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Found 22 results

  1. Let's form an adventure party whose goal is to memorize Bible verses and encourage one another along the way! It's fun to pick the same verse. That way we can talk about what the verse means to us. So, I've chosen a couple of verses. However, as the treasure hunt leader, I'm pretty easy going, so if you have another verse you'd rather work on, that's fine too. The verse for the challenge is; Philipippians 3:12-14 The following is in ESV, but feel free to go with another translation Not that I have already obtained this, or am already perfect; but
  2. Warriors' Barracks: Run 2 5Ks before challenge is over Exercise 4x a week Monks' Temple: Professor Grant Horner's Bible reading lists: Monday - Thursday Memory verses every day Athenaeum: NASM course - take test on Module 3 & start Module 4 Piano - 175 hours per week or 35 minutes 5 x a week
  3. Quarantine and isolation! Even an introvert like me can get stir crazy when the only people I get to see are my parents and occasionally the Amazon delivery guy. Here's how I plan to entertain myself, effective immediately PLP Challenge (but different). Starting point: 15 Bulgarian split squats per leg, 10 knee push-ups, 15 inverted rows, 10 dead bugs, 60 seconds side planks Thermo studying. 1 hour every day. No excuses. I need to do well in this class. Bible reading and prayer. I'm stuck at home, I've got the time for it. Working afternoons. I'm lucky my
  4. After succeeding in a respawn challenge, Skywalker is determined to make this reboot last. It won't be easy, as one more intensive course week and several due dates for writing assignments are awaiting. So, the challenge will be realistic and simple. Keep successfully doing what works, and keep working on that which wasn't successfully done in the previous challenge. AND I'm adding a study-related one, just in case. Subquest 1: start the day with devotions (Scripture study, meditation and prayer) -> 1 WIS + 1 CHA Subquest 2: do at least >7000 steps/day -> 1 STA
  5. It's good to be back in the Rebellion! I got some pretty ok results in the first three challenges (#1, #2, #3), then unexpectedly moved to UK for postgraduate studies (take-it-or-leave-it scholarship thing) and coped with the adaptation, work, study and family balance during the autumn term, running and lifting only very occasionally, while ditching my daily walks altogether. In Nov, I failed a respawn challenge. In sum, I let Darth Paunch punch me too much (fueled by the Galactic Writing Assignments Empire). All in all, I threw that lightsaber behind way too many times. It comes to an end
  6. Back to the Island of Basics... Where There be Dragons 1. Pray - Read - Talk Spend proper, peaceful time with Father. At least 15min. every morning before exercises. 2. Be good about food and water You cannot have one without the other: just keep an eye on what and how much I eat, BUT drink at least 1x bottle of water/day. 3. Sleep, wonderful sleep Even fierce dragons need their sleep: before 22h00 every night. 4. Train like Astrid and Fishlegs, with passion. Put some passion back into training: LEGS- Mon
  7. . . . . . . . . Yeah, so, back in February, my depression and anxiety got...way out of hand, and i ran from...as many places as i could, really. Things got really bad, and i spent a lot of time wishful-thinking about suicide. Realized i have some resentment issues, some abandonment issues, some undefined issues. Thoughts and feelings about the world, about myself, that i don't know what to do with yet. There was a difficult situation in the family, and i'm wholly convinced it was God who carried us through it. I've read some books (The Screwtape Letters, some historical fiction
  8. Hello Rebels! @Starpuck, @Genevieve Fox, @IAmInfinite, and I are starting a project to read through the Bible book of Psalms, 7 chapters per week, and report to each other once a week on our favorite verses and what we learned. Anyone from any guild is welcome to join - in fact, we'd love to have you!! This week we're reading Psalm 1-7, and on a yet-to-be-chosen day next week (possibly Monday?), we will all check in here and write a little about what we have learned or been blessed by in our readings this week. Welcome to all who join us on our journey!!
  9. Last challenge started really well! Then I got stuck. Like a deer in the headlights. Except I'm not a deer. I'm a DRAGON. I'm FIERCE and CAPABLE and - NOOOO STOP THAT !!!!!!!!!!! I got totally derailed by the end. I had some extra external stressors, and I let them get to me. It affected my sleep, which then affected my ability to Do The Things - too tired to go to the gym, too tired to resist buying coffee and sweets at school, etc. Sooo... I can't think of anything to change, so I'm gonna just try the same stuff again. But I'm gonna... somehow
  10. "For a righteous man falls seven times, and rises again". Proverbs 24:16 I may not be very religious, but that passage speaks to me. Seven falls. Seven respawns. When I started the Nerd Fitness™ journey, I weighed around 275 lbs, and was already eating relatively well. The I went into a deep depressive episode that lasted for weeks. When I finally came out of it, I was 308 lbs., and my food choices were those of a man looking forward to his 1st heart attack. I have started walking up and down my staircase for 14 minutes a day, but I'm not consistent. I need
  11. For my next challenge, I have decided to break it up into four parts: Heart, Body, Mind, and Spirit. These will probably extend past four weeks and hopefully form habits. Heart: Be the first to greet people when I encounter them (inspired by Gabby Reece: "I always say 'go first'....That means if I'm checking out at the store, I say hello first. If I'm coming across somebody and make eye contact, I'll smile first. I wish people would experiment with that in their lives a little bit: Be first because - not all times, but most times- it comes in your favor. The response is prett
  12. Yes, I'm doing another twenty one pilots themed challenge. I am still off in faraway lands doing cool things with lasers, and I'm still homesick and anxious and sad, and these awesome dudes are still helping me stay sane. And it just so happens that this beautiful song (one of the first songs of theirs that I fell in love with) has a few lines that relate directly to my goals for the challenge! PERF~ PRIMARY GOALS ~ i'm taking over my body ~ I am so done with dorm food, oh my lordy lord. There are so many delicious things and ALL OF THEM ARE BAD FOR M
  13. So, uh. I finally found the twenty one pilots bandwagon. And hooooo boy am I on it. I love this band, you guys. I. LOVE. THIS. BAND. *ahem* As you may know, I am off in a (not actually very far) faraway land doing physics research at another university for the summer. Which is super exciting, but I'm also having a bit of a hard time. When my parents dropped me off, I was really emotional at first - this is an entirely new thing for me. I have not spent any amount of time away from home by myself. It has now been one week. During the weekdays this first week,
  14. Second attempt to Theme It Up Good, now presenting, :3 Just look at their little faces, my children, my loves, my collection of cinnamon rolls and angry kittens and- *AHEM* sorry. So sorry. Anyway. So here's what happened in the last Challenge: Things went pretty well as far as doing what I set out to do, keeping up with tasks and whatnot, but then hit a giant roadblock in the form of a close relative's death and the resulting emotional turmoil. The household has not been the same at all. Final half of last Challenge was spent focusing less
  15. Hi there <3 Whoever you are, I am VERY glad that you are here! I've decided to make the switch from challenging back to a battle log for the time being. I think that having short term goals with the pressure of a challenge isn't the best formula for me right now. I think that I need the accountability of something far more long-term and flexible. I need to be able to focus on whatever goals I think are necessary at the time, and I need to be able to change my goals in a time frame that I decide, but most importantly, I need a longer commitment than just 6 weeks. This battle log will hope
  16. So much has changed for Snow in the past season..... she lives in an entirely different region of the Enchanted Forest, she has found new work to afford her enough gold to trade for the few necessities she can't make, hunt or find herself, she has a few new friends, and she has a new game plan for defeating the Evil Queen. But with all the change that remains, Snow can't seem to shake what has always plagued her.... worry that consumes her, regrets that follow her around like her shadow and an unquenchable thirst for victory over her lifelong foe, Regina, the Evil Queen. With all the success
  17. So - I am just setting up a thread here - while I'm traveling with my daughter and two grandsons(1 and 3.5) from Clermont Florida back to Youngstown Ohio. It is coming up time for me to figure out if I need to have surgery on my eye to release the liquified jelly that is pulling away from my retina and causing a 'sheen' on my eyesight - or more specifically - the right half of my right eye is like looking through sheer curtains - with occasional lightning curves, though, those have pretty much stopped(meaing the 6 month process is probably coming to an end). It is coming up time for me to fig
  18. Name: Hammlin "Hammi" Race: Wood Elf | Class: Footpath Ranger Leader Level: 16 (STR):38.25 (DEX):34.25 (STA):25 (CON):28.25 (WIS):28.5 (CHA):24.25 Motivation: Searching for peace, honing lost skills. Calm, Cool, Collected. Hammi’s Main Quest: Purpose of Peace (June 9 to July 20) Missions: 1. Maps. I am working towards some items on my epic quest, and one of them involves Search and Rescue. Having submitted my application, I want to spend this summer and fall outdoors getting myself reacquainted with nature and the things in it. My intention is to spend time with some topographical m
  19. THE SETUP I know the next challenge doesn't start until November 11 but... I can't resist College. Senior year. A director friend, M. Doyle, asked me to play a part in a student film she was working on called Project Delta. Despite my shyness and lack of acting experience I said yes. Best decision ever. Because of the excitement around the project and the fact that I had to look good on camera while doing fight choreography over multiple takes, I consistently exercised and was in pretty good shape. It turns out that nothing in the world gets me motivated like being in a film does. From this
  20. THE SETUP College. Senior year. A director friend, M. Doyle, asked me to play a part in a student film she was working on called . Despite my shyness and lack of acting experience I said yes. Best decision ever. Because of the excitement around the project and the fact that I had to look good on camera while doing fight choreography over multiple takes, I consistently exercised and was in pretty good shape. It turns out that nothing in the world gets me motivated like being in a film does. From this base I have two slightly divergent reasons that I'm really motivated this time around. DIVE
  21. As summer begins I like to think that this will be the last summer where I don’t go swimming because I can’t stand for people to see me in a bathing suit. I am excited about this challenge, my second, because despite starting late and injured and ending with oral surgery I think I did pretty well on my first challenge. Beginning weight: 239 GOAL 1 DIET: Thanks to the last challenge I am now eating a completely primal diet. I don’t feel like it is a habit yet and I also worry that some days I am not eating enough. So, my first goal for this challenge is to continue eating primal and
  22. Not the most applicable of challenge titles, as it only covers 2 of my goals, but it'll have to do Current (relatively) short term fitness goals(i don't necessarily expect to achieve these this challenge) Pistol squats. i can sort of do 1 sloppy one on my right leg..on a good day. let's say 10/leg(4x10 sound better, but 10 is closer) Kipping bar muscle up.(probably with false grip) I'm not certain where I'm at right now. Better grip strength. to quantify this, I suppose I'll say 10s 1-arm ledge and/or rope hang. This is a while off Consistently be able to touch my palms to the
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