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Found 4 results

  1. Attention all Vancouverites! How many local rebels do we have? Let's go for a hike or 2 or 20. I live in Surrey but usually travel to TriCities, Valley, or North Shore for hiking. Open to any suggestions I also love swimming and plan to swim lengthways across Buntzen Lake sometime in August.
  2. Hi West Coast Rebels! Looking for people in the Greater Vancouver area to swim with. My goal for the end of the summer is to swim across Buntzen Lake, which is about 3km long from beach to beach. We will have a canoe available to save people if anyone gets tired or gets a cramp. Also, in case you don't want to drink lake water, the canoe will be stocked with water bottles. This is Buntzen Lake in Ioco. I'm thinking late summer so it's nice and hot. Felt the water yesterday during my hike and the water at the shore is already fairly warm! There are no motorboats allowed, so no risk of getting run over. I'm looking for places outdoors to swim throughout the summer as well, so if anyone wants to check out local swimming holes with me, I'd love that! Also definitely looking for suggestions. I used to do trail 6 down to wreck and swim there all summer when I lived in Vancouver, but now I'm in Surrey, so I'm thinking of checking out Crescent Beach/ White Rock Beach as soon as the weather is behaving. Definitely available for hikes in the area as well. www.vancouvertrails.com is a great resource.
  3. Welcome everyone! Are you ready for a challenge? The forums are amazing and addicting so be sure to reward yourself with a little reading when you have completed your daily workout ... don't get sucked into reading the forums all night though ... you need your rest too! Main Quest: Lose 3% body fat - that is about 6 pounds and will put me under 150. I really need to get in the habit of working on something every day. So with that said: Quest 1 - Stoke the magic cauldron - good food in the cauldron equals good spells - spend 150 min each week planning and preparing healthy meals - less sugar, less salt, more veggies and more good oils. Quest 2 - Conjure spells for 150 min each week - this should be easy as it will be a combination of my boot camp, soccer and other active exercises. Quest 3 - Release the fire breathing dragon for 150 min each week - this is an attempt at stress reduction using yoga, journalling, meditation. I'm not comfortable with sitting still for long but I need to learn so I can accomplish my life quest. Life Quest - Locate a new magic wand (job in BC) to create a new castle (home in BC) within 150 days. I'll be working on Scott Dinsmore's Live Your Legend course to decide what I want to do with my Wizardry in a new province. Let the Magic begin!
  4. Hi Everyone! So there were 13 Vancouverites that responded to the Canadian Rebel Thread! Paradigm, PaladinAlex, Hildagaard, Mina, Keemeers, ttuesday, Trinhinator, DramaticNerd, vmars, mksiemens, MissAmanda, Sicil, and ME! ​Let's organize a meet up! I suggest a hike somewhere that is accessible to us all. I know most of the Vancouver rebels are scattered around Greater Vancouver. I would really love to do Upper Shannon Falls on the North Shore, but I realize that's a bit out of the way (it's beside The Chief). Here's the site I use for finding good hikes: http://www.vancouvertrails.com/trails/ Here are the trails I am interested in: We can go foraging like real Cavemen/cavewomen!!! And perhaps we can stop off at the Stormcrow Tavern after our hike for refreshments (Vancouver's Hottest Nerd Bar) http://www.stormcrowtavern.com/ (Never been there but really want to) What say you? Let's do this thing! Love, Cutebug Repping the Rebellion at Minnekhada Park, Coquitlam.
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