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Found 3 results

  1. Last challenge I started with the theme of doing one challenge for each Color Kid: Here's the backstory for that. Last challenge was Red Butler, and I addressed social and relationship goals and that went about as well as most challenges, started out one way, and ended up really fucking different, but still great! This time around it's LaLa Orange LaLa is very sweet, frilly, and feminine. She can often be found primping and preening until she looks, as she puts it, "just so." She is a vivacious and energetic girl who knows exactly what she wants, and she usually gets it. Though she can be a little pushy and overbearing at times, she means well. LaLa is quite flirtatious, especially with her favorite beau, Red Butler, on whom she has a giant crush. Orange, the color of energy and zest, is hers. (see why I said I have most of her already figured out, lol!) So basically she is me (or how I see myself anyways), but a super girly beauty queen version, which I am able to do, I just don't, but I think I need to find a balance in it, just like everything else. Let's work on that, shall we? Goal 1: Develop and implement a basic daily/weekly beauty routine by week 2, and continue it for the duration of the 6 weeks (dudes like smooth legs and hair that doesn't make you look like Radagast) Goal 2: Get dressed neatly everyday (a questionably clean tank top and pajama shorts, is NOT dressed) Goal 3: Drink at least 100 oz of water a day (its good for your skin) Goal 4: Follow the NFA Dumbbell Level 1 workout (because muscles are sexy)
  2. Yes. It is time again. Last challenge I lost momentum at the end and went into the darkness. Looking back I understand how exhausted I must be from all the changes made during the last years and eleven challenges. So many good changes in so many different areas: work, sleep, weight, shape and so on. Now I am happy with myself, my career, my relationship and my health. So, no challenge for me this time because I’m done ?!! Just kidding, I’m hopefully never done. Last time I had "the home within" as my theme and I will continue on that path. I need to put all the different areas, that I worked so hard in, more in touch with each other. This will create harmony and balance between them so they can all coexist. Then I can see which area needs more attention at a certain point in time and focus there as long as necessary, then return to overall focus. My main quest this time is therefore harmony and balance between all my different priorities, that I’ve been working on, that are coming together now. My motivation is as always that I need to keep my priorities and goals in sight to avoid a relapse in my fatigue syndrome which has been a part of my life since 2011. Strong, calm and focused are my keywords this time: so how will I get there? Calm comes through a strong yoga practice. My mind is in it but the longer sessions with my own program at home are not happening. I am not prioritizing them, and they are not a stabile part of my routine. My goal is yoga every single day. On the days that I am not working there will be a longer session (45-60 minutes). This means usually two days per week. I will make time for at least one more long session. Before I go to work I tend to wind up so I will spend 10 minutes on the mat in the morning on those days. Grading Morning practice A; 42-40 B; 39-36 C; 35-31 D; 30-28 E; 27-25 Practice on weekends and days when I don't work 75% : A 50% : C 25% : E Focus comes from a clear mind. I have had alcohol as part of my challenge for two consecutive challenges, this will be the third. My goal is to make conscious choices and not just have a drink because everyone else is doing it. It is also to identify those times when I tend to use it as a relief for worry and anxiety, and eliminate those occasions. If I have too much alcohol on a weekday I will be tired the next day and I do not want that to happen. I want to to limit the number of occasions and also limit the amount consumed on those occasions. I have come so far as making more conscious choices but not very far at limiting the number of occasions. My goal will be to have alcohol no more than three times per week. This is set and I am not allowed to ”collect” days and use as I please. At any given occasion I will not have more alcohol than three glasses of wine or corresponding amount in another form. I will be given two free passes during the challenge. Grading Less than three times or three times per week; pass Strength comes from a healthy body. I have developed a very close relationship with the sugar demon again and this needs to be changed. My food habits are deteriorating and I am putting on weight in a way that I am not happy with. Willpower is the way. My goal is limiting consumption in the following ways. -I will not buy sweets, cakes, ice-cream (I changed to allowing ice-cream), etc. -I will not order desserts in restaurants. -I will not eat sweets at work. -I will not keep sweets at home What is allowed is fruit, dark chocolate over 70%, almonds and dried apricots (in limited amounts) I will be given two free passes during the challenge (to be used if for instance I go out to a nice restaurant and order a more extensive menu). Grading No extra sugar; A. Breaking the rules less than twice or twice: C. Breaking the rules more than five times: F. My side quests My fitness side quest is to get back to running which also gives strength and will help firming the parts of me that are softer than I desire. My goal is twice per week and 5 k’s or more. Grading 12-10 times: A 9-8 times: B 7-5 times: C 4-2 times: D My life side quest is……;beauty. What has brought this about? I got married in February and naturally I wore make up then. I don’t usually, partly because of my work, partly because of lacking eyebrows and lashes, partly because I wear permanent makeup in the shape of tattoos, and finally; I’m lazy. Now, the point is that I look so amazing in the photos…..so it’s kind of tempting to look more amazing on a day to day basis.I recently discovered a very inspiring blog written by an adult (!) who is a beauty magazine editor. She writes in a way that makes me inspired to look at certain products and techniques. This used to be an interest when I was younger and I do very much enjoy those rare occasions when I get ready for a bigger event, put on some nice music and get all my gear spread out in the bathroom, just to spend some time making myself pretty. For some reason at the moment my eyelashes and brows have grown back. I am sure it won’t last but why not enjoy it?How does this fit in with my keywords? It makes my happy, which gives me energy and strength. How do I do this? I have already treated myself to my first pedicure (made by me) in a really long time. I will let it come to me. I have bought a mascara which I’ll start using (haven’t yet because I’m afraid I’ll just poke my finger in my eye and ruin it, plus it’s so hot here I want to wait). Also, I need to fix my brows because they’re kind of wild. Oh, and I want to sort through my makeup and see what I have and organize it and…. There are plenty of ideas. Let these three above be the first three weeks. Grading Most of all it is a win only to want to explore this again 6 things : A 0 things : F I will add the grading before the official challenge start on Monday. Grading added, a bit late... Six weeks aiming at strength, calm and focus. During this time I will be working a lot and I will be going on a there day hike with some colleagues from work. Oh, and I start NOW!
  3. (TL;DR in second post) Previously on Apfelstrudi’s journey: I set out to become the very best. Like no one ever was. I got 4 pokémon from Professor Oak, kicked Gary in the nuts, and set out to defeat Brock. On my way, I encountered lots of trainers and wild pokemon that challenged me every 5 steps. And they helped me level up so I could win the boss battle. But what’s even better: They showed me what I’m passionate about, and made my path forwards much, much clearer. Once Brock had been defeated, I continued wandering, once again being challenged, but now I had a deathly weapon with me, even deathlier than my pokemon: My hoop. It worked better than repel, better than strength and cut together. It made my way easier and much more entertaining, and showed me what to focus on. But now I face a new battle, and I must use what I’ve learned, and become a better trainer and hooper, in order to defeat Misty and not become Misty-fied. Let’s start this off by looking at the dictionary: In other words: Misty is a minx. Now that I know what to focus on, Misty the little punk will certainly try to lead me astray. And she’ll have an easy job, too! Not only does she have boobs, she also has junior trainers in speedos surrounding her! How is that fair? I must focus on happiness, but not the kind of happiness that speedos bring. Instead, I’ll concentrate on something that brings me even more happiness: My hula hoops. As I said in the recap - I want to be the very best. And now I’ve finally found something that I feel like I can progress steadily, with lots of effort, but not effort that leaves me frustrated and demotivated. To be the very best hooper, there are many things I must work on. Main Goal: Become the very best! - Defeat Misty Battle 1: Horsea HP Horsea: 50 HP Pikachu: 50 Defeating Horsea will be relatively simple. Hoop it up! 5 times a week. Can be anything from 5 minute waist-hooping to skill-work to hoop-workouts to stretches. But the hoop must be used. Every time I hoop, I’ll take 1 HP off Horsea. Working on a new skill every week gives me an added bonus of 5 HP off. If I don’t work on a skill, those 5 HP will be taken away from my Pikachu. If I don’t defeat Horsea within 5 weeks (to allow for fail), I can either use the 6th week normally, or go into boss battle mode. (stop being cute, you're gonna die D: ) Battle 2: Shellder HP Shellder: 50 HP Charmander: 50 In order to defeat Shellder, my weakest Pokémon must come forth. Fire against water usually doesn’t end well for fire, but I can’t let that happen to my poor Charmander. On my way to become the very best, I must do things that aren’t directly related to hooping, but that offer assistance. This can be anything. I must do 5 of those things a week. Each workout (using the term loosely) will take 1 HP off Shellder. An additional HP can be taken off for reflecting and naming how I’m helping my hooping by doing said workout. Example: Chest/shoulder openers - help prepare chest/shoulder hooping. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Battle 3: Goldeen HP Goldeen: 50 HP Squirtle: 50 Pikachu needs to adhere to a schedule in order to defeat Goldeen! Because the only way to get past her is to dance. But not just any dance! A different dance must be tried every week. This includes listening to fitting music, watching videos of pros dancing, and doing a tutorial. All this tied together will take 10 HP off Goldeen. If I do more than one tutorial, or do some freestyle dance in the “style of the weekâ€, it counts towards Charmander’s battle against Shellder. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Dance styles: (don't want that happening!) Battle 4: Staryu (diet quest) HP Staryu: 50 HP Bulbasaur: 50 Bulbasaur likes his food - and he’s gotten quite chubby lately. So he must plan his meals better, in order to stay away from evil foods. One meal plan a week = 10 HP off Staryu. If I stray from the meal plan, that’s 1 HP off Bulbasaur per day that had wrong food. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Battle 5: Starmie (life quest) HP Starmie: 50 HP Magikarp: 50 That’s right. I’ve caught myself the lamest pokemon ever. But in this case, it’ll be worth it. Because I’ll fight those boobs and speedos with my own boobs and speedos - kinda! In order to feel better about dancing, hooping in front of the camera, and general movement, I must feel better about the way I look. They’re trying to divert me with their beauty? I’ll find a way to use mine. I recently (at the end of last challenge) started a new skin care regime. My skin has never been exactly great, but it's starting to annoy me like crazy. So when I read this article about Asian actresses and their masterful skin care, I decided to just give it a try, even though I haaaate spending lots of time in the bathroom. Ah well - if done properly it's like 5 more minutes a day. What I'm doing shall be in the third post to counter information-overload. I want to stick with it a minimum of 5 days a week. Each day gives me 1 HP off Starmie. Additionally, every week, I have to do something that makes me feel pretty. It doesn’t matter what it is, but can’t be something as simple as ‘take a shower’, obviously. For every project, I take 5 HP off Starmie. If I don’t manage to defeat in the first 5 weeks, I can use the sixth or go into boss battle mode. Week 6 / Boss Battle / Evolving I’ve specifically assigned points so that I can have a successful challenge even if I don’t do every single workout, every single day and week. If all goes perfectly, I can defeat pokémon in 5 weeks. If not, I can continue normally in week 6. OR I can do a boss battle. A boss battle will be done in case I’ve failed miserably and need more points than I can possibly gain through normal battle. I will only determine what a boss battle is if necessary though. If by the end of week 6, I’ve not defeated a pokémon, I can use up the remaining HP of my pokémon. Example: End of challenge stats Battle 1: HP Horsea: 10 HP Squirtle: 40 -> Horsea: 0; Squirtle: 30 If I manage to keep my pokémon’s HP at 25 or above, they will evolve. Which would be particularly important for Magikarp, obviously.
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