: Bonus Exercise I want to pick a specific movement to focus on improving during this challenge. The poll will help me decide which one. 6/10 of you so far have said that pushups are the coolest, so that's what I'll do. My recent max is a set of 30 pushups and my all time max is 40ish, so I'm aiming to bridge that gap. I will do AMRAP pushups every M/W/F morning for the duration of the challenge. Life Goal: Finances For the past two years, I've participated in frugal February, where I don't shop or eat out for a month. This year I'm going to expand it to January too and see how it goes. There are a few exceptions to this shopping ban: If I need to eat out while traveling (which I will be Wednesday-Sunday for the first week of this challenge)2 books I already preordered this month - technically I pay this month, but I did the "shopping" part last yearIf I run out of something (shampoo, etc.), I can replace itBirthday presents for two people in February Other These aren't goals, but in addition to the things listed above, I do Aikido twice/week and yoga videos. If I do 3+ yoga videos in a week, I'll earn a bonus point. So 1 extra healthy meal when traveling = 5 extra miles walked = 5 extra miles rucked = 3+ yoga videos in a week = 1 extra run = 1 extra workout.
  16. Granny Nogg is a mashup of two Terry Pratchett characters: Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax. Both are old hedge witches with alot of spunk. If you're curious about them, you can find them in the Discworld fantasy novels series. I'm choosing Disco as my theme for this challenge, because its the type of music I listen to when I'm working out. I've been a member of NF since October 2014. I'd taken a break for the last few months and this is my first challenge after my return. I'm working on the BBWW (Beginner Body Weight Workout), losing (and maintaining the loss of) that last 20 pounds and gaining KOPS status, keeping my business running like a well-oiled machine, and tracking my food. I'm a grandmother of 4, with two more grandbabies on the way this year. I've been happily married for 31 years. And I'm an entrepreneur, as an artist who makes keepsakes from fresh or dried flowers (from funerals, weddings, Mother's Day, etc. I take the flowers and make remembrance gifts from them, like beads for Pandora bracelets, ink pens, and candle holders). I'm also a member of the TOPS organization (Taking Off Pounds Sensibly). KOPS is the "maintenance" level at TOPS. KOPS is Keeping Off Pounds Sensibly, and is the status of your membership when you reach your goal weight. I'd been in the Assassins guild since I graduated from Rebel status last year, but being an old fart who struggles with the minis, I'm taking a step back from that intensity and just focusing on my basics, which are: Fitness: Do the BBWW 3x a week (preferably Tue/Thu/Sat) and track my steps daily with my FitBitLose 2 lbs this challenge, tracking the loss with TOPS. Their scale broke, so I'm tracking with my home scale. Diet: Track my food daily with My Fitness PalTry to stay within the 1200 calorie goalLife: Keep up with work orders and don't get behindMaintain a healthy relationship with my husband as he's home all month recuperating from foot surgery Weekly summary updates: Week 1 - BBWW 3x/week: yes. Track steps daily: modified to track exercise calories on workout days and steps on other days, so yes. Lose 2lbs goal: the scale at Tops got broken, so I don't know yet. Track food daily: yes. Try to stay within 1200 calorie limit: 3/7 days. Keep up with work orders: still working ahead, so yes. Healthy relationship with Allen: yes. We haven't had any problems and I'm dealing with my codependency well, actually. So yes. Week 2 - BBWW 3x/week: yes. Track steps/workouts daily: yes Lose 2lbs goal: Weighing weekly. 172.2 Track food daily: yes 1200 calorie limit: 0/7 days Keep up with work orders: yes Healthy relationship with Allen: yes Week 3 - BBWW 3/week: yes Track steps/workouts daily: 6/7 Lose 2 lbs goal: Weighing weekly, 173.6. Gained Track food daily: yes 1200 calorie limit: 1/7 days Keep up with work orders: yes Healthy relationship with Allen: yes Week 4 - BBWW 3x/week: yes Track steps/workouts daily: 6/7 Lose 2 lbs goal: weighing won't happen until Tuesday again, so I'm assuming still in the gain category Track food daily: yes 1200 calorie limit: 1/7 days Keep up with work orders: yes Healthy relationship with Allen: yes Overall grade: B+ (Not an A because I missed two days tracking steps and only met calorie goal 5x)
  17. Super excited to not be a recruit anymore! Can't wait to start my path to awesome assassin-ness! So, after being successful at my recruit challenge, I'm gonna put myself out there a bit more and let people view my measurement tracking (here) and my meal tracking via MyFitnessPal (here). Feel free to check out! Though I don't play WoW anymore, I'm going to take my theme from there, a nod of sorts to my 6 year addiction to the game. Main Goal - Preparation, +3 CON (A=206lbs, B=208lbs, C=210lbs)- As you can see below, I originally (in July) set a tentative goal of reaching 200 pounds by the New Year. Well, it'll be pushing it, but to my excitement this is still within reach! I will have to get my ass into gear, but after the surge of excitement of continuing diet success and finishing a challenge, I feel I'm up for it! For me to be on track for this, I should try to hit 206 at the end of the challenge. Both of these are pushing it, but if I stay strict to my diet and stick to the planned exercise I want to do, all should be well. Originally, I had been planning on giving myself a diet vacation for about a week, starting a week prior to Thanksgiving, but I no longer have a desire for this! I will make a dessert for myself and mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes to stay in my keto diet for Thanksgiving. The one thing I've decided will stay is in terms of 'vacation' is a beer tasting day on November 12th. Many friends will be in town, and I will have the chance to try many beers that are hard to come by. As an exchange for this, I will stay keto-adherent the next day (a tailgating day) and the Sunday/Monday following do a two day fat fast to get myself back into ketosis as quickly as possible. (I would do this immediately after beer tasting, but I'm going to be outside/away from home all day and I don't want to chance cutting myself too short nutritionally that day) Quest 1 - Cut to the Chase, +2 STR +2 DEX (A=6 weeks of compliance, B=5 weeks of compliance, C=4 weeks of compliance)- I'm ready to fully integrate some exercise to my routines. This will serve the dual purpose of 1) helping my weight loss and 2) keeping my energy levels up. I'm quite susceptible to vicious cycles of feeling a little low energy one day and skipping, then feeling even lower the next day and so forth. I will continue to use NF yoga, doing 3 full sessions a week (with one day being Water B by week 3) and one day with all the mini sessions. The other three days will be doing BBWW. Ideal week would have alternating days of full session yoga and BBWW, but life happens so I can make up a day by doing a double day of yoga/BBWW. I will edit in later any mods I will be doing with the BBWW after a test run later this week. Quest 2 - Assassin's Resolve, +2 STA (A=6 weeks of compliance, B=5 weeks of compliance, C=4 weeks of compliance)- In further interests of keeping myself moving and working on stamina, I am setting a goal of 25 miles of walking a week. If I walk from my car to work and back to my car after work, that will net me 15 miles already. That 10 miles? I'm aiming to get myself off my ass on weekends; I'm far too lazy, far too content to sit around in my pj's binge watching Netflix all weekend. That's a habit that needs to be broken! In the interest of weather potentially interfering, 'compliant' will mean I can subtract 3 miles from my total needed for each weather day. Weather day = any day with a wind chill warning (Which if I remember right is if the windchill falls below 0 degrees F, but I can't remember the exact value) or any day where freezing rain is falling or has fallen recently enough that taking outsides stairs might cause me to brain myself. I'm very, very hopeful that won't be necessary, but one never quite knows what you'll get with winter in Iowa, so best to be prepared! Rainy weather - if the weather forcast for the day is >60% rain and I don't bring my umbrella or rain proof coat, that's on me and I have to make it up. If it's 'unexpected' rain (<60% chance) and I don't have my umbrella, I don't have to make up the mileage, but I'd still like to. If it's super windy during rain, windy enough that it will flip my umbrella inside out, I get a pass. Quest 3 - Vendetta, +2 STA +2 DEX (A=6 weeks of compliance, B=5 weeks of compliance, C=4 weeks of compliance)- More movement! This is for knee/ankle joint stability and health. One of the biggest things I noticed in my recruit challenge was how much happier my knees got after I started taking the stairs more often. So, I want to really start hammering this. I work on the 4th floor of my building; I walk in at ground level. That's 4 flights. I want to do 4 sets of up/down the stairs 6 out of 7 days a week (for those keeping count that's 6 days of 16 flights up and 16 flights down.) I now do 2 sets a work day. Goal is to add in one as a mid morning get-up-and-move break and one set of mid afternoon get-up-and-move break. Occasionally, what I am working on in a work day will interfere with either the mid morning or mid afternoon set. If that occurs, I can either plan ahead and do an extra set at lunch or the opposite break, or make up the set at home. I will also have to complete one set at home on the weekends. ***Note, my home stairs are shorter than work stairs, so 1 flight of work stairs = 2 flights of home stairs*** Life Quest - Recuperate, +2 WIS (A=6 weeks of compliance, B=5 weeks of compliance, C=4 weeks of compliance)- Lately, I've been spending far too much time doing little to nothing on the internet. I want to try and redirect that time into reading, a longtime love/hobby of mine that I seem to be neglecting. Goal is 7 hours a week outside of the reading I usually do over my lunch hour. I'm picturing a spread of 4 hours on the weekends and an additional 3 during the week. I also hope to stay in my accountabilibuddy group, Order of the Stick (on Facebook, so I've got another avenue of communication to keep me on track), and I also hope to make some new assassin friends ^.^ I'm also trying out a lot of new keto/low carb recipes so if interested let me know! (I often post Instagram pics of my food adventures, since Instagram is for food, as well as nail art pics and pictures of my dogs and cat. Hit me up also if you'd like to know my user name!) I'm out of time right now, but tomorrow I will edit in quest tracking into my measurement tracking worksheet for accountability!
  18. Hi, This will be my first challenge as an Assassin! I’m excited I’ll be turning 40 at the end of November and am planning to have the greatest year yet. Here’s what I’ll be working on this challenge: Quest #1: Keep getting stronger and increase flexibility A - BBWW 3 times a week (2 STR, 1 STA) B - Yoga 2 times a week (2 DEX) 1 day per week BBWW can be replaced with another activity - cross-country skiing, biking, stacking firewood, dance, fitness mini-challenges, etc. (I want to encourage myself to get outside more and to do things with other people whenever I have the opportunity.) Grading: Quest #2: Gain weight and eat healthy A - Gain 1 pound per week (1 CON, 1 CHA) I will continue to eat 3000 calories or more per day to increase my weight, including at least 100g of protein. I’m adding in a stress-free day each week where I just get to eat when I’m hungry and not worry about calories. If this adversely affects my weight gain, I’ll revisit. Grading: B - Cook 3 meals a day and bake or prep freezer meals once a day (1 CON, 1 CHA) I will cook and bake daily to keep my refined sugar intake lower, my protein up, and my diet healthier. *Eating a homemade freezer meal counts as cooking that meal since I’m still eating healthy homemade food and that’s the point of prepping them - to keep me on track when I have an off day. Grading: Quest #3: Improve and maintain good mental health Do two things daily that are good for my mental health (1 CHA, 1 CON) This can be anything that improves/maintains my mental health - art, time in nature, counseling, sharing/vulnerability with trustworthy people, pushing myself to do things that I would rather put off/are scary, etc. Grading: Life Quest: Simplify and calm my surroundings A - Get rid of 10 things every day (1 WIS) Grading: B - Work on a house project each day, even if it’s only for a few minutes (1 WIS) Grading: *Birthday celebrations are special days, no penalties. *This leaves me 1 point to WIS for knowledge gained by completing this challenge and 1 point to assign where I think I really earned it over the 6 weeks.
  19. Hi All, I’m NeverThatBored and this will be my 5th challenge at Nerd Fitness. I’ve produced mixed results so far, with challenges 1 and 3 going well and challenges 2 and 4 going less well. In my last challenge, I took my challenge 3 goals and made them slightly harder, but I learned that that slight hurdle was much larger than I imagined. So for this challenge, I’m modifying those goals again, but I’m trying a different approach. My health is holistic, and my accomplishments on different goals play off of each other. With that in mind, I’ll treat this challenge more like a game where I can earn and allocate bonus points to cover for areas where I struggle. I want to take less of a strict pass/fail mindset, which discourages me easily, and instead adopt a more compassionate attitude towards my efforts. As I’m arranging this challenge, I’ll need to balance the point values for each goal so that they’re roughly equivalent. Whatever action earns a bonus point has to be equal in value to the point I’m replacing. This challenge already feels more fun than my last one since I'm such a point junkie. J Goal 1: Walking +2 STA +1 STR + 1 DEX 96 miles of total walking, rucking for 36 of those miles + at least 6 runs (138 points total) Walking regularly maintains my health, and it will get harder with winter starting and the sun setting earlier. Rather than trying to increase my mileage a bit each challenge, I just want to maintain a healthy mileage, period. I plan to walk 5 hours a week based on the primal blueprint recommendation – for me, 5 hours per week equals about 96 miles of walking in six weeks. Every extra 5 miles above 96 can be redeemed for a lost point somewhere else in my challenge. Rucking = carrying weight on your back while you walk. Last challenge I rucked about 24 miles. This time, I have a system set up to make it easier, so I can increase the mileage a bit more. I’ve also been running on and off for a while now as I try to correct my running form and overcome shin splints, and I want to work on that a bit more this time. I will run at least once per week (for any length that I choose) for as long as the weather allows. I’ll run a slow 2 miles per run at most, so I can count running mileage towards my walking total. Every additional run per week earns one bonus point to distribute for other points lost this challenge. Goal 2: Strength +3 STR + 1 CON 3 workouts per week (18 total) I’ve been struggling to get above 2 workouts per week, so I’m repeating this goal again this challenge. I have two types of workouts: the BBWW and a bootcamp workout class. I use a modified BBWW where I gradually increase the difficulty of moves or add more moves. Here are some possible modifications I’ll add as I get stronger during this challenge: Get 15 pushups per circuit more comfortably again (I’m mostly here, but struggling with the 3rd set lately)Add weight to lunges and squatsAdd a new motion or switch to a more difficult pushup, plank, lunge, or squat (offset squats?) Goal 3: Food +3 CON +1 CHA 19 points per week in general, but modified from week to week as described below I want to move away from an all or nothing mindset, so I’ve chosen to explore a new way of measuring success. Even without “cheat†days last challenge, I found that if a day was shot, I would just keep eating badly that day because I had already lost the point. Steve’s recent article on cheat days was timely. I’ve never loved the term, since I associate it with dieting rather than trying to make healthy changes to how I eat. So, I want to eliminate the concept of cheat/treat days from my life. I want to make this goal positive instead of negative. I want to encourage good eating rather than punishing bad eating. Here’s what I have: I will eat 19 primalish meals per week, meaning no grains or refined sugar and limited cheese and processed foods. This makes my goal additive rather than restrictive (3 per day on weekdays and 2 per day on weekends, or redistributed as needed). Any extra primal meals over 19 can be redeemed for a lost point elsewhere.I will reduce this number by 1 meal per weekend and 2 days per weekday on days my boyfriend stays with me or I stay with himI need to think about this one more, because this encourages what I think of as “YOLO eating†where I just eat whatever. Instead of cutting out these meals completely, I might change these dropped meals to 50% meals (so a bit of rice or an appetizer is ok, but not pizza)That would mean 1 primal meal, 1 anything meal, and 1 50% meal each day – with bonus points if I turn the 50% or anything meals into primal meals insteadI will never have two non-primal meals in a row – I think this is a cornerstone habit if I get it right, so points lost from two consecutive non-primal meals cannot be redeemed (-1 penalty per meal or snack)I will not worry about this over Thanksgiving (likely a 4 day period with family), though I’ll still try to eat primalish and avoid consecutive non-primal meals when the opportunity presents itself. Any primal meals I manage during this period will earn me a bonus point.Snacks…what to do about snacks – I think that I will never eat more than one non-primal snack in a day (includes sugary beverages), and never eat one adjacent to a non-primal meal (-1 penalty)I will not eat after 8pm on days where I’m not forced to (Aikido and bootcamp days don’t get me home until 8ish, so I have to make exceptions on those days and some travel days) (-1 penalty)This plan still penalizes bad eating in some places, but I think it feels much more positive overall. I’ll see how it goes and adjust accordingly. The snacking rule might encourage junky eating, so I’ll probably end up modifying that one. Goal 4: Life Goal + 3 WIS Spend my time more intentionally (42 points) I’ve been doing well with reading daily, so I can maintain that habit without making it a life goal this time around. The reading goal has made me think a lot about how I used to read all the time naturally before I found my attention getting sucked up by managing my email, reading blogs, keeping up with airing shows, etc. I’ve realized that I really want to spend my time more intentionally. It’s totally ok if I want to spend my free time playing a game for hours, but I need to choose that rather than just letting it happen to me. I can do whatever I want with my free time, but I need to do it intentionally rather than letting myself get sucked up into internet browsing, games, etc. by default – I don’t really know what this looks like for me yet. For now, I will do one thing each day to spend my time more intentionally. Examples of this include: take a step back from something I’m doing and ask myself if I really want to be doing it, give myself quiet time to see how I’d want to spend the time, stop trying to force something to happen that I’m resisting, turn off or eliminate some kind of notification, switch to a different activity and see how I feel about spending my time on it instead, etc. Other Maintain/improve yoga time, continue Aikido, and ride my bike while I can – these aren’t measured, just things I’m working on as bonuses. So, in short: 5 extra miles walked = 1 run = 1 strength workout = 1 primal meal
  20. Oh, hello! Good to see you again? Or wait, it isn't again for you yet, is it? Yes, sorry, as you were then. Here's the deal: this universe is wrong, messed up, out of whack, bad. Something happened that shouldn't have happened, and now things aren't the way they should be. So what we're going to have to do is take this bit that isn't/wasn't/shouldn't have been and put it into that bit that is/was/should have been and then everything will reset and it will all be grand! I mean, it'll take a lot of hard work, and probably quite a bit of running, but it should all work out in the end. I hope... Right, where were we? So for the last 1894 years seven weeks, I have been closed up in my own little Pandorica, waiting for my foot to heal enough to get around again. For the first three-ish weeks, I couldn't put any pressure on it, so walking meant crutches, and riding in a car meant every bump and corner was painful. The last four weeks have been working on healing, getting walking again, getting mobile, and (finally!) getting cleared to drive. I can finally use my little blue TARDIS Honda again, and can get about on my own. But I've lost all the work I did in the last year, and need to build myself back up again. Time to reset my universe to what should be. Goals: Get back to pre-injury levels. Lots of hard work: 15lb squats, arms-up lunges, 10lb tricep kickbacks, 15lb dumbbell rows, 35-second floor planks. A bit of running: HIIT or dance for cardio at least twice a week, jumping jacks on weight days. Rewards: So apparently I suck at rewards. I've set them and met them in past challenges, but I rarely follow through. The only reward I have actually followed through on was a massage, so I'm going to go with that again. No scaling, no lesser rewards, no food, no target practice dates (which I should be doing anyway), just this: Make it or don't. Either way, keep moving forward. I got this.
  21. I used the same name as my last challenge, because this time it’s a pun. I’m hilarious. Hi, I’m NeverThatBored and this is my fourth challenge. I’m trying to get fit for a lot of reasons - to make shopping for clothes and looking nice easier, to be able to keep up with people when they do something athletic, so that I don’t feel limited by my body, to get rid of annoying aches and pains, to hopefully lower my genetically high cholesterol, etc. After a blip in my second challenge, my third challenge went very well! I was able to meet my goals, but I didn’t see the same (any) weight loss that I saw with almost the same goals for my first challenge. I think that even though I was still staying away from grains/sugar, I started consuming more carbs because I started thinking of more things I could eat. Or the 5 days throughout the challenge where I was traveling really threw me off… Anywho, it’s a new dawn and it’s time to move forward. Even though I do a bunch of different things, I limit my challenge goals to my basic building blocks of fitness. Everything else is extra, but I won’t beat myself up if it doesn’t happen. I’m making the building blocks a little more advanced each time. Main Quest: Lose the rest of the 30 pounds to get back to my happy weight (15 lbs to go) Goal 1: Strength+ I’ve been doing a modified BBWW and I think I’m just going to keep modifying it for now until I figure out a better way to strength train. I also participate in a bootcamp class that uses a lot of bodyweight movements, so I count that towards strength as well. For this challenge, I need to do at least 3 of either modified BBWWs or bootcamp workouts per week, even while traveling. For the BBWW, I’m doing: 20 squats 15 push ups 20 lunges 15 dumbbell rows 15 dips 2 30 second one-legged planks and 1 30 second regular plank 30 jumping jacks Possible modifications I can make include: Increasing reps Adding mountain climbers Replacing some jumping jacks with burpees Decline push ups Adding weight for squats, lunges, or rows Buy a pullup bar and make use of it Add more core - flutter kicks, roman twists, side planks, bicycles, or vertical leg crunches Goal 2: Walking+ Last challenge I walked 104/100 miles. I’d say I could just walk more miles, but there’s only so much time in a day. During Week 4, I started rucking on some of my walks - that just means carrying a heavy backpack while walking. This challenge, I’m going to walk 102 miles for the easy divisibility, and go rucking for at least 51 of those miles. That means 8.5 miles per week of rucking and 17 miles per week of walking. Goal 3: Primalish Eating+ Last challenge I aimed to be grain/refined sugar free 100% of the time on normal days and 50% of the time while travelling or having my boyfriend staying with me. This is the critical area for weight loss, so this time I’m upping my game and trying to figure out how to make this more successful. I am going to: Avoid grains Avoid refined sugar Reduce dairy (a little cheese on my eggs and yogurt 1-2 times a week is fine, for example, but I’ll avoid snacking on cheese or making cheese-heavy dishes) Avoid sweet potato chips and vegetable chips Avoid eating after 8pm (exceptions for getting home late and not having a chance to eat sooner on evening class days) I have a TON of traveling planned during this challenge, so it will be hard. I'm going to stick to this plan 100% of the time that I'm not traveling, and then follow a custom plan for each little trip to try to minimize the food damage. I'm going to do some over-planning in a second post below this one, if you're curious about the details. Life Quest: Reading+ Last challenge I read for pleasure almost every day, except for unusually busy or traveling days. This time I’m going to incorporate reading for self-development too. I’m still thinking about how this will work, but for now I’m going to say I should still read every day, but this time try to complete 1 book about something career-related over the course of the challenge. Possible Weekly Schedule Sunday: BBWW Monday: Aikido Tuesday: Bootcamp Wednesday: Rest/yoga Thursday: Aikido Friday: Bootcamp/BBWW Saturday: Rest/yoga EDIT: Mini #1 answers I am in fact fantastic at creating random parody songs. I'm also fantastic at bop-it. For some reason they stopped producing them and for a while were only selling them for like $70 on amazon. I recently saw a price drop and got one, and now I've been playing it a lot. I'm terrible with directions - so terrible that once when I was in college (a senior, no less) someone asked me for directions to the gym, and I could not tell them how to get there, even though I'd been there a million times before.
  22. CRAZY TIMES! I just got back from 9 days of camping, I only just barely had enough time to unpack all the camping supplies last night (didn't sleep well). Also, just before camping I was moving into a new house, I had only slept there 3 nights and so it still doesn't feel like home, so a big part of this challenge is going to be re-establishing my healthy routines. Since it doesn't feel like home yet, cooking and exercising have felt wierd and off thus far. Also, it feels like I am living in someone else's house and I have yet to take any ownership. I feel like this whole challenge is going to need to get reskinned with a "Dr Who" theme because it is starting to get all Wibbly-Wobbly, Timey-Wimey. A lot of whimsical. Mostly because I am out of routine and need to recreate new healthy routines. The good thing is that I was in the habit of doing lots of good things. But there have been some forces of chaos that have distrubed my habits and routines. Intro This is my third challenge. Link to my previous challenges are in my signature, as is my weekly daily battle log posts. Why I am here My current goal is weight loss. I want to get healthy again and do not consider myself there yet, though over the past 5 months and 2 challenges I have made a lot of progress. My weight had been on a slow incline and my health on a slow decline for almost 5 years now since getting married and I am in the process of undoing all of that. So I am relearning to love myself. My long term goal is to drop 60 lbs from 277 at 1/1/15 to 217 at 1/1/16. That would put me at 16% bodyfat which is my ultimate goal right now. To do so, I have been eating Paleo and doing Beginner Body Weight Workouts for the past few months. Starting Stats: Weight (lbs) - 245.6 Bodyfat (omron) - 26.2% Bodyfat (caliper) - N/A Height - 6'3" ... Waist (belt) - ??" Belly - ??" Chest - ??" Biceps - ??" Thighs - ??" Motivation 1 - I want to look good nude. I walk around my house near nude most of the time, or at least I used to but I am in a new house and now have roommates. 2 - Related to number 1, a big part of my motivation is to look Damn Fine in nothing but a swimming suit for next year. 3 - Another part of my motivation is that I expect to be single within the next month or two, right about the time I hit 30 years old. So I want to look good and feel good about myself, because I want to find a new life partner who both looks good and feels good about themself. I would not want to be in a relationship with someone right now who feels the way about themself that I felt about myself five months ago. 4 - Related to number 3, a big part of my motivation is becoming a person I love. Learning to care about and for myself. Main Goal Lose ~60 lbs. in order to hit 16% body fat. The body fat portion of that is my long-term goal (regardless of where the weight ends up). Currently, I have lost 26 lbs. towards that goal. I lost about 10 lbs. last challenge. I may have to step up my intensity to actually hit or exceed my goal. Last Challenge Summary This Challenge Goal 1 - Food Habits I want to get back into the habit of cooking meals for myself regularly and daily. Prior to moving I was cooking around 14-16 meals for myself a week. Since moving I am intimidated by the fact that it no longer feels like my kitchen. I don't know where anything is and there is a lot of clutter to work around. My goal is to get back to cooking about 8-10 meals a week. It was a lot higher before because my old place was a 5 minute drive from work so I could go home and have ~45 minutes to cook myself lunch on my lunch break (that is no longer an option). But I want to be cooking breakfast for myself every day and a few evening meals a week. One challenge with this is familiarizing myself with a new kitchen and a new environment. Another challenge is that I will also often be cooking for more people than just myself (which is both harder and easier). It will take more time to cook for 3-5 people than 1, and require a lot more preparation (meals are harder to just impromptu throw together, at least, I am not as practiced at this). Also, this is about creating and maintaining healthy food habbits, so I am also going to force myself to be mindful of the amount of "junk food" I allow myself to eat. My goal is to encourage myself to eat healthily without intentional restrictions (if I can't do well under such loose controls, I will return next challenge to a more structured goal). So to me this means allowing myself to drink without having excess. It also means I can have pizza, but not every night (there is a Little Cesaer's & Taco Bell right across the street from my new place) Grading: I am not expecting myself to start cooking 5-9 meals during the first week, but I am going to track how many meals I cook a week for the next 6 weeks and I want to see continued improvement as I familiarize myself and grow back into a routine comparable to my old. This will be graded based on continuous improvement and based upon where I am at the end of the challenge (in creating / maintaining good eating habits). Goal 2 - Exercise Habits Ugg... where to start. I did not do my BBWW while camping (more on that in my battle log), so I had a week off. I am working on settling back into some kind of a routine as far as when, where, & how I am going to workout in my new place. The problem is we have hardwood floors, so it creaks a ton when this Yeti is bouncing around and working out. This morning's workout I did in the upstairs bathroom b/c it has tile floor, so slightly less squeaky. I need to ask the primary tennant (who has his bedroom directly below me) if the noise bothered him at all. I could move my workouts possibly to the main floor. The ceiling in the basement is super low and we also have couch surfers crashing the night down there... so settling into my workout is still "in-process". I also only did 3 sets of the BBWW. And I need to find some kind of weight to use for my rowing. All of that said, I think my bare minimum goal is to be doing 3 days of 3 sets of BBWW a week. In addition to that, I want to get back into the habit of playing Racquetball regularly. However, we have moved away from the gym we were used to RBing at, so now we need to get comfortable and settled into a new gym. There are 3 options within about 5-6 miles, but the LA Fitness only 1 mile away doesn't have RB courts :-( Grading: I want to be back in a "routine" of feeling comfortable doing BBWW in my home. I also want to be back into the routine of playing RB at least once a week (2-3 times / wk would be awesome, but I might need to find a 2nd partner in order to get over 2 times a week in). The grading for this will also be a bit whimsical... as is this whole challenge. Goal 3 - Settle Into New Home This gives me 6 weeks to unpack all my "stuff in boxes" and be fully settled in. Honestly, there is so much going on in my life right now and I often feel totally overwhelmed when I get home and the last thing I want to do is spend my 4-5 hours in the evening of "me time" working on going through a bunch of boxes of stuff. (Some will be thrown out, Some will get stored in the basement for easy access however basement space is already crowded with the other two people's stuff, Some of the stuff will be moved to the other side of the state to be stored for a year or two in one of my parents' basements). So far I have managed to unpack: clothes (dresser, closet, etc), bed, desk+computer (last night I just got sound setup, microphone & speakers) and then played games with friends for ~90 minutes (for the first time in over 2 weeks). I have about 12 boxes of stuff to sort through and room to store maybe 2 boxes worth of stuff plus another 2-4 of those in the basement. "Stuff" is = games (board games, a few consoles, etc), books, DVD collection (most of which is obsolete b/c roommates), miscellaneous knicks knacks and paddywhacks. Grading: I don't want to be so hard on myself as to make this a pass-fail (b/c maybe I haven't transported everything across the state within the next 6 weeks), but it is a fail if I have not sorted through everything by then, and I will rate myself based on how comfortable & settled in I feel at the end of the 6 weeks here, which means having everything unpacked as a bare minimum. Also means going out of my way to familiarize myself with my new house (excepting the kitchen which is covered in Goal 1) and roomates. Of note, the Sunday night prior to the challenge was only my 4th night sleeping in the new place and I am basically in the "Just Moved In" phase with everything still in boxes except the most basic essentials. Goal 4 - Push Harder By the end of this challenge, I must do 1000 Burpees. (Avg of 25 a day for the remaining 40 days, goal added on Day 3 of challenge). I keep thinking, "why am I doing this to myself?" and "this is going to be so hard". Trying to offset those doubts with "I know I can do this" and "everything good is worth working your butt off for" and even "I need to push myself even harder to make it to my goal." That said, I know that I might not make it, so my grading is based on how many Burpees I have averaged doing. Grading: A (100%) for doing 1000+ (avg of 25/day). B (75%) for doing 800 (avg of 20/day). C (50%) for doing 600 (avg of 15/day). D (25%) for doing 400 (avg of 10/day). Rewards 1- Food Habits: 1/6/7/0/0/0 +1 Str, +1 Sta, +1 Con, +1 Cha (Str b/c of eating better when cooking for self thus more protien, Sta b/c better energy for workouts, Con b/c eating healthier when cooking, Cha b/c I will be cooking for others) 2 - Exercise Habits: 9/18 + 1/0/1/1/0/0 +3 Str, +1 Dex, +1 Sta (b/c exercise, I am to the point where my stamina has significantly improved and now I am doing more muscle development rather than just establishing a base cardio) 3 - Settle In: 2h(~10%) / 1h (~20%) / 2h (~50%) / 0 / 0 / 0 +1 Wis, +1 Cha (because I will have more peace-of-mind and more time to spend with people and do so more efficiently). 4 - Push Harder: 325/1000 +2 Str, +2 Sta Minis 1- 2 Truths / 1 Lie - Done +1 Cha 2- Scheduling Life - Done +1 Wis 3- Climb a Mountain - Did not do (did 30 MC on 1 day) 4- Fall Noms - Chilli - Done +1 Con 5- Happy Thoughts - Did not do 6- Push It - +1 Con (done)
  23. Epic Life Quest Owning & Running Our Dream Homestead Farmers Market by NatalieMaynor, on Flickr This 6-week challenge Do my bodyweight training Mondays and Fridays (doing the thing is enough. no need to add yet)Take a lunch to work 4/5 workdays so I'm not eating fries or such for lunch every dayStick with the No-S Diet (no snacks, no sweets, no seconds, except sometimes on days starting with S)Walk at least 30 minutes daily Side Quest Meditate at least 5 minutes daily
  24. In several of the stories that I love, the hero must face a near-insurmountable number of stairs. For Link, it's the final spire of Zelda's overrun castle, Ocarina of Time around his neck, sword in hand. Up and up the stairs he went. Within the forest, Utena climbs the Mirrored Arena, an ever-winding spiral of steps, to defend her claim to the Rose Bride. At the end of all the worlds, Roland faces the Black Tower, the fall and rise of each staircase running him ragged. Those don't all have the same ending, though. Link faces the boss for the final time. Utena makes the journey several times with different foes. Roland faces his greatest adversary, and himself. I'm fighting a lot right now, and it's done some bad things to my health. I struggled through the last challenge. I'm not happy that I haven't lost weight. Thing is, I don't want to give up. I've seen that making these changes and putting in the work can have results. It's really easy to undo those results, too, if I'm not consistent. So. No more excuses. No more "My anxiety hurts, I'll just snack instead." No more "I'm stiff I just want to sit on the couch." No more "It's too hot to cook, let's go out." Especially because I do NOT eat smart at the places I go. Goal: 5 lbs. That's it. I did it the first challenge. I'll do it again, and more. Clean Your Guns: BBWW Tu/Th/Sa @ .20 for potential 3.6 to STR. Ifrit won't let you cheat or bail. Do it when you get home, Ever. That ass doesn't hit the couch unless it's sweaty. Shadow Puppets: Steps or Yoga M/W/F @ .25 for potential 4.5 to DEX. Stress and anxiety have been leaving me sore and crunched-up. Stretch on days when this is an issue; use Netflix for at least 20+ minutes. If tension/movement are not an issue, walk loops in the park until hitting the stepcounts goal. This is the part where you make Ifrit go. You help him, he helps you. Love That Lon-Lon: Food tracking. All day e'ry day at .1 for potential 4.2 to CON. Work at elimating one 'problematic' food item per week. Follow beginner keto/paleo guidelines. Make a Dress Out of a Tablecloth: You Want To Do How Many Cosplays Now? With the next con looming right at the end of this challenge, that's my Personal Quest. That's my boss fight for this round. With that in mind, each character completed will be 1 to CHA, with 3 points total. 1 hour each working day, 4 hours weekends. You Caught a Fairy! That final .3 left over will be for WIS, should I manage to finish a book during this challenge.
  25. Helly everyone, this is my first Adventurer Challenge. After starting in recruits last challenge I still haven't quite figured out where I fit in guild-wise and since I want to do a bit of everything this time, I guess the Adventurers are for me. A bit of a background: I'm 28 years old and live with my boyfriend and two cats in a nice not-so-little town in Germany. I started Nerdfitness 6 weeks ago when I looked at photographs from a vacation with friends and really didn't like the way I looked in them. My starting weight was 70kg (154 pounds) although it's not as much about losing weight as it is about toning up and getting fit. I have been quite the couch potato for the last years (almost all my life, when I come to think of it) and although I tried running and swimming and badminton at some point, nothing really stuck. I love singing, drawing, baking and currently play a lot more ESOTU (Elder Scrolls Online) than I should Last challenge I learned I'm capable of a lot more than I thought! I can run for 40minutes straight, if I want to, I can do a 40min workout at 10pm if I put my mind to it, I can easily leave unhealthy stuff out of my diet, I can drink 2l of water a day, if I put it right in front of my nose all the time (which I should do right now, brb). I couldn't do any of that when I started out, or maybe I didn't know I could so I never tried. I learned that doing things that are good for me lead to doing more things that are good for me I pampered myself more, I felt better in my own skin, I did more than was required by my challenge goals in certain ways... I've been feeling really good emotionally and physically during the last six weeks. I also lost about 0,5 kg each week on average (1,1 pounds) but more importantly, I look a lot slimmer. So much that my friends noticed, some of my coworkers noticed, my boyfriend constantly tells me... I did some progress shots after 4 weeks and the improvement is much bigger than I thought it would be in that little time. I'll give you a bit of a summary of how my last challenge went and what I want to change about it for this one. For the tl;dr version, just scroll down to my current goals. The easiest thing (surprisingly) was the diet part - I abstained from industrial sugar and white flour without much problem. Sure, sometimes I was very tempted by sweets or bread or cake, but most of the time it was easy to tell myself "No, I can't have that right now. I don't want to have that right now!". Since my first slip up from this rule resulted in stomach pains and a general feeling of un-wellness, it was surprisingly easy to resist temptation from there on (I still treated myself to cake sometimes, but it was planned and decided beforehand, not a spur of the moment decision, which is fine by me). I also noticed that I resisted other things that were not necessarily forbidden by my rules but I still deemed unhealthy and therefor didn't want to eat despite their yummyness - nachos for example. I definitely want to continue this challenge this time. I feel better, my skin is better and my eating habits fit those of my boyfriend better (who does atkins most of the time), which saves time and money (yay!). The drinking part has been an important one for me. My fluid-intake is way too small for the most part, especially now that a heat-wave has drenched Germany in sweat. Sometimes I forget to drink and there were days when I didn't even reach one liter of water. The last six weeks have definitely changed that. I fill up two bottles of water each day and empty them before bedtime. This works very well as long as those bottles are in my line of sight. Out of sight, out of mind. I want to keep this habit up, too, which also includes not drinking my calories. The next challenge included to get up early and go for a 40min run three times a week. I started out great with this one and then gradually lost motivation, especially on the get up early part. My bed is way to comfy. However, I managed to go from alternating walking an running every 100m (109 yards) to running 40 minutes straight, which is something I still can't quite comprehend I want to continue this quest because it's the one where I saw most progress and which made me feel good about myself. Especially when I did manage to get up early, it was an awesome feeling to already have accomplished something that day. I nursed the idea of going on a 5k run sometime soon. My current running distance is 4,2km (2,6 miles) and is quite manageable. I'll use the one week break to see whether there are any runs at the end of the challenge period and figure out how to join one. The most difficult main quest for me was the workout quest. I followed the Nerdfitness bbww (beginners bodyweight workout) and have become better at it (holding planks for 30s, doing 15 dumbbell rows each side with 10kg (22 pounds), doing 10 wall push-ups in a row instead of... three) but it was the most exhausting one of my quests and therefor the one that gave me the most motivational issues. However, the strechting I did afterwards also gave me one of my biggest motivational boosts, since I'm finally able to touch my toes with my fingertips while standing up with my legs straight, which is something I haven't been able to do in forever! I do want to continue with this but I think it will help to keep better track of my progress. If I really write down how many reps at what stage I have been able to do and try to up that number next time, I think i'll be more motivated because I'll have a better connection to my improvement. At least I'll try My life quest was to apply for jobs. I failed this one miserably. I currently work part-time and would like to either get a second part-time job or a different full-time job closer to me (I currently commute 50 minutes one way). I sent out one application to a company I've worked with before who are looking for support from september to january next year and that was it. I feel pretty confident that I will get that job since they already know me, my current job is pretty close to what I'll be doing with them and the invited me to a job interview so I felt like it would be weird to send initiative applications to other jobs only to then tell them I won't have time to start until next year... I don't know. The interview is on the 6th of August so I'll see what happens then. New quests this challenge: I want to start yoga. I really enjoy the stretching and gymnastics stuff I did and I want to give yoga a try. I'll look around for suitable online resources and find one I like. Maybe I'll do the 30 days of yoga routine during these 6 weeks. Or maybe I'll find a few longer routines I can do on weekends. I don't know yet. If anyone knows any free videos that focus on the movements and not so much on the spiritual aspect and connecting with everything, that would be great I need a new life quest. Since there are so many things I would like to do I think I'll make a list of different activities and try to do 3 of these each day. They will probably range from household scores that only take 10 minutes to practicing my singing for 45 minutes so I can adjut which ones I do to how much time I'll have that day. However, I think it will be good if I decide the day before which ones they're going to be and maybe I won't repeat one I've already done until I have done all the other ones, too (kind of like twelve-tone technique ), but I'm not sure about that yet. I'll figure that out when I've written my list. Goals for this challenge: Main quest: I want to get back in shape, fit in my old jeans again, be able to run to catch the bus without being out of breath, be more flexible and agile and generally look the way I feel again. I feel better about myself if I'm fitter and more active and I want to stay on that path. Quest 1: get up! - I want to get out of bed earlier. Right now I still have days where stay in bed the whole morning and feel like I've already wasted half a day by noon. I want to see what happens and how I feel when I actually stick to this for 6 weeks. So I will get up not later than 7am on weekdays. I can sleep in on the weekends. 0/30 (ommited in favor of "no unproductive internet usage between 8am and 8pm" ) Quest 2 1: run for it! - I want to run at least 40 minutes two times a week. Three times a week turned out to be a little much, especially now that I want to add yoga to the plate. I'll find a 5k run to join towards the end of the challenge. 0/12 (bonus if 5k completed) A: 12 runs, B: 9 runs, C: 6 runs, F: less than 6 runs +2 STA, +1 CON Quest 3 2: more power! - I want to do the bbww two times a week and track my progress in detail. I will also try to do more reps or harder versions of the exercises each time. I will finish the session with strechting and/or gymnastics for a total of at least 40 minutes. 0/12 A: 12 sessions, B: 9 sessions, C: 6 sessions, F: less than 6 sessions +2 STR, +1 STA Quest 4 3: go yoga! - I want to find a yoga routine that I can stick with for 6 weeks. Details will follow when I've taken a bit of a look around the ressources out there. 0/? I will do a daily yoga stretching routine (no excuses) and follow as many of the 30 days of yoga with Adriene videos as I can. 0/42, 0/30 A: 42 sessions, B: 31 sessions, C: 21 sessions, F: less than 21 sessions +2 DEX, +1 WIS, +1 CHA, secret bonus reward provided by boyfriend if I actually do all 30 videos Quest 5 4: stay healthy! - I want to continue with my no artificial sugar, no white flour rule. I will allow myself 6 plus days during the challenge period where I can eat and drink what I like. I will also drink 2 liters of water every day, without exception (if I don't drink enough on a plus day, it counts as a fail). 0/36, 0/6 plus days taken A: 36 healthy days, B: 27 healthy days, C: 18 healthy days, F: less than 18 healthy days +1 CON, +1 WIS, +1 CHA Life quest: 3 a day! - I'll make a list of things that I want to do more of and do three of these each day. I will plan the day before what those three things are going to be based on how much time I'll have, what needs to be done and what I haven't done for a while. I will allow myself a rest from this on sundays. 0/36 A: 36 days, B: 27 days, C: 18 days, F: less than 18 days +1 WIS, +1 CHA (it's a smart thing to do and having my shit together will make me more attractive. That's how this works, right?) bonus reward provided by boyfriend if I finish all of these quest with at least 85% (yes it's ambitious, but I can totally do it!). Looking at it like this it seems like a lot, but I think it's manageable. I reduced the times I want to run/workout because I noticed it was a bit too much last time. I also split the getting up and going for a run quests, but put the eating/drinking habits back in one again. I think it will work better this way. At least I hope so. What do you guys think? Oh, I'll also try to update this thread every one or two days. I noticed that slacking in my quests lead to not writing here which lead to more slacking... I actually can't wait for the next challenge to begin, it's been a lot of fun and so rewarding to change my habits. My feeling of self-efficacy is over 9000
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