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Found 24 results

  1. Jon Firestar Channels the Speed Force! My Name is Jon Firestar and I am not the fastest man alive! Actually I am pretty darn slow but I am getting faster and I am gaining more endurance. So my new challenge is going to focus a little more on running goals. There is still going to be lifting and I'm still trying to lose weight but I am really motivated to focus on running a the moment and I want to take full advantage of that! Why am I Running? It is worth mentioning my immediate and mid term goals that my training is focusing on. In the i
  2. Around a year ago, after a little persuasion from a few people on here, I signed up for Rat Race Dirty Weekend. A 20 mile obstacle course race with some of the biggest, craziest obstacles you can imagine. Worlds longest monkey bars, anyone? Or how about an obstacle four shipping containers high followed by a slip and slide? I can't believe that how quickly it's come around and that in less than 3 weeks I'll be attempting these nutty obstacles and so much more. Thankfully, I'm not running this race alone or competitively. I'll be doing a "fun" lap with the
  3. INTRODUCTION Hey-oh! I'm Beer Mage and this is my first Nerd Fitness Challenge! I'm a husband, dad, IT manager, and wizard. When I'm not casting spells, I'm reading graphic novels, watching sci-fi, drinking beer, or turning my truck into an overlanding vehicle of awesomeness. I was an athlete in high school and active in college, but am a lump much of the time now. I'd like to change that. Long term, I'd like to be able to keep up with a hyperactive preschooler and serve as a healthy example for him. Short term, I want to get into a good work
  4. Shaar slept for what seemed like forever. And she dreamed; dreams of neverending stone towers, of abandoned decay, of emptiness and gloom. The innkeeper took pity on her - from the way she moseyed her bedraggled self in there, it looked like she’d just survived the Calamity - and gave her a reduced rate so she could stay for the week to recover. And recover she did. Between fits of sleep and gorging herself on the cook’s seasonal pumpkin stew, Shaar made herself at home about The Hyaline for a spell. But she couldn’t ignore the remaining legs of her quest. The
  5. Good afternoon all, As I am getting my groove back, I already know from life experience what my issues are going to be, nutrition wise. Here I want to see what y'all think about my certain weaknesses including the following: - Ice cream (especially bluebell) - Beer (I swear I am not an alcoholic ) - Bread First Ice cream. This one is easier to avoid. A year ago during my first ever successful fitness track, I could avoid this easily. Just don't buy it. It's overpriced, has zero nutritional value and needs no social compromise. However, every coupl
  6. Oh hai guys. I am back. I sort of took off into the abyss and made like an invisible person. Contain yourself. I know this return thrills you. @Ceasefire came back this go, so I am, too. I am going to try at least. I have another half marathon in October, so here we go with training again. Four simple goals: Earth: Earth is a grounding force. I need to keep my core and cardio training up, so once a week I will complete a 30 minute Les Mills BodyCombat track to further my half marathon training. I will also lift heavy things with Les Mi
  7. Hey fellow nerds and welcome to my third bad ass challenge! Yeah, it´s another Game of Thrones challenge...good to know it never gets boring nerding about your favourite fantasy stuff (besides Lord of the Rings of course). I´ve been on Dracarys the past two challenges and life is getting better and better right now! Well then, what are my goals for this challenge? There are some big deals in my life incoming or in progress: 1+2) Train to fight the mountain! Thx @miss_marissa you´ve been faster on that one I´ve had a hard time
  8. Alright. I'm bowing out of the challenges for a bit. Well, at least for this one. I've got the World Championship Spartan Beast this coming Saturday. After that, I've got about a week of easy training. And, then I'll be ramping it up once again with a new training plan. But, I don't feel that the confines of the challenge make sense for what I am doing right now. So, screw it. Here's a battle log.
  9. I don't claim the idea for this. It all came from this old NF PVP thread. But, it seemed like a good time for a reboot, with a brand new shiny thread and a brand new spreadsheet (hopefully with working links) And here it is: The lovely new spreadsheet. Claim poses and record things HERE. Hopefully, it can be edited by anyone. Please let me know if your edits aren't working. The rules are as follows: -Roll a D100 (or use a D100 roll generator) -Find the corresponding pose. Use the row number, unless you rolled a 00 or 01, which then correspond to rows 100 and 101, respectively.
  10. I need to flesh this out before the beginning of the challenge, so I'm jotting down some notes to figure out what I can handle. These goals are now official! I signed up for a 5k obstacle race on July 26. I'm not super worried about the actual running part, but I know my climbing/obstacle-clearing "skills" need much work. My main quest for this challenge will be to get some climbing/pulling/hurtling work in. Get thee over the wall! There's a parkour gym in my city that I've been to a few times. I'd like to hit this at least four times during the challenge and work on wall climbing. Maybe
  11. Hello fellow Assassins. Since my major Quest is gonna be about mastering a couple of bodyweight excercises i decided on joining you. (and a great part because of a great post by Hazard) I know i am a little late at the party but that's because i have been ill at the end of last week and beginning of these. So i just now had time to wrap everything up (and workout got dibs). So i will be updating this topic with more info later this day. Good luck on your Challenge everyone! Challenge First of all, i wanna say for me this is gonna be a 5 week challenge. I'm writing this on my first day on
  12. So my dumb basement flooded last June and derailed my challenge about a week in and then I just didn't seriously get back on the wagon until January, and I've been lifting consistently since. The progress has been pretty good. I have also found that beers the night before lifting doesn't always help with my lifting. Surprise. I'm hitting plateau-ville on a lot of my lifts that are listed below. I'm following a Starting Strength(ish) program. Ima keep doing that.
  13. Newbie here, I stumbled across this forum and I think it is absolutly awesome and would love to be a part of it! Nerd history grade 11 I weighed in at 135lbs, I loved comic books and D&D, it's no surprise that I was a target. I started lifting weights in high school and have never really stopped but had some very long breaks along the way. I weight in at 232 these days and have competed and been involved with powerlifting for quite some time, I'm totally addicted but I have come to the reliazation that I can't do what I used to do. I have a few more goals that I want to achieve in the
  14. A BIT OF BACK STORY My name is Wolverine (a.k.a. Dillpedo a.k.a. Dillon). I am an Assassin. I took a hiatus from NF due to health issues (uncontrollable migraines). I am back now (two thumbs up for medication that works). CHALLENGE INTRO Two big goings on as of late: (1) I'm in the final stages of back injury recovery (bulging disc) and my doc just gave me the green light to start working out again, and (2) the wife and I just bought a house (escrow closes on Friday). Long story short = stress eating, not working out, and large amounts of not giving a damn have been had by all (but e
  15. Allright, here I am: during my first challenge I was invited to join the assassins, so I will start my second one here. Last time I joined late but still I had at least some success with my main quest, completing my first pullup. Also, for a little while I managed to resist my built in urge to drink every single beer that somehow sneaks into sight or, let's be honest, my mind. Relax Grover... Beer is here to stay, it will be there all your life. You can drink it another time...breath... Ok, so obviously there is still some ro
  16. I really want to sit on the couch, watch some TV, and maybe drink a beer. This challenge will be about me resisting that desire. This battle will consist of 4 rounds: Round 1 - Physical Fitness Homer is seen here performing one armed push-ups with a baby on his back. I have been progressing towards one armed push-ups since the beginning of the summer. My goal will be 3 sets of 20 uneven push-ups. An acceptable alternative would be actual OAPs. Round 2 - Physical Appearance When Homer really put his mind to it, he was able to get in shape. I'd like to lose a couple of inches of
  17. As invented in MaxCurtis' Feb-Apr Challenge! Read the rules carefully! Please only do exercises that are at your level! If you use glass-bottles/glasses, be extra-careful. We don't want you to get hurt! If you do an exercise and notice you can't manage to add the drink, please stop and get a new exercise! How it works: Basically, it's a type of twister game, only instead of spinning the colour-wheel, you roll dice and instead of the twister mat, you do a yoga pose. - Use a dice generator/use a d100 die and roll once. (For example this one: http://www.rangen.co.uk/misc/dicegen.php ) - G
  18. A Meetup.com group for those in their 20s & 30s who enjoy outdoor sports and fitness in the Quinte Area (Brighton-Belleville-Picton-Napanee area). If there are any fellow rebels in the area and looking to meet new people to explore the outdoors with, and drink beer, please check it out! http://www.meetup.com/Quinte-Outdoor-Fitness-and-Social-Club-20s-30s/
  19. So, random question to the peanut gallery, about the uncomfortable question of drinking. I'm not an alcoholic, but I do have an obsession with craft beer. I am way overweight and I know I need to cut it down. Right now, I only drink on the weekends (and that is a significant reduction from my habits of even a year ago). I never get drunk anymore as, at 31, it's no fun and I know that was a struggle in the past. Have any of you gone from being a regular drinker to cutting out completely? I did it for Lent but, as I said, I adore craft beer and thus went right back to it. My untappd account i
  20. Ok, so, I drink either wine or beer (never liquor, as it makes me violent) and the two beverages of choice are always either Franzia's (boxed wine) Chillable Red/White Zinfandel or Coors Light (12oz). When I'm looking to free up calories for my diet but still get drunk (as my angry days very often make me wont to do) I go for the wine. I've had to justify this choice to a few people in my shop, and since I went through the effort of actually doing math calculations for them I thought I'd share it on NF. Just so the other angry people who are watching their caloric intakes while still drinking
  21. It sounds like we are on for a meetup in Sydney. This is what's been proposed, post if date/time/venue is ok and if you will attend, if we get a few confirmed we can book a table. Venue: The Australian Hotel 100 Cumberland Street The Rocks, Sydney 2000 Date: Thursday 12th September (TBC) Time: 6pm - 8pm+ (TBC) Attending: Mad Hatter BarefootDawsy Dominic TerraNik
  22. Main Quest: Establish an emergency fund of $2,600 (one full paycheck). Goal One: No beer for 6 weeks. Goal Two: No eating out for 6 weeks. Goal Three: Record meals in MyFitnessPal Life Side Goal: Establish and maintain a routine for managing my to-do list Main Quest: Maintain a daily caloric intake of 2,000-3,000 calories regularly through efficient meal-planning and tracking. Goal 1: Enter all meals in MyFitnessPal for the duration of this challenge. Goal 2: Cook all meals at home for at least four days out of the week. Life Goal 1: Up to October 5th (beginning of Fall Break), have al
  23. This mini-challenge was inspired by Nicks_Scotland's side quest, No Cs, that she has been absolutely rocking! The Reason: I love beer. I love beer so much I drink it every day. Problem is, drinking beer every day is seriously interfering with my main Quest to drop 10Lbs. I need motivation, and after giving it some thought (read: spontaneously deciding) I figured a PVP challenge with a NF t-shirt at the end would be a great way to get some. The Prize: I buy the winner a NF t-shirt. Please note, *I* am buying - my challenger owes me nothing if I win. If we tie, I'll still buy them a shi
  24. I am a stats nerd. A HUGE stats nerd. I love looking for trends and trying to optimize results. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person in the world who likes that kind of stuff. I am so addicted that I joined a simulation hockey league. It's not like fantasy sports. You just pour over seemingly random attribute numbers and try to build the best team possible. It's really nerd-tastic! Hopefully if you follow my thread you'll see some sweet graphs showing progress. My primary goal right now is to drop my body fat % to a healthy range with changes to my diet. I work out a lot, but one of my
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