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Found 4 results

  1. The battle for Valkenheim has just begun… It’s challenge time boys and girls-time to step up my game. For Honor open beta starts tomorrow (02/09) and goes until Sunday night (02/12) . I’m wicked stoked to play this game and I have my cousins, brother and some friends all downloading it to play this weekend. Woot woot! "The vast forests of our lands are said to be filled with the spirits of beasts. Sometimes those beasts join us on the battlefield: Berserkers. Wild, free, and utterly without fear, they fight with twin axes but their true weapon is their passion. There is an ancient riddle: what is stronger than steel? Blood is our answer; blood and fury." In the game For Honor, there are 12 playable heroes. The one I’m most excited about is the Berserker. Chaotic and brutal dual-axe-wielding Vikings. Their savage love of combat strikes fear into the hearts of most, friend and foe alike. The Berserker fights relentlessly, capable of vanquishing foes before they can mount a decent defense. Unconcerned with their personal safety, they care little for their own defense, focusing instead on killing as many enemies as they can… I will be channeling the savageness of the Berserker over the next 4-weeks in hopes of getting back on track with the relentless mindset I’m known for. Goals: Dual Indian Clubs practice-10 minutes (minimum) daily Juggernaut 8s phase (starting AFTER Zero Week) BuJo (with pics) Eat like a Beserker-Getting back to a Wolflean mindset (track food) Slay the Laundry Beast-Adulting (weekly) Work OT (weekly-shoot for a minimum of 5) Keep up with Shadowrun PbP (daily)-Check it out in the Off-Topic thread And that’s all she wrote boys and girls. I’m going to try and tone down all the flashiness and focus on being a good supporter this time around while managing my goals like a boss. Wolf
  2. I know I'm a few days late to the party, but I am excited to say that I have entered my first competition. Its called "Strongest Mountaineer" and is on August 28. Its a small thing held by my school and the events are as many GOOD reps at the following body weight percentages. Squat: 115% (280) Bench: 100% (245) Deadlift: 135% (330) Farmers walk(timed): 75% (185) I am hoping to drop some extra weight by then, so maybe those numbers will change. Now I know y'all are thinking, "WVUengineer, you never told us how you finished up the last challenge". Well let me tell you how. I did keep a record of every workout I did (+1 WIS +2 STR) and I did get outside every day(+2 CON +1 STA, I did not check my body fat once a week, I did take a month progress picture though Front View progress pic (right is before, left is progress) Side View progress pic I did not complete every academy module, I did do a few of them though I did not study for grad school, I did do relevant work though This challenge is going to focus on preparing for this competition, even though I am going on a vacation with my family and may not have access to a gym, as well as preparing for the start of grad school. The specific challenge goals will follow in the next post once I leave my office
  3. From the all-knowing Wikipedia: Though I prefer the term Úlfheðinn (ulf-r = 'wolf', heðinn = 'jacket of fur or skin'), I went with "berserker" in the title because it is an accepted English word and doesn’t have funny letters. The letter eth, à (capital) or ð (lower case), is pronounced with a voiced “thâ€, as in “this†and “thoseâ€, and is often transliterated as a “d†or “dhâ€. (And thus ends our language nerd lesson.) For more historical berserker details, please visit the Viking Answer Lady. Currently my favorite literary berserker is Soren, in Tessa Gratton's "United States of Asgard" books. Goal 1: Calorie Tracking From Egil’s Saga: To start my transformation into one of “the hardest of menâ€, I am tracking my calories with myfitnesspal. Target is 1.5 pounds of fat loss per week. Goal 2: Daily Training I have set aside a half-hour each day in the early morning for training. In general, I expect to alternate between strength-based and running-based days. I am trying to work in some weapon-training as well. On Sunday, I plan to walk for one hour instead, as an active rest day. Goal 3: Weekly Saving I have recently been trying to rein in my impulsive spending, especially on food and treats. At the end of each successful week, I will put $10 in my saving jar next to my bed. Mission: Wear a silver arm ring at Castle Wars, November 2015, earned through valiant effort in losing 30 pounds of body fat, and purchased with Danegeld from the subjugation of my bad spending habits.
  4. DISCLAIMER: this includes "offensive" language, idgaf. Little background info here, I'm living in Colorado for the summer, working, and trying to save as much $ as possible. That being said, I workout at the "fitness center" of my apartment complex. Little tiny weight room, waay too many treadmill warriors and not enough lifting. So what happen wuz... I go in, headphones in, ready to go, gonna set some new PR's, psyched up for my lifting session. I warm up, and begin my PR work set. I do 5 sets of 5 reps every workout, and I'm on set 3 when I stall halfway up on a squat. In that moment, I thought of the videos I'd seen of Arnold lifting, and he sure as hell didn't give up when it hurt, so I went berserker. I let out an animal growl, and finished the last two reps in my set. (Woot) After that, the berserker didn't wear off. I'd felt this before. Back in high school I did some lifting, and sometimes I'd get into this zone, where I was an animal in the gym, practically superhuman it felt like, lifting heavier and longer and harder than I ever thought I could. My workout partner never could understand how, and I still don't. I attributed it to my pre-workout powder (a now banned Jack3d original; sons of bitches, I loved that stuff). Now, however, I don't use any supplements, so apparently I can unleash this completely naturally, which is awesome (woot) So, I continue in this elevated state, thru set 4 (woot), occasionally growling, etc. Then on my last set, it got hard as hell, so I roared if you will, on my middle two reps. Then, on my last rep of my last set, as I'm driving up with everything I have, somebody vigorously pokes on my back. I roared again, finished my rep, completing my PR (woot), and whirled around at who the hell just nearly wrecked my last rep. It was some managerial crone who had apparently been scolding/ talking/ yelling at me for a while now, meanwhile, the rest of the weight room is staring with mixed expressions from contempt to shock. So I take out my earbuds, and the first thing she says is: get out. I said excuse me?? She says, you need to leave right now, because YOU'RE DISTURBING THE FITNESS ENVIRONMENT. Wait. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?? I laughed and said pardon me ma'am, but I AM the fitness environment. If you couldn't hear your reality TV over the sound of my working out, that's too damn bad. She said thats very funny but that i was an insolent shit, and I had to leave or my fitness center privileges would be revoked. Well that set me off. I launched into how ridiculous that was, how idiotic a policy that was, how the "fitness environment" she spoke of was bullshit, etc, etc. And I'm not leaving till I'm done. And then returned to my workout. She left... AND RETURNED WITH SECURITY!! Two fat guys with mall cop written all over em. Well I didn't want to fight em, so I left with the "security" telling the center how fucking stupid it was haha I will return tomorrow, and tomorrow is a PR deadlift day, so they're in for a real treat I'm very darkly excited. So, a PR thru and thru, discovery of a lasting animal berserker mode, and getting kicked out for being too intense. Woot, woot, and woot, bitch.
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