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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! Starting as I mean to go on, slowly (very slowly), with a lifting log here to throw out my programme with anyone who wants to follow my lifting journey. I'm an Irish guy in my mid twenties, living and lifting in Ireland. I eat all sorts of potatoes, sup all kinds of pints and am passionate about strength training and in general getting better than I was yesterday If you want to follow my journey that'd be cool. I'm about 80 Kilos at 5'9 and prepping for my first powerlifting comp in March, where I'm hoping to hit the following numbers: Deadlift: 440 lbs Squat: 374 lbs Bench: 275 Today I worked up to a max top set of 1x215lbs on the bench and dropped back to 4x5 @ 176 lbs. No touch and go, no ego, just me trying to be less weak than I am. This was followed by one arm rows, incline pressing, front raising and bro curls. I was training in the first gym I ever stepped into, where I once struggled to deadlift 135 lbs, and it was pretty cool to come back a little bit stronger. Anyways, that's all for now, nice to meet you you all and I'll check in tomorrow for some post squat follow-ups. Peace, The Irish lad
  2. I'm looking for some ideas on programming for a Push-Pull on August 5th. RIght now I'm training using Danger's program, starting the 3 rep cycle next week. So far I've had 10-15% increases in the 10 rep cycle for all lifts and 7-8% increases for the 5 rep cycle in all but the bench, which was stagnant. If I continue the program that's 4 weeks for the the 3 rep cycle, then 3 weeks for the peak and test block which would leave 3 weeks to prep for the Push-Pull. Looking for suggestions for preparing and if that peak and testing block in the current program is worth completing or if I should start something over 6 weeks, after completing the 3 rep block, to lead into the competition? Thanks.
  3. Our last mini challenge was deadlifts. This time lets move to another of the big 3. Bench Press 40/40 Challenge Our cardio workouts aren't done. This time you won't be able to stand there and rest, so get your spotter. We are benching and benching a lot. Rules are continuous touch and go benches. You can only rest in the up position and not rerack the bar. Spotter help = end of your lift. Easy mode 20 reps at 25% of your body weight. Normal mode 40 reps at 40% of your body weight. For those of you who have completed normal mode previously (this is a "bench mark" mini-quest, the warriors do it once or twice a year) here is hard mode. This is only recommended for people who have completed the 40/40 challenge as prescribed above. Hard mode Load up the bar to 225 lb for men, 135 lb for women (~ 100kg/60 kg) (or honestly... just whatever you feel comfortable with.... if 40% of your bodyweight is too light, but 225/135 lb is too much, shoot for something in between) AMRAP Be careful! Always use some form of spotter or safeties when performing bench press. Particularly when performing endurance work such as this, where your muscles are tested to their limits. You will start to fatigue, and we want to ensure that everyone can attempt the challenge safely. This is a fun test, but is not worth injuring yourself over. (aka don't do this) This mini will run for the first 2 weeks of the challenge, ending Sunday May 7. Good luck nerds!
  4. Just a brief overview: I'm a 27 year old girl that weighs 137 at 5'6". About ten years ago, I lost 40 pounds predominatly by playing DDR, which should give you a bit of an idea of what kind of nerd I am. I'm a web developer, thus all the '90s technology references. My website even has a bonus if you type in the Konami cheat code at any point. So, old video games, computers, books, fantasy, art, music, I love it all and always have. Right now I have three main goals I've been tracking: 1. Run at least one mile per week 2. Either do an exercise regimen at home or at the gym 5 times/week 3. Weight I've been trying to get down to 130 for the past decade, and this time I'm going to do it. Running Current mile time: 9:00 I'd love to get that down to 8:00, so I'll be tracking that. I've actually been running 3 or 4 times per week, and even sometimes before work, which I've never done before, so I'm proud of that. I don't like running and I never will, but I get it the hell done. The faster I go, the less I have to run, so that's my motivation there. Lifting Right now, I can bench 3 x 5 sets of 80lbs. My goal is to get that up to 100lbs. Usually I do dumbbell curls (17lbs, 8 x 3), leg press (225lbs, 12 x 10), weighted squats (110lbs, 5 x 5), standing press (60lbs, 3 x 5), pull ups, hip ab/dduction, in no particular order. I don't do leg/arm/core/cardio days or anything like that. If I don't go to the gym, at home I do a minimum of 50/50/10 - squats/situps/pushups. If anyone has any suggestions on something better to do at home without equipment, I'd love to hear it! Weight loss Current weight: 137 Looking at my goals from last year, I weighed 146 a the beginning of the year, so I've lost 10 lbs overall for the year, which I think is a really good sign. Diet wise, I know I eat very well - I'm allowed to eat anything, but I VERY rarely drink pop or fruit juice, eat fried foods, eat dessert, eat junk food, eat anything packaged, and that's just how I've lived for over a decade. - Breakfast is usually two eggs or granola with peanut butter. - Lunch can be anything. This is usually the one time I go out, so it's my worst meal of the day. - Dinner is usually boiled/sauteed vegetables and rice/quinoa/pasta/beans or occasionally some sort of protein, or soup of the day. - I don't do snacks. - Drinks are tea, coffee, water. Biggest issue is alcohol - I usually drink beer when going out, so I'm going to drink less in general, and only wine or vodka/tonic-like drinks. Otherwise, there's really not much more I can cut out, I just need to eat slightly less. So, to make some of these goals clear and concise: 1. Bring mile time down to 8:00 2. Be able to do a complete pull up from hanging, and bench 100lbs. 3. Bring weight down to 130 I'm not exactly sure on a timeline, but I'm going to say four months for these, so by April, 2017. April, 2017! My other big goal for 2017 is to learn how to stretch, because I'm not flexible at all. I know it's important, I've just never really done it. Maybe yoga? Please suggest anything you can to me. Also, I deleted Facebook this year. Do it guys, it's awesome.
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