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  1. As usual I have too much to do for just the requisite amount of goals per month, but unless I make great headway I'll never get anywhere so I'm making another big push this month. I also have to return to work in March so it's now or never! 1. Improve Diet Continue to eat soups/pasta/healthy pre-prepared meals/baked beans/omelettes for dinner at least 5 days/weekGet started on a joint meal plan, for me & baby.Consider how to limit snacking during this stressful period2. Exercise take baby outside at least 5 days/week - using sling where possible3. Posture stand up straight when following baby around, aim not to sit down during this time, or max sitting time 1 min every 154. Bedtime Routine finish eating by 8:30 pm (unless baby bedtime takes too long, but it's usually finished by 8)continue January task of doing housework to "reset to zero" right after eating, i.e. washing up, cleaning kitchen, tidying away toys etconce housework is done, get ready for bed all bar teeth cleaningclean teeth by 9:30 pm5. Forgiveness "To forgive is to release a prisoner, and realise that prisoner was you" After some stomach-turning betrayals I need to move forward with my life. Plan: there are 3 people I want to get started with; so that's an average of 1 / weekwrite a letter to them explaining why I am cross with themwrite a pretend letter back from them explaining why they are sorry (apparently this technique does actually work!!)6. Enjoy Time With Baby This is the most important one of all! This is the last month where I am not at work and he is not at nursery. This is linked to my "being present" tag. Limit mobile phone usage to only 1 min every 15No mobile phone during meal timesRead together every dayFind more baby activities in the area for himTake him to swings when possible6a. Sub-Goal: Deactivate facebook account I feel this will assist with the being present, and having more time to get on with things. 7. Tidying I moved house at the end of December into an unfurnished property. By the end of January I have made massive improvements to my living space, and some of the house is happiness-inducing nice. Other parts make me feel the weight of stuff to do. I have 28 items of house tidying that I want to achieve in Feb - there's 28 days in the month, and 26 days of this challenge, so averaging 1/day will work out nicely. In no particular order... Lounge get TV table assembledput up pictures throughout house (pictures are all currently boxed up in the lounge)wipe clean yoga ballwipe down all window sills (throughout house)Mirrored Room move stuff to donate/sell to spare roomwash all clothes that I will be putting in new drawers/wardrobemake decision on awkward clothingdeclutter corner of mirrored roomget rid of plastic boxes in mirrored roomtidy baby changing unitKitchen clean inside fridgeclean inside freezerclean inside repaired cupboardwash all items that had been in repaired cupboardrearrange kitchen organisation with extra cupboard to helporganise kitchen cupboards and drawers, buying organisers (that fit - measure first!) where necessarydeclutter and tidy counter topsresearch baby proofing items (for kitchen & for stairs)order baby proofing items (for kitchen & for stairs)consider a staging area for recycling and incoming mail/mid-processing mailBathroom declutter bathroom possessionsorganise bathroom possessionsclean bathroomBedroom unpack (and connect) printerput more curtain rings on bedroom curtainsget second memory box & start putting stuff in it (mem box ordered - trying out amazon prime "deliver this evening")Spare Room put up curtainsdeclutter stationary drawersgive clothes to charity that I no longer want
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