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Found 9 results

  1. Sorry to disappoint, but here will be little Leather and makeup in this challenge, Just a reminder to myself to KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID! Theme is minimal, just an excuse to post songs and memes. Prince - Best Goal (the one I most want to do because I love it) - 3x sledgehammer workout per week (14 mintues each, per Shovelglove rules) Faith Hill - Distance Goal (because there could be hills? I know its a stretch . . .) 3 walks per week with my son. RHCP - Food Goal (Suck my . . . nutrients? I really need to rethin
  2. Hello all, My name is Sarah and I'm a newbie here. I decided to join this group after an introduction from my friend, Aerinity. I know that I'm terrible at keeping fitness goals unless I have a partner to help keep me motivated, and since I don't have anyone IRL whose schedule or fitness goals match mine, I figured this would be a good place for partners to keep me motivated and on track. Basically, my overall goal is to get down to 170lbs. I have no idea how long it will take me to get to that goal, so I am holding off on setting a deadline at this time. For this particular challenge, m
  3. Belly Dance! All Guilds, All Styles and Experience Levels Let's shimmy, shake, and step up our fitness through this fun dance form! I don't have a particular format in mind, just want to find, support, and share with other nerds who are into the dance. Let's help each other learn and grow, and see how the group develops!
  4. Original posting, includes links re: "sisu." I still have a very, very full work schedule and I am coming off a bit of a slump last challenge, but I'm diving right into the first challenge of 2015. I need to. This community has helped me keep my dream and goal of returning to fighting fires again alive, despite setbacks and injuries and doubts. My Main Quest for much of last year was to attend the Arizona Wildfire Academy and recertify as a wildland firefighter this coming spring. The fact is, I'm not physically or financially ready for that yet. Part of my slump was due to my disappointm
  5. Ok, this is my 5th challenge. And, I honestly had a hard time deciding where I wanted to go with this one. Obviously recomping is my main goal as there is still work to be done there, but I have aimed my last 3 challenges at just recomping and I needed something different this time around. I found I was feeling a sense of boredom, no challenge. Funny thing, since I have been reading peoples new threads I see that a lot of people are sharing a similar idea of wanting something new to add to their challenges. Sooooo, as my friend swampling titled her new thread..........here's to something o
  6. Another challenge is upon us! Time flies... SO last challenge I had set a goal of running the Red, White and Boom 1/2 Marathon on the 4th of July. I've determined that I'm not going to be ready for that race. I finally started runnning off treadmill and holy crap am I not ready. Since my real and ultimate goal is the Twin Cities Marathon in Oct, I decided that I am just going to stick to my plan and not try to work harder to prepare for the 1/2 in the next month. The chance for injury and such is not worth missing the marathon this fall. If I can find a relay partner I'll happily run this as a
  7. Ahhh a new challenge! I've changed my thread name for the first time since joining NF! Time to put my main goal as the focus of these next few challenges! Last challenge was an epic win in conquoring the weight section. I learned a ton in the last challenge when it came to my running, including changing my running form, getting new vibram soled shoes and correcting my strike pattern. I'm ready to kick this part of my goal into high gear!!! This time around I must switch gears and focus on my long term plan of running the Twin Cities Marathon in Oct (26 weeks), by way of the Red White and Boo
  8. Greetings, Rebels! I am so honored to be participating in my first challenge with you all. It just so happens that I sat down this last weekend while my husband was out of town to plan out my goals for the next six months and figure out what I needed to do each week to achieve them. At first, I figured I would just leave it at that, but as I read through the forums for this challenge, I realized I would be missing out on a great support and accountability community; so I decided to officially sign-up for the challenge and encourage other rebels like myself to reach their goals. Currently, I
  9. I am so glad to have found this site. I've been spending my time between semesters trying to organize my eating and exercising, but A Dance with Dragons, the Hobbit movie, and my near-genetic predisposition to immediately hoard and feast upon potatoes when the temperature drops below 55 have been hindering my process. I used to belly dance quite a bit, and have been beginning to learn Uechi-Ryu karate. While I like to work out on my own at times, I really like the strength and flexibility that comes from doing real things, like practicing kata or dancing. I've signed up on the Adventurer boa
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