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  1. Good morning fellow Beginners, Rebooters and bewildered individuals. I am ValkyrieRising and have decided to dip my toe into the water and drink the Kool-Aid of Nerd Fitness. A little about me. I'm a history Nerd who had been working on being accepted to do her PhD overseas in Denmark when I got a rather unpleasant medical diagnosis. (No prizes for guessing my area of interest given my Nickname/BattleTag/Secret Identity/Hero Name etc) Im a 30 something years old and struggling with my health after that medical diagnosis and just the fact I'm not as young and sprightly as I used to be. I fina
  2. This is the beginning of my journey, and I need your help. My name is Lindley. I am an ICU nurse with a really shitty night schedule. I am 5'1" and the heaviest I have ever been at 163 pounds. I was in a very unhealthy five year relationship, had two sons with the individual, and am now a single mom. I struggle with Borderline Personality Disorder, depression, anxiety, binge/purge, and PTSD. Now for the thing that sent me over the edge... June 12, 2016, I woke up and discovered my 5 week old son (Ronin August) had died from SIDS during a nap. Ne
  3. Hi, just call me nonsequitur, never have been able to stick to one thing for health and fitness. Now I have some health problems (diabetes, hypertension) that will seriously cut my life short if I am not able to get on top of things. I love the advise to develop new habits rather than setting goals. So this week I am walking 10 minutes per day and will increase that by 5 minutes per week. Hoping to find support from this community.
  4. Just beginning today. Reading through everything. Food for today (I write down my food at night for the next day). 4 oz Hummus, 1 pear (Breakfast) 6 oz bok choy, squash, 6 z salad 1 tsp oil, 4 oz tempeh (lunch) 6 oz steamed vegie, 4 oz chicken, 8 oz salad 1 tablespoon dressing 5;5" starting weight 136 Walked 5 minutes. Haven't worked out consistently in 2 years. Will do body weight workout later. Magoll
  5. Hi, I'm Amelia! My introduction post is over here. This is my battle log! This will record both food and work outs. For the food log, I'm going to log the food on my iPhone and upload the notes here. In the beginning it will be general food recordings to work on accountability and habit creation. My long term goals: Walk more (in the USA, car capital of my life) Do one real push up Do 10 real push ups Run a 5k Run a 10 k Learn parkour Figure out and take parkour courses/training. Take rock climbing classes Learn to like vegetables Stop drinking diet coke. 1. Food - 70 points per week El
  6. Generally speaking, most of us probably know how to survive without depending on fast food and/or take-out. My cooking skills, and abilities, tend to fall in the realm of "apply fire, add tobasco, eat. If burned, add more tobasco." Ok, I kid - but not by much. With that in mind, the thought occurs that there might be others who are in a similar situation and actually want to improve their skills in the kitchen. So, post what you've got - websites, blogs, tutorials, whatever. I also wanted an excuse to post this neat website of "knife handling gifs (calm down - for the kitchen)": http:
  7. “Ow.†Veshki awoke and groaned. It was noteworthy that, while she lay very still squinting her eyes against the obnoxiously blue sky, there wasn’t a part of her body that wasn’t hurting. Ever her teeth seemed to be in on it. She had been laying here a while, her leather armor had warmed from the sun, and chafed her in all the places she wouldn’t admit. Damn stuff must have shrunk or something. Leather shrinks in the winter, right? “Not dignifying that with a response.†She muttered bitterly. Sitting up slowly she raised her bruised arm to shade her eyes and looked ou
  8. I am very much like a hobbit--except in my body build! I like comfort, 2nd (and 3rd!) breakfasts, lots of nice people around me and not much adventure in my life. I am 43 years old, and the mother of 3 really awesome nerdlets, as well as the unofficial mom of 5 more (2 of them live with us full time, the others are here 80% of the time--I am not exaggerating this!). I don't look very overweight, because I was blessed with an amazon build--I am 5'10 with extremely long legs, which make it almost impossible to find pants that fit! However, I have been steadily gaining weight for the last 10
  9. So, I didn't discover this forum until this past weekend, so I'm starting this challenge late. I've already been working out with my husband for over a year now, and I've been really getting into the strength training, but I haven't had a lot of success sticking to the nutrition I know I need so I'm hoping I can push myself more through these challenges. So, here goes nothing! (*NOTE* Editing Quest on 12/5/14, as I was able to take the time to work out some more specifics. This may also be due to the fact that I actually just read the Level 1 Guidebook in detail only yesterday... Oh we
  10. Intro: I am a hobbit. I gravitate toward nature, am short and enjoy eating several times throughout the day. While I can't jump, I have decent endurance. I'm joining Nerd Fitness to become a soldier angel of epicness (Gift of Orzovha, MTG) who can climb (walls and rocks), hike, run, and defend herself. Master Quest: Fit into size 8 pants. I think my desired level of athleticism would equate to this size. At least it gives me a firm "yes I slew the manticore." 3 Goals for achieving this: - Go to the gym at least 4 times a week. I'm not choosing specific reps or weights right now because I
  11. Hi all. Last year, around this time, I started on the path to improving my physical fitness as a means to improving my mental health. I made dietary changes (particularly, cutting out Energy Drinks) and did some basic bodyweight exercises (based around the Angry Birds plan) I was/am literally at the peak of fitness in my life - more so than when I wrestled, or when I played American Football. So I reached a point I was happy with and then... Stopped. For one, while I enjoy the results, I find working out itself ultimately leaves me feeling empty. At first I could burn through the exerci
  12. 6 weeks 42 days 10 minute abs every sunrise 1min- plank 1-side plank left 1-side plank right 1- situps 1- side sit ups right 1-side sit ups left 1-push ups 1-triangle push ups 1-leg lifts 1-bicycle Every day 10 back bends 3 sets of 12 pull ups 3 sets of 12 dips Monday - Back - hyper extension 3 sets of 12,bouncy ball, 1 min swimming Tuesday- Legs lunges, 3 sets of 12 leg presses, 3 sets of 1 min bounces Wednesday - Butt 3 sets of 10 squats Thursday- voyage to land of Teef, yoga 7:30 Friday- Run Saturday- Pilates Sunday- yoga
  13. Dear Jackie, it's been a good while since head quarters heard from you. We almost suspected you injured or even worse, dead. We're glad to have you back and as usual, we'll jump right to it. Your chestnut reddish hair and green-brown eyes won't save you from this one, nor will your awesome guitar skills or writing skills. *Ehm* Sorry, I got a bit lost. Here goes: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is as following. Main: Lose approximately 20kg and find yourself living a healthier and more exciting life. Your mission progress shall continue as following. Level 1 + 2 (6 jan â€
  14. Pyri reporting for duty, Sir! I heard that the Nerd Rebellion is in need of out of shape, overweight, people who are finally ready to kick some ass... so here I am! I beg each and every one of you to help keep me going, to help drag me through the dirt and the rocks and the rough spots, til I can learn to do it on my own. I have a lot of motivations, but I would say that the biggest is that I want to be in good shape for when I have a child (not currently pregnant). I want to be able to go hiking and camping and fishing and play soccer and fly a kite and go swimming and lift them up high and
  15. Soooo....(-.-)' I am just beginning my lifestyle change. I have some idea on where to begin such as a caloric deficit(?) I'm assuming that means eat less. Which means less energy, which is bad because I already have an energy issue...or rather a lack of energy issue. I cannot sleep at night, second night in a row that I am up. Even when I get 6-8 hrs of sleep I am groggy and slow and irritable. Some days I am down right violent, verbally. Nothing I do or take gives me the energy to do much, save the fact that I need to do something or my son would never eat or shower or learn. I also hav
  16. Hello! My name is Jess and I am a 24 year old programmer. I have been on the lazy side as of lately and I really want to get a jump start on getting active and healthy. This is my first challenge and I have to say I hesitated a bit before joining. Main QuestTier 1: To lose 3 inches off my hips and 1.5 inches off my waist. {Hips 50, Waist: 40.5}Tier 2: To lose 5 inches off my hips and 3 inches off my waist. {Hips 48, Waist: 39}Tier 3: To lose 8 inches off my hips and 4.5 inches off my waist. {Hips: 45, Waist: 37.5} Specific Goals> I will only eat when I am hungry {Choose the less process
  17. Joining a little late, but hopefully not too much so! Last time I logged on the current challenge was too far underway for me to feel comfortable joining. I promised myself I'd make this one, but boy how time flies! Bit about me: My name's Alex, I'm 21. I'm finishing my final year in college (BS in Business Management, minor in Computer Science). I'm also a freelance writer and editorial assistant. I am, of course, a giant nerd (Star Trek, Doctor Who, games, games, games...) Some fun facts about my health journey: I've been overweight since I was 9I went to a fitness and weight loss camp
  18. Hi Everyone! I am a 21 year old student here to better myself. I read an article not to long called " Remember the Guy Who Dropped 128 Pounds in 10 Months? He's Still Kicking Ass" I was inspired by Joe's story, instead of wallowing he decided to get up and work on changing his life. Yes it took a while to achieve his goals and I'm sure he faced many setbacks but he still kept pushing. This story stuck out to me because it made me realize I have no reason not to work on my own personal problems. I am currently studying to be a nurse, because of this I have been taking a lot of Nutrition cla
  19. My goal is to be a Warrior, but I'm still reading and learning in that area. So I've been doing the Crossfit.com WOD. I'm really happy with today's workout. It was as many rounds in 20 minutes of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats. I got 6 in 15 minutes with some modifications. I'm 8 months post op left foot surgery; regular push-ups are brutal. I wasn't thinking & started out with too much weight for my squats, which cost me some time. I'm still doing assisted pull-ups, but I'm decreasing the amount weekly. I can almost do dips without assistance, woot! I'm surprised how quickl
  20. Hi. My name is Sara Benincasa. I'm a comedian and a writer and a human. I played a lot of King's Quest when I was a kid. I was in marching band for two years, and I was actually on a competitive baton and flag squad. On purpose. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and Facebook when I ought to be a.) working on my novel b.) working on a script c.) eating healthy foods or d.) exercising. I try fad diets and then stop them. I always sucked at sports and so I react to the thought of exercise by whining and running in the opposite direction (generally straight to bed to take a nap). I'm here becau
  21. Hi! I'm new and have been lurking for a couple weeks. I wasn't sure if I was ready until I tried on my cosplay outfit for comic-con and realized that even though it had only been purchased a month prior, it no longer fit. I have always struggled with my weight. Sometimes I feel like I'm winning the battle, but most of the time I give up after not seeing progress fast enough or falling of the wagon. This time is different. I am no longer thinking of this as a temporary struggle before I can get back to my cupcakes. This is a life change and failure is not an option. My inspiration is below
  22. I fought The Devil on a Monday when I was four years old. The battle took place amid the towering shelves of the local library, deep within the Pre-K learning center. Armed with a pitchfork and a desire to gouge out eyes, Satan's vessel giggled gleefully behind the horned mask of his master. No princess, firefighter, cowboy, or dinosaur was spared from the hellion's taunts and provocations. Demonic douchiness soon became the only treat to fill our plastic pumpkins. Had it been any other day, the sound of my sobbing would have readily joined the chorus of the others'. However, on that partic
  23. Very excited about this challenge... As you can see from the picture HERE: I have a bit of abdominal fat: I am a bit of a boozer and a party animal (although still a total nerd). Not only that I have skinny arms as I haven't worked out the past. My main quest is to reduce my body fat percentage and to become noticeably fitter in the process. As someone who has quit smoking, my cardiovascular efficiency is not where it should be. I want to be faster and stronger. Over the next six weeks this means I will do the following: I am scheduled to run a 10k in September. I want to be able to run a
  24. I posted in this blog a couple of months ago about my weight struggles. I still have them. I have actually gained more weight since then. I am 5'7" and 173 lbs. I used to be 5'7" 135 lbs. For some reason, in the beginning of my weight gain, I lied to myself saying that I was not getting bigger. told myself that I still fit into the clothes that I wanted to and still felt good about myself. After 20 lbs later, that was no longer the case. I saw pictures and was really unhappy with myself. I still didn't want to admit it to myself though so I still ate like I still had my metabolism of a high sc
  25. This is my first nerd fitness challenge, so I am not sure if I am filling this in correctly, but here goes (wish me luck!?): 1. Walk an average 10,000 steps a day 2. Do yoga a minimum 3 times per week. 3. Do three sets of simple strength exercise, minimum three times a week (i.e squats, pushup etc) 4. Pack lunch for work a minimum 4 out of 5 days I know I am technically a day late (Its Tuesday here in Australia) but I am sure I can catch up I am not quite sure how the stats/scoring works, but deducing from what others have posted, mine will go something like this: A+ = 90% A = 80%
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