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Found 2 results

  1. I only joined the site a week or so ago but I'm here to stay and make a change. Main Quest: Make working out a habit and lose some inches. I have gone through periods of intense workout and periods of intense slothfulness. What I really want to do is make healthy eating and working out a habit, which I think is totally doable in 6 weeks. If I'm doing this right then I will lose some inches and help me fit into my favorite clothes again. A. 5 Days a Week B. 4 Days a Week C. 3 Days a Week D. 2 Days a Week E. 1 Day a Week F. Fell off the wagon and did nothing Side Quest #1: Go to bed around 10pm each night. This is going to help me get my butt out of bed in the morning to hit the gym. Also, hopefully, I will no longer sleep through my alarm. A. Go to Bed at 10pm B. Hit the sack at 11pm C. Fall into bed around midnight D. Sleep through all alarms F. Pulled an all nighter Side Quest #2: Make a shift in thinking about food I am a food addict and I have to start thinking about food differently. When I look at foods that aren't good for me I need to stop and think about if it is worth it to eat it. Does chocolate cake really make me happy? Am I going to be better for eating it? How am I going to feel tomorrow both physically and mentally? A. Eat strict Paleo B. Scarfed some carbs, but healthier ones, like fruit and whole wheat C. Sagged some straight up sugar, like a cookie D. Ate sugar every week at least once. F. Eating healthy? What is that? Side Quest #3: Be able to do 5 full range push-ups I have never been able to do a push-up in my entire life. I want to be able to and now I have the motivation. Life Side Quest: Sort out my finances by creating a plan and paying down debt. Motivation: I have struggled with weight for my entire adult life. I want to be able to wear a dress and not stress about my legs any more.
  2. WYAAAAAA RUH RUH! ("Hello, how are you" in Wookie) First of all, my name is Steve, or Stelmer... doesn't bother me. I have been stalking NF for the last 4 days now, reading, reading, writing and reading some more. I am totally amazed at the dedication and the transformation of so many people on here. Congratulations! My goal is to lose 10Kg, stretch and tone my body through Yoga and basically lose the spare tire that is hanging around my waist. ... let me start of with a bit of history. I have always had a little bit of "chub" on me since day one, my Mother is always a bit larger, my dad always skinnier. I got my Mum's genes. Early in 2010 when I was 25, I started up at my local gym with one of my best mates. We were bright eyed chubby dudes ready to smash the weights. During that year, I DID smash them weights as well as increase my cardio. In a matter of weeks, I was seeing results. This was a 1 months transformation: Then one warm summer, we all decided to head to a remote beach getaway, you know... just to relax. We relaxed a bit TOO much... we lost our workout routine and took up way too much beer. This is also about the time that I started working two jobs and basically ate at my desk and drank more beer than one man should. All of the food that I ate came from packets. The most cooking that I did was taking frozen sausage roll and dims sims out and putting them into the oven. 3 years later, I find myself happily married to my beautiful wife. She is an amazingly fit woman who has a real grasp on correct eating and is a yoga junkie. ... this is me now: HOW AM I GOING TO TRANSFORM MYSELF BACK? Easily... I will start with these 4 goals: 1. Eliminate brown and white sugar from my diet. 2. Run 10km a week. 3. Continue doing Yoga with my wife every other day. As for my level up challenge: 4. Eliminate soft drink from my diet for at least one month. These 4 goals should help me unlock level 2 on my NF 6 Week Challenge. Please, I am new to this forum and the way things are done. If you have any tips for me, especially in the eating department ( I love eating!) I have trouble curbing my cravings. Thanks again NF Crew.
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